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Full text of "Medulla poetarum romanorum, The most beautiful and instructive passages of the Roman poets ..."

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O R, T H E 
Moft Beautiful and Inffaudtive 


O F T H E 




(Difpofed under proper HEADS,) 

SENTIMENTS, as may beft ferve to (hew the RE- 


TRA^NSLATIONS of the fame in 
English Verse. 

By Mr. H E N R Y BAKER. 



Printed for D. Mipwintik, A. Bxttbiwohtk and C. HYtc\L« 
I. and J. Pmumsktom, R. Wari, C. 'R\v\»Qto«,'?. Ca-kx, 
/. BATtar smd J. Wood, A. Waho, \. anSk ^, lK.\kW«-^'»^- 
r. Umomak, aai R. H*tt. MDCC XX"X.V\1. 

T O T H E 

kight Honourable 


Earl of Ha DIN TON. 

My L o R D^ 

f I THE Work I ha\^e iidttr the Hbilduf 

1^ td prdent your Lordfhip, will, 

I hqpe, be of Sendee to yoii ift the Pro- 

giefi df your Studies^ and prove an agrees 

able Rekxddoti frQm the mdre laborious 

I and lefi entertaining Parts of Learnings 

^ while at thd {knot Time it iiipplies the 

A^d with Stores df ufefiil Knowledge. 

The Romatts excelled all Mankind in po* 
I lite Li^ei^ture no le& than they did in 

A a Asm.^^ 

^^^^^^^^^^H ^^H^ — 


Arms, and an Acquaintaace with their 
Poets is abfblutely ncceflary to the acqui- 
ring a fine Tafte : their Ele^nce is the 
Standard whereby to form our felves, or 
to judge of others, and from their Age to 
thisy thofe have evtfr been moft efteemcd, 
who have been moft induftrious to fhidy 
and to imitate their ExcdUencies. 

But, my Lordj the Roman Learning, 
extraordinary as it is, mufl be accounted 
of little Confideration, if compared with 

the Roman Virtues : ^You will find every 

where throughout thefe Colledions the 
moft exalted Sentiments pf Humanity, 
Goodneis, Generofity, Honour, Liberty, 
and the Love of one's Country: Senti- 
ments which traniplanted into a Breaft Co \ 
happily dUpofed for their Receptiofi, muft . 
p^uce all thofe noble Qualities which 
m^fiGfcatne^ amiabk} which command 
a . ilnGere aed real Reiped of infinitely 
highcir Value than all. the &t\(e Incenfe of 
lervile ^''lattery, and which diflinguiih the 
Pofiefibr of them morfe than die largefl 
Foltitne or the njoft pompous Titles. 


My Widi is, that, adorned with all 
thefe Perfedions, your Lordfhip may Toon 
become, and long continue, die Glory of 
your Country, and the Delight of all your 
Friends. And may I be permitted the 
Honour of profeffing, that I am with the 
utmoft Zeal and Re^>ed, 


Tour L o R D S H I P*6 

fftojf obedient i and 
moji bumble Servant ^ 

Henry Baker. 

T O T H E 

R E A D E R: 

THE Clqffic Writers have with great Juftice 
obtained the Appkufe of thdr Co-tempo- 
xaries, and {M:erenred the Admiration of iiic- 
ctoding Ages. Whatever Difcoveries may have been 
made in the knowledge of Nature, whatever Im- 
provements in the Produdionsof Art, They are con- 
fefledly the Standard of all that regards the Beauty of 
Sentiment, >or the Delicacy of Expitflion. 

C^nicious of this, the moft admired Modems have 
wifely contented themfelves with borrowed Honoui^, 
and recommended their Performances by an happy 
Imitadon, or an ingenious Improvement of dieir 
Predeceflbrs ; Proud rather to (hire than rival their 
Fame, they have generally built updn the fame PlaB : 
and even where they would be thought Originals^ 
frequently cpndeicend Pot Qd]y tq copy, but tran- 

In darker Ages the;^ were fpmetimes able to cpn-* 
cccl the Theft, and ufurp the Credit which belonged 
to their Benefactors -, but the inquifitive World is now 


j/J^y means aba^ . ^mrn 

Ta the READER. 

Tho(e Ptho are already ccmvcriant with the AU" 
thors, and to whom nothing valuable can be pointed 
but which has efcaped their Obfervationy will howe^ 
ver be pleaied with an Index, that may refreih their 
Memory, and iave them fome trouble, when they are 
ftt a Lois to find a particular Expreffion^ or a favou-* 
rite Thought. 

But thefe are not the Perfons for whom the Editdf 
has undertaken this Work: They are rather the 
Judges, to whofe Cenfure he fubmits himfelf in the 
Execution of his Performance.—— *-If he has judici- 
oufly coUeded the feveral Parts^ They will be his Ad<- 
vocates to Thofe whofe Benefit he intends, and bear 
Witne& to the Ufefiilne& and Advantage of th« 

To fuch as have a good natural Genius, but virhofe 
UnderAanding is not yet arrived at Maturity, it will 
be of iervice« to mark the Beauties, which they will 
tafte and reli(h as foon as their Attention is engaged: 
though without this Help, many of them m^t be 
pafied by, undifcovered, or unremarked. 

The Tranflations will inable thofe who have made 
but a moderate Progrefs in the learned Languages, to 
preferve at leaft, if not improve wliat they have ob- 
tained,— What was Labour and Fatigue in the 

( b ) Schoola 

'^'i^ uave tre 

, The Inihuaons of Vo,,*!, „ •„ 
M a Manual which Lf ^ "^'^ 
beautiful SenrZl i*"^"* » Rep 

AeirCire "^ofe who s 

To the READER. 

The Tianilations^ where they have been done by 
eminent Authors, and come near the Spirit and Let« 
tcr of the Ori^nals, the Editor has chofe to borrow 
from thofe Authors : He hasfupf^ed what was want* 
ing: andibmetimes taken the Liberty to alter what he 
tlyioght might be rendered more exauft. 

The Pains he has been at are amply repaid in the 
Heaiiire he has receiv'd : If any others fhaH^ at leis 
Expence of Time and Trouble, reap the Benefit and 
partake his Pleafure, the Satis&dion will be propor- 
donaUy increaied. 

A finr 


'7' jj-!^/. Pre/ 

•^»- Lib n 



MaftBeaudfbl and Ihftni&tve 





Egcc kiQfnt qpUp fparft fin» Jpg 
If«« pra#it;iirtiqriP5 luri^ 
Vcftc t%or vfli : nullum eft i 
Non Arabum- n^f^ dom Q 
Cui colar, infeliid aut cui placuiflfe J 
lUe my c^lsos HfHpu&^^iiftor atjcft ! 

intra vident oculi fcabra pendentia t 
Quas mihi Mygdonii marmoris ir 
venio fylvam '•— "" 



Moft Beautiful and In(fait£tire 


F T H B 



;, n<m, ferfioH iiij Twfflar flow : 

L^ All pte^ d>?Mg. the hoYnble Wj! 
Nb Golden Orhstncnt adorns my Fl 
^y L6du^ fjt> longer now, perfbm'd difl^fe 
The fragraM Odours df Jfattdi Ucws. 
Why fliould I Act&y o^ praftlc* Am Kki Aift ? 
He's gone whom only 't^WS iny Wifh to pltsSt l^-^-^^^ 

I view the Grots, roi^h-arch*d, whoTe fnoriltfring SlcWi, 
Fair, once, to me as pofiHTd MSf bte fhbhe. 

■ the QHhri I v!i^, beneath whofe friendly Shade, 
I We oft have found a foft delightful Bed : 

■ But Hipi, the loVety Lord ofTficIft &Si Mf, 
; Nor in the Grottoes, liol- die Grtve I felf. 

I What then availi the noW AJfeffed Phce ! 
1 To Him alone it ow'd it's ev'ry Grace. 
I The withering Grafs informs me where we lay, 
^ the im&'d Plants oar mutual Weight bctta^ : 

B 2 tVtfitt^ 

4 Absentia. 

Incubui : tetigique locum, qua parte fliilli : 
Gra|a prius lachrymas combibit herba mcas. 

Quin etiam rami pofitis lujzere videntur 

Frondibus : & nullae duTce queruntur avcs. . 

Immo ego Sardois videar tibi amarior herbis, 
Horridior rufco, proje£bi vilior alga. 
Si niihi non hsec lux toto jam longior anno eft.— 


Scant & Juniperi, & caftane^ hirfutse : 
Strata jacent paffim foa quasque fub arbore poma : 
Omnia nunc rident : at fi formofus Alexis 
Montibus his abeat, videas & flumina ficca. 

Aret ager : vitio moriens fitit aeris herba : 
Liber pampineas invidit collibus umbras. 
Phyllidis advenm noftrse nemus omne virebit : 
Juppiter & Iseto defcendit plurimus imbri. • 

Poft ^ lumen obfcura vidflim 

Luna premit, fuadentque cadentia fidera ibmnos : 
Sola domo moeret vacua flratisque reliftis 
Incubat: ilium abfens abfcntem auditque videtque.- 

jEn. Lib. 

Attritosque manu radios, projedtaque penfa, 
Cunftaque virgineo fparfa obleftamina ludo, 
Ceu natam, preflat gremio : caftumque cubile 
Defertosque toros, &, ficubi federit olim, 


Claud, Rapt. . 

Sic aeftuat ales, 

Qu« teneros humili fetus commiferit omo 
Allatura cibos, & plurima cogitat abfens : 

Abse n c e. 5 

'here, down I Jye, where thy dear Print I view ; 
ut firit my plenteous T^ars the Turf bedew. 
"he Trees with falling Leaves Thee gone deplore, 
^nd Birds fweet-warbling charm the Ear no more. 

More bitter than the hateful * Poyfon-Plant 
'^ardima yields, may I be thought by Thee : 
S4ore rough than Gorfe, more vile than withering Weeds 
iVhich by the Tides are caft upon the Shore : 
Thus bafe, thus odious, let thy Swain appear, 
f this Day feems not longer than a Year. 

Here Junipers, and prickly Chcfnuts gtx)w, 
sneath each Tree it^s Apples ftrew the Ground, 
nd ev*ry Scene with Satisfaftion fmiles : 
It fix)m thefe Hills fhould fair AUxis fly, — 
ou'd find our Rivers leave their Channels dry.-*— 

Scorch*d are the Fields : with Thirft the Herbage dies : 
^ccbus the Hills his viny Shade denies : 
xt when my PbiUis comes to blefi the Plain, '7 

he withered Groves fhali all be green again, > 

Jid Jove defcend in plenteous Showers of Rain, ' ^ ■ J^ 

When, in its Turn, the Moon obfcure withdraws 
t*s Light, and letting Stars perfwade to Sleep, 
^nely flie pines witWn the empty Court : 
Lies on the Couch which juft berore he left : 
Him abfcnt, abfent ftill (he hears and fees. 

The Rock, the Wheel, and cv'ry little Toy, 
Vhich did the Virgin^s fportful Hemrs employ, 
Q her loft Daughter's ftead ftie fondly prefiM 
Mofe in her Lap, and hugg'd them to her Breaft : 
Lxplor'd her empty Bed, and ev'ry Place 
S^ich her Child us*d did the fad Mother trace. 

Thus anxious is the Bird, whofe unfledged Young, 
)n fome low Afh's flender Twigs are hung, 
Vhile to fetch Food ftie roams : her carefiil Breaft 
5 by a thouland difPrent Fears poflels'd : 

* An Herb like Smalfage, Co exceeding bitter and aflringent, that it 
mvulfed the Jaws of thofe who tailed it, and threw tht m into violent 

B 3 Left 

.-^c5, animum li ver 
lii uiud tibi, nace Dea, prasque orr, & rcpetrns iteruraque itcrun 
r>nis magnac primum prccc numcn ac 
'>ni cane voca libens, docniiuxnquc p 
pliciba^s fupeni donis, 

Pallds. Aracbne. 
^alla^ anum firnulac : fiilfdsque in |qsip« 
fit, & ingrmoft baculo qupque fiifti^et 
\ tic c*ia loqui. = — r- 

U. — ■■■ — Non ompia graadiGgr 

fugiamm, habtt. Serisvemt ufusiah 

ium ne ^pcnc mcum. Tibi fama peti 

Tion^les facfcndap maxima lanae. 

>cae : veniamque tuis cemcraria dicki^ 

e voce xo^. Veniam dabic ilia rp^ 

A D V I c fc. "f 

Left the rude Wind fhould ftiake them frarA the Tfee,^ 
Or prying Man the hidden Neft fhould fee. 
Or cruel Serpents felxe the tender R^y, 
And bear Ae helplefi littfe One* aW»y.— ^ 


IV tieUnus hA any Skilly 
If any Faith, and if Jbetli right 
Inspires his Prophet : Dm tiling (jkxioeis-born. 
One Thing, above the reft,^ 2 will adrile^ 
And o& repeat it : with religious I^y'r 
Firft Juwfs Deity adore : to her 
Pay willing Saaifices, and With Vottrs, 
Suppliant, o'eipow^r the dlighiy C^beo of tleav'A. — ^ 

PdUas. ♦ AfikhHi. 

The Goddf is then a Matron's f orm jiut on ; 
With filver Hairs her Iioary Temples loone : 
Prop'd by a Staff, ihc hobbled in her Walk, 
And, tottering, Aus b^(ins her old Wife's Talk. 

PaU. Young I^id, attend, nor idubbomfy defpiie 
The kind Inftnidions of the Old and Wife : 
For Age, tho' Icom'd^ a ripo Experience bears. 
That golden Fruit, unknown to blooming iTears. 
Still may remocefl Fame thy Labours €rown^ 
And all Mankind thy Skill in Weaving own : 
But to the Goddefs yield, and humbly meek, 
A Pardon for thy bold Prefumption feek : 
The Goddeis will forgive. 

At this the Maid, 

With Paffion fir'd, her gliding Shuttle ftaid : 

And Icarce refipaining Blows, witk fuch a Look ^ 

As high Refentment (hew'd,— — > 

To PaUas iii Di%iiiie thus fiercely ipoke. > 

* Armihu prefimung to Yye wicH faJlat in the Art df Wcatving, 
the Godde6 m Dt^ulfe comet to give her good Advice. 

B 4 Ar. Thou 

.^ciiiciii: patulae commifla fi 
Et femcl emiflum volar irrevocal 
Qualem commendes, etiam atqut 
Incutiant aliena tibi peccata pudc 
Fallimur, & quondam non dignv 
Quern fua culpa prcmet, decq)tu« 
Ut penitus notum, fi tentct crimii 
Tuterifque tuo fidcntcm praefidio 
Dentc Theonino cum circumroditi 
Ad te poft paulo vcntura pericula 
Nam tua res agitur, paries cum pi 
]Et negledta folent inccndia fumere 

Arcanum neque tu fcrutaberis uU 
Commiflumque teges, & vino tortu 
Nee tua laudabis midia, aut aliena 
Ncc cum venari volet ille, pocmat 

Adv I C E* 9 

Ar. Thou doating Thing, whofe idle babling Tongue^ 
Xut too well fliews the Plague of living long ; 
Hence, and reprove with this your fage Advice, 
Your giddy Daughter, or your awkard Neice : 
Know, I defpife your Counlel, and am Hill 

A Woman, ever wedded to my Will. 

Now to advife you, fmce you want Advice : 
Take heed of whom you fpeak, and what it is 
Take heed to whom : avoid the bufy Man : 
Fly the Inquifitive ; He'll talk again. 
And tell what you have faid : The leaky Ear 
Can never hold what it fhall chance to hear. 
But out it runs : What Words you once let fall. 
For ever gone, no Mortal can recall. 
Praife none till well approved on fober Thoughts, 
Left afterwards you blufh for Other's Faults : 
But if you have commended, thro' Miftake, 
A worthlefe Rafcal, no Excufes make 
On his Behalf, but give him up to Shame : 
Yet manfully defend another's Fame, 
If long Acquaintance has approv'd him true : 
For the fame Malice foon may flander you. 
When your next Neighbour's Houfe is all a Flame, 
If you negleft it, your's will be the fame. 
Be never with that curious Itch pofTefs'd, 
Of tearing Secrets from Another's Breafl : 
But when imparting Fricndfhip makes 'em thine. 
Revere, and guard them, as a facrcd Shrine, 
By Frowns not frighted, nor betray'd by Wine. 
Delights to which thy private Fancy bends, 
Efteem, with due Submiffion to thy Friend's : 
Nor when he calls to hunt, the Sport refufe. 
And ftay at Home to trifle with the Mufe. 

Read learned Authors, ftudy well the Wife, . 
And ponder all the Methods they advife. 
To make thy Days in pleafmg Quiet roll ; 
Left carking Avarice difturb thy Soul, 
Or Terrors fhake, or Cares thy Mind abufe. 
Or anxious Hope for Things of little Ufe. Con- 


' ^'"^ te foil , 

Ao9i e • to a Pm KCB. ii 

Confider whetjitr Vlitut hs psoducM 
By Educadon, or from Hiaii*ii infinM i 
What leflfens Cno : iri»t piAet a Man «6 tic 
His own beft fintnd : «i|fiicc pure Tranquility 
Refults, from Honcuv, ok bom fhmmm Wcakh^ 
Or from a private Lffe, )id as it wim by Stealth.-— ^ 

Advice to a Prince. 

DEAR Youth, if Fortuna on the far^bisn Throne 
Had fix'd thy Lot : if firom the gKat Arfaees 
Defcended lineally, and much revcr*d 
Far thro* the diftant Eaft, the bright Ttara 
Shone round thy Bram ; then nught thy princely Rank 
And high Extra&ion raider Thoe fecuvo, 
Tho* wantoning in flothfol Luxury. 

But difPrent much the Ode of thoft that widd 
The Roman Scepter : Vifim, hepe, not JKboi, 
Muft fix thy Fame : whcQ ex^dsVt by Power 
•Tis then moft great, moft ufeful to Mankind. 

Tho* thy wide ftretch'd Dominions fhould extend 
To Indict utmpft Bcxinds, tho* dowft to Thee 
The Mede^ tlie Aiutb^ aod the F^fian bows 
If thy Dcdres are wicked, if by Fear 
Or Anger Thou art fwa^^ ThouVt but a Slave; 
And in thy Breaft fliah tisel the Tyraot^ IWv. 
Then only art Thou fit to wield the Sc^H^, 
When ThcMi canft rule Thyfelf. Vice ftill proceeds 
From had to worfe : Licentioufhels leads on 
To Luxury, and that to lawlels Luft. 
Moft difficult the Tafk tapniAiee Chaftity^ 
When the hot Blood boib hi^ ; and Anger, thep^ 
But ill adMifee, when Ro^engQ is near. 
Thou, the firft Sattie&inriiy Bc^fonvquell; 
Nor e'er be thy Cbaccm what 'tis Thou cenft^ 
But what Thou oug^^ to do : and the Regard 
Of what i» juft, kt ahxrays ruk thy WiN. 



pncceira crcbro fennOTC moncbo, 

is medio teliuris in orbc 

^olcas : oinftis ma genribus cffc 

mi, ncc poiie dari rcgalibos uftpjam 

rink : nam lux alriflinm feti 

nil eift fuiit^ lacebrafqoe per omnes 

abthufos explomt tama receffus. 

{ m primis : nam cum vincansur in onuu 
bla ikm aequat clemcntk nobis. 

bic fufpeiflus agas^ neu felfus amids 3 

vc avidus : qui alia curat, inancs 

Irtpicm, ntilJa m>n arurius bora. 

tcubiaf, iKC clrcumfcrntia piJa 

imr amur : non extorquebis amari : 

ret, plus ipfe timet : fors ifta Tymnnis 

Advice to aPuiNCE. 13 

But this I o'er and o'er ag^ advife. 
That Thou remember Providence has plac'd Thee 
In the fall Point of Light ; where all Thou do'ft 
By every Nation round Thee is obfoVd. 
The Faults of Princes ne'er can be concealed : 
The Splendor of dieir elevated Rank 
Permits not ought they do to be unknown : 
Fame enters their moft hidden Privacy, 
And iearches all the iecret Windii^ out. 

Be gqide and benevolent to all : 
We may in every Excellence befide 
By Others be outdone, but Clemency 
Exalts and makes us equal to the Gods« 

Aa not a double Part, nor, felfe Thyfelf, 
Give Ear to Runxmrs ; for who-e'er does fo. 
Shall be af&ighced at each idle Noife, 
And, never, never know an Hour's Peace. 
Whom Men at Arms and glittering Spears furround. 
Is much leis fafe dian he that Love defends : 
But Love can ne'er be fiJrc'd : — This, mutual Tnift, 
This, kind and gracious AQs alone, procure. 

Whom all his P^le fear, himfelf much more 
Muft be afraid : a Fate for Tyrants fit. 
Let fuch widi Envy perlecute all thofe 
Whom Fame Ipeaks well of, and deftroy the Brave. 
With Swords and Poifons let them live encompafs'd* 
Immur'd in Tow'rs, and trembling while they threat. 
But Thou a Ctizen, a Father be ; 
The general Good confulting, not thine own. 
Still, ftUl prefer die Public to^^Thyfelf. 

If Thou wouldfl: have thine EdiSs well obferv'd. 
Obey them firft Thyfelf : the People, then. 
With Readineis comply, when the Law-maker, 
Himfelf, they find, obfervant of the Laws. 
Example in a King is all in all : 
The Statutes of the Realm, ferve leis to form 
His Subjeds Manners, than the Life he leads : 
Fm ftill the changefal Vulgar ape thdr Prince.— 


OrriScis jtiKta toriat Mttti tmnli^ 
In^tdbfjiqut ttHm prdrufn^H ad #9i^ fiob&J^ 
pmantem pfc^ & cmkmt fiVilh : 
gkib«^ fkmrnirtmi Si fitfcfa kihtfft : 
bopulos Tifcdri unoiitij 
lans, Itc|uefe<ftnqoe faxa ftib rfuras . 

Itu glomerat, fttnd6que exaefttmt tmo. 

tft, EncelitJi fefntrfhim fhlrtrlnc corptrf * 

lie hue, hgmttmqnt iMafser iEWam 
oipt!^ fiamm.1rn txfpirafc catftmiir 
quodcs rmftat Ittite, ffrfrcintrc otniWtti 
I rrinacrialn, & ecelnni ftrliteftftf flmitf , 

>I*iIb fe pofrigtt Mfm prrtfffJi r 


Tna thuodets nigh 

£a dreadful Ruins. Widi a Whirlwiiid's Force 
Sometimes it throws to HeaVa a pitqhy Qoud» 
Redden'd widi Cinders^ and iavoW^d in Smoke : 
And tofles Balk of I^lame^ awl Ucks the Scars^ 
Sometimes with loud Expkfion Ugh it hurls 
The Rocksy- aod Eotnuls fion ihe Mountain torn : 
With roaring MCoiie flings Bieteen Stones in Air, 
And boUs^ and beflows, from its ioweft Caves. 

*Tis Ikid the Bulk of huge Enceladus 
Blafted with Lightning, by this pondrous Mount 
Is crufh'd : and .£tnay o'er him whelm'd, expires 
Flame fix>m it's burft Volcanos : and when e'er 
He Ihifts his weary Side, Trinacria all 
Groans trembling, and with Smoke obfcures the Sky«—- — 

Far ftretching it'ii burnt Rocks, is ^/w found i 
Mtna for vanquiAi'd Gyants ftill renowi^^d : 
EncdndM^^ Loader who crufli'd beoeathi 
From his hum Breaft docs burning Tenmc^ braathei 
Still aa the Inoofler, weary of the ■ Weq^sht, 
Exchanges Sides» he ihakes the Mountain's He^t : 
S'uUta heaves, and ev*ry tott'ring.^aU 
Laaas toward die Ground, and meditates a Fall. 
It's pointed Summits from a&r are Ihewn, 
But are acccfliblc to Sight alone. 
While on itfs odtfr Parts fi^ Gceeas sqppear. 
And Gmves of Trees their Ibadj Branches fear. 
No hardy ECnd dans tumr the U1I&7 Snl 
On the high OoS^nx^ and cukivate^ with Toil*. 
For now black Qouds and Tempefe force their Way^ 
Aftd with tbair loathfome Pitch pollute the Day : 
Now mafly Fragments of the fhiver'd Stone, 
Tom from it's i^ooL againfl: the Scars are thrown^ 

But tho* tie Burnings cage to fiich Exoefi, 
Still with the Snows ttey hold a faithful Peace. 

Affectio FiliaKs. 

tlacies tanti fecura vaporis, 

pfenfa gelu, fiimoque fideli 

Dntiguas innoxia flajnma pniixia?* 

fculos tormenu rotant ? qu^ tanu cavcmas 

prat? quo fbnte mit Volcanim amnis? 

objicibus difojrrens ventus operti% 
er faxa fiirit rimola mcatu, 
btatur iter, liberratcmque repolcens 
ikivagis populatur flatibus antra, 

fulphurei duftum per vifcera montis, 

|ignefcit aquis^ & pondcra librat* 

Claud. jRjipt, Prrf, 

Affectio FUialis* 

••n ♦ai 

fie ^fanides : O cm debere falutem ^ 

itcor, Conjirx, quanquam mihi cunfta dcdifti^ 

Affection Filial 17 

JHere hoary Winter does her Seat maintain, 
^cure of Thaws, and unmolefted reign : 
^hick Qouds of Smoke hang o'er the freezing Coaft, 
And thcfwift Flames fweep harmlefs o'er the Froft. 

What fimcefid Ei^ines whirl aloft in Air 
The cimmj Quarries, and the Mountain tare ? 
Prom wh^ ftrange ^rce proceeds the burning Stream, 
'Which on the wafted Vallies fpouts the Flame ? 
Or in Confinement choakM, th*imprifon'd Wind 
Piifhes around an open Vent to findj 
And, in it*s Courfe refitted by the Rock, 
Burfts thro' it's Prifon with a mighty Shock : 
Or the Sea, ent'ring thrtf the fulph*rbus Veins, 
Boils with the Fires, and on the blafted Plains 
Difplodes the mingled Ruin : wildly thrown. 
The Stones and liquid Flames pour with Deftrudion downi 

Affection Filial. 

THen ya/on thus his *Spoufe addrcfe'd, O, Wife! 
To whom I ftand indebted for my Life : 
Whole Tendemels and boundlefs Favours prove. 
How much Thou art a Miracle of Love : 
If Magick can : — ^what cannot that furmount ? 
O ! eakc fome needlefs Years from my Account, 
And to my Father's Life the Number place t 
He ipoke : and as he fpoke the Tears bedcw*d his Face.— 

— : — ■ n ■ Now 

The Fire more loudly roars : and, from the Walls 
The blazing Torrent nearer rolls the Flames. 
Hafte then, dear Father / on my Shoulders lay 
Your a^ Body : I the Load will bear. 
Nor think that Labour hard t whatever Chance 
Betkles us. Both fhall fhare one common Fate, 

Eicape togcdier, or together fall. 

■ Yet more than all 

Rewards, and Prizes, one Thing I implore ^ 
I have a Mother^ from the ancient Race 

A f F E e T I o Conjygalis* 

quam mifcram tenuit non Ilia telliB 
Ixcedentem, non moenia regis Acefbe, 

nunc, ignaram hiijus quodcumque peridi eit| 
jitatam linquo : nox & una teftis 
quod ncqueam Jachrymas perferre parmtis. 
ro, folate inopem, & fuccurre reliclae, 

me fpem ferre mi : audemior ibo 


P^rp Mn. Lib. IX. 

■Ocyus enfcm 

nib Tyrrheni fanguine laetus, 
|t'eniore» & trepidanti ftrvidus iuftat, 

cari gravitcr genitoris aracn:e, 
Laufiis : lachrym:i:que per ora volutse. 
|m rcftTcns, & i nut i Its, inqoe ligatus 

clypzuque inimicum haftile trahebat : 

Juvcnis, fefcquc immifcuit ariTMS, 

ilTurgentis dextra, pUgimque ferentis 

libiit mucroncm*-^ — =■ 

Plrg. Mn. lib. X 

Afftctiom Conjugal. 19 

Of Priam ^ffimg : whofe Pondnefs for her Sotif 
Uig*d her, unhappy, thro* the Toils of War 
To follow me : nor could the Sian Coafts 
Detain her, nor the King Acefief Walls. 
Her, ^orant of whatever Fate impends, 
Unblefs*d, and unialuting, I fbriake : 
This Night, and thy Right Hand, I here atteft, 
I cannot bear my wretched Parent^ Tears. 
But Thou, I bc4) confble her helpleis Ag?, 
And aid her defolate : of that fecure. 

With lefi Concern Ihall I all Hazards run. 

jEneas^ glad to fee the * Tufcaffs Blood, 
Snitches his Fauchion from his Thigh with Hafie, 
And darts impetuous on his trembling Foe. 
This Laufus law : and ftruck with Fear and Grief, 
For his lov'd Father by fuch Danger prefs*d, 
Groan'd deep : and Tears ran trickling down his Cheeks, 
The Sire, retreating, ufelefs for the Fight, 
And with his Wound difabled, back withdrew : ^ 
And in his Target traiPd the hoftile Spear. 
The Youth iprings on amidfl the thickeft Arms, 
Himfelf <^pofing to Mneaf Sword 
RaisM high, and ready to difcharge the Blow. - 

Affection Conjugal. Sec Constancy* 

THE King commands his Servants to their Arms, 
Reiblv*d to go : but the loud Noife alarms 
His lovely Queen, who from her Chamber flew. 
And her half-plaited Hair behind her threw : 
About his Neck Ihe hung with loving Fears^ 
And now with Words, and now with pleading Tears, 
Intreated that he'd fend his Men alone. 

And ftay Himfelf to fave two Lives in one* 

-f He, with his concave Shell his pining Love 
ConibPd : and lonely^ on the defart Shore, 
Thee, fweet Eurydice ! Thee ftill he fung : 
Thee, at the Opening, Thee at Clofe of Day, 

• MnuMftMS, f Orpbeys. 

C % 

i^TAS AuREA- Prima j€tas- 

serboreas glacies, Tanaiinqtie nivakm 
[iiphi^is numquam vidtiata pniink 

raptam Eurydicen qu^rens. 

:o Ciconum quo muncre mair^s, 

Dcfim, nodurnique Orgia Bacchic 
n iatos juvcncm fparlere per agros.^ 
juc marmorca cipuc a cerrkc nefFullmn> 
m medio portans CEagrius Hcbrus 
liurydtccn vox ipfa & fngida linguit 
tm lujrydicen! an5ma fiigicnte, vocalmt: 

tcto rcfcrebant flumine ripas, 

Viri, Ge&r. T .ib IV. 


Etas Aurea, Prima Mxzs. 

prima fata eft £Etas» quse vindice nuIJo^ 1^ 

Tlic GoLOEN Aio«. FirftAgc. 21 

3 profti^d Lovesy no Hymeneal Votw 
wld move his Soul : The Hyperborean Ice, 
id fiiowy 7i»tf/j, and th* extended Fields 
T ever rigid with Riphaan Froft, 
one He travelled o'er : Eurydice 

vifli'd away, deploring. 

le Tiracian Dames enraged by this Contempt, 
Baccbuf Orgies, and nodhirnal Rites, 
ith furious Madnefs tore the haplefs Youth, 
id ftrcw'd his mangled Carcafs o'er the Plains, 
len too, his Head, from the fair Neck disjoyrfd, 
irian Hebrus in his gulphy Tide 
Jling along, Eurydice he called, 
ith his laft Accents, and his dying Tongue : 
I ! poor Eurydice ! his flying Breath, 
ryaice ! the Stream, and !Banks refound, 

The Four Ages of the WORLD. 
The Golden Age. FirftAgc. 

"^ H E Golden Age was firft : when Man yet new, 
• No Rule but uncorrupted Reafon knew : 

And, with a native Bent, did Good purfuc. 
forcfd by Puniftiment, un-aw*d by Fear, 
$ Words were fimple, and his Soul fincere. 
edlefs was written Law, where none opprelsM j 
e Law of Man was written in his Breaft. 
fuppliant Crowds before the Judge appeared, 1 
Court erefted yet, nor Caufe was heard : > 

all was (afe, for Confcicnce was their Guard. j 

e Mountain Pine, unfell'd, fecurely ftood, 
r changed for diftant Seas her native Wood.. 
zn Mortals, unambitious, knew no more 
an the fhort Profpeft of their native Shore. 
Walls were yet : nor Fence, nor Moat, nor Mound : 
r Drum was heard, nor Trunipet's warlike Sound : 
r Sword, nor Helm was made : in calm Content, 
idowoy Pw:€p their Lives thefe happ7 Pwgl^R^^CDX, 

c 3 t:\» 


T A 5 A u E E A- Prima Mt^. 

koque immunis raftroque intada, nee ultts 
Jnieribus, per fe dabat omnia tellus : 
lue cibis nuUo cogente ca^aris^ 

I fetus, montanaque fraga legcbai>t, 
& in duris baerentia mom rubetis, 
eciderant patula Jovis arbore glandes. 
srernam, placidique tepentibus auris 
^ephyri natos fine femine flores, 
fruges tellus inarata ferebat : ♦ 

/atus ager gravidis cancbat ariftis, * 

laAis, jam fiumina neftaris ibant : 
ie viridi ftiUabaJit ilice mella. — Ov. Met. Lib,! 
lus liumanum itiuko fuk illud in arvis 
It dccuit, tcUus quod dura crelffet ; 
Ibus & folidis magis oEibus intus 
, & validis aptum per vifccra nervis f 
ex osftu, ncc frigore quod caperetur; 
Itate cibi, ncc labi corporis uUa, 
jcr ccelum folis volventia luflra 
viram traftabant more fcrarum. ^ 

Jftus erac oirv^i moderator aratri 
ncc fcibat ferro mollirier arva ; 

The tBCtning Eanb yet gidldcfi of die PIow^ 
And unprovok'dy did frai&l Scores allow : 
Content with Food, which Namtc freely bred. 
On Wildings, and on Strawberries they fed : 
Cornels and Bramble Berries gave the rdl. 
And fallen Acorns fumi{k*d out a Feaft^ 
On •Flow'rt unfowti foft Zephyr fpread his Wing, 
And Time itfelf was one ecsnial Spring. 
In following Years, the bearded Com enfu'd, 
From Earth untiird, nor was that Earth renewed. 
Streams, then, of Milk, and Streams of Neftar flow'd^ 

And yellow Honey fweating Oaks beftow'd. 

Then Men were hard, as hard as parent Sicmes, 
And built on bi^er and on finner Bones : 
The Nerves that join'd their Limbs were vckx^ and ftrong. 
Their Life was healthy, and their Age was long. 
No Colds, nor Heats, nor dire Difcafes bred 
By dainty Diihes^ mukiply'd dw Dead : 
But rollmg Years long found them in their Prime, 
And, like the Brutes, in Search of Food they fpent their 
No brawny Plowman then had learn'd to tare [Time. 
The Earth*s firm S«r£u:e with the crooked Share : 
None prun'd old Branches from the Trees that grew. 
Or dug, the fruitful Ground for planting new : 
Bat all were well contented with the Store 
Sun, Rain, and Earth beftow'd, and wifh'd no more. 
In Woods they liv*d, on Acorns chiefly fed, 
And fuch wild Berries as in Winter, red. 
Become mature : the youthful World then gave 
Of thefe abundance more than now we have \ 
And various Fruits befide did then produce. 

Amply fufEdent for poor Mortals' Ufe, 

^ — Then none refignM 

Their Lives to Seas, or Wifhes to the Wind : 
Confin'd their Search : they knew themfelves alone. 

And thought That only worthy to be known. 

That ancient Time, we call the Golden-Age^ 
Was happy : wjich Earthly Fruits, and wholfom Herbs, 
, .. , C4 Were 

T A s A u It E A. Prima Mm> 

fbit ; nee polluit ora cruore. 
laves Eutas movere per aera peianas : 
limpavidus mediis erravit in agris : 
credulitas pifcem fufpenderat hamo- 
^nc infidiis, nullamque timentia fraudem, 

pacis crant. > — — 

Ovil Mei. Ltb. XV. 
Iicmora indigcnse fauni nymphsEquc tcnebanc, 
Ivirilm tnincis & duro roborc nata : 
^ue mos, neque cultus erat : nee jungcre tauros, 
ponere opes norant, aut parccre parco : 

atque afpcr viftu venatus aJebit. 
lb setherio venit Satumus Olympo^ 
pvis fugiens, &c r^nis exul ademptis, ' 

I indocile ac difpemm mondbus altis 

lit, Jegefquc dedit, 

lu^ perhibent, illo fub rege fuerunt 

I fie placida populos in pace regebat. — ~~m 

Firg. Mn. Lib. Via 

banc vitam in terris Saturnus agebat : 

rOLDEN Age. Firft Age. 35 

Vicious Food ; e'er he with Blood 
itcd.— Safely diro' the Air 
wing'd his Way : then o*er the Plains 
irely wandered, void of Fear : 
onfidence the Fifli betray, 
cx)ks enfnare. — All, then, fincere, 
ous, perfeft Peace enjoyM, 
kIs were firft the Scat of Sylvan Powers, 
and Fawns, and favage Men, who took 
om Trunks of Trees, and ftubbom Oak : 
y knew, nor Manners, nor the Care > 
xen, nor the fhining Share : Si 

jain, nor what they gain'd to fpare. y 
I the Chace : the running Flood 
Thirft : The Trees fupplyM their Food, 
came, who fled the PowV of Jovcj 
Realms, and banifh'd from above, 
crfed on Hills, to Towns he brought: 
lain'd, and civil Cuftoms taught. 
I Empire Peace and Plenty came, 
' Golden Tmes derived their Name. ■ . n 

I flourifhed in an Age of Gold, 

)r Mortals yet had heard th* Alarms 
, nor the fputt'ring of the Steel 

m'd, and hammerM into Swords. 

r liv'd Mankind in Saturrf^ Days ! 
oumeys mark'd out tedious Ways : 
ventured on the azure Main, 
Sails the fpeeding Winds to gain t 
known then none a Voyage made, 
• VefTels with a foreign Trade. 

II as yet had wore the Yoke, 

:h Bit and Bridle yet was broke, 
ur Houfes had : and in their Grounds 
fi}('d, to mark each Tenant's Bounds, 
gave, and of their own Accord 
th fwelling Dugs their Milk aflbrd. 
ilage, nor Wars, as yet were found, 
•ucl Smith had Weapons forg'd to wound.— 

Mr AS Argent E A. 

jam* Saturno tcncbrofi in Tartara mi0b, 

Jove mundus erat : fubiitque argentea proles, 

erior, fulvo pretiofior aere* 

ntiqui contraxit cempora veris : 

nemes, ^ftufque & inasquales autumnos, 

ver, rpatiis exegit quatuor annum, 
num ficcis aer fervoribus ufhis 

& ventis glacics adftrida pependit, 

mum fubiere domos. Domus antra ftjeniat 

ruJ-Iccs, & vin£lae corticc virgae, 

jm primum longis cerealia iblcis 

int, prcfsique jugo gemucre juvend,— 

Ovid. M$i. Lib. I. 
•'^ -. • . 
ovem null! fubigebant arva cofwi i 
are quidcm, aut partiri limite campnnt 

in medium qu^rcbant : ipfaque teilus 
bcrius, nullo pofcente, ferebat, • 
m virus fcrpentibus addidir atris. 




SlLVtA Aox. 

BU T when good Saturn^ banifh'd from above. 
Was driv*n to Hell, the World was under Jove^ 
Succeeding Times a Silver 4ge behold, 
Excelling Brafsj but more excelPd by Gold, 
Then Summer, Wintf r. Autumn did appeaur : 
And Spring was but a Sea^ of the Year. 
The Siin his annual Courfe obliquely made. 
Good Days contracted, and enlarged the bad« 
Then glow'd the Air widi fultry Heats, the Wind 
B^n with Ice and Snow the Rains to bind. 
Mortals to Houfes then for Shelter fled : 
Caves were their Houfes* Of an Ofier-Shed. 
Then Furrows ft* ^ qnaick'ning Gnun w^re broke, 
ft.nd Oxen laboured, fim beneath the Yoke.— — 

E'er Jov^ was King no Hiods fubdu'd the Glebe: 
Mor lawful wa« it held to fcycr Lands, 
Dr mark their Bounds : in common all Things lay : 
fVnd Earth without Compulfion yielded Food.-^ 
He baneful Poyfon to fell Serpents gave : 
Commanded Wolves to prowl, the Sea to tofs : 
From Trees the Honey fliook : conceal'd the Fire : 
And all in Streams rcpre6-d the running Wine : 
That Want by Thought might ftrike out rarious Arts, 
Gradual ; in Furrows feek the Bkdc of Com : 
And by Collifion from the Veins of Flint 

Extund the latent Fire. Thea Ritcts firft 

Fek hollowed Timber : the fca-farkig Crew 
Then firft gave Names and Numbers to the Stars^ 
The Pleiads^ Hjfods^ and the northern Bear. 
'Twas then invented to intangk Beafts 
In Toils, and Fowls ia Bird-lime to» deceive: 
And with fhmch Hounds the Thicket to inclofc. 
One with his Cafling-net, lanch'd on the deep, 
Beats the broad River : from the deeper Sea 
Another drags alon^ his dropping Twine. 



rigor, atjque afguer kmina fmat : 

limi cuncts fcitidtiMftr fiffile Gffmm) 

Xim vcncre artcs, FiFg, Gm^. Lib. I 

iE T AS JEh ZA. 

la poll illas fuceeflk ^nea [^Dk$ r 

or ingenib^ & ad horrida promptior arma : 
Irata tarocn. - "■ ■ Ovui. Mi%. Lib. 1 

iE T A S F E R R E A. 


E doro eft ultima ferro. 
Protinus imimpit vaia* pqoris in ^vmn 

fijgere pudor, Terumquc, fidefque : 
fuhicre locum, fraudefque, dolique, 
, & vis, & amor fcelcratus habendi. 
vends, nee adhuc bene noverat illos 
oaeque diu fteterant in montibus aids, 
is infultavere carinse. 

Brasbbm Age. Iron Aoe. 29 

Then rigid Iron, and the- grating Saw, 

(With Wcdgps, firfl, the 5>Uttmg Wood they riv*d) 

Then various Arts cnfaM, 

Brazen Age. 

THird in Succeffion came the Brazen Age : 
A warlike Offspring, prompt to bloody RagCt 
But yet not impious . 

Iron Age« 

Ard Steel fucceeded then. 
And ftubbom as the Metal were the Men. 
Truth, Modefty, and Shame, die World forfook •, 
Fraud, Avarice, and Force, their Places took* 
Then Sails were ibread to ev'ry Wind that blew. 
Raw were the SaiK>rs, and the De[^ were new : 
Trees that long rooted on the Mountains flood. 
Now bounded o'er the deep unpra&is'd Flood. 

Then Land-marks limited to each his Right i 
For all before was common as the Light. 
Nor was the Ground alone required to bear 
Her annual Income to the crooked Share, 
But greedy Mortals, rummaginff her Store, 
Dig^d from her Entrails firfl the precious Oar, 
Which next tt> Hell the prudent Gods had laid : 
And that alluring 111 to Sight difplav'd. 
Then curfed Steel,, and more accurfed Gold, 
Gave Mifchief Birth, and made that Mifchief bold : 
The fatal Parents they of new Alarms, 
Give Birth to War, and fill the World with Arms. 
Now Men are broken loofe fi-om moral Bands, 
And brandifh*d Weapons glitter in their Hands» 
No Rights of Hofpitality remain : 
The Gueft by him who harbour'd him is flain. 

iExAs Aurea Rcfl 

Agnus ab int^ro £edoruin nafibitu 
Jam rcdit & Virgc^ mhuM-Sati 
am nova progenies cgbIo demitdtur al 
_> duce, fi cm maneni fedttte ^^>^^ 
Irrita perpetua felveiic fermidtfit tUftA' 
At tibi primat puer, ndlb iMfinibihiciii 
Enaniti beilefaa paiiin c»im fcMqheieUi 
Vluctaqne ridend eOMaSbi faakt tfelfifehi 


jocra s ficc iiui^ho^ ammqk aiMQRv looi 

tccidet et Smeiia^ ft Attut M«ti^eiilttif} 

kxidet : AVffhm tn^drMfeeMV JMilMn 

blli pullatim Aivdbec auffputf ai^ 

cult!u}ue nibens pendtaMt feiiiANMr dVii 

: dune querent wAmk Mfeida ttielK. 

det & ipfe marl' fcfiMftr iiee Muitea 1 

icabit ffierco : MMja fti«t eiMlk !^# 

m raftiM patietQf huifta^ mA"iiiin'£ 

buftus quooue jam' tMm jug^'foUW- ^ 

GoLDSM AoE Reftored 

The Son-^in-law prafues the Father's Life, 
Srothers with their own Brothers are at Strife, 
The Wife her Hufband murders, he the Wife : 
The Stepdame Poyfon for the Son prepares. 
The Son inquires into his Father's Years : 
Duty and Piety expiring lye. 
And JuftiUy laft of all, foars to her native Sky, 
L.eaying the Earth defiPd with Blood and Cruelty. 

Golden Age Reftofd. 


TH E mighty • Round of Years again revolv'd. 
The Virgin now, and SaUirt^s Reign return : 
And a new Ofl^ring from high Heav'n defcends. 
Beneath thy Sway the Relicks of our Guilt 
(If fuch be ftill remaining) quite effac'd 
Shall from all fiiture Terrors free Ae World. 
Kindly, to Thee, fweet Infancy fhall the Earth, 
Yield her firft Prelents, bv no Culture fi>rc*d : 
The wandVing Ivy, and toft Violet, 
The fmiling Crocus, and the blulhing Roie. 
The Goats ipontaneous homewards Hull return. 
Their Teats with Milk diftmdcd : and the Herds 
UnterrifyM by monftrous Lions, feed. 
The Serpent too IhaH die : the fraudful Herbs 
Of noxious PoiioD wither, and decay : 
And Syrian Spices bloom o'er all the World. 
Ripe yellow Harvefts on the Fields fliall wave. 
The favage Brambles blufh with pendant Grapes, 
And Honey from hard Oaks in Dew diftil. 
The Sailor fhall renounce the Sea ; no Ships 
Traffick exchange : All Lands Ihall all Things bear. 
No Glebe (hall kcl the Harrow's Teeth, no Vine 
The Pruning hook : The fturdy Village-Hind 
Shall then releafe his Oxen from the Yoke : 
Nor chang'd by Art Ihall various Wool belyc 
It's native Colour : but in Pafturcs green 
The Ram himfelf with Purples glofly Hue, 

• The gmt PJaf0ni(k Year. 



|am crooeo mutabit vellera lum : 
Ikndyx pafcentcs veftiet agnos. — Ftrg. Eel IV* 

-Nunc adeft mundo dies 
illc» qui premat genus impium 
la : rurfus ut ftirpem novam 
lenafcens melior : ut quondam tuUt 

pnente regna Satumo poli. 

S^nec. Hm. (El Ad, IL 

TATES HoMitirs Defcriptae, 

lere qui voces jam fcit puer, & pede certo 
mt humum, gcftic paribus coUudere, & iram 
[iic ponit temere, & mutatur in horas. 
I Juvenis, tandem cuftode remoto, 
juiSj canibulque, & aprici gramine campt : 

vitium flefti, monitoribus afper» 
|ardus provifor, prodigus serb^ 

cupidufquc, & amata relinquere pemix. 

ftudiis, seras, animufque virilis ^ 

es, & amicitias : infervit honor! : 

Ages of Man CharaderizU 33 

►r Cncuf ydlow Tcint fhall tii^ lus Fleece : 

Liid unforced Crimfpn cloath the feeding Lambs. — Trap^ 

T lic laft great Day is come, 
i^hen Earthy and all her im|nous Sons, Ihall lye 
rulh*d in the Ruins of the falling Sky : 
Whence frefh fhall rife, her newborn Realms to grace, 
^ pious O&pring and a purer Race : 
iuch as e*er-while in Golden Ages fprung, 
When Saturn governed, and the World was young.— 


Ages of Man Charaderiz'd. 

TH E Bay^ who newly has to Speech attained. 
And juft can go without his Nurfe*s Hand, 
To play with thole of his own Growth is plcas'd, 
Soon is enragM, and is as foon appeasM : 
Iliai^^ his Humour, various is his Will, 
To nothing fix'd, but fludhiating ftill. 

The beardlels Toutby juft fix)m his Tutor freed, 
Sports with his Dogs, and founds his Courfer's Speed : 
lidding, as Wax, to each alluring Vice: 
Refty to thofe that would his Faults chaftife : 
Gareleis of Profit, lavifli in Expence, 
Headftrong, and proud, and given up to Senfe : 
Whate'er he fancies eager to attain. 
And hafty to relinquifh it ag^in. 

With diflF*rent Thoughts to fobcr Manhood grown. 
He leeks for Wealth, and Friendlhip, and Renown : 
Becomes difcreet, and cautious how to aft 
What he muft after alter, or retraft. 

With numerous Ills d^ Old is round beiet : 
Fearful to Ijpend, but covetous to get : 
Full of Delays, and Hopes, and Love of Ea£r, 
Greedy of Life, morofe, and hard to pleafe : 
On Youth's gay Frolicks peeviflily feverc. 
Bat Oh ! wha he was young, what Times they were ! 

i^iiv.aL uuvics rnoenuc, reparabUis ales, 
a vos perpetuo decies pracvcrtitis acvo 
iphac Hiimadryadcs : qinrum longiflinu ^ 

AufoH. EdyL i 

Ag R I CU 1. TU KA. 

^trr ipfe colendi 

Haud EicHcm cfle rhm vduity primofi; 
t ag^3B> CUTIS acisns mortalia conla. : 
orperc ginvi psfius wi icgpa. fctcujo* ^-^- 


sn Ceres faro SAoftaks veitcic ttmm 
it > cumj^ungpbiKiesaiQpc arfauQi fi^ 
rent Syme« & Tidum Docbnai nqprdL 
k firumentislabor addiois : ut makcnbnc 
iibi^ iegoiibiie borreret inanrv 
»: uttepeunt tag;etes» fiibit a^en Sfhnt, 
xpie> tribulupic : iDCerque oifieBCacuItaL 
Jblium & fifccrik^dbmiiiaDtiir steme. 
!iifi & affiduis Mram iniirftabcrc taftris^ 
Itu terreUs aves^ ft runs opad 

AGKICULTtr]t7« j^ 

A 6 s t of ibveral Creatures. 

THE utniofl:AgetoA£iirtheGodsafligR 
Are Winters three times Two, and ten times Nine* 
Poor Man nine times the prating Z)^ra^5 exceed : 
Three times the Daw the Beet^^ more lafting Breed : 
Thfc Deer fiiU thrice the Raverfs Race out-run : 
Nine times the Raven Ti t a n*s feathered Son : 
Beyond his Age, with Youth and Beauty crown'd. 
The Hamadryads fhine ten Ages round : 
Their Breath the longeft is the Fates bdlow. 
And fuch the Bounds to mortal Lives beksw. Adiifek^ 


-^— np H E Sire of Gods himfelf 

JL Willed not diat Tillage fhould be freeirom toil. 
He firft follicited die reftive Mold 
By Art : and wlmted mortal Wit with Cares, 

Permitting not his Reign to ruft with Sloth. Jrtfp^^ 

With piercing Steel to turn the ftuWx>m Land 
Propitious Ceres Mortals firft ordaift'd ; 
When fcantjr Food the facred Groves fupply'd. 
And all Rehef Dodonean Oaks deny'd : 
But foon new Toil the fbodfol Glebe requir*d» 
Eat with an evil Ruft the Grain expir'd : 
Pierce in the Field the lazy Thiftle ftood. 
And Burrs, and Brambks rok^ a cruel Woodt 
parbel unbleft die ihining Plain o'erfpreads. 
And high exalt the fiuideis Oats their Heads. 
So that unleis with unextinguilh'd Toil 
Of lab'ring Harrows, you purfue the Soil, 
Fridit oflf the Birds, andthinthe fhady Plaiht 
And withrneaced Vows c^ down the Rain : 
Ah ! boodei^ on another's^ Heap you'll look, J " .^ 

Aod comfort Hunger with the Ifaiaken Oak.— « Anof^flSi 

P 2 In 


ly>f,»^ f„l,„„ urin'^iTZ —Terra; 

»«*/»»«.,r vi i„, '7*^ '"» omnc per io 
''«»»tnw. ^^j; ;"» «f ccca rclaxat 


y Spru^j when from the whitening Hills 
le Moifture filently diftilk : 
ambling to the Zephyrs falls the Soil : 
: my Bullock groan beneath his Toil : 
the Plough within the Surface wear, 
(h*d with the Furrow fhine the Share : 
ains, at laft, the Peaiant's Hopes compleat, 
rice the Cold have felt, and twice the 

ompleat, n 
he Heat: ^ 
ight.— Zrfo 

e the Barns with their luxuriant Freight.- 

——Let the vigorous Steer 

rich Furrow in the new-bom Year ; 

mer's He^ with ripening Suns purfue 

;ilh Glebe, and all the Qod fubdpe. 

t fat the Soil, it will fuffice, 

ght Arilurus mounts die purple S^cSf 

he Surface with a gentle 5A^^, 

Ke Furrow lighdy to the Air : 

ft the Weeds the fjniling Blade withftand i 

hire, here, defert the barren Sand. I4* 

ts oft to fire the fruidefs Ground, 

7 Stubble crackling all around : 

from thence by Nature's fccret Law59 

urifhment the Earth and Vi^ur draws: 

e latent Vice is purged by Heat« 

dundant Humours wafte in Sweat ; 

it Flames unufual Tracks explore. 

Grit, and open every Pore ; 

;eni^ Moifture haften3 through the Earth, 

be Root, and cheers the tender Birth : 

I He^t the hollow Glebe conftrains, 

h Nerve, and knits the gaping Veins : 

ing Wet, or the fwift Pow'r of Day 

», or freezing Boreas urge his Way*—— /A 

90 he helps tii^ Field, who every Clod 

rowsbreaks, and drags the Hunile's Load; 

n him, with an ungracious Eye, 

bw C^wfrom the lofty Sky, 

P 3 Wioi 

bfciflb qua^ ftiTchar squore tcrg^ 
Ibliquum vcrfo permmpit «atro» 
] frcqiicns tcllorem, acqoc ifflspcot arris, 

' mi 

Solftitia atqti€ hiemes estate fcxcras, 
f libemolsetiffiina pulvcrc fam« 

" ^ *^^ mi 

fomnique pares ubi fccmt horas^ 
Luci atquc Umbris jam dividit orbcm : 
nri, tauros : ferite hordca campis, 
IfTctremum bramse intraftabilis imbrem, 
tmi frgcrcfn & Cerealc papavrr 
I mo rcgcrc, & jam dudum incumbcre rafttis, 
tcUurc licet, dum nubila poidenr*^ 


t o ad Arma. Vide Co n s T b R N A t i Oi 

Alarm. 39 

Who, the rough Backs he dices from the Plain 

A flails oblique, and thorow cuts again. 

And plies the Soil, and makes the Furrow yield 

Tame to the Coulter, and commands the Field. • U. 

The Solftice moid, ferene the Winter Siy^ 
For this, ye Swains, intrcatthe Pow*rs on high. 
When Winter Duft by driving Winds is born. 
Glad is the Glebe, moft wondrous glad the Corn. — Id. 

When Libra weighs the Hours of Toil and Night, 
And parts alike the Globe to Shades and Light : 
Then in the Field, ye vigorous Swains appear. 
Put forth your Strength, and exercife the Steer : 
Sow hardy Grains : the miry Tafk perform 
To Winter's laft impradicable Storm. 
Then is the proper Time to cover o*er 
Or Ceres^ Poppy, or the flaxen Store : 
Nor fhould the Harrow's Labour ever end, 
Whilft dry the Glebe, whilft Clouds as yet impend.— Id. 

Alarm. See A ma z e m e n t. 

LO ! ruftiing thro* the Court with frantick Hafte 
A Meffenger with Terror fills the Town : 
ftelates, that in Array of Battel rang'd 
The Trojan and the Tyrrhene Troops defcend 
From Tiber's Stream, and cover all the Plain. 
Forthwith their Minds with ftimulating Rage 
Are ftung, confiis'd : to Arms! to Arms ! they cry : 
The ma^ng Multitude, and warrior Youth 
Together rove : the pcnfivc Fathers weep. 
And murmur unrefolv'd : to Hcav'n aicends. 
Loud, and confusM, the cIam*rous Difcontent.— — 
Strait to the Works from all the City round 

They croud. ■ — — 

Odier dig Trendies deep before the Gates, 
And roll vaft Scones, and Palifadoes^fix : 
The Trumpet wtthihrill Clangor to the Fight ,^c 

D 4 The 

Turn muros varii cinxcrc cioroni 

ique — ^ — » yir^, Mn, Uk Xt. 

i intcTca mifccntur mcenm hSta t 
|atquc magls 

fonicus^ armorumque tngnik bcxior« 
pbmno^ & fummi faftigia rtfii 
ipcro, atquc arrcftis auribus afto. 

vcluti cum flamma furcndbus Auftm 
lut rapidas montano flumme torrens 
|rc?s» fternit fata laeta boumquc laboicsy 
fdue trahit Syhras : ftupet iiiaus alto 
i fonitum faxi de vcrtice paftor. 

f odtls tcncbris rapjt agmlna dufton 
XI captQ juflbs deponcre miles 

ftridor limilnn, dangorque tubarum 
concinuit cum rauco claffica comu. 

populis, ftratifque excita juventus 
facris affixa penatibus arma, 
Innga dabiit : nuda jam crate flucntcs 
I clypcos, cvin^ataque cufpide pila^ 

Alps, 41 

be bloody fignal Sounds: the Dames, and Boys^ 
a promifcuous Throng the Ramparts crown. — — ^raf. 
N^ean-while^ widi Cries confiis'd the Walls refound: 
he Noife grows loud, and ch* undiilinguilh*d Din 
f clafhmg Arms rolls nearer. Rous'd from Sleep9 
^m the Summit of the high built Houfe : 
nd ftand with lift'ning Ears. As when a Flame 
vades a Field of Com by driving Winds : 
r, rufhing from the Hills, a rapid Flood 
ays flat the Produft of the Plains, lays flat 
he rifingCrop, and Labours of die Plough, 
nd with a fweeping Torrent whirls the Woods : 
n a high Rock the doubtRil Pealant flands 

mazM, and in his Ear receives the Sound. ^rafm 

With hafly March by Night his Troops he led. 
'o the mid Forum on the Soldier pafs'd, 
'here halted, and his Viftor Enfigns placed : 
^ith dire Alarm from Band to Band around, 
"he Fife, hoarfe Horn, and ratding Trumpets found, 
'he ftarting Citizens uprear their Heads : 
"he luftier Youth leap frighted fit>m their Beds : 
lafty they fnatch the Weapons, which among 
"heir Houfliold Gods in Peace had refted long : 
)ld Bucklers of the covVing Hides bereft, 
7he mouldering Frames disjoyn'd, and barely left : 
Iwords, with foul Ruft indented deep, they take : 
Ind ufelcfs Spears, with Points inverted, fliake. — Rvi»e. 


UPON the towering ^5 fublimeft Height, 
Where the cragg'd Rocks look down upon theGouds, 
\ Grecian Altar to Mctdes fmokes. 
rhcrc cverlafting Winter bars Accels, 
f^nd the ambitious Summit props the Skies : 
^fo Summer here e'er darts his genial Beams, 
^Tor vernal Zephyrs chear the joyleis Air : 
3ut Snows on Shows accumulated rife, 
n« icy Pillar of the ftarry OA> :— —; AUSi^M iunr* 

— —Aiiv/1 akr ui v^. 

.., rtuauctilquc amens fubliftit haben. 

Obftupuit varia confiifus imagine rerun 
irnus, & obtutu tacito ftetit : asftuat inj 
^o in cordc pudor, mixtoque iniania liK 
Furiis agitatus amor, & conicia virtus.- 

Turn vero Phaeton cunftis c partibus orl 
picit abccnfum : nee tantos fuftinet xftus : 
^ehtcfque auras, velut e fomace profunda 
! trahit, currufque fuos candefcere fentit. 
lequc jam cineres ejedtatamque favillam 
'e poteft : calidoque invdvitur undique ft 
Queerat, autubifit, picea cali^ine tedu 
It : ic arbitrio volucrum raptatur equoru 

Ovid. I 


'cit Amazonidumi lundtis acrmit*- -* 

Am a 2 n\ 42 

[AZEMEMT. See Alarm. 

1 the Wind with doubtful Teitor wafts 

linked Noiie : hoarfe MuiPftiiifs of D'lRrdkg^^ 

m from- the City pierce his Ears. 

at Sounds confus'd, what Cries difturb 

• Why rufh thefe Clamours from the Walls ? 

id, with his Cburfer's Reins repreis*d 

naze ftood lift'nma. -. Tra^. 

ed with the Crowd of vairious Thoughts^ 

ig with Amaze, the Hero ftood, 

xp : within his Bofom boils 

Ihamc, and Grief to Madnefe wrought, 

flam'd with Rage, and confcious Worth. — Trap, 

lifh'd* Youth, where e'6r his Eyes could turn, 

Jniverfe around him burn : 

was in a Blaze : nor could he bear 

^ipours, and the fcorching Air, 

i below, as from a Furnace flowed : 

le Axle-tree beneath him glowed. 

whirling Clouds that round him broke, 

«rith Ames, hov*ring in the Smoke, 

erc-e*er the Horfes drove, nor knew 

r Horfes drove, or where he flew. — Addifon. 


dmatofdan Files with lunar Shields 

fjika leads, and in the midft 

ds Storms: Beneath her naked Pap 

Belt flxe buckles, warlike Maid, 

, Virgin, dares engage with Men. ■ Jr^# 

he* Bi^es, and lavage Dens of Beaftd, 

lis.Dai^hter from the Diigybf Mares, 

jir Teats into her tender Lips. 

Infant firft with doub^ Feet 

the Ground, her little Hands he fiU'd 

A M A 2 O Hi 

f ex humcro parvse fufpendit & arcum, 
Ji auro, pro fongae tegmine pallx, 
I exuviae per dorfum a verticc pendent. 

I jam turn tenera puerilia torfit^ % 

. tereti circum caput egit habena, 
Janique gruem^ aut album dcjecit olorcm, 



jens cquitum : 

Non ilia colo caladiifve Mincrvae 
; afEiera manu": : fed pr^lia virgo 
Ji, carfuquc pedum prsevertere ventDSt 
^taftje fegctis per fumma volaret 

ncc teneras curfu IsEfiffet ariftas ; 
I per medium, fluiSlu fufpenfa tumcnd, 
celeres nee tingeret ^quore plantas* 
|nis tedlis agrifque effufa juventus 

miratur matrum, & profpeftat euntem : 
linhians animis, ut regius oftro 
los leves humeros : ut fibula crinem 
Tneftat : Lyciam ut gerat ipfa pharetram ; 

A M A 2 O N. 45 

li pointed Darts, and on her Shoulder hung 
low and Quiver. No foft Caul of Gold 
Trefles ftrains : nor flows her waving Gown : 
tad of thcfe a Tj^cr's horrid Hide 
igs from her Head, and o*er her Back defcends. 
ts with her tender Hand e'en then (he threw ; 
t, whirling round her Head a founding Sling, 
ck the Strymoman Crane, or Snow-white Swan, — Trap. 

Cafnilla canie, 

I led her warlike Troops, a Warrior Dame : 
>red to Spmning, in the Loom unlkill'd, 
chofe the nobler Pallas of the Field. 
:'d with the Firft, the fierce Virago fought, 
ain'd the Toils of Arms, the Danger fought : 
ftrip'd the Winds in Speed upon the Plain, 
w o'er the Fields, nor hurt the bearded Grain : 
fwept die Seas, and as fhe fkimmM along 
r flying Feet unbath'd on Billows hung, 
n. Boys, and Women, ftupid with Surprize, 
ierc-e*er flie pafles, fix their wondring Eyes : 
iging they look, and gaping at the Sight, 
^our her o'er and o'er with vaft Delight. 
: purple Habit fits with fuch a Grace 
her unooth Shoulders, and fo fuits her Face : 
r Head with Ringlets of her Hair is crown'd, 
d in a golden Caul the Curls are bound. 
flukes her Myrde Jav*lin: And, behind, 

r Lydan Quiver dances in the Wind. Dryden. 

tut in the Midil the Amazotnan Maid 
tiJla^ with her fliafts, and Quiver florms, 
ilting, fierce among the flaughter'd Heaps : 
th one Breaft bare commodious for the Fight, 
w hurls repeated Jav'lins, now with Toil 
iveary'd fnatches her well tempered Ax. 
r gilded Bow, and all Diana^s Arms 
ind frsm her Shoulder. Ev*n, when tum'd in Flight, 
e'er flie turn ) her Arrows fhe direfts 
« backward, and behind her bends the Bow. Tra^. 

If E C A T tr «p 

Tro iBceriofy lequkurquc feqncBOcm. 

perx}ue anpa vira pctquecfi feconm^ 
jrgens, orand & mulfa procuti 

lAmazonidum pelcis ooikat aduods 
|ohors, quoties Ar^oii papulam Fkaga 
^ nivcas docit poft pnelb rormis : 
(Ira vcrc Gecas, ftru forte rigaiEem 
mthci T^WJfn frrgerc fcoiri. — - ^ 

L E G A T g s. 

|a puppis adell, in pottufque iotrac amicos : 
: OphaUim, patri^ue fimul mandatafeicbat* 
tamtn Cephalum» dextralque dcderct 

Iris duxt*ie tiomum* Speftabilis Hcros, 
retlnt'n& crti^mnum pignora formae, 
: ramumquc tamm popularis OUv^^ 


With diflcmhlcd Flight 

21 wide Rii^, interior, wheeling round 
: mocks O^tlocbuSj and him jpuifues, 
>m whom (he flies : Then rifing to the Blows 
doubled, thro^ his Arms and Bones fhe drives 
r mafly Ax, nor ought r^ards his Prayers : 
'>vfi the w^urm Woundhis Brains befmear his Face, — 9Jw/* 
Such the feir Troop of Amazons is feen 
ith moony Shields, and hqided by their Queen : 
hen trenroling Tamus has their Fiuy try'd, 
the fierce Getes their female Arms defy'd : 
id proudly glittering with their plundered Spoils, 
le fierce Viragoes march, triumphant from their Toik— 



I N JttU Veflfel rfeach'd the friendly Shore, 

^ Which * Cepbalusj his Country's Envoyj bore. 

he Sons of jEacus the Hero knew, 

ho* long removed and abfent from their View, 

heir Hands they Join, in dofe Embraces meet, 

nd lead him to their royal Father's Seat. 

he Hero much remaining Beauty held, 
n Youth for Beauty gready he excell'd :) 
jid entering, bore the Olive in his Hand, 
lie predous I^rpdu£fc of his native Land, 
In either Side, from heavenly Pallas fprupg, 
'oung Clyiusj and young Buten march along. 
Firft Salutarions o*er, the Chief relates 
lis EmbaiTy, from the Athenian States, 
Lnd Succour dks : infifling on the Ties 
)f Leagues, and Friendfhip, with their old Allies \ 
rhe general Danger too he Ihews, to wake 
rbeir Fears, and his Addrefs fuccefsful make. 

• CephtJut was fcnt AmbaiTador from the Athenians^ to JEacus King 
i JEpna^ to demand Afliftance againft MwxKing of Cutf. 


Turn fatus Anchifa, deleftos oi 
Centum oratores augufta ad mcenii 
Ire jubet, ramis vdatos Palladis Oi 
Donaque ferre viro, pacemque cxp 
Jamque iter immenn turres ac tcft 
Ardua cemebanc juvcnes, muroqu 
Ci^m proveftus equo longsevi R^i 
Nuncius ingcntcs ignota in vcfte ref 
Advenifle viros. Ille intra tefba vo 
Imperaty & folio mediu3 confedic av 

■ ■ ' ■ Patriaque Latinus 

Sede iedens, Teucros ad lefe in te£ta 
Atque hax ingrdTis placido prior ed 
Diate, Dardanida?, ( neque enim n( 
£t genuS) audidque advertitis aequor 
Olid petitis ? Qv^ cauia rates, autc 
Litus ad Auibniam tot per vada coer 
Sive errore viae, feu tempeftatibus ad 
( Qualia multa mari naiiM» »^— -- 

AmbassadoiI. 49 

l^or timely Aid^ his Country's juft Pretence^ 
Me pleaded thus, with artful Eloquence. 
The King reply'd (his Scepter in his Hand^ 
Our Help, A^benians^ afk not, but command i 
Your own you may this Ifland's Forces call^ 
For in your Caufe I will adventure all : 
Nor Annies do I want, that can oppofe 
My own Invaders, and repel your Foes.«i— i— 5^«v/aiter*dJ 

Then Prince jEneas fends from every Rank 
An hundred chos'n Ambaffadors, difpatched 
To the Imperial Walls, with Olive Boughs 
All wreathM to bear hk Prefents to the King, 
And fue for Peace, — 

And now, their deftin'd Journey having pafsM , 
Th* Ambafladoi^ beheld the Latin Towers^ 
And lofty Palaces, and reach'd the Walls. 

To the aged Monarch's Ears, 

Swift on his Steeds a Mefienger relates, 

That Men of awful Port, in foreign Garb^ 

Were moving towards the Walls : He gives Command 

To call them to the Court, and in the Midft 

Sits lofty on th' hereditary Throne. 


On his paternal Seat, Latinus calls 
The Trojans to his Prefence in the Court ! 
And Thus with pleafing Accent firft began. 

Tell us, ye Trcjansj ( for your Name and Race 
Arc not to Us unknown, nor come You here 
Unheard of : ) fay, what fcek You ? or what Caufe 
Has urg'd your Navy to th* Aufonian Shore 
Thrtf fuch a ^ace of Ocean ? Whether driv'n 
By Error of the Way, or Strefs of Storms^ 
( Variety of Perils on the Deep, 
Obvious to Mariners,) You enter here 
Our River's Mouth, and reft within the Port, 
Fly not our Hofpitality * nor judge 
Hnxmeous of the Latins^ SaturrC% Race : 

xcmiiTi, & caochs undimcue aurimque 
» enrrus re^x> indscorcs : nee Tcftra fei 
ma Icvis, tar.tiquc abokidt gratia hSd : 
X Trojam Auibnios grcmio czctpiflfc pigi 
It tibi pia r ieicA foranarparra prioris 
jncia, relliquus Tixha ^x aidcnte f P t c p t aa 
ic pificr Anchifirs auro libabot ad aras : 
K Priami g^rftamm cnit, cum jura vocatii 
we daitt populis, fcq^miiiiqiic, ficcnjuet 
dumque labor, vcftcs. 

alibus Ilionci diftis, defixa Latxnus 
ttu imet on, Ibloque inunobilb kcrcf, 
tps volvens oculos. — ^Tandem ait : 

Dabitur, Tixyanc, quod optasr 
rra nee Ipemo : non vobts, rege Latino, 
isubcraorri T--:-— - 

Ambassado r* gi 

^uft of themfelves, without Rcflraint, or Laws, 
And by th* Example of their ancient God. 

He ipoke ; and thus Hioneus reply'd. 
3 King ! from Faunuf Blood illufbious fprung : 
Neither by ftormy Billows hither tofs*d, 
Nfor by the Stars, or Shores unknown, deceived, 
fVrrive we on your Confines : With Defign, 
And willing Minds this City We approach. 
A little Manfion for our Country-Gods, 
And lafc from Danger a Retreat We aflc. 
And Air, and Water, common Gifts to All. 
Dn your Dominions nothing of Difgrace 
Shall We rcfled : nw fmall will be your Fame : 
Mor (hall by length of Time the grateful Senfe 
Df fuch an Obligation be effaced : 
Mor (hall the Aujbnian Nation e*er repent 

To have received the Trojans. 

Some Gifts, be(ides, pre(erv'd from burning Troy^ 

The little Relicks of his former State, 

Our Prince prefents You. In this Gold his Sire 

4ncbifes at tte Altars facrific'd : 

rhefe. By the Rite accuftom'd, giving Laws 

To the aflembled Nations, Priam wore : 

This Scepter, this Tiara, and thefc Robes, 

The Labour of the Trwan Dames. 

So fpake Hioneus. Lathius fix'd, 
Sits in one Pofture, mufing, on the Ground 
Rolling his Eyes intent. — At length replies : 
— — — — Trajan J what Thou a(k'ft 
[s granted : nor yoyr Gifts do I refufe : 
While King Latinus reigns. You (hall not want 
The fertile Glebe, and Opulence of Troy. 
Let ev'n /Eneas ( if he (o defires 
Our Friend(hip and Alliance) hither come. 
Nor (hun the Interview : to me 'twill prove 
A Pledge of Peace, to touch that Monarches Hand. 

Thus having faid, the aged King felefts 
From all his Number chofcn Steeds : There (tood 

E 2 TVa^ 

|anu)vic Onirores aderant ex urbe Latina, 
Vciati ramus olc»t veniamque rogantes : 
Uu'pora« per campos, ferro qux fu(a jacebar 

Nullum I'um vidis ccrtamen & setbere caffis ; 

l^irccrrt holpitibus quondam focerifque vocat 

^)a bcuiua iflncas haud afpemanda precan; 

Ht^]uitur venia, & verbis hsec infuper addl 

{ui^nam vtvt ranto tbrcuna indigna, Ladni, 

nplicuit bcUD« ^ui nos tu^tis amicos ? 

j^ccmnr txammis & Martis force peitmpds 

ratU f tquiikm & vivis ooncedere vellem. 

unc iK» d& mileris fuppoDue civibus igneix 

Ambition. ^j 

Three hundred ihining in their lofty Stalls : 

To all the Trojans he commands to lead 

The wingy-fboted Gourfers, covered o'er 

With rich embroidered Crimibn : Down their Breafts 

Hang golden Collars: and adomM with Gold 

They champ the yellow Gold between their Teeth. 

Nact to the abfent Trojan Prince he fends 

A Chariot, and its harnefs'd Pair, of Breed 

Celeftial, from their Noftrils faorting Fine. 

Thus with the Giits and Speeches of the King^ 

Th* Ambafladors, high on their (lately Steeds, 

Return e3culting, and report the Peace. Trap^ 

And now from King Latinuf Court arriv'd 
Ambailadors, with Olive Branches wreath'd. 
And Grace imploring : that he would permit 
The Corps, which (lain in Battle, o'er the Field 
Lay fcatter'd, to be quiedy mterPd : 
War with the Dead he wag'd not : Let him fpare 
A Nation, once by hofpitable Tyes, 
And plighted Spoufals, to himfelf all^d. 
Them good Mneasj and then- Suit (b juft. 
Receives with gracious Air: and thus proceeds. 
What Fortune, unpropidous, unde(erv*d, 
Plung'd You, ye Latins j in (b deep a War, 
And urg*d You from our Friend(hip to decline ? 
Peace to the Dead de(ire You ? for the CcMps 
Which fell in Batde by the Chance of Arms ? 

Peace to the Living gladly would I grant. 

Go You : and grace your Friends in Batde (lain. 

With the laft Rites, and fire their fim'ral-Pilcs. — Trap. 


TH E Sifypbus is he, whom Noife and Strife 
Seduce from all the (bfr Retreats of Life : 
To vex the Government, dilhirb the Laws 
Drunk with the Fumes of popular Applau(e» 

E3 |l<^ 

[us habet Ule fui palpo, quern ducic hiant^i 
tata Ambitio ? vigila, & ciccr ingere larg 
canti populo, noftra ut Flor^ia poflint 
rici meminiffe Scnes. 

Cupit hie regi proximus ipfi 
Clarus claras ire per urbes 2 
Urit milcrum Gloria peftus! ■ 


llorum exuvi^, truncis afHi^a trophseis 
:a, & frada de cafTide buccula pendens, 
irtum tcmonc jugum, vidtaequc triremis 
ftre, Sc fummo triilis captivus in arcu, 
anis majora bonis creduntur : ad haec fe 
inus, Graiufcjue, ac Barbarus induperator 
t : Caufas difcriminis atque laboris 
labuit, ■ — 

Ambitiok« SS 

He courts the giddy Crowd to make him great. 

And fweats, and toils in vain to mount the Sovereign Seat. 

For flill to aim at Pow'r, and ftill to fail. 

Ever to fWve, and never to prevail, 

"What is it, but, in Reafon*s true Account, 

To heave the Stone againft the rifing Mount : 

Which, urg'd, and laboured, and forc'd up with Pain, 

Recoils, and rolls impetuous down, and fmokes along the 

Plain. Dryden^ 

But write him down a Slave, who humbly proud. 
With Prefents begs Preferment from the Crowd : 
That early * Suppliant, who falutcs the Tribes, 
And fets the Mob to fcramble for his Bribes : 
That ibme old Dotard, fitting in the Sun, 
On Holidays may tell, that fuch a Feat was done. — Dryd. 
This Man delights, with haughty Pride, 
In publick at the Monarch's Side, 
In folemn State to pafs along, 
Envy'd by all the gaping Throng : 
Vain Wretch ! Ambition fires his Breaft, 

Impetuous, dire, tormenting Gueft ! fFard. 

The Spoils of War, brought to Feretrian Jove j 
An empty Coat of Armour hung above 
The Conqueror's Chariot, and in Triumph born \ 
A Streamer, from a boarded Galley torn ; 
A Chap fallen Beaver loofely hanging by 
The cloven Helm : an Arch of Viftory, 
On whole high Convex fits a captive Foe, 
And fighing cafl:s a mournful Look below : 
Of cv*ry Nation, each illuftrious Name, 
Such Toys as thefe have cheated into Fame : 
Exchanging folid Quiet, to obtain 
The windy Satisfaftion of the Brain. Dryden. 

• He who fucd for any Office among the Romans^ was called a Can- 
itdate^ becaufe he wore a nubite Gowttf and fometimes chalked it to 
make it appear whiter. He rofe early, and went to the Levees of thofe 
who headed the People, faluted alfo the Tnbes feverally, when they 
were eathered together to chufe their Magiftrates : and diftributed a 
Lm^efi among them to gain their Voices : much refembling our £lec- 
tioDi of ParUamoit-Mai.— * Ifo^- 

JE 4 Ow^ 

i>equicquam: quoniamad fummum 1 
Certantes, iter infeftum fecere viai\ 
Et tamen e lummo quafi fulmen dejicii 
Invidia interdum contemtim in tartara 
Ut fatiiis multo jam fit parcre quietum 
Quam r^ere impcrio res velle, & rcgi 

Quofdam pnecipitat fubjedba Potenti 
* Invidiam : mergit longa atqiie infignis h 
Pagina : defcendunt ftatuas, reftemque 
Ipfas deinde rotas bigarum impzStsi fecui 
Gedit, & immcritis franguntur Crura c 
Jam (Irident ignes, jam toUibus atquc c 
Ardet adoratum populo caput, & crepa 
Sejanus : deinde ex facie toto orbe fecund 
Fiunt urceoli, pelves, fartago, patellae. 
Pone domi lauros, due in Capitolia mag 
Cretatumque bovem : Sganus ducitur un 
Spedandus : gaudcnt omnes : qu£ labra 
Vultiis crati nunquam (fiquidmihi crc 

Ambit i o m. 57 

One World fuffic'd not JUxandet's Mind, 
Coop*d up, he feem'd, in Eardi and Seas confinM : 
And, ftruggling, ftrctch'd his reftlefs Limbs about 
The narrow Globe, to find a Paflage out. 
Till cntei'd die fam'd * Brick-built Town, he trfd 
The Tomb, and found it*s ftrait Dimenfions wide, — Dryd^ 
Poufr and high Titles Men were fond to »in, li 

As They could bring Content, or make a Chain C 

To fix inconftant Fortune : — but in vain ! v 

For often thofe whoclimb*d the dang'rous Way, 
And reached the Pinnacle where Honours lay. 
Envy, like Lighming, tumbled headlong down. 
And in the Grave they funk who wore the Crown : 
So that 'tis better fefcly to obey. 

Than fit on Thrones, and bear Imperial Sway, 

Some alk for envy'd PoVr, which publick Hate 
Purfues, and hurries headlong to their Fate : 
Down go the Titles : and the Statue crown*d 
Is by bafc Hands in the next River drown'd. 
The guDtlefs Herfcs, and the Chariot- wheel 
The fame Effefts of vulgar Fury feel. 
The Smith prepares his Hammer for the Stroke, 
While the lung'd Bellows hifling Fire provoke. 
Sejanus f almoft firft of Roman Names, 
The great Sejanus crackles in the Flames, 
Form'd in the Forge, the pliant Brafs is laid 
On Anvils, and ot Head and Limbs are made ?, 

Pans, Cans, and Pife-Pots, a whole Kitchen Trade. ^ 
Adorn your Doors with Laurels, and a Bull, 
Milk white, and lar^, lead to the Capitol : 
Sqanu$ with a Rope is dra^d along. 
The Sport and Laughter of the giddy Throng ! 
Good Lord ! they cry, what Etbiop Lips he has ? 
How foul a Snout, and what a hanging Face ! 

• Babylon. 1 Prime MiniAer of Tiheriui Cafar: Su- 

tucs and triumphal Chariots were every where ercdcd to him, but falling 
under his Maftcr^s Difpleafure, they were all broken down, and the Se- 
nate and common People infulted over him as meaivly as they had&wned 
^himjuft b^ie. 


— j^v, iixi lummas dona 

Ilium exercitibu3 prseponere ? tutor 

Principis ? — 

Viscerte piJa, cx)hortes, 

Egr^ios equites, & caftra domddics 
Hsec cupias ? & qui nolunt occidere 
Poffe volunt. Sed quae praeclara, & 
Ciim rebus lastis par fit menfura maloi 
Hujus, qui trahitur, prsetextam fumei 
An Fidenarum, Gabiorumque efle po 
£t de menfura jus dicere, vafa minoi 
Frangere pannofus vacuis ^dilis Ulul 

Expendc Hannibalem 2 quot \ihns 
Invenies ? hie eft, quern non capit Afi 
Perfiifa oceano, Nifoque admota tepen 
Additur imperils Hifpania : Pyrcnaeun 
Tranfilit : oppofuit natura Alpcmque ; 
Diduxit fcopulos, & m/tn«-/»^ — * 

Amjsitjjonv 59 

Hcav^, I never could endure his Sight : 
lay, how came his monftrous Crimes to Light? 

lat is die Champ, and who the Evidence ? 

thing at all of this ; but Cafar fent 

Juff ring Letter to his Parliament. 

fy SsHy if C^far writ, I alk no more, 

s guilty : and the Queftion's out o* Door. — Bryden^ 

Jow, with Sejanus would'ft Thou change thy Fate, 

be, like him, firft Minifter of State ? 

have thy Levees crowded with ReicMt 

a depending, gaping, fervile Court : 

pofe all Honours of the Sword and Gown, 

fe with a Nod, and ruin with a Frown : 

hold thy Prince in Pupilagp, and fway 

u Mcmarch whom the mafter^d World obey ?— — 

;, I believe Thou would'ft be Great as He : 

• ev'ry Man's a Fool to that D^ree, 

wilh the dire Prerogative to kill : 
*n they would have the Pow'r who want the Will, 
would'ft Thou have thy Wilhes underftood, 
take the Bad together with the Good ? 
nild'ft Thou not rather chufe the fmall Renown, 
be the Mayor of fome poor paltry Town, 
;ly to look, and barb*roufly to fpeak, 
pound falfe Weights, and fcanty Meafures break, 

an be Sejanus ? Dry den ^ 

jreat Hannibal within the Ballance lay, 

d tell how many Pounds his Aihes weigh : 

m Africk was not able to contain ; 

(lofe Length runs level with th* Atlantic Main, 

id weakens fruitful Nilu$y to convey 

s Sun-beat Waters by fo long a Way. 

un firft he won, the 'Pyrenceans paft, 

id fix)zen Alp^ the Mounds that Nature caft : 

id with corroding Juices, as he went, 

Paflage thro* the living Rocks he rent. 

»* Italy was conquered, and o*er-run : 

ofy ftill, he cry'd. There's nothing done. 


liB, & media vexillum pono Suburra. 
■go quis eft ? 6 Gloria ! vincitiir idem 
& in exUium prseceps fugk, atque ibi magnus 
"que cliens fedet ad praetoria regis, 
ythino libeat vigilare tyranno, 
imsc, quse res numanas milcuit olim, 
, non faxa dabant, non tela : fed illc 
vindex, et tanri fanguinis ultor, 
— I^ (kmens, & fcvas curre per Alpcs, 

placcas, & dedamario fias, 

Jiiv. Sau X, 




I N S I D I ^. 

exigua, qui prcelia prima laceflat* 

Ambosr^ 6| 

Till, levd wUi the Ground their Gates are kid^ 
And Puittc Flags on Roman Tow'rs di^/d. 
Butj wha^s his End, Q charmii^ Glory! &y 
What rare fifth A& to crown this huffing Play ? 
In one deciding Batde overcome. 
He flics, is baniih'd fiom his native Home, 
B^ Refi^ m a fore^ Court, and there 
Attends, his mean Petition to prefer : 
The Man who was {o wonderml, fo great. 
Does the ♦ Bytbinean Tyrant's Rifing wait. 

What De^ at laft, diftinguifh*d from Mankind, 
For fo untam'd, io turbulent a Mind ! 
Nor Swords at Hand, nor hilling Darts from £ir. 
Do Canmfs Field avenge, and afi the Rage of War t 

This Juftice by a litde + Ring is done. 

Go, dimb the rugged Alps^ ambitious Fool ! 

To pleafe the Boys, and be a Theme at School. 

Brydm altered. 


SAbhurOj great in the NunUdian Race, 
And fecond to their fwarthy King in Place, 
Firft with a chofen flender Band proceeds. 
And, feemingly, the Force of Juha leads : 
While hidden He, the Prince Himfelf, remains. 
And in a fccret Vale his numerous Troops reftfains. 

Thus oft th* Ichneumon J on the Banks of NiU^ 
Invades the deadly AJpick by a Wile : 
While artfiilly his flender Tail is played. 
The Serpent darts upon the dancing Shade : 

* After Hamtibal was overcome by Scipio^ i preirailing Fa6Uon at Can 
ih^i condemned him to Banifhmenty and then he fled for Succour c» 
tbe King of Bftbima. 

t Htmmhafilyfzjs carried Poyfon in a hollow Ring, and therewith 
caded himielf at kft, left he fhould fall into the Hands of his Enemies. 
This Ring is therefore calFd the Avenger of the Battle of Cama^ whete 
h manv of the R^man Elnights were flain, that Hamubal fent to Car- 
Aff 9ree Mcafiires of Gold Rings, taken from off their Fingen. 


^ ... wvvitiib, iimuiatx neicius a; 
lit vidor, mcdios aciem projecit in ag 
Tunc primiim patuerc doli, Numidaeq 
lIiKliquc completis clauferunt montibus 
Ob(lui)uit dux ipfe fimul, pericuraque t 
Non timidi patiere fugam, non praelia 

Eft curvo anfraSu vallb accommoda \ 
Armoriimque dolis : quam denfis frondil 
Urgcc ucrinque latus : tenuis quo femita c 
Anguftacque fcrunt fauces, adiroique mali. 
Hanc fupcr, in Ipeculis fummoque in ven 
Planities ignota jacet, tutique recqmis, 
Seu dcxtnl Isevaque velis occurrere picnic, 
Sivc inftarc Jugis, & grandia volvere iaxa 
Hue Juvcnis not'i feitur regione viarum, 
Arripuirque locum,^ & fylvis inledit iniqui 

An&er. ^63 

Then taming on thS Foe with fwift Surprize, 

Full at his Throat the nimble Seizer fliies. 

The gafping Snake expires beneath the Wound, > 

His gufhing Jaws wit;h pois'nous Floods abound, V 

And flicd me fruidels Mifchief on the Ground. — Rowe\ 

With fecming Fear Retreat and Flight they feign, 
To draw th* unwary ♦ Leader to the Plain : 
He, bold, and unfufpicious of their Wiles, y 

Now diinking Conqueft fure, and Fortune's fmiles, > 
Wide o^er the naked Champion fpreads his Files : > 

When, fiidden, ail the circling Mountains round. 
With numberl^fs Numidians thick are crown'd. 
At once die rifing Ambufb (lands confels'd -, 
Dread ftrikes the Chief, and ev*ry Soldier*s Breaft : 
Helpleis they '^ew th* impending Danger nigh. 
Nor can the Valiant fight, nor Coward fly. Rowe. 

Deep in a winding Track a Valley lies, 
Well formed for Ambulh, and the Frauds rf War, 
On cv'ry Side with gloomy Boughs inclosed : 
To which a flender Path, thro* narrow Sides, 
(A difficult malignant Paflage) leads. 
High on the Mountain's Top a feaet Plain, 
And lafe Retreat there lies : Or to the Right, 
Or to the Left, from thence you may engage. 
Obvious in Fight : or ftanding on the Ridge, 
Roll Stones and rocky Fragments on the Foe. 
Hither the youthful Hero march'd his Force, 
Thro* the known Ways : with Expedition feiz'd 
The Poft, and, in th' uneven Thickets lay. — Trap. 

Anger. See Rage. 

NOR Cyhele^ nor Pbabus, Pythian God^ 
Nor even Bacchus with Ibch Fury (hakes 
The Bofoms of his Priefts : not half fo mad 
The CorybanteSy when with frequent Blows 

* Ctiri^f Ofjkr*! General in jf/rica, was thus circumvented and de^ 
Sxofd by Juia Kmg of^umiJia, who took the Side of Pomfej, 


£4 A N'T I QJ7 IT At; 

Triftes ut ir»e : quas Mcpie noripQ 
Deterret enfis, nee mare naufiragim^ 
Nee faevus ignis» nee tremendo 
Jupiter ipfc ruens tuoiultu.-' — - ; . 

(^ noninojerabitur ine^ 

Infedbim volet effe, l^olor yxAhsda^ & monif • 
Dum poenas odio per yhxk tcS6pBt iiniltp. 
Ira fiiror brevis eft. ; Ajiimiiin rege : quit . nifi pard^ 
Imperat : hunc ("aBjois, bunc tii GQmpc£% .C9l)eiii,r— -« 

Nune faee luppoGta fevefcit ianguiSi &. in 
Scintillant oeuli : dicifqile fidHTqiie, qubd ip& . . 
Non fani efle homiius, non faiius jui;ei: Qimies.-^-i« 

Perfius Sex. DL 

Candida psL^ homines, trux decet ira feras. 
Ora tument ira : nigrefcunt fanguine venae : 

Lumina Gorgonio fevius angue micant— 

Ovid. Alt m. 

Ut fragilis glaeies interit ira mora. 

Ovid. Axt. I 
Vince animos, iramque tuam, qui ea^ra vineis. 

Ovid. Epift. in 


SI C &utor veterum, ut tabulas peecare vetanteSf . 
Quam bis quinque viri (anxerunt, fcedera regimi 
Vel Gabiis, vel cum rigidis aequata Sabinis, 
Pontificum libros annofa volumina vatum, 
Didtitet albano Mufas in monte locutas**^ 

Si meliora Dies, ut vina, poemata reddit^ 
Scire velim pretium eharus quotas arrogcc anitul' 


A N T I QJJ I T r. 65 

On the flirill Brafs they ftrike» as is the Mind 
Where direflil Anger reigns 5 Anger, which Swords, 
The Tcmpefts of the deep, relentlefs Fire, 
Nor Jove himfclf can ftop, tho* from an high, 
He comes, tremendous, thund'ring down the Sky. ■ 

The Man whofc Reafon can't his Wrath affwage. 
Prevents, himfelf, the Mifchiefs of his Rage : 
Striking too foon does his own Blow defeat. 
And fmarts a-new, for Vengeance uncompleat. 
Anger's fhort Madne& : then command thy Soul, 
And check thy Rage, which if not rul'd will rule ; 
With Bit and Rein it's headlong Courfe controul.^ — 

Thy Blood with Paffion boils, with Anger glow 
Thy fp^kling Eyes, and Thou doft fay, and do. 
What, ihould the mad Oreftes hear and fee. 
He'd fwear that Thou art madder much than He. 

Fair gende Peace becomes the human Mind, 
Rage is for Brutes of the moft favage Kind : 
It fwells the Lips, and blackens all the Veins, 
Whilft in the Eyes a more thzn Gorgon Horror reigns. — 

Fierce Anger by Delay 

WiJl foon be gone, as Ice diflblves away.—— 


Who conquer all, conquer your Anger too. 


SO fond of all that's antient are we grown, 
Nothing, forfooth, of modern Date will down. 
O'er the Decemvir's Laws, devout, we pore. 
And ancient Le^ues, with Sabines made, adore : 
The Augur*% Leaves, tranfported we admire : 
And Bardsj grown obfolete, can never tire, 
Thefe flow'd not fure from any liuman Skill 1 , 
The Mufes gave them from the Aomaji Hill. — — • 

If Vcrfe^ like Wine, improves, mature by Age, 
.What Length of Years gives Value to the Page ?— 


|abhinc annos ccnoim qui doddir, inter' 
veterctquc refcrri debet, an iiiccr 

[tque novos ? 

atque probus, centuni qui perficit anjios* 
joi dcperiit minor uno mcfifc, vd anno, 

refercndus crit ? irecerefne poctas ? 
^ & pfi^fens, &: poftera rcfpuet ^tas ?• 
Ilcm veteres inter poncmr honcftc, 
Itnenfc brevl, vcl toto cil junior anne, 
rmiHb, aiudxque pilos ut equina 

vcllo, & demo umrni : demo ctUm unum : 
^fat clufos rationc ruentis accrri^ 
ad fiiftos^ & virtutcm ^ftimat annis, 

hu^ nihiJ, nifi quod Libidna facGivit, 

H^r. Lib. IL Epift, 

ialiarc Numre carmen qui laudat, & lUud, 
bcum ignonit, folus vult Icirc videri : 
|non ilTc tavct, p)audfique fepultb : 


A f p £ A L to tlie G o o s. €2 

Say, -AiaH tht Bardj whom <:ercainly we kiiow 
To *ave dv*d but Juft an hundred Years agpe. 
Stand wkn the jhdMSj or the Moderns^ placed ? 

With Thofc admired, or with Thefe difgradd ? • ' 

Why ! if an hundred Years agoe he writ^ 

SuFC he's an Ancient, and a Claflic Wit ! — - 

What Rank is Wb, an Age who cannot boaft^ 

More Modem by a Month, or Year at mod : 

With Bards of dd, or Thofe, whom, later bom, 

The prefent, and fucceeding Times Ihali fcorn ? . 

Who wants a Month, or ev*n a Year, may be 

AUow'd the Credit of Antiquity. 

This frank Conceflion wiU my Caufe avail : 

By fingle Hairs I bare the Horfe's Tail ! 

For thus Pll argue on, and bate one more. 

And fo, by one, and one, wafte all the Store : 

Confuting him, who values Wit by Years, _ 

Nor living £tfrd[f, becauie alive, reveres. — Anon.^vo^A^ 

When Numa*s Song above our Vcrfeyou raife. 
And what you iinderftand not dare to praife, 
•Tis not, that fond of ancient Bards, you*rc grown, 
But Envy bids you not applaud our own. Idem^ 

A p p E A L to the G o D s. 

BUT, if the Gods above have Pow'r to know. 
And judge thofe Aftions that are done below : 
Unlefs the dreaded Thunders of the Sky^ 
Like me, fubdu'd, and violated lye : 
Hear me,^ O Heav'n ! and if a God be there. 
Let him r^ixl me, and accept my Pray'r.— -^ 

Almighty ^iwe ! to whom our Moorijh Line 
In large JLibatidns pour the jgcnVous Wine, 
And feift on painted Beds : Say, Father ! fiiy^ 
If yet thy Eyes thofe flagrant Crimes liirvey. 
Or do we vainly tremble and adore. 
When thro' the Skies the pealing Thunders rpar ? 

F 2 Thinf 

null viumuii^ 

X citor numcn^ ait : vos arae cnsel 
Quos fligi : vittasque Deum, quas 
Fas mihi Graiorum facrata rcfolvei 
Fas odiffe viros, atque omnia ferre 
Si qua tegunt : tencor patriae nee Ic| 

Turn pius ^neas humcris abfcindc 
Auxilioque vocare Deos, & tendcrc j 
Juppitcr omnipotens, fi nondum exol 
Trojanos, fi quid piotas antiqua labor 
Refpicit humanos : da flammam evad< 
iNuoc, pater, & tcnues Teucrum res c 
Vcl tu, quod fupereft, infcfto folminc 
Si mercor, demitte : tuaquc hie obrue 

A P ^ 

Apollo. 69 

c Bolts ? — or idly do they fell, 
hro* the dark aerial Hall ? 
Jme ! if Thou by any Pray'rs 
this once behold Us : and if aught 
jfcrvcs, afford Us now 

r. Trap. 

— ^The Captive pears 

infhackled to the golden Stars : 

iial Splendors ! he exclaims, 

iivinc, inviolable Flames ! 

)rds aad Altars ! which I fled, 

! that circled this devoted Head : 

eft, that juftly I rcleafe 

Jlqgiance to the Laws of Greece : ^ 

y Country, hate her Sons, and lay 

: Counfcls open to the Day. JKft 

1 jEneas from his Shoulders rends 

invokes th* Afliftance of the Gods, 

I out his Hands, — Almighty Jove ! 

jans be not to a Man 

ret abhorr'd : if human Tods 

perienc'd Goodnefs aught regards % 

; Ruin, Father ! from our Ships 

d fave the little State of Troy : 

3ne remains, here ftrike me dead, 

ith Lightning, if I fo deferve : 

le with thy own avenging Hand. — Traf» 

Apo L La 

r bright JpoHo leaves his Winter-Seat 
and Xanibuf Stream, and in it's Tura 

ive Dehsj to reftorc 

s : About his Altars croud, 

d Noifc, the Cretiam^ Bryopes^ 
jigatbyrft : He on Top 

mSi^y and aowns his flowing Hair 

Fj With 


, Fronde premit crinem fiii§ni6^ isitifiie uajdfal iiM ; . ' 
Tela fonant humcris, r i ■ ; , ■ : •: t 

< ; -MihiDcUifalttlta^ .; . 

Et Claras, & Tenedos, Wtairaoe iqp/ fintf^^ 
'itr eft genitor. Per me qiiea eritqiie» im^asi^ 
ue, pacet : per me OD P C on fam: oiraiiiiaiierrB. — 
Certu quidem noftra efb- 

Inventummedidoametimeft: Ofmaripji jnxi/bien. t^'-^^ 
Dicor, &herbanim:fi]lneaaticMitttnQbaii ' '' 

Summe De6m, &n&i ctt^Sogi&id AfidKbf^ / 
Quern primi colhnus^ cul piilem ardor flnonfo*' • \«' 

Fafcitur: & medmm^ fisiS pfecne per ia p w4>r :: '^^f 

CWtoresmult^prcfTOmrnvd^p^pn^ ••?. •: 

Da, Pater, hoc neftriiabolen dedecusarmis, - 

Omnipotens^ ■ ■ . > ■ > 

Ille, caput flavum lauro Pamaflldc vmAus, 
Verrit humum Tjnria iaturaca murice palla : 
Inftruftamque fidem gemmis & dennbus Indi» 
Suftinet a laeva : tenuic manos altera pleftrum. 
Artificis ftatusipfc fiiit. ■ 

Ovid. Mtf. Lib. XT. 

Sagittarom Ejaculatio. 

PRotinus .Sneas celeri certare fagicti 
laviifat^qu]:. forte yelinc, & prsemia pomt: 
Ingentique manu malum de nave Serefti 
Ei^it: & volucrem trajefto in fune<:dombaiif^ 
Quo tendant femun, male iuipendit' ab aIco» 



Archery. 71 

With a foft Wreath of Greens, forms it with Art^ 

And winds it up in Gold : His founding Shafts 

Hang at his Shoulders. ^rap, 

Me * Clapoy, Delpbos^ Tenedcs obey, 
Thefe Hands the Patareian Scepter fway : 
The King of Gods begat me : what (hall be. 
Or is, or ever was, in Fate, I fee. 
I firft to Mufick tun'd the founding Strings, 
And (rotr\ my Bow the Sliaft unerring Springs. 
Med'cine is mine : what Herbs and Simples grow 
In Fields, and Forrefts, all their Pow -rs I know : 
And am the great Pbyfician calPd below. — Dryd. aker*d 

Sapreme of Gods, Apollo^ who thy Hill 
Sacred SoraSlCi Guardian, doft defend: 
Whom we the firft adore: for whom we feed 
The Fire in piny Piles, and thro' that Fire, 
Safe in our Piety, and tearlefs, walk. 
Thy Worihippers, and tread on burning Coals : 
GraLnt me. Almighty Father, by my Arms, 
This Blot, this foul Difhonour to remove.—- — Trap. 

The God his own Parnajfean Lawrel crown'd, _ 

And in a Wreath his golden Trefles bound, C 

Graceful his purple Mantle fwept the Ground. 3 

High on the Left his Iv*ry Lute he rais'd, 
The Lute, embofs'd with glittering Jewels, blaz'd. 
In his right Hand he nicely held the Quill, 
And ev^n his Pofture fpoke a Matter's Skill -CroxalL 


Forthwith JEneas to the Sports invites 
All who with feathered Shafts would try their Skill, 
And names the Prizes. With his ample Hand 
He fix>m Sereftus' Ship a Mafl erefts. 
And on it by a Rope fufpended ties 
A (wift wing*d Dove : at which they all Ihould aim 
Their Arrows. 

• j^M% Speech to Daphne. 

F 4 —Than 

A M M A* 

lidis ficxos incurvant viribus arciis 
que viri, & depromunt tela pharctris: 
I per ccelum ncrvo ftridente lagttta 

Juvenis volucres diverberat auras^ 
ladversique infigitur arborc mali. 
I malus» timuitque exteirita pennis 
lingenci fonuerunt omnia plaufu* 
Mneftheys addudto conftitit arcu, 
15, paritcrque oculos telumque tcccndit: 

miferandus avem conrmgere ferro 
|ic ; nodos & vincula linca rupit, 
pedem malo pendebat ab ako. 

atquc atm volans in nubila fugit. 
Idus jamdudum arcu comenta parato 
|ens^ fratrcm Eurjrtion in voca vocavit: 

tetam ccelo fpcoilatus, & alis 
^m, nigra figit fub nube columbam, 
fanimis, vitamque reliquit in aftris 

amquc refeit delapfa lagittam, 

Mn* Lib 



Arms. Armour. 73 

Then all with manly Strength 

Send dieir tough Yew : each with hb utmoft Force : 

All from their Quivers draw their Shafts : — And firft 

Shot from the twanging Nerve Hippocooffs flies 

Along die Sky, divides the liquid Air, 

And on the Body of the Maft adverfe 

Stands fix'd : the Maft, and frighted Bu*d at once 

Tremble : And all the Cirque with Shouts refounds. 

Next eager Mntftbeus with his bended Bow 

Stands ready, and his Eyes and Arrow aim'd 

Dircds to Heav'n : yet could not reach the Dove 

Herfelf, unfortunate :- but cut the Knots, 

And hempen Ligaments, in which ihe hung 

Ty'd by the Feet upon the lofty Maft : 

She flys into the Winds, and ddky Clouds. 

Eurytion then impatient, and long fince 

Holding his ready Bow, and fitted Steel, 

Invokes hb Brother : and, in open Air 

Seeing the Dove now (hake her founding Wings, 

Transfixes her amidft the Clouds : The Bird 

Falls dead, and leaves her Life among the Stars : 

And, tumbling, in her Body brings him back 

Hb fticking Arrow. — Trap. 

Arms. Armour. See Battle. Hero. Sling. Warrior. 

WITH Nails and Teeth, at firft, the Warriors fought. 
Or Stones, or Staves : the Weapons Nature taught : 
Fire too they us'd, as foon as Fire was found ; 
And laftly. Steel and Brafs were made to wound . 

Wondering, he turns and poifes in his Hands 
The dreadftil crefted * Hclmj which vomits Flames : 
The fetal Sword : the Corjlet ftiflf with Brafs, 
Sanguine, immenfe : as when an Azure Cloud 
Glows, gilded by the Sun, and bums from far : 
The polifti'd Cutjfes next, of Gold refitfd, 

f TliC Armour of JEmai made hy Fuk». 




£ X E Jl C 1 T 17 Sh ^^^ 

hinc aufO fqualentem aJboqye Qrktialco 
t loricam huniens: Cimnl aptac habenda 
\ dypeumquc, & rubr^ comiu crilbe : 
[uem Dauno ignipoceus Deus ipfe ptroiit |M 
&c Srygi^ Cafidentcm rinxcrat vmdk. ^^^^ 
^ in nicdii?! ingenti adntxa colttmoic ^^^| 
ftabat, validam vi corripit haftanis ^^1 
LumiKi fpolium^ quafsatque tremcntem. — ^^ 

Mit. lib, m 

— Pats maxima glandcs 

)]umbi f>argit^ fpars fpicula getot 

u, rulvofquc lupi de pclle galcros 

liabce capitl i veftigia nuda fitiiftri 

pedis* cmdus tegit altera pcro. — jEm. L. Vlll 

ami* f^!rvdfquc gerunt in belk dolones : 

pugnant mucrone^ veruque fabello. . Uid, 

Tcrctcs funtaclidcs ilUs 

lia*c lento mos eft aptare flageUo : 
Eia tcgit : falcau cominus enfrs.^ — *— iW- 

Lnd duftiteSihrer: a&Htthe%«r.* ssA hSt 
rh' uniMttatde Temum of tbe Sbield.^^^-^^^ 
Himfelf his Coi^ ]»k%s «d his Breaft, 
qualid with GMt and Btfaf^ : then- fits his Sword, 
is Helmet/ and his* dCfoMe Crimlbn Hume, 
fext hfli bng ^ear, .Airtmamf AShr's S^il, 
V)iich in the middle of the fpacious Court, 
Lgainft a lofty Pillar leaning ftood, 
Icgrafps \ and fhakes it quiv'ring in the Air. Tn^. 

-The greateft Part throw Balls 

)f livid Lead : Farf ferandilh in their Handi^ 
Two Darts : a yellow Gap of Wolf-fkirt made 
::bvers their Heads : Their left Foot bare : Tftttir RMit 
n die raw Leadier of a Shotf inclos'd--^ Trap. 

Piles in their Hands, and goring Pikes^they bear, 
And with round pointed S^ne^ JavMins fight.- — - Id. 

Round ffnffiliB DartSs they throw : 

But thefc by Cuftom to a pliant Thong 

Are ty*d : a Buckler on their left they wear, 

4nd crooked Faulchions weild in clofer Fight. Id. 

AccuftomM, by Tiw/^ir Mode, to hurl 
Sugc pondrous Jafv^ins : Rind of Cork their Caiques, 
Vnd brazen Swcfdis they Wear, and brazen Shields.— i- B. 

Army. See B a t t l e. 

^ Um*rous as Surges roIW on Lybia*s Sea, 

-^ When rough Orion fets in wintry Waves : 

)r Ears of Ctoi Icofctfd by the Summer's Sun, 

)n H^ffHif Plain^ or Lycia^i yellow Fields. 

Their Targets ring *. A*nd wkh their trampUng Feet 

The Ground'beHeadt tifem tretiAles as they waSt.— Thi/^* 

The Horfemch* msttcit: The Gatcj are opcrftf wide : 
€ncas at their Head^ Achatts by hfs Side, 
^ext Thefc the fJ-^ytfirEttCders code alon^ 
tsiaft, follow -inthe Rear th' Arcadian T&ong. 


S A I T T A. 

)um^ ^ r— Wia roeta vianain, ^ 
\iiiiii Mn» teko quam rniguk caiBptus.' , 


v^o^ ygfcgin ■ cocnxDt k 
s : 9iivli» Dks igmiiic Tumm r 
^ilt dk iM» ircftict itipra dk. E 

-^^^ lyi F«fif« Sus^ NihK, 

^j, Ub.K. 

A R Rrow. 77 

Toang Pallas flKme confpicuous o'er the reft : 
jilded his Arms, embrpider'd was his Veft. 
The trembling Wives the Walls and Turrets croud, 
Vnd follow, with theu- Eyes, the dufty Cloud : 
A^hich Winds difperfe by Fits : and ihcw from far 
fhe Blaze of Anns, and Shields, and fliining War. 
The Troops, drawn up in beautiful Array, 
(llong the Lawns, punue the neareft Way. 
[Repeated Peals of Shouts are heard around 

Shake with their founding Hoofs the quaggy Ground. 

Now all the Army marched upon the Plain, 
Rich in proud Steeds, in broider^d Vefts, add Gold. * 
MiJJapus leads the Van, the Rear the Sons > 

Of yprbeus : In the Center Turnus moves. 
Chief, by the Head entire above them all. 
And towers in Arms. — Slow, without Noife they march ^ 
As, by fev'n Rivers fwell*d, in Silence flows 
Ganges profound : or with his fruitful Stream 
JVi/irj, when, ebbing from the Fields, he draws 
His Train, and in his Channel glides confin'd.— - Trap^ 

Together crouding from th* abandoned Camp 
JntbaiSj and Mneftbeus rufh, and all the Tide 
Of Troops condensed : Thick Duft obfcures the Sky : 
AndtheCjround trembling groans beneath their Feet.— ii/. 


SHE laid : and from her golden Quiver took 
A feather'd Shaft, and bent her vengeful Bow : 
Bent it, dll both the crooked Horns were joyn'd. 
And met each other : her Left Hand at once 
'Touching the Point, her Right and the tough Nerve 
Strain'd to her Breaft. Forthwith the founding Air, 
And hiffing of the Weapon Aruns heard. 
And in his Body felt die flicking Steel—— Trap. 

It tcluni : divciuqur bradisa AxsB 


Sonat una Jctifer ifcm : 

Ihorrcnduni (Iridois elap& 

Lput Kcmuti venif, & ctvm tempora ferro 


ragittifera promlk duo tela pharctia 
/ci'lcimrnojiemm, Fugat hoc, fecit illodafiioretn/ 
. i^ iiiiriitiHn eft, & cufptde fiilgct aom : 

At, {jhtulbiti cft,& habet fub arundioe pJumbem.— 

Ovid. Mn. lib. I 

ll'liiretrfltusdiimdat puer ofcuk matrix 

Ixllanti ddlrinxit arui>dine peftus, 

Lmu niUuni I>a rrpulit* Altius aftum 

prar fpccic ; primuque iefcllffiit ipfam. 

Ovid. Mfi, Lib. X 

Cupid's Arrows. Atla$. ^ 

With the Nerve 

>f node's Hair £iU oppofitehe ftood, 
Lcveird his Shaft, and diverfe drew his Arms : 

' At once 

Sounded the fatal Yew : With drcad&l Hifs 

The Arrow flies, and fixes in the Irkad 

Of RcmuluSy sjnd pierces with it's Sceel 

His hollow T«g9ples, — XSJ^ 

C u p I D^s Arrows. 

TWO diflfi-ent Shafts he from his Quiver draws 5 
One to repel Defire, and one to caxiie. 
One Shaft is pointed with reftilgent Gold r 
To bribe the Love^ and make the Lover bold : 
One blunt, and tipt with Lead ; whofe bafe Allay 

Provokes Difdain, and drives Defire away Dryden^ 

His Mother's Lips while Cupid fondly prefs'd 
Heedlefs^ he with an Arrow raz'd her Bitaft. 
TheGoddcfs felt it, and with Fury ftiing^ 
The wanton Mifbhief from her Bofcnn fl^ng : 
And thought at firft the Danger flight, but found 
The Dart too faithfiil^ and too deep the Wound. Id. alccr^d^ 


NEAR Ocean's Limits and the letting Sun^ 
On jEtbiapia^s Bounds there is a Place, 
Where mighty yiilas on his Shoulders turns 
The rolling Axis ftudded o'er with Stars. — Trap, 

Jilas whofe piny Head with low'ring Clouds 
Is wrap'd, and beaten with the Winds, and Rain : 
Snow hides his Shoulders : from his hoary Chin 
&reams roll, and ftifTned hangs his icy Beard. Td^ 


Z l\ 

E I s M u s* Vide Vin dicta Deorttm, 

Adum mirabile cunftos 

Movcrat, Irridet Crcdentes, utque Dcorui 
:Tat, mcntifque ictox Ixione nams, 
irs, nimiumqueputas, Acheloe, potentes 

dixit, fi pant adimiintque figuras. 

pre omnes, nee talia didta probarunt. 

[nrfquc Lelex> animo maturus& aevo, 
Innmenfa eft, fincmque potentia cceli 
let : & quicquid fupcri voluere, pcraftum eft,*— 

Ovid. MeL Lib, \TII. 


— Qui numina Divum 

& nullos arisadoleret honores, 
Cf riale ncmus vjotalTe fecuri 
& lucos tcrro temerafTc vemftos, 
I his ingcns annofo robore Quercus 


Atbbist. See Divine Vengeance. 


LL hear 

With Admiration, and admiring fear 

The Pow*rs of Hcav*n % except /xiWs Son, 
^ho laughM at all the Gods, oeliev'd in none. 
Credit the Tale who will, he fierce replies, 
*rhefe Legends are no more than pious Lies : 
You ftretch too much the Powers of Heav'n, to fay. 
That tliey or give Us Forms, or take away. 
TTie reft, of better Minds, their Senfe declared 
<Againft this Dodtrine, and with Horror heard — 

Then Lelex rofe, an old experienced Man, 
And thus, with fober Gravity began : 
Crcatare the Gods, unbounded is their Sway, [altered. 
And what they Will both Heav'n and Earth obey. — Dryd. 

The impious * Wretch defpis*d the Powers divine. 
Nor od'rous Incenfe burnt at any Shrine : 
But with his Ax did Ceres' Grove invade. 
And, as ^tis laid, hcw^d down the venerable Shade. 
An ancient Oak there in the Center ftood. 
The Covert's Glory, and itfelf a Wood. 
Garlands embraced i^s Trunk, and from the Boughs 
Hung Tablets, Monuments of profp'rous Vows. 
Ifs Height as much the other Trees exceeds, 
As they o'ertop the Grals and humble Weeds. 

But nought it's holy Horrors could avail : 
He bad his Slaves the facred Trunk aflail : 
And whilft they, lingring, his Commands delayM, 
He (batch'd an Ax, and thus blafpheming faid ', r- 
Was this no Oak, nor Ceres^ fav'rite Care, 
But Cere^ felf, this Arm, unaw'd, fhou'd dare 
Ifs leafy Honours in the Duft to fpread, 
And level with the Ground it's tow'ring Head. 
He fpoke : and as he aim'd a flanting Stroke, 
Sighs heav'd, and Tremblings (hook the frighted Oak ; 

♦ Enjkbtbon. 


€i Avar IT I A. 

Et pariter frondcs, pariter pallefcere glandes 
Coeperc : ac lon^ fadorc mkddoferc rtUni; ' - '" A 
Cujus ut in trunco fecit manus impia vulnus,^ 
fluxit dil'cufla cortice fangiiis. 

Obftupcre omnes : aliquTfijuc fck^ onvuhus ai^det 
Dcterrere nefas, fa^amque inhibere Bipenn^m. 
Afpicit hunc, Mentiique pias, cape prqemi^, dixit 
Theflalus : inque virum convertit ab* arborp ferhip: 

Detruncatque caput. — ' —• 

Perfequitur fcelus ille fuum : labe&Aaqu? tandeni 

laibus innumeris, addudaque fiinibtjs arbor 

Corruit. Ib!d. 

Efte aliquos mane?, & fubtcrranca regna. 
Nee pueri credunt, nifi qui nondum asrc lavantur; 

Sed tu vera puta. 

^ Juv.SaxAl 

AvARiTTA. Vide Avarus. Pe.cunia. 

IN D E fcrc fcclerum caufik:, nee plura vcncna 
Mifcuit, aut fcrro graflarur fepius ullum 
Humanre mentis viriiim, quani fnsva cupido 
Indomiti census. Nam divps qui fieri vult, 
Et cito vuit .fieri. Sed quas rcvcrentia legunj ? 
Quis mcfus, aut pudor dl unqaim properaritis avari?— 

Juvenal. Sat: XIW 

Unde habeas qunsrit nemo, fed opottet habere. • 

-Quid non mortalia peftora cogis 

Auri fdcra tames ? Firg. Mn. Ill 

Si quis emat citlianu, emptas comportet in ununj. 
Nee ftudio cirharx, nee muln:^ deditus ulli : 
Si fcalpra, & formas non furor ; nautica vela 
Averftis mcrcaturis : dcliru-, & amens 
IJndiquc dicatur mcrito. Quid difcrepat iftis. 


It^s Leaves Ibole'd^cldf 9 p^ i^ AcMis fgtm^ 
Andiif^ tbi^BRUidke»fweaCach%D^ ^ 

•Thcai' when- Ms impious Hands a Wound beftow'd^ 
Blood fiom- the manj^fed* B^k in^ OuTent» ffow^d*. 

The Wonder All aniazM t but One more bold, 
The Faflf (iflWading, ftrove hh Ax to hold. 
With Fury him the fierce Tbeffhlian tf^^i 
Receive it^ Pieffs Reward^ he cry'd ; 
And as with Rage a mighty Stroke he^fped^ 
He tum'd' ic from the Tree, and lop*d his Head. 

Then obCHnate in IIH with numVous Blowg 
Andftrainif^ Ropes, the Oak he overthrows.*- J-)ryJ.alter*d. 

That Soius immortal are, or after Death 
Have any Hell to fear, now, even B6y9, Leadihg^Strings^ do not believe t 
But Thou thcfe Truths revere. 

Avarice. Sec Miser. MoNtv. 

HEnce almoft ev*ry Crirne, nor do we find; 
That any Paffion of the human Mihd, 
So oft has plungM the Sword^ or ditrtchM the Bowl^ 

As Avarige that Tyrant of the Soul. 

For he diit. will be rich, brooks no Dday, 
■kit drives 6*cr all, and takes the Ihortefl Way t 
What Lawi or Fear, or Shame can e'er refl?rain- 
The greedy Wretch m fiill Purfuit of Gain ? — — 

Do but get Money, that's a needful Talk, 
Which Way you got it none will everafk. -— — 

Qirs'd Gold ! how high will daring Mortals rile; 
In cv'ry Guilt, to reach the glittering Prize ? Pitt. 

He that buys Harps, and throws his Wealth away 
On Pipes, yet never does intend to play : 
He that buys Awls and Lads, yet doth not know. 
And ne'er defigns to try, to make a Shoe : 
Or Ships and Oars, yet is averfe to Tn^de, 
AU, and there's Rcafon for't, would count him mad. 
, . G 2 And 

-^^1 IS impexafoedum po 
Semper avarus eget : ce 

Crefcit amor nummi, qi 
£t minus hanc optat, qui nc 
Ergo follicicx tu cauflSi pea. 
Per te immaturum mortis 
Tu vitiis hominum crudelia 
JJemina curarum de capita o 
Crelcentem fequitur cura pe 

Majorumquc fames. 

Quid mihi divitias, quarum fi 

Quamvis largus opum, femi 

Immo etiam poena eft partis i 

Quas cum poflideas, eft viol 

Non aliter fitiens vicinas Tanc 

Captat, & oppofitis abftinet 

— Semper inops quicumq 

Curatoris ^et, qui navem r 

Ad fummum latus, & tabula c 

Cum fit cauia mali tanti, & dil 

Concifum argentum in titulos f 

Occurrunt nubes & fiilgura : Tr 

■ doml— - 

AvA R i.c e;. 

Ind what^s He better, who ftill ftrives for more, 
itill heaps up Wealth, yet dares not ufe the Store, 

hit fears to touch it as 'twere &aed Ore ? Creech. 

Whom doft thou fave it for ? thy drunken Heir ? 
> left thy ielf fhould want it doft thou fpare ? 
Did Wretch, how little would thy Wealth be lefi, 
ihould'ft thou cat better Food, or wear a cleaner Drels ? — 

The greedy avaridous Wretch is found 
Vlways in Want : but Thou thy Wilhes bound. — 

Tl^ Love cS Gold by Gain is ftill increased : ^ 

\jid He, who has it not, defires it kaft. 

^ Gold, 'tis for thee a Life of Care we know, 
?*or thee, untimely, to the Grave we go. 
^ice is encourag'd and fupply'd by thee, 
(Vnd thou'rt the Source of human Mifery. 

Care ftill attends increafing Store, 
And endlels Appetite for more. 

What's Wealth to me, if you its Ufe deny, 
Tho* large my Heaps, a wretched Beggar I. 
Riches are Torments, if the Ihining Ore 
We dare not touch, but only gqard the Score. 
So Tantalus of Thirft and Hunger dies, 
VTith Food and Water juft before his Eyes. 

The craving Mind is always poor. 

The Man is mad, and fhould a Keeper have, 
iVho freights a Ship, and ventures on the Seas, 
With one frail interpofmg Plank to fave 
wm certain Death, roU'd on by ev'ry Wave ; 
^et Money makes him all this Toil embrace ; 
^ney widi Titles ftampt, and a dull Monarch's Face. 
Vhen gathering Clouds o'erfhadow all the Skies, 
Lnd fhoot qukk Lighmings, — Weigh, my Boys, he cries, 

i Summer's Thunder, fbon it will be paft : 

'et, hardy Fool! this Night may prove thy laft : 
l^hcn Thou (thy Ship o'crwhelm'd with Waves) fhalt be 
brc'd to plunge naked in the raging Sea. 
Tiy Teeth faft clos'd, a Purfe full of dear Gold, 
lie hft Remains of all thy Stores fhall hold.-^Dr^d. y]irv. 
G 3 TV^ 

R*^. D: ^x'.arcnc, tUi dcccdrr prir, 
Sr:!c!ftasr. : tc cirm fis nihiio f^picDdc 
Kcnior o, tamen uteris monffionbns : 
At fi dlviax pRsdenaem nddoe poSt 
%\ ospidum dmidomqiK minus te : i 
VircTCt in tcrris te fi cpas narior m 

"Salioct iDipracue 

Crefcunc diviciar, tamcn 

Curw ncfcio quid iemper abeftrd. — Hir 

Non bibit inter upas poma aut peoda 
Tantalus infelix, quem iiia vota prei 

Pivifis lixc magni facies erit omnLi ce 
Qui timet, & (icco concoqiBtoiieiano 
— Impcrat, autforir, odleftapecu 

AIT* i •• 
TT 'T M /^ « •• ** 

^ A U T ft O R S. 87 

Thy greedy Wifhes bound, enjoy thy Sjtorc, 

id help thy Friends, ncccflitous, and poor. 

If what you drink lljOuld make your Thirft increafe, 

rely ybiM tcirfome Dodor your Dlfeafe, 

id ^k for Cure. — r Now your abundant Store 

It only makes .you (iovet Wealth the more : 

nd dare you rdl content, and nqt apply 

Somebody, to find a Remedy ? 

ippofe you had a Wound, and one had fhow'd 

. Root, or Herb, which try'd had done no Good : 

iTould you not ceafe to follow his Advice ? 

bw, you have heard, that he mult needs be wife 
whom the Gods give Riches : yet you find 
'he Wealth you have, has not improved your Mind : 
LUd Will yo6 ftiil believe it, when you know 
>7 (ad Experience that it is not fo ? 
m*d Gold with godlike Prudence Minds infpire, 
)r Icflcn anxious Fear and fohd Defire, 
Tjcft you fhould blufh, if all the World could fliew 
LMan more covetous of Wealth than you. — Creech altcr'd. 
However large the golden Store, 
'here's always Something wanting more. 

Thus Tantalus by his own Wi(h accurft, 
lidft Fruits for Hunger faints, midft Streams for Third : 
'hs Mifcr's Emblem ! who of all poflefs'd, 
'et fears to tafle, in Bleflings moft unblefs'd.— ^^Jj/&;i junr. 

Wealth muft obey, or it will rule the Mind. — 

Authors. Sec Style, 

rWas heretofore a Credit here at Rtme^ 
To mind one's Bufinels, and abide at HomQ ? 
o help one's Client, and promote his Caufe, 
iform his Ignorance, and teach the Laws : 
o make good Debts, and drive a gainful Trade, 
ind knQ% vhatjnt'rcft may bejiAlypaid; 

C 4 ' Inftrua 

l^X^M St trS» B A C C 9 A 9 J. I. f A« 

ciirere» per c|[K 

ityiil^ wcrtas^ icenmr <|iis«iig;a. I^ fine, 

.^^. Ub. L Sit. iol 

'itBliltr|ii! nn|>«^Q» iJdfimitajTt mufim nicanis. 
, ^ Illicit ^' r-tT-?n, ^iitm cerrx ocfore 

I Hyt>iiii4t ^^cnu lokto. tjamai. 

Zjtoni. Ufa. VK. 

Autumn. Bacchanals. 89 

Inftnift the Yoiik, and hear die Old debate. 
What will encreale, what ruin an Eftate. 
This Humour's changed, now reigns a new Delight, 
All muft be Authors now, and All muft write. — Creech. 
Would'ft Thou compofe fome lafting Piece ?— be wife. 
Amend, correft again, ^ab revife: 
Seek not th'unthimcii^ Many to delight. 
But for a few of the beft Judges write. Id. altered. 


THen from the burdenM Elms the generous Vine 
Defeends, and Preflcs overflow with Wine : 
Then Com is fi)wn, whilft Autumtf^ Heats remain 

To loofe the Qods, and fertilize the Grain. Creecd. 

Twas now the Time, when equal Jove on high 
Had hung the golden Balance of the Sky : 
But ah ! not long fuch juft Proportions laft. 
The righteous Seafon foon was changed and paft : 
And Sprinfs Encroachment on the fhort'ning Shade, 
Was folly to the wintry Nights repaid.— Roue. 


THro' the mid Cities, and the madding Ci^owds, 
Furious fhe urges on -, and cries aloud, 
Evoi! Bacchus ! who alone defer/ft 
The Virgin Bride : For Thee, (as Fame reports,) 
The Female Train the foft Vine- Jav'lins wield ; 
Thee they forround ; their confecrated I^ocks 

For Thee they nourifh. All the Matrons fir'd. 

With the lame Furies in their Breafts, to feek 
New Dwellings, leave their Houfes : To the Winds 
They give their Necks, and Hair : Some fill the Sky 
With trembling Yells : and, clad in Skins of Beafts, 
Brandifli their Spears with viny Wreaths entwined. — Trap. 

■■ Diftrafted, wild. 

She rages : and, incens'd, o'er all the Town 


— ""•'••-'UO 




^ ►^occditlacdius 
Tigris, & aSL^°'^.«'«^ qu«fi 

Bac c h u s. 91.^ 

like a Bflccbanal: when At the Name 
ccbusj hisaionnialOr^jfwen 
reaft with MadncTs : and Cyfhroffs Top 

her eccboiqg with noCtumal Sbunds, ^rap. 

r the irwiym^ Celebration came, 

•d to Baccbmhy each Tbracian Dame : 

in the Pxivaeies oF Night retired, 
i6fc his Jlites^ with iacred Rapture fir'd. 
ght, the tiakttng Cymbals ling around^ 
the (hriil Notes from Rhodtfpi rdbiuid. 
ght the * Queen dilguis'd fonak^ the Court, 
ngle in the jbflival Rcfort : 
; of the curling Vine her Temples ihade, 
with a Girding Wreath, adorn her Head : 
m her Back the Stags rough Spoijs appear ; 
on her Shoulder leans a Comd-Spcar. 
in the Fury of the God conceaPd, 
with her Gai^, to the thick Wood Ihe flies, 
7ith ' loud Yells and Rowlings fills iht Skies, 
I to thine Honour, B/ucbus^ feem to rife. — Craxdi.^ ' 

Bacchus. See Wine. 

Ith rofy Cheeks plump Bacchus march'd along : 

His curling Hair with wreathing Ivy ty*d, 

>n his Back the Parthian Tyger's Pride : 

;ilded Claws in equal Order meep, 

[lis crown'd Spear aflifts his erring Feet. — IJughts. 

chus returniag from his Indian War, 

^gers drawn triumphant in his Car, 

Nifa^s Top defcended on the Plains, 

curling Vines around his purple Reins. — Dryden. 

z God himfelf with cluft'nng Grapes was crown'd, 

hook his Spear, which curling Vines furround : 

s and Lynxes round him ieem'd to lye, 

xiinted Panthers dreadful to the Eye. — 


ee, Bacchus ! now I ling : -— 

T, Len/pus, Father, (with thy Gife 

verubus tontbir 

Bacchus & aai.;^i 

. B A M qjT £ T^ 93 

All hm abounds : For Thee the Field iiill charged 

^ith viny Aimunn flouriihes : For Thee 

In red o*er-flowing Vats the Vintage foams :) 

Hither^ Lenausj Father, come : and dr^ 

Thy Legs, unbufkin'd, in new Muft, with me.— Trap^ 

— — — An faom'd He-Goat 
Sacred to Bacchus^ on each Altar bleeds : 
And ancient Interludes adorn the Scene. 
And all the Roads and Vill^es around, 
Th* jitbemans Prizes for thofe Plays proposed : 
And jovial o*er their Bowls in grafly Meads, 
Danc'd upon Goat-fkin Botdes fleek with Oil. 
Nor lefe th* Aufotnan Colony of Troy 
%)ort in rude Laughter, and unpolifh'd Verle : 
Of hollow Bark uncouth rough Vizors wear : 
Thee, Bacchus^ Thee with joyous Songs invoke. 
And banc thy litde Images aloft 
On a taff Pine, Hence ev'ry Vineyard fprouts. 
And iwells with future Wine : The hollow Vales, 
And ihady Groves, to which foe'er the God 
Turns his gay Face, with copious Fruit abound. 
Therefore to Bacchus^ in our Country's Verfe, 
We'll fins due Praife, and Cakes, and Chargers bring: 
And at his Altar kill the Vidim Goat 
Dragg'd by the Horns : and roaft his well-fed Flefh, 
On Hazle-Spits, before the facred Fire, Id. 

BaccbuSj to country Swains oppreft with Care, 
Kindly gives Courage, and difpels their Fear : 
iucbus gives Refpite to die Wretch's Pains, 
Utbo* with Fetters gall'd and rading Chains.— Dart^ 


J Ich as fome Fane by lavifh Zealots reared, 
[V For the proud Banquet, flood the Hall prepared : 
luck golden Plates the latent Beams infold, 
iod the high Roof was fretted o'er with Gold : 


._ AXJtlUU^i LtlLUU 

1 crga kdent, crebro maculas 

Fulget gemma toris, dc iafpi 
Strata micanr, Tyrio quorum j 
Coifla diu, virus non uno duxic 
Pars auro plumata nitet, pars ig 
Ut mos eft Phariis mifcendi lici 

Tunc famulic numerus.turbse, 
Difcolor hoc (anguis, alios diftini 
H£C Libycos pars, tarn fiavos gc 
Vt nuUas Csefar Rheni k diicai: m 
Tarn rutilas vidifle comas :. pars i 
Torca caputs refugolque gercns a 
Nee non infelix fcrro mollita juv( 
Atque excfta virum. Stat contri 
Vix ulIS fufcante .tamen lanugjne ] 

Difcubuere tons rcges, maj6np 
' Cafar.— 

Of folid MarUc aB di? Walll wm..n^ 

And Onyx ev^i dyi meaner rloqr Uiifdj; \ 

While Porphyry, and A^te, round .tlve Cowt,. 

In mafly. Ojlumns rofc, a pjroud. Support, 

Of folid' Ebony each Poft was wrought. 

From fwarthy A&ro^'profofcly brought : 

With Iv'ry was the Entrance crufted o'er. 

And polifli'd^Tortoife hid each ftiining Door ; 

While on the cloudy Spots enchas'd was feen 

The lively Em'ralds never-fading Green, 
Within, the royal Beds and Couches (hone. 

Beamy and bri^t with many a coftly Stone ; 

In glowing Purple rich the 0)v*ring5 lye ; 

Twice had they drank the noblcft Tyrian Dye : 

Others, as Pbarian Artifts have the Skill, 

To mix the parti-colour'd Web at Will, 

With winding Trails of various Silk, were madct 

Where branching Gold fet off the rich Brocade.-— ^—^ 

Arounc}.9 of ey'ry Colour, . Age, and Form,. 
Huge Crowds, whole Nations of AttcndaBtsfwaoa; 
Some wait with yellow Rings of gplden Hair, 
The vanquifti'd /?iW»tf fhew'd Cixfar none fo faif : 
Others were feien with fwarthy frizled Heads, 
And Others Black, as Night's unchanging Shades. 
There top a haplefs Train, by Steel Ainm'an'd, 
And (bften'd from their Sex, a beardkfs Band! 
Scout comely Youths were plag'd Jn adverfe Rows, 
Whole bioomii^ Cheeks fciarce the firft Down difidofe. . 

The Princes round the Board recline in State, 
With mighty Cafar^ more than Princes great. 

What Earth, and Air, and Sea^ and NiU afford. 
In golden Vcffels heap the plentepys Board : 
What e'er ambitious Luxury could find 
Thro* the fearch'd Globe, and more than Waot cnjoya'd j 
Variety of Birds, and &a(ls of ev^ryKind- 
Not ev'n the Gods are fpar'd whom they adore. 
The Nil^s fweet Wave capacious Chriftals pour, 
Ajjd Gems, of Price, the Grape's delicious Store : 

"i"c recens vicing 

^« tented Sa^^fri'feTe 

'**'*i^iirM. Vide Ef 
I Cbmpofitf numer^^' eqwrumque 

B A T T L eJ 97 

No Grcywth of Manotif marihy Fields, 

But fbch as Mtrol maturer yields : 

Where the waim Son the raq^ Juice refines. 

And mellows into Age the infant Wines. 

With Wftadis of Naixl the Guefls their Temples bind. 

And blooming Rofes of immortal Kind : 

Their dropping Locks with oily Odours flow. 

Recent, from near Arabia^ where they grow : 

The vijg^rOus Spices breathe their ftrong Perfiime, 

And the idch Vapour fills the fpacious Room.^— * Rowim 

The King once more the fblemn Rites requires. 
And bids renew the Feafls, and wake the Fu«. 
His Train obey, while aU the Courts around 
With noify Care, and various Tumult Ibund. 
Embroidered Pujple clothes the golden Beds : 
This Slave the Floor, and that the Table fpreads : 
A Third diljpels the Darknels of the Night, 
And fills dqpending Lamps widi Beams of Light. 
Thcfe pile the Loaves in Canifters on high. 
And thole in Flames the flaughter^d Viftims fiy. 
Sublime, in r^al State, Adrajius fhone. 
Stretched on rich Carpets, on his Iv^ry Throne : 
A lofty CcHich receives each princely Gucft : 
Around, at awefiil Diftance, wait the reft.—— Pope. 

Battle. Scc.R out. Slaughte 


MEan while the Tnjan Squadron to the Town 
Approaches, and th* Etrurian Chiefi, and all 
The Army of the Horfe, composed in Troops 

By certun Numbers rang*d : o'er all the Field 

The bounding Couriers ftruggle with the Bit, 
Now This, now That AVay tum*d, and neigh aloud : 
A Wood of Jav*lins rifes : and the Plain 
Glows dreadful with the Iron Gleam of Arms. 

' The Latins on the Field 

Stand oppofite : with Hands drawn back protend 
Their thn^t'nii^ Spears, and ihake their brandilh'd Darts. 

H The 

P R £ L I U M. 

[que virum, fremitufque arde^ cqiioniiiu 
Intra jaftum teli progrefliis uterquc 
It : fubito erumpunt ckmore, frcmentefquc 
Imr cqiios : Ejnaunt fimul undique tela 
nivis ritu i ccelumquc obcejdtur umbra. 

|p!o turbat^ acies : vei^ique Ladfii 
] parmas, & equo3 ad mceDia verttmi. 
lint» princepsturmasinducic Afylas. 
^fopinquabant portis : rurfufque Ladni 

tollunt, & mollia colla reflcdiini : 
It, penitufque datis re&runtur habenls. 

[fci Rututos egeread moenia verfe ; 
armis refpcftaot terga teg^ntcs. 
[ poftquam congrefTi in prselia, totas 
|e inter ic acies, leguque virum vir : 

& gemitiis morienrum, fie fangtiinc in alto 
L corporaque ; & permifti caede virorum 
les vDlvuntur equi : pugna afpera lirgit.' 

The Noife oF tframpling Feet^ and neighing Steedi 
Bums in die Ali-, ind litsurr rolls the Fight. 
Now withm JaT*lins Reach bbth Armies ftood4 
Loud with a fudden Shout in Onfet fierce 
They rufhamain^ atid rbufc their thund*ring Steeds t 
Thick as a Storm of SnoW their Arrows pour^ 
And darken all the Sky: ' ■ ' 

Forthwith the Lines difordePd croud t And tUrn*d 
In Flight, thel^/m5 caft their Shields behind. 
And four their Imdkifig Horfcs to the Town, 
The Trojans urge flic Gflace : jljylas Chief 
Leads on the Troops : They hbw appi"dach*d the Gates t 
The Latins in their Tum^ ^ith dearning Shout, 
Wheel round their Steeds, and bend their pliant Necks : 
The Trojans fly, and flack the waving Reins. 

Twice to their W;i]ls the Tufc^ns drove in Flight 
The RttiuU: Twice, coVer'd with their Shields, 
Themfclves look back, and fee the Foes purfiie. 
But when, engagmg in the third Aflliult, 
All Ritde joyn*d, and Man to Man opposed t 
Then dying Groans are heard ! and drowned in Gore 
Arms, Bodies, gafping Steeds, and flaiughter*d Men 
Promifcuous roll : — a rigid Fight enliies* — Trap. 

All with their utmoft Force exerted ftrive t 
Nor Paufe, nor Refpite : with vaft Conflift fierce 
They puflij and fweat, and labour tf er the Field. ■ ' Id. 

— _i__ As in War, 

The long extended Legion forms in Lines 

It's Cohorts: when the marfhair J Squadrons ftand 

In the wide Plain : and, the whole Army rang*d, 

The Ground all fluftuates with the brazen Gleam : 

hior yet in horrkl Shock the Battle joins, 

8ut Mtri, uncertain, hovers o'er the Field. ' Id. 

And now, the feinting Stars at length gave Way, 
\nd hid their vanquifh*d Fires in beamy Day : 
iVhen round their Leadcr^s Tent the Legions croud, 
\nd, urg'd by Fate, demand the Fight aloud. 

H 2 Wretches! 

x^cc giadiis habuere fidem> nifi 
Exarfit mucro. Tunc omnis lano 
Erigitur : tendunt nervis melioribu 
Cura fiiit leAis pharetras implcrc faj 
Auget eques ftimulos, fraenorumqu 

Vix cun6bi locuti 

Cadfare, quemque fuum munus trahi 
Sumpta viris, celeris capiunt pndag 
Calcatifque ruunt caftris : ftant ordir 
Arte ducis nulla, permictunc oninia 1 

Tunc ftridulus a 

Elifus lituis, conceptaque claflka con 
Tunc aulas dare figna tubs : tunc a^ 
Extremique fragor convex! irrupit Ol 
Unde procul nimes, quo nulla tonitn 
ISxcepit refonb clamorem vallibus IE 
Feliacifque dedit rurfus geminare cav 

Spargitur innumerum diverfis miffi 
Pompeii denfis acies ftipata catervis> 

Battle. ioi 

les ! that long their little Life to wafte^ 

jny on thofe Hours that fly too hft ! 

on^ fin* thouiands, fhall the Day be done, 

Eyes no more fhall fee the fetting Sun ! — — 

d thro* the Camp the riling Murmurs found, 

le tumultuous Hurry runs around : 

. their bufy Hearts b^an to beat, 

ch pale Vilage wore the Marks of Fate. 

now the Warriors all with bufy Care, 

he dull Sword, and point the blunted Spear : 

:>ugher Nerves they ftringthe bended Bow, 

fall Quivers fteely Shafts bellow : 

orfeman fees his Furniture made fit, 

Ls the Spur, and bumifhes the Bit : 

le Rein to check, or urge his Speed, 

limates to Fight the fhorting Steed. 

r fcarce fpoke, when fiidden at the Word, 

:ize the Lance, and draw the fhining Sword : 

t the turfy Fences all lie wafte, 

ro' the Breach the crowding Lqgions hafte : 

leis all of Order, and Array, 

and, and truft to Fate alone the Day. 

t, at the &tal Signal, all around 

and Fifes, a thoufand Clarions found : 

where Clouds, or glancing Lightnings fly, 

rcing Clangors (hike the vaulted Sky. 

i\ing Battles fhout, and the loud Peal 

from the Hill, and thunders down the Vale. ■ ' 

flit the thrilling Darts thro' liquid Air, 
rious Vows from various Matters bear. 

in the Front, with joining Bucklers closM, 
ic Pompiian Infiuitry difpos'd : 
dcd was the Space, it fcarce affords 
w*r to tofs their Piles, or weild their Swords. 
I, thus thick embattled tho* they ftand, 
aidlong Wrath rufh farious Cafar^ Band : 

H 3 \ii 

^^.tui, uTVJlque nianus immitti 
Illic qiixque fuo milcct gens proelia 

Inde fagittae, 

Indc faces, & faxa volant : Ijpatioqu 
Aeris, & calido liquetaftae pondcrc j 
Tunc & Ithynei, Mediquc, Arabelq 
Arcu turba minax, nufquam rexcre fa 
Sed petitur folus, qui campis inuninet 

• Sceleris fed crimme nu 

Externum maculant chalybcm : ftetit 
Circa pila ncfas : ferro fubtexitur stbe. 
Noxquc fuper campos telis confcrta pc 
Turn Caefar metucns, ne frons fibi p 
Incurfu tenet obliquas poft Cgna cohort 
Jnque latus belli, qua fe vagus hoftis a 
Immitdt fubitum non motis cornibus a 
Immemores pugnae, nuUoque pudore ti 

Prsecipitea feccrc paJam. 

Ut primum fonipes transfixus peftora f 
In caput cfFufi caJcavit membra regcnti? 
Omnis eques ccfllt campis, glomorataq 
In fua converfis prseceps ruit agmina fr 
Perdidit indc modqm caedes, ac nnU'^ 

Battle. 103 

In vain the lifted Shield their Rage retards. 

Or plaited Mail devoted Bofoms guards : 

Thro* Shields, thro* Mail, the wounding Weapons go. 

And to the Heart drive home cadi deadly Blow. 

From Pornpef^ ampl^ Wings, at len^, the Horfe 
Wide o'er the Plain extending, take their Courfe : 
Wheeling, around the hoftik Line they wind. 
While lightly arm'd die Slingm march behind. 
In various Ways the various Bands engage. 
And hurl upon the Foe the miflile Rage : 
There fiery Darts, and rockv Fragments fly. 
And headne Bullets \duftk tbx6^ the Sky . 
Of feather'a Shafts, a Cloud thick ihadii^ goes. 
From jirab^ Mede^ and J/trr^^xr Bows : 
But driv'n bv random Aim diey feldom wound : 
They hide tne Heav'n at firft, then ftrew the Ground : 
While Roman Hands unerring Mifchief fend. 
And certain Deadis on ev'ry Pile attend. 

But CafaTj timely careful, to firoport 
Hb wavering Front againft the firlt £ffbrt, 
A Body of Referve, in filence lent. 
To where the wheeling Foe their Fury bent; 
Then Pampefs Troops, nor mindfiil of the Fi^t, 
Nor ftay'd by Shame, betake themfchres to Flight, 
Some fiery Steeds, impatient of a Wound, 
Their Riders throw, and trample on the Ground : 
Strait the whole Corps with fudden Terror turn. 
And, in their flying, o*er their Friends are bom. 
Hence foul ConMon^ and Difinay fiKceed, 
The Vidtors murder, and die Vanquifh'd bleed.— • 

Prevailing ftill, the Vidots held their COurfe, . 
Till Pompefs main Referve opposed their Force : 
There in his Strength the Chief unftiaken ftood, 
Repell'd the Foe, and made the Combeit good ; 
There in ibQ)enfe th* uncertain Batde hung, 
Apd Qa!filf^ fev'nng Gwidels doubted long,— — 

H4 But 

J2: pod 2e Trrac pes fftHiiiii 


SarHrr .T'^gni crsiai race croderc 

Cirarx, & rr n\jL:u gi J L Lj a> ia iMSk r 


A bcfcio fcrLprt, 

Forma. Vide F o 

FOmu bocom fiagiie eft : qMnriwi 
Fit mixior : & ipotio cupour i 
Jicc kntpcr riobcj nee icnipcr Elii fl 

Ex n^amifla ipina rdidaio^ 

Ec c3ii jam ycnicnc cani, fcnnofe, c 

Jam ▼cnienc rug^c quae cihi GOipas 

Jam molirc animum qui durcc : oc ai 

Solui ad cztremos prnnanft ilk 19 


Anoeps Fonna booum ma 

Ex^ui dofuim breve tcmixxi 

Uc irdox cekri pcdc labcns!- 


Beauty. 105 

But Pm^ foon, the Fate of Rme6e£crfd^ 
And faw die changing Gods foriake his Side. 
Hard to believe, tho* fiom a rifing Ground 
He view'd the univerlal Ruin round ; 
In crimfon Streams he faw DeftruAion run. 
And in the Fall of Thoufands felt his own. 
Nor wilh*d he, like moft Wretches in Defpair, 
The World one common Miferv might fhare : 
But with a generous, great, exalted Mind^ 
Befbught the Gods to pity poor Mankind, 
To let him dye, and leave the reft behind. 

So faying, the tumultuous Field he crofs*d. 
And wam'd from Battle his defpairing Hoft. 
Then carry*d by his winged Steed away. 
He quits the purple Plain, and yields the Day. — Rome. 

Beauty. See Beautiful. 

BEautyj that fleering Good, grows yearly lefs. 
And Time, alone, will fpoil tl^e fineft Face- 
The Violet nor Lilly always blows. 
And Prickles oft furvive the faded Rofe. 
Grey Hairs, my Charmer, will difgrace thy Head, 
And thy fair Body Wrinkles ovjcrfprcad : 
Then by thy Virtues make thy Glory fure ; 
The Mind's Perfedtions to the laft endure. ■ 

Beauty^ thou enfnaring Good, 
Scarce by Mortals underftood ! 
Fleeting Gift! which cannot ftay. 
How fwiftly doth Thou poft away ! 

Years, charming Maid ! will fpoil that lovely Faoe^ 
And Wrinkles deep thy beauteous Front difgrace : 
Old Age advancing filendy and flow. 
To all that's fair inexorable Foe ! 
Cftc all thy Charms his cruel Hand will lay. 
And each endearing Feature rend away. — -« 


it, in nirido, qui fuit oiTt coJor. 
faifle tibi ceom a virginc juras : 

itur fubito per caput omnc cona.^ 

Ovid. ArL Ammd. Ub. VI. 

a SEtemmrit aut atiquam eft fomma pemms i 
s, aut proprius mors fua qtiemque inanet. — 

Pr^p, 11, 25. 
tneft pulchris, fcquiturqir fapcrbia formam,— 

im eft concorciia Formsc 
dicitix, — — — — JuviM^ 
m firnplex, Helene, nc mftica djamn 1 
Fadcm culpa pofle carcre putas ? 
n mutes, aut fis non dura, necefle eft : 
cum forma magna pudidtia?. — Ovid. Ep. XV, 

orma (atis : ncc, qu^ vuk bclla videri, 
rulgari more placcrc fibi ; J 
les, lufu5, fermonis gratia* rifus^ 

Beauty, its Power. 107 

Ah me ! how foon a wrinklM Skin invades ! 
How very foon a fiw Conftpkxipn ftdes ! 
^or ought avails it even tho* you fwear. 
That ftx>m yowr hi%mf youM fenie gr^ Hair \ 
Tou grow ail koar^ in a W more YeaM, 
And then the wMss^blc Truth a]^ears. — ?W^ altered. 

Beauty*^ not biting^ nfNr is Fortme &m 1 
Biit fooB or bae wa ^ muft Death endure. — 

The Fair ut hau^iiy, Frido with Beauty dwells.-~ 

Beauty with Yutue is a Sight that^ rave : 
Cbafi is no Eptthet m (bit w^ FeUr. Drydmk 

Ah ! Hellen^ can you tii«n (b finale be. 
To think focb Beauty oan from Faults be free ? 
Or change that Face^ or you muA needs be kind. 
Beauty and Virtue feldom have been jeynVJ.-^ Buhe^ 

Truft not to Beauty onlys O ye Fair( 
Tka^« no& mough, make better Things your Care : 
Smart Wit, fine Senfe, the Tongue's endearing Grace, 
Far, far excel the fineft-featuf^d Face. 
In vain, ara aH the other- Aids ef Are, 
Good-Nature only caa fecure the Heart. -v-r^ 

Beauty, it's Pbwcr. 

TO Yim^ djfdaining or to feign a Tear, 
Or fpread her artfully diJhevel'd Hair, 
In comely Sorr^w^s decent Garb anray^d^ 
And truftine to her Beauiy^ emain Aid, 
In Worda-iwo^theie b(»ui the '^Phanan Maid.-« 
In vam her Words me W^nipi^s Ears afl&il'd. 
Had not ho^me beyond her Tongue prev^M 2 
From theMo-fsiii^fi ^oquence fte draws. 
And with the fweet Perfwafion gains her Cauie. 
His ftubbom Heart diflblves in loofe Delight, 
And splits her Si)|t, for pne lafciyious Night, — Rowe^ 


Minnir imX .■'&'™i. "J"" * . 
Jramt. H«idi£r°?°""*<« 



B S A 9 f I F U L. 

LO! Philomela exMn ricbly gsLj I 
But Inighter far in Beauty than Array. 
Charming, as Fame or Fi&ion can relate 
rhe Dryadsj walking thro* the Woods m State : 
'"ancy like her the Naids would exprels, 
Ukrwing diem her Elegance of Drcis. — Sewd alter*d« 

Mean rime the * Virgin flies, or feems to fly, 
>wift as a Scythian Arrow cleaves the Sky : 
kill more and more, the Youth her Charais admires: 
rhe Race itfdf t* e»lt her Charms confpires. 
rhe golden Pinions, which her Feet adorn, 
n wanton Flutt*rings by the Winds are born. 
Down fix>m her H^, the long, fair Trcflb flow, 
find fport with lovely Negligence below. 
The waving Ribbons, which her Bufkins tye. 
Her fiiowy Skin with waving Purple dye : 
fb crimfon Veils, in Palaces di^lay'd. 
To the white Marble lend a blufliing Shade. — EufUu. 

jEneasj now, adom*d with ev*ry Grace, 
Shone forth, in Shape and Features like a God : 
For Fenus with the rofy Bloom of Youth 
Had flufh'd her Son, with comely Locks adom'd, 
A.nd breathrd a fparkling Luftre on his Eyes. 
Such is the Beauty which the Artiflis Hand 
To poliih'd Iv'ry lends : So Silver ftiincs. 
Or Parian Stone, enchas'd in yellow Gold. — Trap^ 

But far above the Reft in Beauty fhines 
rhe gr«it jEneaSy when the Troop he joins : 
Like fair Apollo j when he leaves the Froft 
Of wmtry Xintbus^ and the Lycian Coaft : 
When to his native Delos he reforts. 
Ordains the Dances, and renews the Sports : 
Sreen Wreaths of Bays his Length of Hair indofe : 
H Golden Fillet binds his aweflu Brows : 

f JtsUnts nuniagy a^d admir'd by Hiffmemt, 


1 to FORMOStTSt 

Tela fonant humeris. Hand illo fegnior ibat 
JEneas: taimmcgK^dtmmtlimarb>,*^Pifg^Ml3bSf, 

Ipie agmine Fallaa 

In medio, chlamyde A W(9dt Md|lAil iR'Ufifls. 
Qualis ubi OcOfit ftOma UietfeP ^Mf 
Quem Venus art» tilot aflWHi» dttig g ^ritt, 
£xtulit M ftirflM (SKK)) RMMU^tt! MlGlviC.'" ■■! 

.JfiKi EA» Vltf. 

QMMW iplendtdlflPj fcuKMf tSWtIk fidiN^ ral^CI 
Luciter : ^ fjf'^j^J^'^i^^^^J^^^^ < 

Ibat! trtWMdiebaiWhMH foMitiiinMM* ftttMR.*. 

— — EgftthH vBtthSLi MhM diTiK fiBHb 
Augebat, W SdhUt OAdllk ihtegcir ismki 
Induti» ^hlAfiiyden! t^yritiH, qtbirt llfHbft dHbtt 
Aureus : omabafit aWata ffOtmii cdllnHi: 
£t madidos ttif fthi eofvUfn tf indie cMrJM. ^^^^^ 

C^mdida fidei«i§ ard^fttlttt Itnttirta flkftlAis, 
Fundunt colla Mf^^ & tftfit dirtibUfr dtinim, 
Mollia pfifpiiMitn dtafotntSit 6fa lilbclftat^ 
La£teaque admiMtiisf iuUittOt pdStottc Bih^ : 
Ac toltis tibi fervif honor, forniaejuc* d&wWih 
Fulges, & Vener^itt ccfefcfti conisw tfl^cis. 
Argentoftat fa&tt manudt dig]tt%i5 t^fri^ii 
Serica fila traheAJ pitck>fo ftifhih^ Idclis; 
Fkilta decens rrKXHcos nefcit caititt hpilldSi^ 
Et dura laedi fe^tes^ eft vdligia trtlfct. 
Ipfa tuos ciftft fent velis per Hfia gftSfius', 
Nulli * Ifcrritintumlcviorxpdndftc ftef^^ 
Guttura nunc tAitt maghts itiofiiliDU^orht^f, 
Aut gemmas aptent capiti i m (oh jJiaceW 
Vcl ^liata pcJte^. NuDi laudabile tdttrttfr^ 
In te €iii)^pit>bat R quifqu^dfi cttMrd pdiSt-^^-^^' 



is Quiver founds: Not lefs the Prince is feen 
Beauty, gracefiil, and commanding Mein. — Dryden. 
Young Pallas fhone confpicuous o'er the reft : 
ilded his Arms, embroidered was his Veft« 
\ from die Seas, exerts his radiant Head, 
he Scar, by whom the Lights of Heaven are led : 
lakes fiom his vofy Lodes the pearly Dews : 
iipels the Darknds, and the Xh,y renews. — 'Drying 
As Luqfir excels the meaneft Star, 
r, as the fiiU-orb^d Pbahe Ludftr : 
> much did Heni all the reft outrye, 
jid gave a Grace to the Solenuiity. jUdjfiau 

^Graceful was * his Mein, 

[is Perfbn lovely, and his Age £ixteen« 
lis Habit made his native Beauty more : 
L purple Mantle fringed with Gold he wore« 
Lich Chains of Gold adomM hs Neckfo ^r, 
Old moift with Myrrh was formed a Crownet of his Hair««- 

Mainwaring alter!dL 
Thy beauteous Eyes fhine with celeftial Fire, 
Lnd rofy Odours from thy Neck afpire : 
Irighter than Gold thy bumifh'd Trefles flow, 
rhy balmy Lips like the bright Crimfbn glow« 
4eandring Veins fuUime thy Bofom*s White, 
Lnd ev*ry Grace adorns Thee for Delight. 
Lach Goddeis' boafted Charms in thine we fee, 
Lnd vanquiih'd Fenus yields the Prize to Thee- 
Thy Hands are filver, and with am'rous Pride 
rhc filky Threads thro* thy foft Fingers Aide, 
rhy Feet, too k)vely e'er to touch the Ground! 
i^rom no invidious Pebbles f^ar a Wound : 
i^or whenfbe'er you o'er the Lillies tread, 
rh* uninjured Flow'r icarce bends its fnowy Head* 
Let coftly Jewels meaner Beauties wear, y 

To grace their Necks, or glitter in their Hair : > 

Too, unadomM, are exquifitely fair. S 

rhercfs fome Defeft in ev'ry Thing we view, 
Ku( Envy's ielf can't fpy a Fault in you.— Addtfonlasu 

Apes. Vide Labor. 

pommunes natos^ Gonfoitia tefta 
habent^ magnifquc agitant fub l^^bas £Vi^: 

n fol^e, & ceitos novere penates, 
^ue hycmis meniores, sdme laborcm 

ur, & in medium qu^fita reponunr. 

ilise vi(5bj invigilant, & fcedcrc pado 
IT agris : pars intra fepta domorunn 
lachrymam, & lentunn de coitice gluten^ 
I vis ponunt fiindamina : deindc tennccs 
Inr ccras : ali^, fpem gentis, adultos 
I foetus : aliae puriflima mella 

liquido diftendunt neftare cellas. 
JUS ad portas cecidit cuftodia forti : 
:cm fpcculantur aquas & nubik coeli, 
Ja accipiunt venientum, auc agmine fafto 

fucos pccus a prasfcpibus arcent, 
pus, rcdoltntque thymo fragrantia mella.^— 

Plrg. Giorg. IV* 

-Innaais apes amor urget habendi. 


Bbes; SeeLABouR. 

OlF* ail the mute Creation^ Hiefe alone 
A public Weali and common Int^reft khow^ 
imbody*d : and fubfift by certain Law^. 
Mindful of Winter, they in Summer toil i 
And for their Country's Good ^refdve their Store; 
^me, by jcmit Gompai£b, range the Fields for Food^ 
Induftfious { Others in their Tents at homev 
Ndrcifus^ clammy Tears, and Gum fix>m Trees^ 
Lay, as the firft Foundation of liieir C6mbs : 
Then into Arches build the viicid Wax; 
Others draw forth their Colonies adult. 
The Nation^s Hope t Some work the purer Sweets 
And with the liquid Neftar ftrctch their Cells : 
Some (fuch their Pdt allotted) at the Gates, 
Stand Sentry : and alternate watch, the Rain, 
And Clouds, obferving : or unlade their Friends 
Returning : or in Troops beat off the Drones^ 
A hzy Oude : Hot the Work proceeds : 
And frefh with Thyme the fragrant Honey fmells. — Trdp, 

The inbred Ldve of getting prompts the Bets 
Their Labour to divide. The aged Sires 
With curious Architedure build their Cells : 
And guard, their Towns^ and fortify their Combs. 
But late at Ni^ht the Youth fatigu'd return. 
Their L^ with Thyme full-laden : hov'ring round 
They fock the Arbutus^ and fflliows grey. 
Sweet Zjivendar^ and Crocus^ yellow FlowV, 
The purple Hyacintb^ and gummy Lime. 

They toil together, and together reft : 
With the firft Mom they ifTue from their Gates : 
Again, when Vefper warns them to return 
From feeding, and the Fields : they homewards bend, 
Refreih tbeir Bodies, and with murmuring Noife 
Hum round die Sides, and Entrance of their Hives : 
^itnigth in Silence huih'd aiJ Night repofe> 


ii, fcfoSfque fopor fuus occupat artus* 
a ii&bulb pki> ia unpendeore recedunt 
am otdum CGeto, adventantibus Eurls t 
m mtm fib mce&ibiis urbis aquantur, 
i|ue faiTTcs tcniam : & liepc lapitlos, 
w^ inftibiks fluOa ja&ame fiiburtam, 

his Ide per \mmak ndbih librani, • M 

legnfilloa fie .Itgypius, & ingens 

cc popoli Piniiaiiiii^f aiK Med us H^dafpes, 
M. Rcge irwokrnt rr^cns omnibus una eft: 
ruperr IkIciii : conftnictaque mella 
t ipfic, &'Cras^ Mv^e fevomtn, 
im ojftos, ilfum admimntur^ & omncs 
ant treniim doifo, ftipiirrque frequenies, ^ 
ittoUunt humens^ & corpom bello 
li pdchriiijque pcmnt per vubwa motteiTi,-^- 

fcm ad pugnam exierinE ( nam fepe diiobus 
inc€irit magrio difxinlta motu ) 
kjiie aniitics vulgi^ & trtpidantia beUo 
ret longe pngfciiferc : namque morantcs 



B £ i: s. 115 

And with foft SieSp rdieve^^dr yi9^ lAinB. 
While Ralii'4r«peidK» cff Wind6 U^ 10 rife. 
They rove not fat from Hoilfie^ nor trtlflE tte Sky : 
But drink, fccurt, bett^Qx thdr City's Walls, 
And fliort Exclirfi6flS Ifjr : and oft with Sand 
Ballaft TKdi^^esf, like Ships on toffihg WavesV 
And poife their Bodies thrtf the Void of Air.-^— — Tra^^ 

Not Egypt^ nor undc Lydia's Realms, 

Nor Partbia^ nor Hyiajpes wfch fuch Zeal 

Ad^re their K i n g. — Their King furvivingi All 

Unanimous cohlfiif : his Death diflbhhss 

Society : Themtayfe their Honey-Stohes, ; 

And all the curious Tcsrfure of their Cbmis 

Dcmolilh. He tfef all their Wofks preiSdes : 

Him they adniiit : and iri onb -Body formed. 

Humming, inclofe Him round : and oft in War 

Support Him on their Shoulders : for his Life 

Expoie their own, and court a glorious Death, — Trap. 

If to die Fight they iffiie fordi, (for oft 
Betwecntwb Kiiigs, With Tumult, Difcord reigns :) 
Thfe Vulgaris Rage, and Courage^ and their Hearts 
Trembling with eager Appetite of War, 
You may foreknow. A Clarion, flirill as Brafs, 
Rouies the Laggers ;* and a martial Noife 
Diftant is heatd, like Trumpets broken Sounds. 
Then tiVmbling they unite, and (hake thtir Wings, 
And with their ftia^ Probofcis whet their Darts, 
And fit thrir Claws : arid round their Monarch's Court 
Thicken, and mufter : and with loud Acclaim 
Provoke the Foe.^-^Now, having gain'd a Sky 
Serene, and 6jk;h Fields of vernal Air, 
They ifliie fix>m 'their Gates, and join the Shock 
Of Batdc: Humming thro* th* Etherial Void, 
In one huge Clufter they conglobe, and fall 
Precipitant : Nor thicker falls the Hail, 
Nor ShowVs of Acorns from a Ihaken Oak. 
The Kings thcmfelves, betwixt the middle Ranks, 
Confpicuous /hine, and ipread their glift*mngV<\xv^\ 
( Their little Bodies mighty Souls inform. ) 

1 2 t:\) 

M £ H O I C tr s. 

maculis auro fqualentibus ardens 
uo flint genera) hie fnciior* mfi^is Jcorc* 
I clams Iquamis : ilk horridus alier 
I laramque trahens inglorius alirum. 
fEgum iacies^ ira corpora gencis : 
I alix curpes bomeiu, ceu pulvere ab alto 
lit, & temm ficco fpuit ore viator 
[clut^nt ali:e^ & furore comlcant, 

auro, & paribus lita corpora guctis. 

jadco placuific apibus mirabere morem^ 
: concubiiu indu^joit* noc cotpofa fegnes 
^m folvunt^ aut foEfus nixibus edunt. 
ithf c foliis nams & fuavibus herbb 
lint : ipfjc n:griB, parvofqoe Quirites 

^pias quamvb aogufti terminus sevi 
( ncquc cnim phis feptima dudnir ^as ) 
immortale nianct, multolque per annos 
dooius, & avi numerannir avorum,*— - 



Beggar.' rij^ 

Due (for different are didr Spteies) bums 
vary'd Spots, and Gdd: his Form all o*er 
xxis, and bright with glifPring Scales : this Kind 
Beft : the Odier horrid, and with Slodi 
lous, trails his fwagging Paunch along, 
efi the People, than their Kii^ are found 
mns diftinft : Some foul, of duflcy Hue ; 
len the Traveler, on a fandy Road» 
his dry Mouth fpits Froth commix'd with Duft : 
glaring Shine, and glow with Drops of Gold. — ^rap. 
z Quality in Bees ukxi wilt admire : 
genial Ix>ve they know not, nor induk^ 
* foft Joys, nor prppagaoe their Kincn 
Herbs, and fragrant Simples, with their Moudit 
cull their Youi^ : from thence the Infeft King, 
11 his little Subge^ they fuppl^. 
^erefore tho* their Term ot Life be Ihort, 
bejrond feven Sununers e'er extends } 
le nnmortal Progeny remains : 
any Years the iGngcjkHn's Fortune ftands, 
rrandfiresnumberGrandfires in their Line. — Tr^/, 

B r G G A R. 

lirfly, at laft, by long Fatigue, f fhe grows. 
But meets no Spring ; no Riv'let near her flows, 
looking round, ^r Accident (he fpies, 
taoe diatch'd with Straw, and thither hies. 
oddeis knocking at the litde Door, 
openM by a Wonun old and poor, 
when (he begg'd for Water, g^ve her Ale, 
: long, but well preierv'd from being (tale, 
loddefi drank : a chuflfy ]Ud was by, \. 

vm the Liquor with a gnitchtng Eye > 

inning cries, — She's greedy more than dry.—— j 

Maynwaring alter'd, 

t miftaken Notion, which prevaiPd in Virptt Days, is nov? 
t Qer$$ in favch o{ her Daughter Pro/iitt»Cx 

J3 ^^SKt: 

N A T A ]. I i. 

protubet^ aquis ? ufis communis aqqariim. 
prbprium Natura> ii«c aem fecit^ 
r undas. Ad publica muncra vcni, 

[en ut detis fupplex peto. 
-Caret OS humore loquentis : 
areht : vbcque eft via vocis in iUis. 

aquae mihi neftar erit : vimnquc fatebor 

: iimul. - ^ ^ ^ 

u. '^ • ctoid. A&/. Lib. n 

mihi fofor eft, paiipcrcula matseri 
nec Tfendibilis, ncc pfccrc firmus, 
|: cbmat^ viftum daie,^ 7-^ 

N A T A L I S* 

|mihi nonum fupcranris annum 
nns Albani catlus : eft in horco^ 

leftendis apium coronis. 
Eft liederae vis • 

Ki crincs rdlgata fulges 


Birth-Da'Y. M9 

Waterdo You deny ? Indeed, *& hafd 

Frani Natufc*scoinnion'R^)its to to debarM : 

This, as die genial Sun, and vital Air, 

Should flow alike to ey-ry Creature's Share. 

Yet, ftill I a(k, and as a Favour crave. 

That, which a publick Bounty, Nature gave. 

Now from my Throat the ufual 'Moilure dries. 

And ev'n my Voice iji broken Accents dies : 

One Draught, as doar as L«ife^ I fhould efteem, "^ 

And Water, now i thiiil, would Ne^ar feem. — Croxall. 

My Mothers poor^ my Farm's too mean to fell. 
And yet not yields enough to keep me well ; 
My Neice a Portion wants, my tortune's low : 
He that fays thus, crys out aloud, Bejbnv.^^^^ Creech. 


OF y«Jtf»*Wine, a Calk in Store 
Pave got, that's nine Years old and more : 
And Parfley in my Garden grows. 
And Ivy to adorn thy Brows : 
Ivy, my Dear, fhall finely Ihine, 
And fair among thy Curls entwine. - ♦ - 

My Houfe widi Silver glitters round : 
My Altar, with chaft Vervain bound. 
Now only wants the Lamb whofe Blood 
Mull Iprinkle o'er the lacred Wood. 

All Hand* at work, with bufy Care 
My Boys and Maids the Feaft prepare : 
In curling Vdumes, through the Sky 
Thick SnK>ke does from my Chimney fly. 

But would You know what Joys to Night 
I call You to, and why invite : 
You're now to celebrate the Ide 
Which does fair ./^?s Mondi divide ; 
Jpril^ to Sea-bom Venus dear, 
Whofe welcome Idefh^ll ev'ry Year, 
Pe kept in folemn Wife by me, 
Morr than wjr own Nativity : 

I 4 ^c 


icnas mcus afflucntcs 

|Ordinat annos, — ^— .ffer, Lib. IV, Ode i|. 

R u B o H, 

|eri rubor ora notavit^ 
Jcicii quid fit Amor : fed & erubuific dcctbit- 
I apnea pendentibus arbore pomis : 
jtinfto eft, aut Tub candorc rubenti, 

rcfonan^ a?ra auxijiafia, Luns. 

Quid, mu Lib. IV. 

-Erubujc, fubitufquc in vita nptavit 
, rurfufque evanuit. Ut folet Aer 
t fieri, cum primum Aurora movetur s 
Ipoft tempos candefcere folis ab iftu,— 

Ovid. Met 
-Cut plurimus ignem 
bbor, & calefafta per ora cucurrit. 
pguineo veluti violaverit aftro 

vel rmxu rubent ubi lilJa multa 

Lib. V!. 

B L US H I N G. 121 

Macenas from diis Sun 
• of rolling Years begun, — 

B I. U S H I N G. 

E * Boy knew Nought of Love, but touchM "mik 

down, and blufli'd : his Blulhes wdl became: 
lies glow upon the funny. Side % 
Y looks with rich Vermilion dy*d ; 
^ the Moon, when all her fihrer White 
n Edipies to a ruddy Light, 

afi rciounds in vain.-^ Addifon alM^d« 

aie t biufh'd ;-»againft her Will the r^Sng R^ ' 
in her Cheeks, and thence as fwiftly fled. 
\ the purple Morning paints the Skies : 
they whiten at the Sun's up-rife. ■ ■ 

rimfon Blufli || her beauteous Face o'er-fpread, 

^ her Cheeks by turns with white and x^. 

iving Colours, never at a Stay, 

re, and there, and flufli, and fade away. 

thil Change ! thus Indian Iv'ry fhows 

with the bordering Paint of Purple glows : 

lies damaflc'd by the neighboring Rofe. — Dryden.] 

■ Wjdi modeQ: Grace, 
rming BIufl)es kindle all her Face. 
:auteous gk>ws the Indian Ivory, 
deeply tindur^d by the Tyrian Dye, 


lie appeared, like fhining C^ji/iUa bright, 
urple Blulhes gradd the fiiowy White : 
;lowing Bluflies itain the modeft Maid, 
to th* cxpefting amHx)us Youth conveyed, 
le new Pleafures of the Bridal Bed. 
iright the fcarlet Amaranthui fhines, 
I with the UUy ibme fair Virgin joins : 
; like this, when tir^d by Autunm's Pride, 

IS the Apple on the funny Side, Dart, altered, 

m^roAuA. f /kachnc, \ Lavinia. 

J A C T A H T I A, 

— im 

purpureus venit in ora rubor, 
ttoramm Tithoni conjuge coelum 
et, aut fponfo vifa puelk novo* 
ftilgem inter fua lilia mixt^:^ 

bi cantatis Luna kborat equis.- 

Ovid. Amor. lib. IL El. j. 

C T A N T 1 A, . Vide S U P E E B I A^ *; 

r, quod fepe homine&morbos magis efle rimcndoSi 
JLinemque ferunt vimm, quam Tartani lethi, 
: Animi naturam fangutnts effe» 
fum quicquam noftrae Rationis cgere : 
advcrtas animum, magis omnia Laudis, 
Vcnti^ fi fcrt ita forte voluntas, « 

lufa, quam quod res ipfa probetur, / 

I tidem patria, longcque fugati 

ex hominum, fcedati crimine turpi^ • 
laenimnis affefti deniqu£ vivxjnt : 
ique tanicn mifcri venere, parentant, 
maftant pecudes, & Manlbu* divis 

Ba a s t I tHq: 123 

» rifiog PMtKs iwoti the Skies with red : 
\ looks the Virgin fn Jmt nupjual^^d : 
) opening Rofes mix'd with l^ill^ glow : 
) does xik Moon in l!4r>6cKpies pE^Qw.—r-^ 

Boasting. $ee P .r i j> b. 

^^O R tho' fome tall& ^ Iq&Jhooid fear to die» 

I3nn;Uv]^iV}tK4']Pireare, orln&my: 
hat they know well the Soul confifts in Blood, 
nd our Philofbphy can do no good : 
bferve, they talk thus, ^c^thcr ^t.of Love 

empty Praife, than, what they fay, approve. 
)r thefe^me ^^, xo Qij^<^, cf %ki^ 
>ndemn'd i to G^l|es, or xo l^j^ns tait : 

W infamous i^y hoirid 0UD£sfhfij*xc grown, 
!t ftill cnducr, wi padenUy iiye.on. 
ay more, .whc»^;er thefe boafting Wretches come, 
icy facriiice black Sheep on ev*ry Tomb, 
3 pleafe the Afm^f : AW ^ fill lhe Rout, 
hen Cares jumI ilQlaqie^ \f!^ ;gi:ow q^oft deyoMC.— ~ ' 

But I aoi iiQl>Iyjbqirn ;7-'ijs tnue : gp t^oaft 
ly Pedigree, the Thing thog vj^tfjBt np®ft : 
fides I am a Beftu r—dtibM cqq I grpm : -— -- 
e that cry's Herbs has le^ IiniperQnenQS, 
x), in her CaUio^, more of common Senfe.— Bryden. 
My Work is Ifinifli'd, which nor dreads the Rage 
r Tempefts, Fiq?, or War^ of waftiqg Age : 
»me, foon or late. Death's undetermin -d Day, 
lis mortal Being only o^decny.: 
J nohkr Part, my Eioie, fluUI rqurh the Skies^ 
id to late Tinocs xfifh hkyxning Honours rife : 
hate'er th' unbouncjbd Kpmcm rbj^rV obeys, 

1 Oimes and Nations (hall recal my Praife : 

" ■■■ ■ If 

aES Farmofiis. Cestuitm Pugna. 

Ottti J*/. L*. XV. 

;e Qiu Pymmidtim aldus : 

^crc, 2311 inmimcr^Uis 
1 feries, & ttig;i ccmporum, 
nis moriar : multaque pars met 
Jfaddnam : uique egp poftera i^ 
laude rcccns : dum Capiralium 
iim tadta VifgTQc PoncifesL^— J 

ar. Lib. in. Ode p 

P IT E E Formofos. 

Utc Eioem liror qaoque: <^alta lumque 
xjm nudomm tabuLi pingpntur amonim^ 
:. Sed^ ne ticiat diicrimina cultus, 
addc IcTts, aiit lUis done pharcaas.— 

Orii. M^L Lib. X, 

B o V Handfome. Boxing. 125 

If 'tis allow'd CO Poets to divine 

One half of round Eternity is mine* fFelfUd. 

A Monument, more durable than Brals, 
And whofe Magnificence does &r furpaft 
£gypf% proud Pyramids, IVe raised : — In vain 1 

The northern BJaft, the fouthem Show'rs of Rain, > 
Afles, and Time (hall flxive to pull it down again. j 
AU of me (hall not die : my Works (hall &ve 
The Nobleft Portion from the greedy Grave : 
I (till (hall flourifh in die Rolls of Fame, 
Still (hall Pofterity revere my Name ; 
Till the High-Pr»eft and (Uent Maid no more 
AfoendtheCtf/i/0/, and 7^^ adore.— —> 

BorY Handfomc. 

TH E lovely Boy was bom with ev*ry Grace 5 
Ev'n Envy muft have praisM fo fair a Face : 
Such was his Form, as Painters when they (how 
Their utmoft Art, on luked Loves beflxiw. 
But left the Drefs (hould any DiiPrence make, 
Sttfts give to him, or el(c from Cupd take. — DryJ. alter'J- 

Full in the midft, the princely Touth of ^roy 
By Venus lov*d, and worthy all her Care, 
(His beauteous Head uncoverM) (hone to View : 
As (hines a Gem inclosed in yellow Gold, 
Grace to the Head, or Neck : or Iv'ry fct. 
With curious Art, in Ebony, or Box : 
His (howy Neck receives his flowing Hair, 
Clafp'd in a Circle of (oft dudile Gold. "Trap. 

B O X I N o. 

• PJ Orthwith uprifes (tern, 

r Dor^j ; and with the Murmur of the Croud, 
Sears his roi^ Vifage^ and prodigious Strength : 
Shews his broad Shoulders, his Alternate Arms 
Pimrnds, and in mock Duel beats the Air. 


C E i t # U M P> #N A. 

' hujc alius : nee ^Tipiim e* agtafcetafiicr 
lirevirum, rmnft^quc indifC^^ ccftiB. 
/is EnBdhsndffl^iscaftigat Aceftes: 
heroum qtmmkm fortiff^nc •friAta, 
— ^Ubi ntjnc notris Deas ilfci tftigifta^ 
iam memorarus Eryx ? ubi famo per omneiii 
tm, Sc Spolia ilM mis |i*nden^ia tcAis ? 
13CC : noil kmdk amt^i ntx gloria ccffil! 
ni 1 fed enini gclidts tardante fenefta 
naber, frigenrque cffi3et± m G0rpbre Tiits. 

m geminos immani pondrpe crftus ^ 

quibu5 acer firyx in praelta faetus "•'^'' 
num^ duroque inrendere brachia tcrgo, 
TC animi : rantomiti ingentia feptem 
^um piuinbo infuro ferroque rigebant. 
ncs ftujiet ipfc Dares, longeqtae recofat, * * 

or tales rt*fcTebat peiftorc voc'es : 

iRo jci n 6. lay 

For him a Match fe fbi^t : nor dare$ ev^n One 
From all that vaft Aflembly to approach 
The Challenger, or arm his Hands for Fight. 
Aceftes then Entellus thus upbraids : 
EntelluSj braveft Hero once in vain. 
Where is our EryXy vainly boafted God, , 
Your Matter ? Where your Fame thro* all this Iflc 
RcnownM ? And Trophies hanging round your Roof? 
To whom Entellus ; *Tisnot that the Love 
Of Praife and Glory has my Breaft thro* Fear 
Abandoned ; But my Blood by freezing Age 
Is cold, retarded : And my Strength benumb'd 

Within myfaplels Trunk. This faid. He flings 

Into the Midft two Gauntlets huge, of Weight 
Enormous : Thofe which warlike Eryx wore 
In Fight, and whofe ftiff Leather bracM his Arms. 
Amaz'd were All : fb vaft the fev*n tough Hides 
Of Bulls, with Lead and Iron fewn between : 
But more than all the reft, the Champion's Self, 
Dares^ aghaft, and at a Diftance (lands. 
Refilling.— Him thus the aged Sire befpeaks: 
If ^rejan Dares thinks thefe Arms unequal. 
Let Us have due Proportion in the Strife. 

Thus he fpoke : 

And from his Shoulders flings his double Veft, 
Strips his huge Limbs, huge Bones, and brawny Arms ; 
And in the Midft with mighty Stature ftands.— 
Then Prince /Eneas equal Gauntlets brings. 
And binds the Wrifts of both with equal Weight. 

Forthwith, eredt, and high upon their Toes, 
Both ftand, and fearlefs raife dieir Arms in Air : 
Lean back their lofty Heads, to fhun the Stroke, 
Mix Hands with Hands, and irritate the Fight. 
The One excelling in his nimble Feet, 
And confident in Youth : The Other ftrong 
In Limbs, and Btiik : but flow with trembling tCnees 
He (taggers, and the panting Labour (hakes 
His huge-buih Trunk. In vain repeated Wounds 


^o lato-i ingeminant^ & peftore Ta^los 
tus, ertatque aures & cempora cutrum 
anus J duro crepitant fub vulnere mahe* 

avis Entellus, nisuque Immotus codem, 
ela modo atque oculis vigilantibus exit, * 
t celfam oppugnat qui moHbus urbem* 
cana fcdet circum caftella fob armis: 
s, nunc illos adkus, omnemque pcrcrrat 
m, & varlis aflriiltibus irritus urget. 
dextram infurgens Entellus, & alte 
ille iftum venientem a vertice velox 
» celcriquc elapfus corpore ceflir. 
vires in ventum cffudit, & ukro 
IS graviterque ad tcrram pondere vaffo 

— —It clamor ccelo, 

irdatus cafu, neque tcrriuis heros^ 
1 pugnam redic, ac vim fufcitat ira i 
lor incendk vires, & conlcia virms i 
rmque Daren ardens agit aiquore toto i 
<tri ingeminatis idhis, nunc ille finiftra. 

Boxing^ ii§ 

aim aheriiate : On their hollow Flanks 
krakes redoubled ring 3 Their throbbing Bitafts 
otter'd with loud Noife : The fcand/d Blows 
>und dieir Ears and Temples 2 And beneath 
igid Lead their cracking Jaws refound. 
m by his We^ht, in one fixM Pofture ftands 
us : With his Body and quick Eyes 
r, eluding his Aflfailant's Strokes, 
like a Warrior^ who fome lofty Towrt 
Its by Storm ; or under Arms befets 
ftlc on a Hill, now Thefe, now Thofe 
oaches tries, the Place all round with Art 
)ring : and with various Efforts Vain 

• his Foe. Entellus fliews his Arm 

i high : The Odier fwift forcfees the Blow 
nding from his Head, and nimbly flips 
: Entelbis on the empty Air 
his Strength^ and heavy to the Ground 
with vaft Weight— -^-: — 
'n rings with Shouts^ But, not at all diimay^di 
jy his Fall retarded, to the Fight 
Flero with redoubled Force returns : 
s his Strength with Rage i Shame fires his Soal^ 
confcious Worth : O'er all the Field he drives 
precipitate : now with the Rights 
with die Lcft< reit*rating his Blows 2 
Paufe, nor Refpite. Thick as Hail in Storms 
s on R006, with fuch repeated Strokes, 
Way, and That, the Hero with both Hands 
s his Foe : and turns, and whirls him rounds 
en Prince ^neas could no longer bear 
Fury to proceed, but ends the Fight, 

-efeues fainting Dares ■- — — 

Him, with tott'ring Pace 

ng his Legs along^ on either Side 

jing his Head, and belching fix)m his Throat 

: Clots of Gore^ and Teeth commixM with Blocdi 

lates^ officious to their vanquii^'d Friend^ 

— — . frdpi 


UN E HUM Corrupt E LA. 

na, credc mihi^ pUcant hominefque^ Deolqoe; 
acatur donis Jupiter ipfc dads, 
t Sapiens ? Stultus quoquc muoeie g^tidct : 
oque accepto munere mitis crit, — OvU. Ill, Art, 

^m C grande feras, cuftodta vifta eft : \ 
rhibent claves^ ^ canis ipfe tacet.^ 

clufam Danaen turns ahenea, 
iftseque fores, & vigilum GUiym 
es excubiae miinierant fads 
urnisab adulceris : 
non Acrifium, virgin babditse 
>dem pavidum, Jupiter & Venus 
OTt ! fore enim rutum iter, & patms, 
trio in pretium Deo. 

mr. IIL Ode A 

BtfL&$ PlOHTtitO; 

B A I * £ ft Y. 


BElievemei Men and Gods with Gifts are plea^d : 
Et'q ang^ 7^^^ by Offerings is appeas'd* 
With Fteients Fools and Wife alike are caught. 
Give butenough, the tiufband may be bought. — Congrcvel 

But bring your Price, come with a Gift prepar*d» 
And You may quickly influence the Guard : 
Gold's mighty Pow*r lets open ev'ry Door, 
And erv'n th* obliging Dog will bark no mOre» — Baft. 
A Tow*r of Brafi, Gates ftrong, and ban^d. 
And watchful Dogs thofe Gates to Gi^ud, 
Muft fafely keep, ( one wou*d have laid,) 
Impri(bn*d Bana^s Maiden-Head : 

And io they would, if cunning Jove^ 
And Venus Favourer of Love, 
Had not with pow*rfiil Bribes betray'd 
Acrifiuf Guards about the Maid : 
Bribes open'd for the God a Way : 
When chang'd to Gold nought could his Paffage iHay. 

Creech alter^ 
Where Money reigns, what fignify the Laws ? 
A poor Man there can never gain his Caufe. 
Ev'n thofe grave Sirs that rail againft the Worlds 
Can ftoop fometimes to fell their Voice for Gold. 
Juftice is now a common Bargain grown. 
Bribe well the Judge, the Caufe You buy's your own—* 

Bulls Fighting. 

— — T17ITH mighty Force 

Vt Two Bulk in Battle joint repeated Woundi 
Mutual inflift r Black Gore their Bodies laves * 
Their Horns againft each other ftruggling pxiih 
Dircdk: They roar aloud : The Woods, and hugd 
lljmpuf Top reverberate the Noife* 
Vbr after tlus can both together feed : 

K a The 

C A P T I V 

U $* 

longeque igtioris exful^ oris: 
lens ignominiam, plagafque fuperbi 
I turn quos amifit inulms amores : 
afpcttans n^is excdiic avitis. — 

Giorg. Lib. IIL 


converfis inimica in praelia tauri 
incurmnt, pavidi ceflere magiftri ; 
; omne mem mutum^ muisantque juvencae, 
bri imperiret, quern totaarmenra fequantur* 
Vfe multa vi vulncra mifcent, 
robnixi tnfigont^ & fanguine lat^o 
lolque lavant : gemitu nemus omne retnugk* 

Mn^ Lib* XIL 


Efenitis agmina port is 
Captivum traxere ducem, civifque fuperbi 
inte pedes, vutru tamen alca minaci 

Captive. 133 

piifhM quits the Field, and exil*d feeks 
nown diftant Goaft, his dire Difgrace 
liming, and the haughty Viftort Wounds, 
Dft Loves, which unreveng'd he leaves ; 
ng back, with oft retorted Eye, 

licreditary Realm retires. Triip, 

n two mighty Bulls, with hoftile Force, 
ing Horns, in dreadful Battle join, 
ilin^ Keepers, and the Herd aloof 
e with Fear : the Heifers faintly lowe, 
X) which the Empire of the Wood 
which Lx)rd the Paftures muft obey, 
prodigious Strength alternate Wounds 
im clatt'ring Horns each other gore, 
large Blood their Necks and Dewlaps lave : 
I all round rebellows to the Noifc.-- — W, 


faithlefs Garrifon betray the Town, 

Captive drag their valiant Leader down* 

Ramanj fearleis, tho' in Bands, 

haughty Fellow-Subjeft ftands, 

cs ereft, and with a darins Brow, 

»rovokes, and courts the ratal Blow.^- /2rav« 

h in Prefence of the Vidor plaq'd, 

)imiity his Gefture grac'd, 

I his prefent Fortunes and his paft« 

It Mixture in his manly Mein, 

X and the General were feen.— — . ^, 

Caffandray \o I the Royal Fair, 

«• Sirine, with loofe diflievel*d Hair, 

the (homing Vidtors: — To the Skies 

but rais'd in vain ! her glowing Eyes ! 

— fhe could no more — the Grecian Bands 

r mangled her tender Hands.-— —p fitt^ 

K 3 CARt^ 

Cs ft B i. 

C IT % A. 

msDiiim, nee foa teh: 
ifssr Rqgei% icrumque Pooentds 

ptspitreal. — Liter ^ Lib. VU 


C £ R 1 S. 13^ 


! E Fears and Cares ivhich torture human ^Hearts, 
>elbife the Clafh of Arms, and points of Darts 1 
li^ity Kings and Potentates make bold, 
; their Purple, and their Ihining Gold. 

no Concern, no Cares for Life approach ; 
!e, which lafts not long, and afks not much, 
foon is gone, and Beauty quickly fades, 
plefs Age befilvers o'er our Heads : 
fwift away, the fmiling Minutes move, 
avc no room for Reft, or wanton Love. 
Flow'rs with vernal Glory alway blow, 
r bright Face does Pbcsbe always Ihow : 
liy don't you to harrafs out forbear 
d unequal to continual Care ? 
underneath fome tow'ring Poplar's Shade, 
ading Puie, ar'n't we fupinely laid : 
^er Hairs with fragrant Rofes crown'd, 
I Nard perfuming all around ? 
ifhiy, whilft we can, do we delay 
ik our Troubles and our Cares away ? 
r fhould our Time run out in ufelefs Years, 
ious Troubles, and tormendng Fears ? 
o Succefs, and no Advantage crown'd, 
hould we ftill tread an unfinifh'd Round? 
lOuld deluding Hopes difturb our Eafe, 
purfue, yet eager to pofle/s ? 
grey in Cares, how fenfelefi is the Strife ! 
ing how to live we wafte a Life. 
3rc we have, the meaner is our Store, 
what we have we lofc, and only crave for more.— ^^ 

Creccb alter'd. 


S T Ceres taught, the Ground with Grain to (0^9 
^grm^d with Iron Shares the aroo\ued'l?\cNi&^ 

K 4 ^NVws^ 


[t fylvXy & vi£him Dodona ncgaret. 

f f^, Geeri, Lib. I 

Annua magnse 

hr Cercri, Ixtk openitm in herbis, j ' 

fub cafum hyemis, j:im vtrre firrcno* 
tibi Cererem pub^ agrcftis adoret : 
Ifte favos, & miti dilue Baccho, - 

Jiovas circum felix cat hoilia fruges^ 
(uam Chorus & Socii comitentur ovantes t 
L damore vocent in tefta : neque ante 
laturis quifquam fupponat ariftis, -• 

Lcreri, torta red imitus tern pora quercu, 
lus incompofitos, & carmina dicat, 

lpij£ Cercris cdebrabant annua Matres 
Ibus nivea velacsc corpora vefte 
. frugum dant fpicea ferta fijarum : 

3vem noftes Venerem tattufquc virilcs 


■ Ceres - 

Ovid, MiL Lib. X, 

-fimiofit draccnum 

Ceres. - 

Vhen now Dodoman Oaks no more fupply'd 
rbcir M«ft» and other Trees thdr Forefts Fruits dcnyU— 
Thy annual OflFVmgs to great Ceres bring, \Pryd. 

!)nthcLgceen Tujf pciforminjg facred Rites, 
iVhen Winter ends, and Spring now fmilcs ferene, 

Ceres let all thy ruftic Youth adore : 
For Her do Thou with Honey mingle Milk, 
\nd ecnde Wine : And round the recent Grain 
Let £e propitious Vidtim thrice be led : 
Itler in tiiU Chorus let the Peafants all 
Singing attend, and with loud Shouts invite 
Ceres beneath their Rools : Nor any thruft 
His Sickle to the Cora : till wreath'd with Oak, 
To Ceres he has paid the Honours due. 
With uncouth Panccs, and unpolifh*d Verfe. Trapn 

The iblemn Feaft of Ceres now was near. 
When long white Linnen Stoles the Matrons wear : 
Rank'd in Proceflion walk the pious Train, 
OfF'ring Firft-fruits, and Wreaths of golden Grain: 
For nine long Nights the Nuptial Bed they fhun. 
And iandifying Hvveft, lie alone. DryJm^ 

Ceres her Dragons guides ; aloft they fly. 
And print a winding Track along the Sky ; 
The curbing Bit with rifing Foam they (lain. 
And work their harmlefs Poifon on the Rein. 
High rife their Crefts, and beauteous to behold. 
Their fpeckled Backs are fcal'd with green and gold. 
Now thro* the Zephyrs they direft their Flight, 
And now defcending, on the Meadqws light : 
The whirling Wheels revolving o'er the Ground, 
The Fields impregnate, as the Glebe they wound : 
A fudden Harveft darts upon the Plain, 
And in the Furrows (prings the yellow Grain, 
Where c*er ihe comes,——— Hugbef alter*d^ 

Ceres the PowV of the prolific Year, 
A Daughter had fuperlatively &ir. 
Nor bore a fecond Birth : in This alone 
More I^onours fhe obtain'd^ and more Renown, 

'*^— THaTS 


1/ £feiuCioi»» -r-ii 

Chance. Change. k^ 

Hun all the teeming Mothers : in her Face [altered* 

Her Projirpinehaid fumm'd thcBeautics of a Race. — Hughes. 

Chance. See God. Providence. 

IF Cbance thefc Things beftow*d, and rules the Whole, 
Why do the S^s in conftant Order kJI ? 
Obferve fet Times to (hut and ope* the Day, 
Find the feme Track, nor once miftakc their Way ? 
Whv thro* dieir Couife, as if by Laws confined, 
Harce none away, and leave the reft behind ? 
Why in the Summer do we always fpy. 
The Idf-feme Stars by Night, adorn the Sky ? 
Why do, each Winter, conftantly, again 
Odiers return to gild the azure Plain ? 
Why ev*ry Day does Pbabu/ cheering Flame, [altered. 
Shew the feme World, and leave it ftill the fame ? — Creech 

And that the Sun ne'er drives the rifing Day 
From North to Southj nor leaves the beaten Way : 
That ftill at Night he haftens down the ff^eftj 
Nor ever turns his Horfes towards the Eaft : 
That Light, by juft Degrees, the Moon adorns, 
Firft (hews, then bends, then fills her borrowed Horns 5 
/Ind that the Stars in conftant Order roll, 
Nor fall, nor change their Diftance from die Pole, 
b not the Work ot* Chance ; but fpeaks aloud 
The wife and ftcady Conduft of a God. lix 


EArth ranfies to Dew : expanded more. 
The fubtile Dew in Air begins to foar : 
Spreads as She flies, and weary of her Name, 
utenuates ftill, and changes into Flame. 
Thus having, by D^;rees, Perfe6tion won, 
ileftlefe, they foon untwift the Web they (|)Un : 
^id Fire bqgins to lofe her radiant Hue, 
4u(( with grofe Air } and Air defcends to Dew: 

^'f^r, iUad idem ^T "^""^ ^ 
a?dque fiiit campJs .T''*^ '«<^i' 

C H A N O E. 141 

Lod Dew condenfing does her Fwm for%oe» 

jid fink a heavy Lump of Earth below.—— DrySiiu 

Thus ev*n our Bodies daily Change receive : 
ome Part of what was Their's before, they leave : 
lor are to Day what Yefterday they were : 
Tor the whole Same to Morrow will appear. — Drydcn. 

Thus are their Figures never at a (land ; 
lut changed by Nature's innovating Hand ; 
Lll Things are altered, nothing is deftroy*d : 
*or fome new Show the fhifted Scene's employ*d» 
Then to be born, is to begin to be 
kwnc other Thing we were not formerly : 
Lnd what we can to Die, is not t'appear, 
>r be the Thing, which formerly we were, 
rhofe very Elements, that we partake 
Mivc, when Dead, fome other Bodies make : 
Tranflated, fhift their Form, and change their Courfe : 
iut Death on deathlefs Subftance has no Force. — Id. 

The Face of Places, and their Forms, decay : 
And that is folid Earth, that once was Sea : 
Seas, in their Turn, retreating from the Shore, 
Make folid Land, what Ocean was before : 
And far from Strands are Shells of Fifhes found. 
And rufly Anchors fix'd on Mountain-Ground : 
And what were Fields before, now wafh'd and worn 
By falling Floods from high, to Vallies turn. 
And crumbling ftill defcend to level Lands : 
And Lakes, and trembling Bogs, are barren Sands : 
And the parch'd Defart floats in Streams unknown9 
Wondring to drink of Waters not her own. 
Here Nature living Fountains opes \ and there 
Seals up the Wombs where living Fountains were. 
Or Earthquakes flop their ancient Courfe, and bring 
Diverted Streams to feed a diftant Spring,—— Id. 

Whatever lies 

In Earth, or Bits in Air, or fills the Skies, 
All fuffer Change. 


_.. ..^^a. lumciunr, nuflo m 
Concutitur tellus vuriis compi 
Subducitquc ibliirn pcdibus, . 
Ec vchic OcL-anus ponmm, i 
Ncc Icfc ipfc capic : lie quon 
Humani generis cum iblus a 
Deucalion, fcopuloqtie orbem 
Ncc non cum patnas Phactof 
Arferunt gentt% cimuftque inc 
Fugeruntquc novas ard^ntia iyt 
Atque uno timuit condi Nanin 
In rantum longo mutantur rem 
Atquc icrrum in femtt rcdcunt. 

C II A c 

A Nee Marc & T^ilus, & q 
Unus crac toco Natunt v\ 
Quern dixere CbaoSj rudis indig 
Ncc quicquam nifi pondus iner 
Non bene jundlanim /i:*'— '' 

Chaol ijp^ 

Iv^n mighty Empices fk>urifh» and decay i 

ty Turns Gommand, and in dieir Turns dtxy^^D$ydi9. 

• Thro* the mighty Frame 

There's oodiing that continues ftiU the &me : 
Vs Years wheel round, a Change muft needs enfue, 
rhii^ lofe their former State, and take a new ; 
"^ow tir'd with Births, the Fields refufe to bear, 
^ow, unmanur*d, p-cvent the Tiller's Care. 
Vapours dilated tare the folid Earth : 
Strong the Omyulfions at the fatal Birth : 
ITaft Mountains fink : And now his large Command 
Neptune extends, and Seas o'erfpread the Land, 
[>>ntemning Shores : Thus Cities were o*erflow*d. 
When, Mankind's fingle Heir, Deucalion ftood 
On fteep Pamajfus^ to repair die Stock : 
The fpacious World pofleffing in one Rock. 
And when bold Phaeton^ with unequal Force, 
The Chariot fill'd, and drove the flaming Horfe : 
The Earth took Fire, Heav*n faw the Stars recoil. 
And fr^hted Nature fear'd one common Pile. 

So much, as Years roll round, the mighty Frame^ 
Is chang'd, yet ftill returns to be the fame.—— Creech. 


BEfore the Seas, and this terreflrial Ball, 
* And Heaven's high Canopy that covers all. 
Nature one Face of Things, a Chaos fhow'd \ 
An indigefted, heavy, fbrmlefs Load : 
Where m-cemented Seeds in Difcord jarr'd) 
And all the Elements together warr'd. 
No Sun was lighted up, the World to view. 
No Moon did yet her blunted Horns renew : 
Nor Earth, fclf.balanc*d, in the Air was plac'd. 
Nor yet kind Ocean's Arms the Ball embrac'd. 
Then Sea, and Air, and Earth confounded were, 
Unftable wa$ the Earth, and dark the Air, 





A ttnA 


f* «..^** 

CttAHtoTBEft. Thrown fix)m a Chariot. 145 

Ho certain Form cm any was impreft^ 
!U1 were coftfu^d, and each diftuf b^d die Reft i 
rhc Cold and Hot^ the Dry and Humid fight» 
rhe S(^ and Hand^ the Heavy and the Lights 

But God and careful Nature interpofe^ 
To reconcile the elemental Foes * 
^c Earth from Heav*n, and Sea from Earth disjoynSj 
^nd from grofs Air the purer Heav*n refines. 
rhcn by his prudent Care, the Mafs controuPd, 
icffoi its blind Materials to unfold t 
He to each Portion proper Seats afligns, 

\nd all the beauteous Whole in Peace combines. 

Dryd, alterM, 


A S when the Racers from their Barriers ffaait^ 

*^ And whirl around the Gcol : the Charioteer 

Vainly attempts to check the flying Steeds t 

Himfelf is born away : the dufty Car 

Swift fmokes along! nor, bounding, heats the Rein. — '^rap-t 

With Force le^ rapid, ftarting from their Bounds, 
The Chariots whirl, and fmoke along the Field t 
Leis eameftly the eager Charioteers 
Cer their fwift Horles (hake the waving Reins, 
Hang prone upon the Lafti, and bending fly 4 Id. 

Thrown from a CHAkior. 

TH E frighted Horfes pricking up their Ears 
A while ftood trembling : — fuddcn then they flew,. 
And o'er the Rocks the ratding Chariot drew. 
In vain to ,ftop the hot-mouth*d Steeds • I try*d. 
And bending backward all my Strength applyM : 
The frothy Foam in driving Flakes diflains 
The Bits, and Bridles, and bedews the Reins. 
But though as yet untam'd they ran, at length 
Their heady Rage had tir'd tieneath my Strength, 

• JBff§litm. 

146 In cantatio. 

Ni rota, perpetuum qua circum TCttitnr 
Stipitis occuriu fra£ba & disjeda Aiiftt. 
Ezcudorcumi: lonfi^e ceneadlNB trtM 
Vifcera viva trahi, nervos -m ftkfc «»ari» C 

Membra rapi pardm^ fMtom vtffdktaAxdiffii j 

Ofla gravem dare fra£U ibmiini ftftiwqitf vidon . 
Ejj^ialari anitnam : nuUafi|w in cofpoic (NtfM» ] 

Nofcere qua$ po0b : imflinmic aatoftinia fi diiu i d *> ; 

Owl. Jlitf.ilib.lir. 

IncantAtio. Vide Circe. Vcnifica. VisMi^ 

EFfer aquam, & molli cing^ hasc altaria vicA : 
Verbmlque adote pingnes, & makak di 
Conjugis 4it m^icis fanoa avertere (acris 
Experiar fenfus. nihil hie nifi carmina defimt. 



Tema dbi hxc primum tripUci diverjEi cokn 

Licia ciraondo^ terque hsec aJtaria circum 1 

Effigiem duco. Numero Deus impare gandcsL I 

Ducite ab urbe domutn, mea carmina, ducice Dafimiin. 

Nede tribus nodis temos, Amarylii, colores : 1 

NeAe, Amarylliy modo : & Veneris, die, vincnla Bfifio* ; 1 

Limus ut hie durefcit, & haec ut cera liquefcit 
Uno eodemque igni : fic noftro Daphnis amore. 
Sparge molam, & fra^les incende bitumine lauros. 
Daphnis me malus unt, ego hanc in Dap^ide launinu 
Talis amor Daphnim, qualis, cum fefTa iuvencum 
Per nemora atque altos quacrendo bucula luoos. 
Propter aquae rivufn viridi procumbic in ulva 
Perdita, nee ferae meminit decedere no£ti : 
I'alis amor teneat : nee fit mihi cura mfdrri» 




Cha^m. 147 

When, in Ae ;8pdke a Stump entangling, tore 

The ihattef^ Wheel, and &om its . Aifle bore. 

The Shock impetuous tofs'd me fh)m the Scat ; 

Caught in the Reins beneath my Horfes' Feet, 

My reeking Guts dragg'd out alive, around 

The jagged Stump my trembling Nerves were wound. 

Then ftretctf d the well-knit Limbs, the Pieces hal'd. 

Part ftuck behind, and Part the Chariot trail'd : 

Till midft my cracking Joints, and breaking Bones, 

I breath uway niy wear/d Soul in Groans. 

No Parts, diftmguifh'd fix)m the reft, were found. 

But all my Parts an univerfal Wound. — Cuicot altered. 

Charm. See Cu-ce. Enchantrefs. Magic Power. 

BRing hither Water, bind the Altars round 
With a foft Fillet : fertile Vervain bum. 
And ftrongeft Frankincenfe : that I may try 
With facred Magic Rites to turn the Brain 
Of him I love : — Nought, here but Charms we want. 

Firft thefe three Lifts diftinft with Colours three 
Round Thee I bind : thrice round the Altars lead 
Thy Image : Heaven uneven Numbers loves. 

Bring Dapbnis, bring him from the Town, my Charms ! 
Three Colours, Amaryllis^ in three Knots 
Induftrioas knit : quick, Amaryllis^ quick : 
Knit them 5 and fay, — *Tis Venuf Knot I tye. — 

As this Clay hardens, and this Wax grows foft 
By the fame Fire : fo Dapbnis by my Love. 
Crumble this Cake, and with Bitumen burn 
The crackling Bays : — me cruel Dapbnis burns : 
And I for cruel Dapbnis burn thefe Bays. 

May Love, like that with which the Heifer raves. 
When thro* the Thickets, and high Woods, fatigu'd 
She leeks the Bull, then near a River's Stream 
Reftlels lies down, amidft the verdant Sed^, 
Nor minds at lateft Evening to return : 
May fuch Love Dapbnis feize, nor I tncliiie 
To i^fe jiis Frenzy, or abate his Fain. 

L 2 TVdM^ 

jyefcio quid c^ ^fT^ "^o, 
^^^h jam 

FronJr"' "Montana il^ """"'' 

Chastity. 149 

Theft Relicks, thefe dear Pledges erf himfelf. 
With me, loi^ fince, the &ithleis Shepherd left : 
Thcfc now, cv'n in the Entrance, I commit, 
O Earth, to Thee : Dapbnis thefe Pledges owe, 

Thefe Afhes, Amaryllis^ forth convey : 
Throw them into the River, o*er thy Head, 
And look not back : Dapbnis with thefe I'll try : 
He nought the Gods, nor ought our Charms r^ards. 

Behold, the Alhes, while I thus delay 
To bear them hence, now lick the Altar round 
With trembling Flames, ipontaneous : — May it prove 
Aufpicious ! — Somediing lure, I know not what. 
There v^i zxA.Hylax in the Entrance bays. 
May I believe it ? Or do Thofe who love 
Dream of the Blifi which fondly they defire ?— — Trap. 

No more : — my Dapbnh comes ! no more, my Charms : 
He comes, from Town, to my defiring Arms. — 


IN Saturn's Reign, at Nature*s early Birth, 
There was that Thing call'd ChaftUy on Earth : 
When in a narrow Cave, their common Shade, 
The Sheep, the Shepherds, and their Gods were laid ; 
When Reeds, and L^ves, and Hides of Beafts were fpread > 
By Mountain-Houfewives, for their homely Bed, v 

And mofly Pillows rais'd, for the rude Hu(band*s Head«> 
Unlike the Nicenels of our modern Dames, 
( Aflcfted Nymphs, with new afFefted Names :) 
The Cyntbiasj and the Lejhias of our Years, 
Who for a Sparrow's Death diflblve in Tears. 
Thofe firft unpolifh'd Matrons, big and bold. 
Gave fuck to In&its of gigantick Mould : 
Rough as their favage Lords who rang'd the Wood, 
And fat with Acorns, belch'd their windy Food.— • 

3ome thin Remains of Chaftity appeared 
ET*n under Jove^ but Jove without a Bsuxl : 
fefere the fervile Greeks had leam'd to fwear 
W Heads of Kings : while yet die bountOQua Ye^t 

•M» nr. 


^""c quoque t!;"^ '^guJn. 
V" '^'^^i^ W?'* "°« 


Her common Fruits in open Fields cxpos'd, 

£'cr TUercB wrre.fearM, or G^rden^ wm indos'd, 

A.t length aflronted Juftice upwards flew, V 

A.nd Cbajtity wiA her : > 

From Earth to Heaven the Sifters both withdrew. jf 

From that old JRra whoring did begin, 
So venerably ancient is the Sin : 
A.dult'rers then invade the nupdal State, 
And Marriage Beds creakM with a foreign Weight. 
Ail other Ilk did Iron Times adorn. 
But Whores and Silver in one Age were bom. — Drydin. 

I hear your cautious Counlel, you would £iy. 
Keep dofe your Women under Lock and Key : 
But who (hall keep Aodc Keepers i Women, mirft 
In Cnift, begin with thofe, and bribe them firft. 
The Sex is tum*d all Whore : they love the Game : 
And Miftrefles, and Maids, are both the fame.— Id. 

No ill Man's happy : leaft of all is He 
Whofc Study 'tis to ruin Cbaftity. 

No Art can Chaftity when loft rcftore. 
Once forfeited *tis ne'er recovered more. 

Strait with the hidden Steel * (he pierc'd her Sde, 
And at her Father's Feet fell down and dy'd : 
Yet, as (he fell, her dying Thoughts contrivM, 
To fall as modeftly as (he had liv'd. Anon^ 

She's truly chaft, and worthy of that Name, 
Who hates the HI, as well as tears the Shame : 
And that vile Woman whom Reftraint keeps in, 
Tho' (he forbear the Aft, has done the Sin. 
Spies, Locks, and Bolts, may keep her brutal Part : 
But Thoirtt an odious Cuckold in her Heart, — ScdUy. 

Unmanner'd I may be, but not unchaft •, 
Nop is my Fame with any Stain defac'd : 
Tho* in my Face there's no afiefted Frown, 
Nor a feign'd Nicene(s in my Carriage (howiy 
My Honour I preferve without a Stain, 
Nor has my Love naade any Coxcomb vain.— • 

L 4 ClRC£« 

fe""-"™ ?«■»>./ 

^iRCE. See Enchantress. Magic Poweiu 


O W clofe by Circe^s Shores they fail ; 
Where (he, the wealthy Daughter of the Sun^ 
With ceafeleis Singing makes the Groves refcnind i 
Groves inacceflible : and in the Rooms 
Of her proud Palace, for noftumal Light, 
Sweet Ctdar bums : While thro' the flender Web 
Her whiftling Shutde flies along the L.oom. 
Hence Groans are heard : the Noife of Lions, fierce. 
Rebellious to their Chains, and roaring loud 
In Dead of Night : the Grunt of brimy Boars: 
The Rage of Bears reluftant in their Stalls : 
And huge portentous Forms of howling Wolves. 
All which, with powerful Charms, bom human Shapes 
The cruel Goddds Circe had cransfc^m'd 

To favage Beafts, Traf. 

Arriv*d, when near die Palace Gates we came, 
A thouiand Wolves, and Bears, and Lions rife. 
And chill our Hearts with* Horror and Surprize : 
Yet foon we found there was no Caufe to fear. 
For none feem &vage, or to wound prepare : 
But courteous wag their Tails, and Owning greet s 
And tame, and gende, foUow at our Feet: 
Till a bright Train of She-attendants come. 
And lead us up the lofty marble Dome ; 
To where retired, and in folemn State, 
High, on .her fumptuous Throne, their Miftrels lat: 
Her coftly Robes with royal Splendor flione. 
And over all a Veil of Gold was thrown. 
Her Maids, the Nympbs^ and Nereids^ ne'er were bred 
To card the Wool, or draw the flowing Thread : 
But they in Baikets fort the mingted Flowers, 
And Herbs of various Hues, and various P6wers« 
While She, dieir Miflrefs, who the Virtues knew 
Of ev'ry Simple, and what each can do, 
Akine, or mixt : the Herbs with Qare inlpe£U| 
And the due Quantity or Wei^ dirpfts. 

Quae fimul arenti fuicntes hau 
Kt cctigit lummos viiga Dea di 
(£t puJcr, & referam) febs ho 
Ncc jam poffe loqui: pro vcrl 
Murmur : & in terram toco proc 
Odbue mcum fenfi ptndo ocatllc 
CoUa cumcre coris : fc qua mode 
Smnta mihi fuerant, ilia veftigia 
Ciimc|ue eadem paflis (cantum mc 
Claudior hara . 

•-———— Sohimquc fais can 
Vidimus Eurylochum : iolus data 
Quse nifi vitaflic^ pecoris pars uns 
Nunc quoque iedgtri. Nee tanta 
Gotior ad Circen n^-- — 

C I R 6 bJ P55 

Now to her Prefence brought; fhe hom her Throne 
Cur Compliments does couneoufly return : 
.^jid grants whatever we aik^ "mthSiKhx Look^ 
Jls kindly Welcome, and fair Friendlhip fpoke. 
Then fhe commands, with Speed, her ready Train, 
To bring the Honey, Curds, and Barley-Grain 2 
In gen'rous Wineth' Ingnsdients^they infulc: 
She to the Potion add& fome fecret Juice : 
With her own execrable Hand fhe crawn'd) 
And dealt the unfufpedfacd Goblet round. 
Whilft gladly we, with: Heat and. Travel. di^^ 
To our parch'd Lips the magic Draught apply. 
Her potent Charms th^ Enchantrcls ftrait prepares,. 
And o*er us waves her Wand, and ftrokes our Hairs. 
(I blufh to tell, and yet it mufl be told). 
Soon rough'ning Bridles, all my Form infold. 
I ftrove to fpeak, and fain would have complained. 
But Grunts, were all the Language now remained*: 
Prone to the Earth my alter'd Afpedt bends. 
And a flrange Snout my widened Jaws, extends*: 
New Sinews fwell my fhong and: hardened Cheft,. 
The beftial Nature was o'er all impre&'d.: 
Thofe Hands which lately did the Bowl fuiround. 
The Work of Feet perform, and.tread the Ground* 
Then with the refl whom Fate had thus. unsnan'd, 
(So great a Potency has ma^ Drai^ts) 
I in a Stye was fhut. 

Eurylocbusj alone, his.Form.retain'd.: 
He, only from the ofFer'd Cup refrained: 
Which had he not rejedted, with.the reft 
Himfelf had been transfbrmfd, their Fellow-Beaft. 
Nor fhould Ulyjffis our Mifhaps have known. 
Or forc'd th' Enchaiitrefs to return his own. 

Peace bearing Hirmn gave him a white Fbwerp 
Caird Moly by the Gods, of. wondrous Pow'r; 
Safe in this Gift, and the coodnding Gdds» 
The Hero enters. Cir^s.dire Abodes : 
Again fhe does th* enchanted Bowl demand, 
Again.gEcg^trcs to wave her magic Wand : 

C I R C E, 

& ftrido pavidam dcremut enfc. 
dextrine datas : thalamoqtie rcceptus 
[dotcm fociorum corpora pofcit. 

Imur innocuae fuccb melioribus herb^, 
lurque caput converfe verbere virg^ : 

dicuntur diftis contraria verbis. 
|is ilia canit, magis hoc tellure levari 

fetaeque cadunt, bifidofque rclmquit 
[les. Redeunt humeri : fubjc6la lacertis 
int. Flentcm fientes amplefUmur iUum, 
Ique ducis coUo : ncc verba locuti 

, fumus i quam nos teftantia gratos.^ 

Ovid. MiL lib. XIV, 

Jjis ad occafum, bis fc convertit ad ortum : 
|nem baculo tengit : tria carmina dixit, 
fefe folito velocius ipfe 

lirarus, pennas in corpore vidit : 

/am fubito Latiis accederc fylvis 

Circe. 1575 

erChamis prevents his Sabre draws^^ 

randiihu^aloft^ th* Encbantreis awes. 

frith Amaze^ her Hand and Faidi Ihe plights, 

lier Bed the Viftor-Chief invites : 

11 fubmit, the Terms of Peace he names, 

changed Friends reftorM, in Dowry, claims. 

healing Herbs are brought ; and o'er our Heads 

fe and inofienfive Juice fhe Ih^ds : 

antation backward fhe repeats, 

ler Rod, and what (he did, defeats^ 

¥ our Skin grows fmooth, our Shape upright, 

[ns ftretch up, our cloven Feet unite t 

:k and Shoulders take their former Grace, 

eeping. We our weeping Prince embrace : 

r^ about his Neck : nor fcarce a Word 

irtf our Lips, but fuch as Thanks afford.—— 

Tieobald altered. 
:e tum'd (he to the Eajij twiceto the ^eji^ 
toych'd ♦ him with her Wand, three Charms cx- 

and wondring why {o faft he fled, [preis'd. 

his Limbs with fhining Plumes o'erfjpread, 
th he feeks the Woods, and angry ftiU, 
aks af&ils, and wounds them with his Bill, 
ngs the Purple of his Robe afliime. 
Id that clasp'd his Garment turns to Plume* 
his Neck, a glittering Circle glows : 7 

:x)mple^t his Change, > 

me alone he e'er was Picus fliews. ^ 

now th* Enchantrefs noxious Juices fheds, 
inkles baleful Venom o*er their Heads. 
rebus, and Chaos* dire Abodes, 

old Night, and all th* Infernal Gods : 
le with Howlings Hecaie^s Aid intreats, 
(wondrous to relate ! ) forfake their Seats : 
eaves look pale. Herbs blufli with Drops of Gore $ 
xians, Dc^ howl. Rocks hoarfely feem to roar, 
:he taintedSoil black Serpents Aide, i 

/ the Air unbody'd Spirits glide. 
King of Itafy turn'd into a Wooiptcktr by Qint. 



Ue ■ s Goofio. 

T-frii: pais diKcie iiian», 
Zfoem^ & nianifaus fufanrolvcre iua : 

locom tcftn^ & condudeir Sdoo. 

Iratufqiic kgujit, fentciirTHpic Scoatuni. 
; alii cffodium : l»c alca cheams 

Circle. . C i t y Founded^ 159 

Frighted mah Terrars, as they trenMi^ ftand 
She ftrokes their Faces with l«r ▼cnoro*a Wand. 
Forthwith the Shapes af various Beaib inveft 

Their former Forms, nor one his own poffefe'd. 

Theobald altered. 


THi S Formes eternal, and may juftly claim 
A God-like Nature, all it's Parts the fame : 
Alike, and equal to itfelf 'tis found. 
No End and no Spinning in a Round.— -^ Addifon. 

City Founded. 

MazM Mneas ftands 
To fee an ample City, where before 
Low Cottages appeared : and wondring views 
The Gates, the Streets, and Hurry of the Place. 
The Tyriam urge their Work : fome raife the Walls, 
RoU pondrous Stones, and form the Citadel : 
Some mark out Ground for Houfes with the Plough : 
Laws, Judges, and an aweflil Senate chufe. 
Others dig Ports : fome deep Foundations by 
For Theaters, and Pillars hew from Rocks, 
The (lately Ornaments of foture Scenes JVjp, 

Here the • Tyrian Queen 

To Jutto buik a (lately Tempjc, nch 

With Gi(b, and by the prefent Godde(s Weft. 

To which on Steps the brazen Threfholds role : 

The Beams were bound with Brafs : the Brazen Doors 

Jarred on their Hinge*. Jd. 

Himfelf defcribes the Walk 

With a low Tfcnch : the firft Foundation lays : 

And, like a Foit, his City on the Shore 

With Banks and Baedements indofes round.~*^ 

Widi eager Hafte 

I lay FoundatiQBS ef the ko^d^ Town, 

• «*, Call 

G I T Y Taken. i6i 

tali it Pergamea^ and exhort our Friends, 
Pleased with their Colony's new Name, to love 
Their Homes, and rear a Fdrtrefs for Defence. 
Scarce did our Veffcls, drawn within the Port, 
kefton diy Land : ths Youth to nuptial Rite* 
Tbemielves appl/d, and till'd the new-found Soil : 
Laws I affign'd them, and their fix'd Abodes;—— Trdpi 

C I T y Taken* See S i e cJ e; 

Troy taken by the Greeks. 

TH E Trtjans fcatterM. o'er the Walls^ lye hufky 
in Silence \ Sleep relieves their weary Limbs; ■■ » 
They feize the Town, immersM in Sleeps and "Wine : 
Kill all the Sentries ; at die open'd Gates 
Receive their confcipus Troops* and join their Friends* 
Mean while, with Cries cbnms^d the Walls refound* 

• Now vanquilh*d by the Fire 

Deipbobuf wide (lately Palace fells 

With noiiy Ruin : Next UcaUgon 

Blazes aloft : The broad Si^eian Sea 

Glares with the Conflagraaon : loudly found 

The Trumpet's Clangor, and the Cries of Men; 

The Greeks now domineer in flaming ^roy. 
The Jofty Steed amidft the City pours 
Arm*d Troops, tvhilft Others thro* the openM Grates 

Arrive by thoufands. - 

Others with Arms the Pafles of the Streets 

Have feiz'dt their Swords with glittering Blades litand 

Thirfting for Blood. [drawn, 

• '* — ^ Who the Horror of that Nighty 

The ttulns and Confufion cari exprefs ? 

Down £iUs the ancient City, which fo long 

Had proudly reign'd : Thro* Houfes, thro* the Streets 

And Temples, lifeleis Carcaflcs^ aix)und, 

Lie, rolPd in Heaps : Nor do the Trojans tlecd 

Alone : The vanquifh'd in their Turn refumc 

M Their 

^^itunrur gradibus : cly 
Protefti objiciunt, prcr 
Dardanidne contra turres 
Culmina convcllunt : his 
Extrcma jam in morte p; 
Auratafque trabes, vcten 
Devolvunt : alii ftridlis i 
Obfcdcrc fores, has fervai 

Turrim in prsecipiti ftar 
Eduftam teAis^ unde omni 
Aggrefli ferro circum, qua 
Jundhiras tabulata dabant, 
Sedibus, impulimiifque. ] 
Cum fonitu trahir, & Dana 
Incidit : aft alii fubeunt : r 
Tclorum interca ceffat geni 

C i t V taktti- 163 

Their Courag^i and ihe cohq^ring GreciMs fkU. 

A Scene of Slauj^ter ev*ry where appears. 

And Terror, and a thoufand Siapes of Deadly—— 

At Priam*s Palace fierce die Batde bums : 
So fierce, as if in other Parts no War 
Were heard, no other Slai^hter thro* the f owrt. 
Here we behold the Rage of Fight : in Crowds 
The Greeksj beneath a Canopy of Shields, 
Thick rufhing onward, and the Royal Gates 
By Siege aflanltedi Scaling Ladders hang 
Againft the Walls : and by the Steps they ftrive 
To gain the Doors : With their Left Hands oppok 
Their Shields to Storms of Arrows, with their Right 
Grafp at the Battlements* To them adverfe 
The Trojans tumble Roofs and Turrets down : 
Seeing the Worft, and in the laft Extremes 
Of Death, fuch Arms they ufc for their Defence : 
Rolling down gilded Beams, the (lately Pomp 
Of Royal Anchors : With Swords unflieathM, 
Others ftand thick below, and guard the Doors. 

' ■ ^There flood a Tower, 

Tall and conlpicuous, with it's lofty Roof 

Rais'd to the Stars : From whence all Troy we view*d : 

This we encompafs round : and with cur Steel, 

Juft where th* extremeft Planks disjointed gave 

Eaficft Accefs, we rend it from on high 

Pufh'd forward. — Swift with Ruin, loud with Noife, 

It thunders down, and on the Grecian Troops 

With wide Deftruftion fells :— But Others ftill 

Succeed them : Nor do Stones, or any Kind . 

Of Weapons ceafe to fly. « 

In the firft Portal, ftorming at the Door, 
Pyrrkus exults : with Arms and brazen Light 


With him his Squire Automedon^ and all 
The Syrian Youth advance : and to the Top 

Hurl flaming Brands. Himfelf before the reft, 

[ira(ping a Battle- Ax, the flubbom Doors 

M 2 Burfts 


City Taken. 165 

Surfts thro% and from their mafiy Hinges rends 
The biazen PcRs : Now, having hewn the Beams, 
He fplits their folld Timber, and a Gap 

Difclofcs wide. Th* interior Court appears : 

Long Galleries, Priain\ Rooms of State, and all 
rh* imperial Pomp of ancient Kings they fee. 
And Soitries ftanding at the Doors in Arms. 

But with confus*d Laments, the inner Rooms, 
With Timiult, Noife, and wild Diftradion, found : 
The ccchoing Palace rings with female Shrieks, 
And the flirill Clamour teats the golden Stars. 
From Place to Place the trembling Matrons run. 
Thro* the vaft Court : and cling, and hug, and kife 
The Pillars. Pyrrbus with his Father's Fire 
Still pufhes on : nor can the Bars, or Guards 
Suftam his Fury : To the battVing Rams 
The Gate gives Way : and from their Hinges icM-n 
Hie folid Pofls lie flat. A fpacious Breach 
s made : the thronging Greeks break in : then kill 
rhe firft they meet : and with arm'd Soldiers croud 

''he rich Apartments. — • 

Ticfe Eyes faw Pyrrbus raging, fmear'd with Gore, 
iJid both th* Atrida in the Entrance ftorm : 
wmidft an hundred Daughters faw the Queen 
iJid Priam^ on the Altars, with his Blood 
ollute the hallowed Fires, which he himfelf 
lad confecrated.— .— — 

-Outragiou? PyrrhuSy 

'hen drag*d old Priam to the facred Hearth, 
rcmbling, and Aiding, on the flipp'ry Ground, 
1 his Son's Blood: and, twifting in his Hair 
lis Left Hand, with the Right his glittering Swori 
tecp to the Hilt he plunges in his Side. 
All Uium now I faw among the Fires 
inkii^ lie flat : and from it's Bottom turn'd 
^own fells N^tunian Troy. As when an A(h, 
ged, and tall, is on the Mountains hewa 
f Rudicks; who in Emulation ftrive 

M3 ^>sSs^ 


i66 Clememtxa* DtFELLUM. 

£t treme&fta cdiAain eoncil& irmi»itt«tf f- ' '' '•" ' 
Vulneribus' donee pax^om €fift% Ifayw fr -^ - - ^' 
Coi^emuit, traxitxjw Ji^ aifi^ lyln^ '• \ 

Clementia. Vide Combciseratio, 

DII, quonimcurasabduxkitbafiriierQtx^^ * '^' 
Romanufque LstboTt vincat^ quicimq^ ^^fOdK , ; 
Non putat in vi6tx)8 &vuiii diBai^gfft ferratti. — ^ '.'* 

Viv6, licet nolis, Ar noftro niuiieie» doii; 
Ceme diem, viftis jam fpc^ bcma paratwo cfto, 
Exemplumque mei : vel, fi libet, anna recenq^ 
£t niml hic veni&» fi vioms ipfe, padftxir. 
Fatur : & aftridis laxari vinpuia plmis 
Jmperat. ■ ' ■■ ■ " i> 

l4fCM. LibiS, 

D U E L L U M, 

AT vero ingentem quatiens Mezentius haflam 
Turbidus ingreditur campo : quam miigpus QtkOj^ 
Cum pedes inccdit medii per maxima Ncrei 
3tagna viam fcindens, humero fuperemin^ undas*; 
Talis fe va^s infert Mezentius armis. 
Huic contra ^neas, fpeculatus in agmine longp, 
Obvius ireparat. Manet imperterritus illc, 
iHoftem magnanimum opperiens, & mole f^ ftat,^ 
Atque ocqlis fptium emenfus quantum fatis haftsc; 


Clbmency. Combat. 167 

tdi Snokes of Axes, and repeated Steel 

» overturn it : oft it nods, ind fhakes 

( leafy Top, ftill tottering, till at length 

bduM by Wounds, it groans it's laft, and torn 

om the )ugh Ridge, with cumbrous Ruin falls.— Trap. 

Clemency. Sec Compass ion. 

IE AR, O ! You Gods ! who in Rome'sContdt Share, 
And leave your Heav*n, to make our Earth your 
au-, and let him the happy Viftor live, [Ore : 

ho (hall with Mercy ufe the Pow*r You give. — Rowc. 
From me thy forfeit Life, he laid, receive, 
k1 though unwilling, by my Bounty live : 
iat All, by thy Example taught, may know, 
yw Ciejkr^s Mercy treats a vanquiih'd Foe. 
I] arm againft me, keep thy Hatred ftill, 
id if thou conquer*ft, ufe thy Conqucft,— kill, 
turns of Love, or Favour, feek I none : 
Mr give thy Life to bargain for my own. — — 
faying, on the inftant he commands, 
loofc the galling Fetters from his Hands.—— Id, 

Combat. Duel. 

—HP Urbulent in Ire, 

JL With his long Spear Mezentius takes the Field : 
gp as OrioHj when on Foot he ftalks, 
ting his Way thro* the wide liquid Realms 
NereuSj and furmounts the topmoft Waves 

•h Shoulders tall : 

n vaft Arms Mezentius tow'rs fublime. 
o* the long Ranks when him JEneas fpies, 
meet him he prepares : the Other fix'd 
1 fcarlefi waits, expeftin^ the Approach 
his brave Foe : and in his own Bulk ftands. 
n having meafur'd with his Eyes the Space 
for his Jav'lin's Reach : Aifift me now, 

M 4 Mjj 

WW yiuii locios : tempus defiftertf 
Solus ego in Pallante feror, foil n 
iOebetur : cuperem, ipfe parens fp 
i^acc ait : & focii ceflerunt asquoi 

At Rutulflm abfceflii Juvenis, t 
l^iiratus, ftupet in Tumo : corp^ 
Lumina volvit, obitque truci pica 
Talibus 8t didis it contra didta tynu 
Aut fpoliis ego jam raptis laudabor 
iVMt leto infigni : ford pater asquus 
Telle minas.— Fatus medium proce 

Piflfiluit Tumus bijugis, pedes ap 
CQminus } utque lep, fpecula cum ^ 
|9tare procul campis meditantem pne 
Advolat : haud alia eft Tumi ycnic 

Hunc ubi contiguum miflte fare 
|rc priw Pallsi« --^ 

Combat. 169 

My ownRight Hand, and Thou, my nuflive Lance. 
you are die only Gods that I invoker 

He iaid : and hurPd the hilling Dart from far. 
Which flying glances from the Target's Orb. 

Then good Mneas throws a Spear, which flies 
Swift thro* the hollow Orb of triple Brafi, 
Thro' the tough Linnen folds, and three Bulls Hides 
Convplv'd : the Point flands fix'd within his Groin,^- 

!—— Thus Tumus to his Friends : 

Pefili You from the Batde, and retire ; 
f alias I meet alone : To Me alone 
Tallas is due : O ! were his Father here 
Spe6bator of the Fight ! He laid : His Friends 
Form the commanded Lifl;, and clear the Field, 

At their Retreat, and at Thofe proud Commands, 
The Royal Youth, in Wonder, and Amaze, 
Stands fix'd on T^umus : rolls his Eyes around. 
And with ftem Afped his huge Bulk furveys. 
Then to th' infulting Chief thefe Words remrns : 
Or I this Day will reap the Fame of Spoils 
Illufbious won, or of a glorious Death : 
For cither Chance my Father ftands prepared : 
Forbear thy Threats ; — ^This faid, he takes the Field, 

Tumus his Chariot quits : on Foot prepares 
For clofer Fight. As when a Lion fpies 
From a high Rock a Bull upon the Plain, 
Standing aloof, and meditatmg War : 
Forward he ^rings : Not difF'rent was the Port 
Of Turnns^ and his Figure, as he walked. 

When Pallas thought within his Jav'lin's reach 
His Foe advanced : He firft begins th* Aflault : 
With m^hty Strength the trembling Weapon hurlst 
And flx)m it*s Scabbard draws his fliining Sword, 
On his high Shoulder lights the flying Sjpear : 
And pafling thro^ the Shield's extreameft Edge, 
Jhe Body pf great Turm flighdy ra»'d« 



D cr 5 L t V M. ^^1 

iirnos jerro prsfixum robir acut0 ^^^| 
tce diu libmns jadty atqae ita fatur : ^^H 
num mage fit noftnim penetrAbile tdum* ^^H 

ac clypeum, tot ferri tcrga, tor ^ris^ ^^H 
[is toties obeat circumdata tauri» ^^H 
Cufpis medium tranfverberat iihi^ ^^B 
jc moraK & pedlus perforat ingens, .S 

calidum fniftra de vulnere tdum : 
;mque via fanguis animiifque fequuntur* 
I viilnus : fonitam fupcr arma dedere : 
1 hoftikm moricns petit ore cruento, 

jmus fupcr affiftcns : 
h^c, inquir, memores mea difta refertc 
: qimlem meruit, Pailanta remitro. 

honos tumuli, quicquid folamen homandi elt, 
liaud illi ftabunt ^neia parvo f 

Et laevo prcflit pede, talia fatus, 
m : rapiens immania pondera Baltei, 
mque nefas { una fub noAe jugali 
lus juvenum fo^ie, thalamique crucnti ) 

^$imks a Lance prefixed wi^ ibaf|)cn\i Steel 
Long poifing, darts k, and Thus ipeaks : Now fee 
Whether cur YfcBpea can more deeply wound. 
He faid : And, <^v*n with force&t Swing from &r. 
Thro* the mid Shield, {o many Plates of Biafs 
So many Iron Folds, and tough Bull Hide& 
The Jav*lin makes it's Way : and pierces flieer 
The Corflet's Mail, and bores his mighty Breaft. 
He wrenches oui the reeking Point in vain : 
Thro* the fame OziHce the Blood, and Sod 
Iflue at once : He fiills upon his Wound : 
His Armour o*er him rings : With gory Moudi 
He gafps in Death, and bites the hoftile Plain. 

Then o'er him Tumus fpeaks : 
Arcadians^ to Evander ( mark my Words ) 
This Meffage bear : Juft fuch as he defcrv'd 
To be reftor'd, his Pallas I rcftore. 
The Honour of a Tomb, whatever it be. 
And all the Solace which a Grave can yield, 
I firankly give : yet dearly has he bought 
His Trijan Gueft's Alliance. Having fpoke. 
With his left Foot the breathlefs Corps he prefe'd : 
Snatching with eager Hafte the pondrous Belt, 
And on it that dire Argument engrav'd. 
So many Youths in one connubial Night 
Dilpatch'd ; and bridal Beds befmear'd with Gore ; 
Which good Eurytiorf^ Art had carv*d in Gold. 
This Trophy now, with recent C>nque(l crown'd, 
Turnus enjoys, and in proud Triumph wears, — Trap. 

Thou, IdmoHj to the Phrygian Tyrant bear 
(No Joy to Him) this Meflage. ♦ — Soon as Mom, 
Frelh in her rofy Car (hall paint the Sky : 
Let him not lead his Trojans to the Fight : 
Let Trojans and Rutulians from their Arms 
Defift : — His Blood and Mine decide the War., 

The Trojans and Rutulians for the Fight 
A Cirque before the lofty Walls defcribe, 

♦ ^h/^ Challenge from 7urnus to jEneas. 

D U E I. L U M, 

AufofudiiB]^ piktaque pknis 
hmdant poras : tunc Tmius omnls^ 
ac mit vstrik accrcitiis armis : 
iiiibikii ferpo, quajn fi afperaMartis 
Nee non mcdiis in millibus ipfi 
Ixao vtditmt crffatSque dacori. 

I figno fpam in (m quifque receflit^ 
ellurr baftas^ & fcuta redinant. 
\ c&xie mitrcSt fit vulgus tnermum, 
ioKs, ciirrts & ccfta domonjm 
^ii poras liibbmtbtis aftanc> 


ppiiio conjc&is cminus hafiiSy 
j^Urctm dypcis aique aar fonoro r 
xm tdhis : turn crdm^ eofibus tdm 

impiirMT pu:jLr5^ & corporc toco 
m ooai'urgit Tamus incnlem : 
vKckmant Trofe, trrpidiquc Latini, 

Combat. vf% 

Th* jhiftmian LtgLODS match: and IronTroopt 
Pour from the crouded Gates. To them oppoi^d 
ThtJryanj and the T^ivfff Squadrons nmit 
In various Arms : nor rangM Ids m Array 
Than if the rigid Labour of the War 
Had caird them to the Field. The Ouefe themfelrc^ 
Amidft the Thoufands, thro' th' embattlM Lines 
Ride rounds all rich in Purple, and in Gold4~-«-^ 

^When now (the Signal giv^n) 

All to their Pofts allotted were retir'd : 
They fix dieir Spears in Earth, and reft then* Shields. 
The longing Matrons, and the feeble Sires, 
And unarm'd Vulgar, load the Houics-Tops, 
And Tow*rs : or crouding fill the lofty Gates. 
And now, the fiirious * Combatants at once. 
With rapid Onfet, darting miffive Spears, 
B^in the Fight with Shields and founding Brais. 
The Earth beneath them groans : Then various Strokes 
In clofer G)nflift, furious. They repeat. 
Turnus imagining his Blow fecure. 
Now forward fprings with all his Body^s Force, 
And waves his glittering Sword upraised in Air, 
And ftrikes his Foe. The Trojans loud exclaim : 
The Latins tremble : And the Bands of Both 
Stand fix'd, expeding. But the faithlefs Blade 
Breaks fhort : and in the middle of the Stroke 
Deferts him. Nothing now but Flight remains 
For Aid: More fwift than Eaftern Winds he flies. 
Soon as he fees the unaccuftom'd Hilt, 
And his Right Hand diiarm'd. With Fear confiis*d 
He traverfcs the Field : now here, now there 
Doubles in doubtful Mazes : For all round 
The Trojan Lines embattPd hemm*d him in. 
Here a vaft Lake, and there the lofty Walls. 

jEneas prefTes on his trembling Foe 
With eager Hafte, and Step by Step purfues. 

* Turmt* and juntas. 


Axic njeterat. — - t • 

Hie hafta JEncx (labat : hue impetus i 
Detulerat fizam, & lenta in radice tenet 
Incubuir, voluitouc manu convellcre ftr 
Dardanides : teloque fequi, qubtn preiH 

Non pocerat. ^Dum nititur accr &']t 

Ruiius in aurigse fadem mutata Metifci 
Ptociirrit, fratrique enfeiti Dea Daunia n 

Olli fublimes, armis, aitimflque t t fefli 
Hie gladio fidens, hie acer Bt atdmis haft 
Afliftunc eontra, certftmihe Martis aiibeli. 

£neas inftat contra, telumque toitdcat 
Ingens arboreum, & (aevo fie peftare fittli 
Quse nunc deihde mora eft? aut^quid janl) ' 
Non curiii, fevis ceitandtirti eft coMlnus t 
Vcite omnes tete in faciei : & Contrabet q 
Sivemimls fire arte vate: optaardoipe 
Aftra fequi, clausfimquc caVl tc cow**"* 

C O M B A rf J tfs 

N<lw Ctamoiirft nki the Banks and Lakes around 
Reply : And Heav*n ail thunders to the Noife. 

He flying chides his lingering Friends, and calls 
On each by Nanie, to bring his faithful Sword, 
jEneas oppofite denounces Ruin 
Inftant, and Death, if any dares approach. 
Five Orbs involved, five Windings they compleat. 
This Way, and That : For now no trivial Prize 
Is fought : FcMT ^lirttus Life, or Blood they drive. 

An old wild Olive Tree by Chance there flood 
With bitter Leaves : to Faunus facred held : 
Hither JEneas Jav*lin flew: here fijc^d 
It flood : and in the flubbom Root remained* 
He kneeling tugs, and flrives to difengage 
The Steel : and with his mifTive Spear to reach 
Whom in the fwift Purfuit he could not feize. 
There while he tugs and fweats : again transformM 
Into the Charioteer Metifius Shape, 
The Daunian Goddefs to her Brother runs 
AlTifling, and his trufty Sword reflores. 

Now Both, fublime in Courage, and with Arms 
Refitted, one confiding in his Sword, 
The Odier rifing to his brandifh'd Spear, 
Stand oppofite : and panting urge the Fight. 

/Eneas fhaking his long afhen Spear 
Urges adverfe : and Thus relentlefs fpcaks. 
What, Turnusj now is the Delay ? or what 
Doft Thou revolve ? No Hope of Flight remains : 
Arms muft decide the Strife : To every Shape 
Transform thy fclf: Colled thy utmofl Force, 
Whatever thou canfl in Art, or Courage : Wifh 
For Wings to bear thee to the Stars aloft : 

Or hide thyfclf in opening Earth below. 

The Hero fhook his Head, and thus reply'd : 
Not thy proud Threats, infulting Man, affright 
My Soul : Me Heav*n affrights, and Jcve my Foe. 
No more he fpoke : But looking round efpy'd 
A pondrous Stone, which then by Chance there lay. 


D U E L L fr M. 

andqtium, ingcns, campo quod ibne jicclitti 
Is agro pofitm, liEcm ut dilbenicrct arm, 
[lano rapruni trcpkla cotqiaetmt in boft^o 

infurgens^ & oufu cioodtus henis. 
Icquc currrntem fe, nee eognofat cumem, 
iremve manu, iixumquc immune mereniaik 

kbant, gelidus coDcrevit fr^orc fangms, 
Ikpis iple viri, vacuum per inane voiutus, 
Ipadum cTolir, mmm nee peitulit iduni. 

Turn pcftore fenfiis 

Intur varii. KutuJos afpedat & urban^ 
pturque metu : telumqoe infUrc tremifcit 3 
|U0 k cripiat, n^c qua vi tendac in boftcm« 

|ajiri rclum ^neas faralc corufcitj 
js fortunam oculis : & corpore coto 
lus intorquet. Murali concita numqeanl 
lento fie faxa fremuntT ncc flilmine tanri 
[Itint crepitus. Volat atri turbinis inltar 
im dirum hafta fcrens : orafque rccludj& 
& clypci exrrcmos fcptcmplicis orb^ : 

Combat: T77 

Ittiqne, jpood^ious Stone^ a Landmark plac^d^ 
m the Limits of th' adjoii^^ 
I trembling Hands he rifing iifb it high^ 
ftagp^ring fixrward^ and againft his Foe 
s t^enormous Load : but neither knows 
fclf, when running, nor when ftagg^rine On^ 
poifing in his Hands th' unweildy Weight. 
Cnees &ii tott'ring, and his Blood congeals* 
Stone then rolling thro* the empty Space 
s (hort, nor reaches to the deftin'd Mark« 
len various PaflSons ftn^le in his Breaft : 
City and the Latian Hoft he views, 
3^ with Fear, and dreads the coming Dart t 
ives no Way for Flight, no Strength to moVe 

aft the Foe, — 

hile thus perplex'd he ftands, jEneas fkakes 
iXNtal Dart : and, having with his Eyes 
:'d out the deftin'd Wound, with all his Force 
£ted, huris the miflive Death from far* 
8 Ihot fix)m mural Engines with lefs Sound 
thro* the Air : nor breaks fo loud a Crafli 
I burfting Thunder : Like a Whirlwind flies 
Fate-conveying Spear, and opens wide 
[jorflet*s Border, and the feven fold Shield^s 
;mefl: Orbs : and whizzing pafles fheer 
^ his mid Thigh. Down lofty Turnus falls, 
[ided, on doubl'd Knee, and bent to Earth. 
n*ral Groan runs thro* th* Aufonian Hofl x 
Vf ountaiii round rebellows : and the Woods 

ing return the Noife. Furious in Arms 

IS flood, rolling his Eyes around, 
dicck'd his lifted Hand. — And now his Soul 
iiore and more relented, as he paus'd : 
1 on the vanquifh'd Champion^s Shoulder high 
well known Boffes fhone the fatal Belt 
mthful Pallas : whom with mortal Wound 
rj, unhappy Viftor, flruck to Earth, 
on his Shoulder wore the hoftile Spoils* 

N Thof« 

Co M I 

SI V E igJEtor ntiopnebcndii 
la vokocs I0KS pciffiwf g 
Sirt ilhs iHtnn nccsob funfta 
Sidtnt per ttooes coeio lucgrtii 
Seu Dcos ioftamis fiutt ntt feratm 
Sigpa percflfefius^ codiqiK inoti 
Nunouain fbdfibas wrandnit ^gini 
Sqinllidaqiie ehifi deploriiii anra 
Et fteriks inter fiikos deJcffis Ai 
Ad jopt- moerentcs cogit fiuftrata 
Aot^Yibus morfais, & lenta a 
Cdmpit^ otiiftif ktali flainim m 
LabcDtclqae npit populosy toiafi 
Publica fucoams pc m gu n t ur £tta 

C O M 12 T ». 179 

"Xlnft %xal8 die ^^oh Hero havii^ viewed, 

"The fiem Incentives of his Grief and Rage: 

3aflani*d widi Vengeance^ terrible in Ite» 

Shalt Thou, thus deckM with Trophies of my Friends 

^Eibqpe from-Me ?— 'Tis PaUas^ Pallas gives 

This Wound, and from thy execrable Blood 

Demands this Sacrifice of juft Revenge. 

Thus while he fpoke, beneath his Breaft adverfe 
Furious he plung'd the Sword : the vital H6at 
Leaves hb flack Limbs : And to the Shades below 
With Indignation flies his groaning Soul. Trap. 

* Comets. 

WHether fr>m Earth the adive Seeds of Flame 
May rife on high, and fiery Comefs fi^mc. 
Or Emanations from the Stars may fly. 
And join to form them, blazing thro' the Sky : 
HtGoAj in pity to our mortal State, 
-Hangs out thefe Lights, to fliew apptoaching Fate : 
They never fhine in vain, but flill prefage 
Some coming Plague on the unhappy Age. 
No Crop rewards the ch^ted Farmer*s Toil, 
He mourns, and curies the ungrateful Soil : 
The meag^ Ox to the fuccefslefs Plow 
He yokes, and fcarce dares make another Vow : 
Or wafting Plagues their deadly Poiibns fpread. 
And wide extend the Empire of the Dead : 
Then Heaps on Heaps unhappy Mortals &11, 

And mighty Cities make one Funeral. Creech. 

So threatning Comefs glaring from an high 
With languine Beams, dart fwiftly thro* the Sky : 
They ftream a ruddy Trail, and, not in vain, ^ 

The Sailor fears them on the watry Plain, 5> 

And trembling Nations dread the long malignant Train. > 
The bearded Blaze th* impending 111 tbrefhows 
Of wrecking Tempcfts, or invading Foes, • Hughes. 

N 2 . As 

Co M P A S S I O N. l8l 

A s when in N^t ferene, 
Gttiguin'd C0i$ets flioot a diunal Glare : 
the red Dog-Scar, rifing on the World, 
wretched Mortals threatens Dearth and Plagues, 
di ba^bl L^t : and faddeps all the Sky. Traj^. 

Compassion. See Clemency. 

COMPASSION proper to Mankind appears, 

• Whkh Nature witnels*d when (he lent us Tears : 
tender Sentiments fTe only give 

afc Proofs : — ^to weep is our Prero^tive : 
Ihew by pitying Looks, and melting Eyes, 
w with a fiiflrring Friend we fympathize. 
cure commands a Sigh, when in the Street, 
ii fome fair blooming Virgin's Hearfc we meet, 

In&nt's Funeral . Tate. 

——His moving Sighs controq} 

: rifing Rage, and foften ev'ry Soul, PU. 

rouch'd with the moving El(K]uence of Tears, 
\ Life we gave him, anddifpell'd his Fears.—— Id. 
kit when Ancbifef Son his Viiage faw, 
I * Viiage wondrous Pale, and chang'd in Death ^ 
ply he groan'd with Pity, and his Hand 
ended, as he fell : and to his Thoughts 
5 Image foft of filial Piety 
Ifprefented, What, ill-tated Youth t 
lat Honours, by fuch mighty Virtue claim'd^ 
thy Deferts can cood jEneas pay ? 

* Arms, which plcas'd Thee living, ftill be thine j 
1 to thy Parents* Afowy, and their Dufl: 

aught That Care follicit thee in Death } 

r breathleis Corps I willingly rcftore. 

1 let this Thought confole thy rigid Doom, 

great jEtuaf Hand Thou fell*ft. At once 

chides his Ung'ring Friends, and fi-om the Ground 

ifts him, with his Trefles, form'd by Art, 

fyulin Dufl^ and clung with clotted Gore.— T^rof ^ 

offffOm by jEwas in the Defence of his Fnxhw MewntUu. 

-•«« ujj c 

A'unt, ciimfibifinto^ 

Quantum, BSfS.^**. 
Nunquan, aS?^ ^Pcmot an 

A 4.1. 

Competency. See Content. Nature content 
with Litde, 

IF wha^s ooDg^ for Man, enough could be» 
This were fiiffident : but as this, we &e» 
Is not enough how can we e'er believe 
That Richeatothe Mind Conteitt can give?—— Ahon. 

The Fanner, laboring, widithe Iron Share 
Turns up die churlifh Soil : the Tradefinan cheats : 
The hardy Mariner, and Soldier, roam 
To ev^ry Region, fearlefi of the Seas : ^ 
Thele Toils tiney undergo, that having gain'd 
A Competency, and from Want fecure. 
All Bu&nefi laid afide, old Age may pais 
In Eafe and Quiet. .^ 

If any afk me what would latisfy 
To make Life eafy, thus I would reply : 
As much as keeps out Hunger, Thirft, and Cold, 
Or what contented Socrates of old : 
As much as made wife Epicurus bleft. 
Who in fmall Gardens fpacious Realms poflels'd. 
This is what Nature's Wants may well fuffice ; 
He that would more, is covetous, not wife. 

Dryden jun. 

Much will always wanting be 

To thofc who much defire : thrice happy He, 
To whom the wife Indulgency of Heaven, 
With fparing Hand, but juft enough has given. 

Moft by their own felfe Hopes deceived, cry qjt. 
They have not yet enough. 

My Friend complain no more : 
He that hath needful Things can ne'er be poor. 
If with good Food and Cloathing thou art ftor^d» 

Na more than this can kuigly Wealth afford. 

Creech altered* 



^^^ iuucC) numeroique ixumi jafta 

Tu male jadUto : tu bene jad: 
Seu jaciet talos, vifbun ne poena 

Damnofi &cito ftent dbi fiepe c 
Sive latrocinii fub imagiDecalQilus 

Fac pereatvitreo mUes ab hofte 
Jpfb tene diftinfta fuis umbcacula \ 

Ipfe face in turba, qua venh iUa 
Sa^edam Donume* quannrbho 

Algentis manus eft eauadenda fin 
Nee ribi turpe puta (quamyia fit tm 

Ingenua fpeculum iuftinuUfe mam 
Occurras aliquo tibi dixerit i omnia 

Curre, nee inceptum turba mc»tci 
. Ifofte diomum repetens epulis perfii 

Tunc quoc^ue pro ferv^, fi vocat 

Sic vita erat : bdii omnes perfen 
dm quibus erat cumque upa^ iis fej 
Porum obfequi ftudiis, adverfiis ner 
Nuoquam prapooeps fe aliis': iA fi 
Sine Invidi miv***--- * 


HER Wiihes never, nor her Will withftand : 
Submit, You conquer: ferve, and you'll conunand. 
Her Words approve, deny what ihe denies. 
Like where Ihe likes, and where fhe fcoms, defpiie. 
LaAi^ when fhe fmiles, when fad, diUblve in Tears : 
Let €:v*ry Gefture fympathizc with hcrs^ 
If ihe delights, as Women will, in play. 
Her Stakes return, your ready Lofings pay. 
When (he's at Cards, or rattling Dice fhe throwst 
Connive at Cheats, and gpneroufly lofe. 

A fmiling Winner let the Nymph remain. 

Let your pleased Mifbrefs ev*ry Conqueft gain. 
In Heat with an UmbreUo ready fland : 

When walking offer your officious Hand. 

Her trembling Hands, tho' You fullain the Cold, 

Cheriih, and to your warmer Bofom hold. 

Think no inferior Office a Difgrace : 

No AAion, that a Miffaefi gaimr, is bafe. 

Whenever ihe vrants a Meflenger, away, 

Bufinefi defer, let nought your Speed delay. 

When late from Supper fhe's returning home. 

And calls her Servant, as a Servant come,<^-~ Drydau 

Then for his Converfation : he was never uneafy upon 
any occafion, nor would he ever fpoil Company, but 
clo^d with all Humours, never thwarting odiers, nor a£- 
fumii^ too much to himfelf. And I think this was the 

Way to ^ Reputatkm and Friends without Envy.^ • 


CcHnplaiiapce goes current, when Plain-dealing will 
liqt paist 1 ' — 14^ 


Mbhs Cons CIA Mali. 

O H C O R D I A* Vide P A X. 

Tcmo cooipkdtcns omBu ncxu, 
O rerom, miftiqiic falus Concordm mundit 
jrbis Amor ! ■ ■ ■ ■ . 

LMcm. lib. IV. 

CohsciaMali. Vide Crimim; 

kpto quodcunque malo committkix'y tpA 
ilicct authori. Prima eft hacc dtio^ c|u6d & 
fcrno noccns abfolvitur, improba quamvis 
llbds Practoris viccrit umam. > ■ ■ ■ 

Juv. Sat. Xm 

-Cur camen hos tu 

jtes, quos diri confcia fifti 
:rt attonitos, & furdo vcxbene ocdit, 
quatientc ammo conorc BageLhim } 
km vehcmens, ac multo fevior illis. 

CojNsciENCB. (EvH. ) iSy 

Concord. See Peace. 

KIND Gpncordj heav'nly bom! whofe blUsful Rei^ 
Holds this vaft Globe in one furrounding Chain^ 
Whofc Laws the jarring Elements controul. 
And knit each Atom dofe fi^om Pole te Pole : 
Soul of the World ! suid Love's eternal Spring! — Rawe. 

CoNsciENes. ( Evil ) See C u i l t, 

HE that commits a Sin, (hall quickly find 
The preffing Guilt lie heavy on his Mind : 
Tho' Bribes or FaVbur fhoidd aflert hb C^ufe, 
Pronounce him goiltlefi, and elude the Laws : 
None quits himielf : his own impartial Thoi^;ht 
Will damn, and Con/Hence wiU record the Fault. — Creech. 

But why muft thofe be thought to 'fcape, who feel 
Thofc Rods of Scorpions, and thofe Whips of Steel 
Which Confcience fhakes, when fhe with Ra^ controuls. 
And ipreads amazing Terrors thro' their SouS. Id. 

Nor iharp Revenge, nor Hell itfelf can find 
A fiercer Torment than a gttilty Mind : 
Which Day and Night doth dreadfully accufe. 
The Wretch condemns, and ftill the Charge renews. — Id. 

Sleq> flies the Wretch : or when with Cares oppreft. 
His bn turn'd Limbs are weary'd into Reft, 
Then Dreams invade,^ the injured Gods appear. 
All arm'd with Thunder, and awake his rear. 

Such Wretches ftart at ev*ry Flalh that flies, 
Gtxmpale at die firft Murmur of the Skies, 
E'er Qouds are fbrm'd, and Thunder roars, afield.— Id^ 

Ev*n Here, cm Earth, the Guilty have in view 
The mighty Pains to mighty Mifchie6 due : 
Racks, Prifons, Pbifohs, tli^ Tarpeian Rock, 
Stripes, Hai^men, Pitch, and fuflbcating Smoak, 
And laft, and moft, if thefe were caft behind, 
Th* avengmg Horrors of a confcious Mind : 


|Men$ Conscia REcm 

adhibet ftimulos, torrctque flagellts : 
ipterea* qui terminus d![c malorum 
quJE fit poenarum dmique finis. 
[icm metuit magis Hkc ne in mortc graveftant^ 
kerufia fit vita, LucnL Lib. IB. 

J-Sua quemquc prcmit terroris imago. 
Itum pcen^e mifero mens conJcia donat« ^ 
1^, quod manes, infeftaque tartara fomnis 

-infera monilra flagellant, 

iMcan^ Lib^ TIL 

lidum veluti demcns vidct agmina Pentheus, 
Igeminum, & duplices fc oftendcre Thcbos : 
lemnonius fcenis agitacus Oreftes 
facibus matrem & ferpentib«s atris 
J ulcricefque fedcnt in limine Dirse* 

Virg. Mn, Lib, ^\^ 

Conscia Recti. Vide Vir probus* 

ids, > 
nds. — J 

COMSCIBMCS. (Good.) 189 

Whofe deadly Fe^raimdpates the Blov, 

And foes DO End of Puniihment and Woe : 

But locks for more, at the laft Gafo of Breath :— 

This makes a HeU on Eardi, and life a Death. — ^ 


Each as his Hands in Guilt have been embrew'd. 
By helliih Horror ever is purfu'd. 
AJh! who can tell thofe agonizmg Pams, 
Which Day and Nieht the guilty Mind fuftains ! 
Vengpuice, with aU her dreadful Pomp, attends : 
To Wheels fhe binds him, and with Vultures rend 
With Racks of Confcience, and with Whips of Fiends. 


So raying Petuheus Troops of Furies lees. 
Two Suns, and double tbebes : So mad with Guilt 
OrefteSj agitated on the Stage, 
Flies from his Modier*s Ghofl: with Torches arm'd. 
And black infernal Snakes : reven^ftil Fiends 
Sit in the Doors, and intercept his Flight. Trap^ 

Conscience. (Good.) See Man Upright 

WH A T's Man's chief Good ? From Guilt a Con- 
fcience free. 

Be this thy Guard, be this thy (Irong Defence : 
A virtuous Heart, and unftain'd Innocence : 
Not to be confcious of a fhamefui Sin, 
Nor e'er turn pale for fcarlet Crimes within. Creech. 

Within the confcious Breaft of every Man, 
As good, or bad, his Courfeof Life has been. 
So Hope, or Fear prevails. — 

A Man that's Good and Wife will boldly fay. 
Well, PefUheus King of Thebes^ Why this Delay ? 
Pray what muft I expeft ? What muft I fear ? 
What undefcrv*d muft I be forc'd to bear ? 
m take away thy Goods. — My Flocks, My Land, 
You may, — 'tis fubjeft all to your Command. 


■^ir'.'^ ."-tH- -"!7rS. — »— ^— 

;) ->-l;; :cuu«: •-nm OTar 
O :jiii f^nora: utoic Dei 

Rcvoate uiiinus* ntn 

Mimxe %nn dl? 'isec liim 

»r^ lumina noibaj 
Impiuennc x:cs, .nancat par* 
Stouc TOni, .1 -an prcnunc, ' 
Quo .iigiiie '^ciixn. 

Xuih lies idw dl Audraiifaua 
Non .nrcmriffis or 3uar imt 

No: ftmiis icxias uUai iza di, 
Mlfta fcr^ -iuns jri'- '- ' 

Co H 9 O L A T I O Vl 'igi 

Bkjt God, ^dime'er I pleafe, will fet me free.— —Cr^r£. 
Innocence may be bold, and vindicate itfelf vidi 
Afliirance, and fpeak out confidendy.*—- ~ 


LE T Padence moderate thy Grief, he cries ; 
Nor think Thy&lf unfortunate abne. 
But learn by Others Woes, to bear thine own. 

: —The Chief 

With Words of Comfort fooths the common Grief: — 
O Friends ! he cries, experienced in Diftreis, 1 

Much worie have We endur*d : > 

And Heaven will likewife put an End to this. 3 

Courage afliime : ev^n this Affliftion, paft. 
May in Remembrance yield Us Joy at laft. 
Widi manly Patience bear your prefent State, 
And iavc your fchrcs to meet a better Fate. — Dry^. altered. 

If fo the Gods * my Overthrow ordain. 
And the fierce Vidor chace me o'er the Plain, 
Thou Ihalt be left me ftill, my better Fkrt, 
To footh my Cares, and heal my broken Heart : 
Thy open Arms I fhall be fure to meet. 
And fly with Pleafure to the dear Retreat.— Rp'Xi. 

No Day is drench'd with fuch perpemal Rain, 
But diat fome Intermiiljon glads the Plain : 
No barren Soil's fo bad, but that it fhows ' 
Some ufeful Plant beneath it's Briars grows : 
No Life's fo fill'd with Woes, but that between 
Some Gleams of Joy fhine thro* the gloomy Scene.— 

Still on your Bloom fhall endlefs Sorrow prey. 
And wafle your Youth in Solitude away ? 
And fhall no pleafing Theme your Thoughts employ ? 
The prading In&nt, or the bridal Joy ? 


Constancy. I93 

Think you fuch Cares difturb your Hufband^s Shade, 
Or ftir the facred Afties of die Dead ? Pitt, 

The Merchant IhipwrcckM on the faithlefi Mainj 

Seeks out fome ihipwreckM Wretch to (hare his Grief t 
By fiidden Storms undone, the ruin*d Swain 

Finds in fome Other^s Ruin fad Relief* 
AfflidHon's Friendlhip mutual Fun'rals move i 

T<»ether childlefs Parents mix their Sighs. 
Then let's the Power of joint Orifons prove ! 

Affociate Pray*rs wing fwifteft to the Skies* — Add.yXtii 

WhoM be fo mad a Mother to diflwadc 
From Tears, whilft on his Hearfe her Son is laid ? 
But when Grief's Deluge can no longer fwell, 
Declining Sorrow you'll with eafe repell. ^ "Tati, 

Constancy. Sec Affection Conjugal 

SINCE ^rSicbauSj by my Brother flain^ 
Dafti'd with his Blood the confecrated Fane^ 
And ftain'd the Gods : my firm Refolvcs, I own^ 
This gracefiJ Prince has fhook, and this alone, 
I feci a Warmth o'er all my trembling Frame, 
Too like the Tokens of my former Flame. 
But Oh ! may Earth her dreadful Gulph difplay, 
And gaping fnatch me from the golden Day : 
May I be hurl'd, by Heav'n*s Almighty Sire, 
Transfix'd with Thunder, and involved in Fire, 
Down to the Shades of Hell, from Realms of Light, 
The deep, deep Shades of everlafting Night : 
E'er, facred Honour, I betray thy Caufc, 
In Word, or Thought, or violate thy Laws. 
No ! — my firft Lord, my firft ill-fated Spoufe, 
Still, as in Life, is Lord of all my Vows. 
My Love he had, and ever let him have^ 
Interred with him, and bury'd in the Grave.—*— Pitt. 

Content % 

r>eiKjfnintan quod £ 
i^4. nunc i.>-«Si^ 


Content* See Discontent. 

LET the rich Mifer gather golden Gain, 
And live the large Pofleflbr of the Plain : 
VHiwn Fears perpetual fcare with neighl/ring Foes, 
While (bunding Trumpets wake his foft Repofe« 
To me the Fates with Ibarins Hand difpence. 
The humbler Sweets of Eale and Innocence : 
Pkas'd with the Joys of a fecure Retreat, 
While conftant Fires fupply the chearful Seat. 
I nor paternal Wealth, nor Fields require. 
Nor Harvefts, bounteous, to my wealthy Sire : 
A fmall Eftate my humble Wi(h can pleafe. 
And a ibft Bed to ftretch my Limbs at Eale.— -^ Dart. 
My little Grove, my limpid Stream, 
My certain Harveft, render me 
More bleft, more truly bleil, than Me 
That wears rich Afrk^s Diadem. ■ ■ 

He that defires but what's enough, 
4)^ainft the Pow'r of Fate is proof : 
Ltt raging Tempefts tofs the Floods, 
Or Whirlwinds roar among the Woods : 
Let patt'ring Hail his Vineyard Spoil, 
And render fruitleis all his Toil, 
Or let his injured Trees complain. 
Of too mucn Drought, or too much Rain, 
Or let his Field deceive his Hopes, 
And Frofts untimely nip his Crops. — Creech altered. 
Thole Hours the Gods bdtow with Thanks employ^ 
Nor lon^ defer the Blifs Thou may*ft enjoy : 
For as 'tis Prudence, and not change of Air, 
Muft render Life a Bleffing any where, 
Thofe that beyond Sea go will fadly find. 
They change their Climate only, not their Mind. 
A bufy Idleneis deftroys our Eafe : 
We ride, and fail, in Search of inward Peace : 
Yet what we leek we ev'ry where may find. 
If We can gain but a contented Mind. — Creech alter'd. 

O 2 %.\S& 


procul abGc* _ 

Ac|uiloiie iecufido: || 

us Auftrij. 
^ loco, re* 

uique j^ores, 

//^m. Lib. U. EpitL 

Bagrt noo ica maguus^ 
Kjqg^ aqt^ Tons, 
Emsr. AuAius atque 
: ttiyi ^uiiplius ore* 
IBC mihi munera ^ts*^ ' 
iftr. Lib* IL &aJ. 

|i Si A- ^*iie Ho$riTALITAS. 

laAwi fciUm jtut cfaur, quod tnh^Efcrac auro, 

HUB C^iiCl^ 

oivmotr cemi 

Jglyto fiKs: tal ci^e &ligia 

C O T T A G B. 197 

ds Me irom Poverty and Sordidnefs ! 

I be die Gifts of Fortune more, or lefs, 

ft content. To me it matters not, 

ther Pm carry*d in a litde Boat, 

I a Ship. — Since neither driving Gales, 

fwiftly urge me on widi fwelling SaUs, 

do rough Waves and Tempefts on the Main, 

in my Teeth, and force me back again. — 

Strength, Wit, Honour, Virtue, I am placed 

: of the Foremoft, but before the Laft. — J,D. altered. 

lefe were my PrayVs to Heaven, for Thefe my Vows ; 

lall Eftate, a Fountain near my Houfe, 

irden, and a little Grove of Trees ; 

the ^3od Gods have giv'n me more than Thefe. — 

wrcll : nor other Happinefs I wilh, 

dy that they would continue This. — Creech altered. 

lIoTTAGE. See Hospitality. 

ERE (hone no Iv'ry Roofs inlay'd with Gold, 
No Marble Floors oppreis'd th* illuded Mould ; 
anded Sheaves of empty Ceres^ laid 
urdled Boughs, the humble Covering made« 
5 earthen Bowk in homely Order ftood, 
a fill! Pitcher from the limpid Flood, 
Ofier Balkets of a ruftic Twine, 
m old Cafk ftill foul with Lees of Wine. 
Valls were ftubbled Mud, heap'd up in Halle, 
Arhich the Reed and Bulrufh droop'd, difgrac'dj 
in the Hut a fmoaky Pole was flung. 
Side to Side, crofi which it's Trcafures hurig I 
IS, and withered Sav'ry dangled down. 
Grapes difpos'd in many a rural Crown.*— ^ 

MSfon jun« 

O 3 C0UNT1NANC1«, 

AueumniM ,llr" •»w>ui PC 

Country Life. i^ 

cou ntbnance. 

|T H E N wc are touch'd with fome important 111, 
T How vainly Silence would our Grief ccmceal. 
now nor Joy can be difguis'd by Art ; 
IT Foreheads blab the Secrets of our Heart. — Harvey. 

Country Life. See Peasant. 

LIKE die firft Mortals happy He, 
Whofe Oxen plow his own paternal Plain : 
From Hurry and Fatigue of Bus'nete free. 
And quite a Strangq* to ufurious Gain. 
Him, nor the ratdii^ Trumpet calls to War, 

Nor does the roaring Ocean fcare : 
The Bar he fhuns : nor meanly ftoops to wait 
At the proud Levees of the lordly Great. 

Or, his Amufement is to twine 
Round the tall Poplar the embracing Vine : 
Or, ufekfs Ranches cutting clear away. 
He grafts a better Kind than they. 
Or, climbing up Ibme hilly Steep, 
Thro* the long Vales his lowii^g Herds he (ees : 
Or, preflb into Jars the Labour of his Bees \ 

Or, Iheers his over-burden'd Sheep. 
Or elfir, when Autumn crown'd widi golden Ears, 
And full ripe Apples, rears her graceful Head : 
Delighted much he plucks the grafted Pears, 

And hifhipus Grapes that with Purple overfpread 
Beneath Ibme ancient Oak he likes to lie. 
Or on the Turf enjoys the open Sky i 
While the deep River gently glides along. 
The Groves. rii^ round tlus Buds melodious Song, 
The limpid Brooks roll on their thrilling Streams^ 
Invitii^ foft Repbfe and pleafing Dreams. 
But when the Blafts of Winter blow. 
And gentle Showers are cumM to ^w, 

O 4 With 

^^y^U^ «« per 

Country Life. 2oi 

With Dogs, the Boar, a furious Prey, 

He driv^ to Toik that ftop the Way ; 

Or, (lil^, fpreads around tl^ Bufli, 

His Nels to catch the greedy Thrufh : 

Or fearfid Hares, or aainty Cranes, 

In Gins enfnar'd, reward his Pains, 
lile thus amus'd what Lover muft not lofe 
e iad Remembrance of his Cares and Woes ? 

But if a chafte, good-natur'd Wife, 

Divides with him the Cares of Life, 
th conftant Diligence does overfee 
3 hq>eful Children and his Family : 
ike fome old Sabine^ or Apuiian Dame, 
i-bumt, and fwarthy, but of honeft Fame.) 
:hearful Fire ihe gets, againft he come. 

Weary with Sport, or Labopr, home : 

The Flock ihe folds, and milks the Kine ; 
With unbought Dainties fpreads the Board i 
With what the Fields and Yard afford, 
id from the Hogfhead draws the racy Wine. 

AmidftthefeFeaib how pleafantto behold 
c full fed Flocks home hailing to the Fold : 

Whilft loud the weary Oxen low, 
id flow along the Ground trails the inverted Plow ! 
leir Labour done, to fee the Swains caroufe, 
hilc Mirth, and Jokes, and Laughter fhake the Houfe.— ? 
There's none can live fo innocent and free, 
follow Nature's Laws, fb clofe, as he, 
ho, far from Cities, does fccurcly dwell, 
nd of the Country, in ibme humble Cell, 
hbfe happy Life is thus obfcurely fpcnt, 
•> wretched Avarice can e*er torment : 
3 Praife he covets, from the giddy Throng, 
ho to the Good are fekknn conflant long : 
rfbuiSlive Envy ne'er comes near his Gate, 
or the frail Favour of th' unflefuly Great. 
oCourts he follows, nor, a royal Slave, 
pkshev^TitleS| pr does Riches craye. 

Courtship. 2oj 

Exempt from ev'ry Hope and ev'ry Fear, 
Scarce, even Malice, can aflault him here. 
Black Crimes in Gdes bred he does not know. 

Nor when the People rage, 

Does his clear Confcience dread the threatened Blow. 

Would You a Houfe for Happinefi ereft. 
Let Nature be hafelf the Architeft : 
She*ll build it more convenient than great. 
And doubdels in the Country chufe her Seat. 
What other Place can better Helps fupply, 
Againft the Force of Winter's Cruelty ? 
Where does a more refrelhing Air aflwage. 
The Difg'Star's Fury, or the Lioffs Rage ? 
Or where, ah where, but here, can Sleep knainCain 
Devoid of Care, her foft imperial Reign ? 
b Lybian Marble prefs'd beneath thy r eet. 
More beautiful than Flow'rs, or half fo fweet ? 
Or Water roaring thro' the burfting Lead, 
So pure, as murm'ring in it's native Bed ? 
Who builds in Cities yet the Fields approves. 
And hedges in with Pillars awkard Groves : 
Strives for the Country View that fartheft runs. 
And tweers aloof at Beauties which he (huns. 
In driving Nature out our Force is vain. 
Still the recoiling Goddels comes again : 
And creeps in filent Triumph, to deride 
The weak Attempts of Luxury and Pride. — CowUy altcr'd. 

Ah wifely now, and willingly retire I 
Forfake the gaudy Tinfel of the Great : 
The peaceful Cottage beckens a Retreat ; 
Where true Content a folid Cbmfort brings. 
To Kings unknown, or Favourites of Kings, 

Courtship, See Complaisance. Flattery. 

AN Elm was near, to whofe Embraces led, 
A curling Vine her fwclling Qufters fpread : 
He vicw'd their twining Branches with Delight, 
And prais'd the Beauty of the pleafuig Si^t. 

B L A N B I T f JS. 

ftaret, ait, OEkhs fine palmitc tnmcus, 
braver frondes, qimre peteremr, habcrct. 
I quoquc quae junda vitis requieicit in ulroo, 
>n nupta forer, tcrr^ acclinata jaccrcr. 
imcn cxemplo non tangeris arboris hujus : 
ibitufque fugis : ncc te conjungerc curas, — 

Ovid. Met, Lib. XT 
jhc fic orfa loqui : Piicr 6 dignifliine cmii 
iDcus : feu tax Dcus es, poto elfe Cupido : 
|cs mortaiis : qui tc genuerc bead : 
Iter ^jx, & fortunam profefto 

tibi foror eft, & quse dcdit ubcra nutrix. 

igc cunftis, longcque porcntior iUis 
|a tibi fponfa eft : fi quam dignabere tcda« 
tibi five aliqua eft : mea fit furtiva voluptas : 
liuJla eft : ego fim : thalamumque ineamus euadem, 

OuiL MeL lib J 
liimiaeft proprise juveni fiducia formse, 

e*5tct fi quis, dum prior ilia roget. 
>rior accedat : Vir verba precantia dicat : 
tcipiat biandas moUiter ilia preces. ' < 

>tiare, roga : taatum cupit ilia rogari : 


Courtship. 20^ 

^"ctthis tall Elm, but for this Vine, he faid, 
^ad ftood neglefted, and a barren Shade : 
<Ajid this &ir Vine, but that her Arnos furround 
tier marry'd Ekn, had crept along the Ground. 
But no Example diy hard Heart can move. 

Still, ftill averfc to all the Joys of Love. 

Bright Youth, (he cries, whom all thy Features prove 
A G<S : and if a God, the God of I^ve: 
But if a Mortal, bleft thy Nurfe's Breaft, 
Thy Father, Modier, Brother, Sifter bleft: 
But, oh how bleft ! how more than bleft thy Bride! 
Ally'd in Blifs, if any yet ally'd. 
If fo, let mine the ftoPn Enjoyment be : 
If not, heboid a willing Bride in me . 


Too much the Youth does in his Beauty truft. 
Who thinks the Fair will fpeak her PalTion firft : 
With humble Pray*rshis Suit the Man ftiould move: 
The Maid with Complaifance accept his Love. 
Aflc, and be happy ; freely fpeak your Mind : 
And yield a £iir Occafion to be kind. 

You, who in Cupid^s Lifts inroll your Name, 
Firft, feek an QhjcSt worthy of your Flame : 
Then ftrive the charming F^ir one's Heart to gain : 

Be next your Care, that Love may long remain. 

Firmly believe all Women may be won : 
Attempt with Confidence, the Work is done. 
.The Grafhopper (hall firft forbear to fing 
In Summer Seafon, and the Birds in Spring : 
The Hound ihall iboner, frighted, turn away 
From the weak Hare, its long accuftom'd Prey, 
Than Woman ftand againft Man's flattering sldll : 

Ev*n Ihe will yield, who fwears fhe never will. 

Drydcn altered. 


wum lurgir, liirgas, donee fed' 

Arbicrio dominae tcmpora pc 
Ell & agendus amans, imitand 

Hie cibi quxratur qualibet ar 
Nee credi labor eft : Gbi c^acqut 

Pefiima (it, niilli non lua tor. 
Fac primus rapias illius ta^ lot 

Pocula : quaque bibic parte p 
£c quemcumque cibum digitis lil 

Tu pete : dumque petes, fie til 
Candidus in nauta curpis color : 2 

Debet & a ridiis fideris efie ni} 
Turpis & agricolx, qui vomere 1 

Et gravibus raftris iub Jove ve 
Et tu. Palladia? peticur cui tama c 

Candida fi Iberint corpcxu, tur 
Palleat omnis Amans : color eft hi 

Hoc decct : 

Arguet & macies vultum : nee tui 

Pileolum nitidis impofuifle conr 
Attcnuant juvenum vigilatse corpG 

Cununw ^ ■- 

C O U R T S H I t. ^itOf 

sen, HOC bjr Words, y6ur Suit begin: 
the doubtml Paflage with jour Pen. 
:iatt yoif d find the neareft Way, 
f flatter, andextreamly pray. 
Pray'rs did //Ivor's Body gain, 
angfy God invoked in vain,—— Drydtn^ 

:o the Play fhe goes be ever nigh, 
» with Love and Wonder in your Eye. 
le Dancer who her Liking gains, 
him who a£b the Lover's Pains : 
(he fits, and when (he rifes rife, 
er fake the Lois of Time defpife. — Dryd. aker*d. 
11 the Lover : let your Speecn abound 
Words, expreflive of your Wound. 
c You her Belief : She will be mov'd : 
eft thinks fhe merits to be lov'd* — Dryd. altered. 
; to fnatch the Goblet fi-om her Lip, 
"e Ihe laid her Lips the Blefling fip : 
ihe touches with her Fingers, eat : 
I her Hand in reaching to the Meat.~— 
s becomes not thofe who fail the Sea, 
by the Sun and Waves they ought to be: 
it thofe, who all the Seafons round, 
ughs and Harrows turn the (hibbom Ground : 
, who feek by Arms to gain Renown, 
1 pale Looks^ become the ViAor's Crown % 
I Lover hopes to be in Grace, 7 

I wan, and meager be his Face : > 

I apt, and decent in his Cafe. '^ 

Dur from the Fair Compaffion draws, 
s you fick, and thinks herfelf the Caufe. 
o' in Health, be not a(ham*d to wear, 
tkthy Night-Cap, hide thy feemly Hair, 
ind Woes attending Love fhould fail, 
lole Nights, and fhidy to be pale., 
be, in order to be bleft, 
ach Look befpeak a Love-fick Breaft.— -p— « 


N -■ ^'jniiiVLiin uoco prcciulc .t 

L^irv.L, ca si 'jXU-'/is coilidus i. 
Cam bene dives .igpr, cjm rami 

Aiierdc in ouacho rulhci don 
Rurc iliburbano poccrs ribi dicen: 

Ula, dbi in tucn lint licet cmp 
Aricmc dur uvas, aur quas Amar 

t: :iunc cufcinciss nunc aomc il 
Quin ;:tiam curduquc Iicet> mii»qi 

IV memDrrm i^minor ceftifican 
TarpiDir hi^emiwr Ipes mords, i 

Ah pcrciinc, per quos munen c 


Saepc Tub Autumnumi^ cumfonno£ 
Plenoque purpureo iubrubec un 

Cum modo thgoribus premimur, i 
Aere non certo corpora hrguor 

Turn G male firm:* '-^^^ 

EtvirtM'-- - 

CouftTSHIP. 209 

Bm her, with Tears, your fond Defires to grant j 
^or Tears will pierce a Heart of Adamant. 
Mf Tears will not be fquecz'd, then rub your Eye, 
Or wet the Lids, and feem at Icaft to cry. Dryden. 

Tnift not your beauteous Form, but learn to know, 
rhere's more required in Love than empty Show : 
Debates avoid, and rude Contention fhun. 
Mild Love is with fubmiffive Language won. 
With tender Vows the charming Maid endear. 
And let her only Sighs and Wifties hear. 
Contrive with Words and Aftions to delight, [altered. 
And make your fclf ftill Welcome in her Sight. — Dryden 

I no profufe nor coftly Gifts commend. 
But chufe, and time it well, whate'er You fend, 
Thro'ev'ry Seafon of the fruitftil Year, 
Let your own Boy fome rural Prefent bear : 
Tell her *tis frefli, and from your Manor brought, 
Tho* ftale, and in the Suburb Market bought. 
The firft ripe Clufter let the Fair One eat. 
And her with Apples, Nuts, and Chefhuts treat. 
To her the Thrufli, to her the Garland fend. 
As certain Proofs ihe's always in your Mind. 
By Arts like thefe'the Childlels Mifer's caught : 
Thus future Legacies are bafely bought. 
But may they meet with Punifhment divine. 
Who make their Prefentswith a bad Defign ! — DryJ.alter'd. 

In Autumn oft, when the delightful Year 
Purples the Grape, and (hows the Vintage ntar. 
Fierce Heats, by turns, and chilly Blafts ariie. 
And bodies languifli with inconftant Skies. 
Then, if the vitious Air infefts her Veins, 
And in her tainted Blood fome Fever reigns. 
Your tender Love, by your Behaviour ftiow. 
And if you e^er exped to reap, then fow. 
Think nothing naufeous in her loath'd Difeafe, 
But with your ready Hand contrive to pleaie : 
Wcq> in her Sight, more ardent Ki^es give. 
And let her burning Lips your Tears receive. 

P Much 

|e, led a]Q&. psLbarr iprniffiirr lioebiCp 
|tea$ iUi, fomnm Jzan vode^ 
incruDt g:nitz^ vett jgia 
muids iisc vtsL ink 


V A e c A* 

■ima Eorvre -•» 

|*3rrtia. bcjvis, cni curpeopii^ cui phirima ccnrii, 

[tj nuiius latm mcxius : ansna magpia : 

d£ coinum hurts tub (vwn^t^js aures« 
J diipUceac maoilis inSgn^ & ajbo : 

caum proprior: quseqtie ardxia coia^ -' 

Cow* Creation. 211 

Much for her Safety vow, and loudly Ipeak^ 

iTiat fhe may hear the lavifli Vows you make i 

Often pretend to dream that fhe is well. 

And the feign'd Dream to her with Pleafure tell. 

Cares thus well tim'd (hall (land yoii in good (lead : 

And this Way many climb the nuptial Bed. — jyryd. alter*cl. 



EST the Cow 

Of Afpeft four : her Head linfliapM and large, 
Her hanging Neck enormous : from her Chin 
Her fwagging Dewlaps to her Knees depend. 
Her Flank of Length unmeafur'd : all Parts huge ! 
Her Feet too : and beneath her crankled Horas 
Her Ears uncouth and rough. Nor Ihall her Form 
Be difapprov*d, whofe Skin with Spots of white 
Is vary*d t or who ftru^les with the Yoke, 
And (ometimes pufhes with the Horn, in Front 
A Bull refembles, tall, and big all o'er. 
And with her Tail, m walking, fweeps the Ground. 

Their Agefbrjuft Connubials fit, begins 
After four Years \ before the Tenth, expires : 
The refl unapt for Teeming, and of Strength 
Unequal to the Ploughs ^rap. 

Creation. Sec C h a 6 s. G o c. 

FI R S Tj that the Earth might regular appear. 
He rounds the Figure to a perfcdt Sphere : 
Then bad the Sea to roll : — ^and Winds he gave 
To fweU die Surges of the rifmg Wave : 
The rifing Wave commifTion'd to explore 
The compafs*d Earth, and bound it with a Shore. 
The running Springs he adds* and {landing Lakes^ 
And boundmg Banks for winding Rivers makes : 
Earth drinks in fome •, the reft their watry Train 
Roll on^ and pour their Treafures ia the Main : 

P 2 Whcre^ 

C 1 E A T I O. 

aqu^» pro npls littora pulfant^ 
^xtoidi Campos, lubCdere valles, 
;t Syliras, kpidofos fuigcre montes* 

let his Aer : qui» quanto eft pondere terne 
^iiac levius, tanto dk onefofior ignu 

^bulaa^ ilJic confiftcre nubes 
humanas monira tcmitrua Mentes, 
Iminlbus fecientes frigora ventus* 

jper impoluie tiquidum & gravitate caremcm 
Incc quicquam terrenge feds habcotem* 

limitibus diflepferat omnia certis, 
' preffa diu mafla lamere fob iDa, 
Iperunt toto effervefcere ccelo, 

force ulla fuis animantibm orba, 
tnt coelcfte fulum^ formaeque Dcoruin : 
Initidishabitjudse pifcibm und^: 

Creation. 2,13 

icre, in dieir narrow Banks conlih'd no morr, 
y freer rBge> and lafli the founding Shore, 
had die Woods be dodiM, the Plains extend, 
Gde the Vallies, and the Rocks afcend. 
!^he feacious Fields of Air^ fufpended high, 
ofe the BaU, and fkirt it with the Sky : 
igltty, with Fire, with Earth compared, light, 
: winged Air between them takes it's Flight, 
ck Clouds o'erfpread, and Storms engender there, 
I Thunder's Voice, which wretched Mortals fear, 
I Winds with Lightnings mixt, thence fhiv*ri|i£ 

Winter bear, 
ar above thefe, in Order and in Place» 
wife Creator fix'd the heavenly Space ; 
ds of pure ^ther, from all Dregs refin'd, 
Barth unclo^*d, and by no Bounds confin'd. 
arce had he all in proper Limits fix'd, 
5n, long deprefs'd and with Confufion mix'd, 
h Star upfhot it's explicated Head, 
I Heavens wide Arch with new born Glories fpread, 
n, that no Void in Nature might appear, 
li Stars and Forms divine he fill*d the hcav'nly Sphere : 
glittering Fifhes to the Floods repair : 
ts to the Earth : and Birds poiTeB the Air. 

. too was made. ■ ■■ Sewel. Dry den. altered, 

— He liing, how thro* the mighty Void 
Seeds of Earth, and Water, Air, and Fire, 
blidated met : how firft ivom Thefe 
Elements, and the Worki'5 recent Globe 
pounded rofe : how then the firmer Soil. 
t hard, and in it's Channel (hut the Sea,. 
by D^rees, of various Things received 
iinnumber'd Species :— — how the Earth admired 
ec the new-born Sun with Glory fhine : 
' Show'rs from high-hung Clouds diftili'd : when firfl 
Woods b^an to rife : and thin, difpersM, 
Animals o*tr unknown Mountains rovM. ^rap.^ 

V a Crvwtv*. 

••X/liJV..&A L#au«.9 I 

x^uctantique loqui comprenum fori 
Abftulit erne fero. Radix micat i 
Ipla jacet, terraeque tremens immui 
iJtque folire folet mutilatac cauda a 
Palpitat : & moricDS dqminse ycfti, 

At matrem venicbat Itys > 
'— — Oculifque mens inunkibus^ Ah, 
£s fimilis patri ! dixit. Nee phira k 
Trifte parat bcinus : tacitaque exaeftii 

Ut tamen acceflit nitus, matriqae i 
Attulit, & parvis addiixit odla hcem 
Miftaque Uanditiis puerilibus ofcula jn 
Moca quidem eft gcnetrix, infradaqix 
Invitique oculi lachrymis iri^'^' — 


C R u E J- T Y. See Inhumanity. 

HE * drew the Faulchion that befid- him hung. 
Then dragg'd her by the Hair along the Ground, 

And faft, behind her Back, her Arms he bound. 

The Princefs willingly her Throat reclin'd. 

And view*d the Steel with a contented Mind. 

But foon her Tongue the girding Pincers ftrain 

With Anguiih, fpon (he feels the piercing Pain : 

Oh Father! Father f She would fein have fpoke. 

But the Iharp Torture her Intention broke : 

In vain fhe tries ! for now the Blade had cut 

Her Tongue flieer off, and left the panting Root. 

The mangled Part ftill quiver'd on the Ground, 

And murmur*d out a faint imperfeft Sound : 

As fome diffever*d Serpent's nimble Train, 

That IJprings, and twifts, and wriggles with the Pain, 

So ftir^d the Tongue, with trembling Motion, faft. 

And dying, towards it's Miftrefs turn'd at laft. 

Croxall alterM, 
Young Itys fondling to his f Mother came : 
And as her cruel Eyes his Features trace. 

She cries, how like thy Father's is that Face t 

In Silence, then, (he forms the dreadful Scene, 
Her Bofom boiling with revengeful Spleen. 
But as the Boy to her Embraces fprung. 
And round her Neck in tender Tranfport hung. 
Mixing kind Kifles with his childifh Charms, 
He moves her Soul, and all her Rage difarms : 
Then tender Thoughts in fpite of Paflion rife. 
And melting Tears difarm her threatening Eyes^ 
But when fhe found the Mother's eafy Heart, 
Too fondly fwerving from th' intended Part, 
She, turning from the Boy, her Sifter views. 
And in her Breaft the dire Rcfolve renews. 

* Ternu nvifhed Pbilomtla his Wife's Sifter, and cot out herT<»igue» 
to prevent her being able to dlfcover it. 

t Proem the W2c of Tereu$ murdcr'd her own Son /(jw, drefled hit 
Ltmbi, and ferved them up to her Hulband^ in reirenge for Us Ulage 
of ker Sifter Pbihmtla. 

P4 , '1>C«5U 


lora ; traxit Ityn * veluti Gajigcrica ceirae 

m foetum per fylras Tigris opacai, 

^mus a]t^ partem tcnucrc remotam, 

:mque manus, & jam fua hu vidcnteiri^ 

am. Mater, clamantem, & coUa pcfentcm 

it Procne htm qua pftai adhserct : 

aim avertit, Satk il i ad fata vel unum 

rat : jugulum feiro Philomela rcfolvit. 

adhuc, animacqucaliqutd retinenda membra 

t. Pars inde cavis cjcultat ahcnis : *■ 

ibus ftridet : manant penetralia tabo. 

Ovid. Meu Lib. VI 

laceros artus, ^quataquc vulncra mcmbris 
i & toto quamvls in corpore c^fo 

Cruelty. 217 

Then, like fome Tigrefs, that by Ganged Floods, 
A trembling Fawn drags thro* the gloomy Woods, 
hys (he hurries to an inward Room, 
Far off retired within the fpacious Dome : 
The Boy, with ruefiil Cries, but all too late. 
Holds out his Hands, and deprecates his Fate : 
To clafp his Mother's Neck he fondly aims. 
And ftrives to melt her with endearing Names. 
But Procne^ on the horrid Mifchief bent. 
Home to Ms Heart a piercing Poiniard &nt. 
Nor did fhe, while the murd'rii^ Blade fhe drove. 
Start once afide, or once her Eyes remove. 
This might fuffice : but Philomela too 
Acrois his Throat a (hining Cutlafe drew. 
Then both, with Knives, difleft each quiv'ring Part, 
And carve the butcher'd Limbs with cruel Art : 
Which, whclm'd in boiling Cauldrons o'er the Fire, 
Or tum'd on Spits, in fteamy Smoke afpire. 

The flipp'ry Pavement fwims with crimfon Gore. 

CroxaU Sewel altered. 

I faw where Mdrius^ haplefs * Brother flood. 
With Limbs all torn, and cover'd o'er with Blood : 
A Thoufand gaping Wounds increas'd his Pain, 
While weary Life a Paffage fought in vain. 
That Mercy ftill his ruthlefe Foes deny. 
And, whom they mean to kill, forbid to die. 
This from the Wrift the fuppliant Hands divides. 
That hews his Arms from off his naked Sides : 
One crops his breathing Noftrils, one his Ears, 
While from the Roots his Tongue another tares : 
Panting awhile upon the Earth it lies. 
And with mute Motion trembles e'er it dies. 
Laft, from the facred Caverns where they lay. 
The bleeding Orbs of Sight are rent away.—— Rtnve. 

* ^intus huBatius Catuius hearing C. Marius had refolved to ptat 
him to Death, killed hlmfelf : in Revenge of this, his Brother Catuius 
chained of Sylla^ that the Brother ofC. Marius might be delivered into 
hb Hands ; and iacrificed him at ^ntuf% Toxiibj m the barbarous 
Manner here defcribed. 



^ adulterium Veneris aim Maitc putatur 
vidiflTc Dens, Videt hic Deus omnia primus* 
fto ; Junonigenax|uc marito 
» fiirtiquc locum monftravit. At iUi 

& quod opus fiibrilis dextra tenebat, 

Exremplo graciles ex sere catenas, 
& laqueos, quse luinina fallere poflint, 
Non illud opus tenuifllma vincant 
non fummo quae pendet aranca rigno. 
es taftus momendique parvm fcquatur» 
I lefto circumdata collocat apte. 

torum conjux & adulter in unum^ • i 

vinclifque nova mtione paratis, ^Hl 
ambo dq^rcnfi amplexibu5 hserenr, "^^H 
cxtemplo valvas patefecit ebumas : ^ff 
ie Deos. Illi jacuere ligati 

Atquc aliquis de Dis non triftibus optet 
jrpis. Superi rifcrc ; diuque 
in toto notiflima fabula coelo. 

OvilMeL Lib. IV. 



VENUS^ Amour with A&rj, the Sun (wcVe toU) 
Firft faw : for all things he does firft behold. 
Grieved at the Sight, and fwift, on Mifchief bent. 
To Venuf Hufband, Juno^s Son, he fent : 
The Goddefs and her God Gallant betray'd. 
And told the Cuckold where their Pranks were play*d. 
Poor Vulcan foon defir*d to hear no more : 
He dropp'd his Hammer, and he ihook all o'er. 
But ftraight recovering, with malicious Pains, 
A Net he forms of Brafs, and brazen Chains, 
So exquifitely fine, the fliarpeft Sight 
Qmld not difcem them in the faireft Light : 
The Spider's Web, fpread out to take her Prey, 
Is not fo thin, fo finely drawn as they. 
The Work, obedient to the Touch, he Ipread 
In fecret Foldings o'er the confcious Bed : 
And when th* adulterous God and Goddels came. 
To quench, again, and fatisfy their Flame: 
The juft Machine, fo artfully prepared, 
Both, in the very Aft of Love, enfnar*d. 
Vulcan the Iv'ry folding Doors difplays. 
And calls the Gods to wimels his Difgrace, 
Together linked th' entangled Lovers lay, 
Expos'd, and naked, in the Face of Day : 
The Gods with Envy view'd, and could not blame. 
But for the Pleafure wifh'd to bear the Shame. 
All laugh'd aloud : and, at each heav'nly Feaft, 
The wanton Tale became a ftanding Jeft. — PAiV^j alter'd. 

Before her Hufband, Lejhia calls me Names, 
And at the Lewdnefs of the Town exclaims : 
This tickles the poor Cuckold to the Life, 
And he thanks Heav'n for fuch a virtuous Wife. 
Contented Fool ! — Your Reas'ning is quite wrong : 
If fhc were Virtuous, (he would hold her Tongue, 
Scandal and Noife do not her Virtue prove. 

But arc the Marks of uncxtinguifh'd Love. Anon. 


A IT D A C I A, 
i; V C L O P E S, Vide G Y G A S* 

n exercebant vafto Cyclopes in aritru, . • . 
cefque Steropefque & nudus membra Pyrscmcii. 
HAtum manibus jam parte polita 
ar^ toto genitor qu^ plurima ccelo 
terms, pars impcrfefta mancbat, 
is torti radios^ tres nubis aquofse 
It, njtuli tres ignis & alitis Anftn. 
lunc tcrrificos, fonitumque metumque 

operi, flammifque fequacibus iras, 
Marti currumque rotafque volucrcs 

quibus iUe viros^ quibus excitat urbes* 

jEn. Ub.VUL 

\cijbucre onine?, paritt'rqiie Liborcm 
lilt Sf.^ rivis, aiirfque menillum : 
que chilvbs, vafte tornAce Hquefcit. 


Daring. 221 

Cyclops. SccGyant. 

TH E Cyclops in their vaft capacious Cave 
Work'd the tormented Iron : Brontes huge. 
And Steropes^ and with his naked Limbs 
I^acmm. In their Hands hciorc them glowed 
The unform'd Thunder : Bolts which Jove to Earth 
Frofulely hurk from all the Welkin round : 
Pirt finifh'dy part imperfeft yet remained. 
Three Forks of darted Hail, of watry Cloud 
Three more they added : Three of glaring Fire : 
As many of the winged ibuthem Wind, 
Then dreadful Flafhes, and the roaring Noiie, 
And Rage, and Terror, and avenging Flames. 
Some in a different Quarter of the Grot 
Labour'd the Chariot, and the rapid Wheels 
Of Mdrsy with which vaft Gties he alarms. 

And rouies Heroes , ' Trap. 

They all with eager Hafte 

Bend to the Labour : and their fcveral Talks 
Divide : Brals flows in Rivers : liquid Gold, 
And wounding Steel, in the vaft Furnace boik. 
A mighty Shield they form : Sev'n Orbs involved 
Orb within Orb : In breathing Bellows fome 
Receive, and render back th* included Air : 
Others in Water tinge the fputtVing Brals. 
The Cave with battered Anvils groans around : 
By turns, with mighty Strength, in equal Time, 
Their Arms advance, by turns their Hammers chime. — * 



BU T Gods we all may be : for thofe that dare 
Are Gods, and Fortane^s chiefeft Favours Ihare. 
The ruling Pow'rs a lazy Prayer deteft. 
The bold Adventurer fuccecds the beft.— ~ Cro^alt. 


222 Tes t MR Jk. Mora. 

Fortes Fortuna adjuvat.— TSratf. Phir. 

Audentea Dcia ifiic juirat--^ .: Ovii.Mt. LhX 
— Audences Forlque Vcnuiqae juyaL— fifai/. IJh.1. 2. 

T £ N £ B R A. Vide TEMPX81^AS' BifARis. 

NA M neque crant aftrorum i^M^^ Mo^lbcidVMAn 
Sidei^ pohn : obfiniro iU Aubya tcai^ 
£t Lunam in nunboAoK intenipdlA; tlMbttC*— -^' 

■••■■■■•'.:■ ** -;••■•■ -.Jfc. UkUL 
Sed necponiceo itditiirain taubi^•C^^ ^' ' 

Promiferejubar, hec ntfcfetndhtf|i u« ite it '-- 
Long^ repercuflb nkuere cretN:rfaila ElwBlMiJ 
Denfior a term, StnuIIa perria flamnie , '< 
Subtexit nox atra polos.— —— • ■'^' '■'•■ "' '••' 

Mors. Vide M o r t i s Memor efto. Cootn 
timorem M o r t i^s. 


I Mnes una manet nox, 

Et calcanda femel via Lethi. 
Dant alios Furisetorvoipedacuk Martt: 

Exido eft avidis mare nautis : 
Mifta fenum ac juvenum denfiuitur fiinera : nolliim 
Sseva caput Proferpina fugit. — Hor. lib. !.• Ode 28. 
Divefhe prifeo natus ab Inacho 
Nil intereft, an pauper, & infima 
Degente, fub dio moreris, 
Viftima nil miferantisQrci* 

Omnes eodem cogimur, omnium 
VerfaturUma, ferius, ocyite, 
Sors exitura, & nos in aetemam 
Exfilium impofituraCymbae. — Hor. Lib. U. Ode 3. 

Mors fpernit altam g}oriani, 
Involvit humile pariter, & oslfiuif caputi 
^quatque fumtut&m&tMi . ' - 

Daricness. Death. 223 

Fortune is ever to the Brave a Friend. 

Who bravely dare ev^n Jove himfclf will aid.— — 
Fertune and Venus both aflifl: the Brme. 

Da r k n e s s. See S t o r m at S e a. 

— — "P O R neither did the Stars 

r Appear, nor Light in all th* Expanfe of Heav'n : 
But Ckmds o'ercaft the Sky : and Dead of Night 

Cbnfin'd the Moon in Darknefs. Trap. 

But no red Clouds, with golden Borders gay, 
Promife the Skies the bright Return of Day 5 
No faint Refle&ions of the diftant Light, 
Screak with loi^ Gleams the fcatt'ring Shades of Night : 
From the damp Earth impervious Vapours rife^ 
Encreafe the Darknefs, and involve the Skies. Pope. 

Death. See Death to be remembered. 
Agamft the Fear of D e a t h. 

LONG Night will over all it's Darknefs fprcad. 
And all muft range the Regions of the Dead. 
By Rage urg*d on, the Soldier falls in War, 
The Sea deftroys the greedy Mariner : 
The old and young in Heaps together lie. 

And fiom the Stroke of Death there's none can fly 

Or Rich, or Poor, by whom begot. 
Or King or Beggar,' matters not : 
Nor Birth, nor Wealth, nor ought can (avc 
Man from the unrelenting Grave. 

Our Lots are in the Um of Fate, 
And out they come, or foon, or late : \ 

Then pafs we to that filent Shore, 
From whence there's no returning more.— 
Death fpums at Grandeur, and brings down 
As well the Monarch as the Clown : 

His inevitable Blow 
Equals both the High and Low.«-— 



O E S. 

[Ode 24* 

Lib, III. 

Itadis opuienttOT 

Ikitris Arabum, 8c divitis Imii^ 

lends licet i^cupcs 
j-hcnum omne mis, & mare Pondcum : 

!ige!£ adamintinoi 
linb vciticitais dim necdHcis 
ivos, non animimi mem. 
Mortis liqucis expedks caput. — Har. 
hue omncst hucpnmii% & ultimus ordo* 
Ja, ied cunftis ifta. lErtnda v'nx eft. 
amis rria func larniDtia colk : 
■\xivk d\ torvi pyblica qrmba faas, 
rrro dunis ie cor)da£» 3t zre* 
lafnen ioclutmn pratniliit icdc capue. 
In feciest non vh cxcmit Achillcm, 

In aut PaiSoli quas parit humor opes, 

Prap. Lib, IIL Eh 16 
Mors xquo pulfat pcdi^ paupemm tabcmas^ 
T u rrcs. — 

Irna brcvis Ijitrm nos vj^rzt inchoare longam. 
pitniLt rnjx^ Uibulxquc Manes, 
jxflis Plutonuu^ Har. Lib. h OJe 4, 

fi E A T Hi 2%$ 

tho* Thou hadft all the Spice aiid Gfoid 

yirabia or the Indies hold, 

Tho* with thy Veflels Thou explore 

The tyrrbene Jtnd the Pontic Snorts 

On Thee wheii t'atc with Iron Oaws 
. Shall feize. Thou muft obey it*s Laws : 

No Wealth Thy Mind from Fear can ilave^ 

Or keep thy Body from the Grave. 

^ Hither all tend;, hence all things rife. Here fall : 
Kugged the Road, hit muft be i»is*d by all. 
All muft the triple headed Dog implore^ 
In CAjn7»^s Boat all muft be ferryM o'ct". 
Bright Steei and Brafs in vain attempt to lave : 
Death dragp the Wearer trembling to the Grive. 
AcbUUf Forcfe^ nor Nered^i charmfiil Bloom, 
Nor Crafus^ Wealth could fav6 therii from the Tbhib. — 

With equal Force jpaie Death, or foon, br htc. 
Knocks at the Cottage and the Palace Gate. 
Life's Span forbids Us to extend ouf Cares, 
Or ftretch our flattering Hopes beydnd our Yeiars : 
"Ki^t urges on, and You muft quickly go 
To fabled Ghofts, and Pluto*^ Courts ht\ovf.— Creech altered. 

Ah ! fwifdy, fwiftly roll the Years away ! 
Nor can thy Piety^ my Friend^ delay 
Wrinkles, and intruding Age^ 

And Deaths unconquerable Rage. 
Tho*, daily. Thou with Hecatombs invoke 

That dreadful Monarch, deaf to all thy cries^ 
Inexorable, He will give the Stroke, 

Even whilft thy PrayetTj^ yet unfinifhM, rife : 
That Stroke ! which heretofore has laid 
The Great, the Strong, the Beauteous in the Duft : 
Which all the Dead have felt, and all the Living mgft ; 
Nor Prince nor Beggar can it's Force evade.—-* 

Death fwift piirfaes the Man that flies, p 

Nor (bares the coward Youth, nor heeds his Cries : S» 
Stab'd thrt)' the Back he falls a trembling Sacrifice. — !> 

Q^ Dying's 

^ msjfn Tus, ntrtlmqiar. /for. /^. Pjtf. 

■ — Mors ciu ajgnr^ 

5ifW. /&*, ii^ 
.r ucre, i naiiic giiilfflc : 

trp^^su, oiLL ionmgriLb.. 

CdluIIus, Epig. 3* 

■^.'^'' -I'lu^ ur^n rrxz Ibrc^ oinnes, 

i^... UKIL SyLi- 

Dying^s a Debt that we and out's muft pay, 

Death only this myfterious Truth unfolds. 

The mighty Soul, how fmall a Body holds. Drydcn. 

Death juft before our Eyes, 

Spoik all our Boafts, and learns Us to be wife. ■ ■ ■■ 

The Sun that fets, again will rife, 
A.nd give the Day, and gild the Skies : 
But when we lofe our little Light, 
We flecp in everlafting Night. 

Whatever thy Eyes behold is dead, or dying : 
The Nights, the Days, pa6 on, and are no more : 
The Stars of Heav'n decay : nor ought avail 
Earth's firm Foundations : they muft perifh too, 
And all it's mighty Fabrick be diflblv'd. 
A.nd can we then lament that Man muft die, 
And perilh all his mortal fleeting Race ? 
War cuts oft' Part, and Part the Seas overwhelm : 
Thefe lucklefs Love fwift to Deftruftion brings : 
Thefe Rage ; and Thefe unfatisfy'd Defire : 
Dmitting all Dijlemper's dreadful Train, 
Some fVintet^s penetrating Rigour kills, 
Others the baneful Dog-Slur's fultry Ray, 
And Others fickly Autumn^s chilling Showers, 
What had B^inning muft expeft an End. 
All, All muft die. All to the Grave muft go : — ^ 
As jEacus fhakes the Urn, We hence, by Lot, 
Are called, to Death's immenfurable Shades. 

Ye Pow'rs ! who under Earth your Realms extend, 
Fo whom all Mortals muft one Day defcend : 
All our PoflefTions are but Loans from You, 
And foon, or late, you muft be paid your Due : 
Hither we hafte to Humankind's laft Scat, 
if our endlcfs Empire, and our fure Retreat. — Congreve. 

How wretched is it not to know to die ! 

3f Life whoever pleafes can deprive Us, 
Jut none can rob Us of the Means of Dying : 
To Death a thoufand Ways arc always open.— — 

0^2 Death. 






Againft the F £ A R of Death. 229 

Death be Mindful o£, See D e a t r« 

AMidft a Life of Hopes and anxious Cares, 
Of varyii^ Paflions» and difturbing Fears, 
Think every Day, foon as the Day is paft. 
That Thou haft liv'd^ of thy fhort Life» the laft : 
The next Day's ioyful Light thine Eyes Ihall fee. 
When unexpedted, will more welcome be, — Dart alterkL 

No Night fucceeds the Day, no Morning'^ Light 
Riles to chace the fallen Shades of Night, 
Wherein there is not heard the difinal Groans 
Of dyii^ Men, mix*d with the wofiil Moans 
Of living Friends ; and alfo with the Cries, 
And Dirges, fitting fun*ral Obfequies.— Creech. 

From Day to Day widi eqikl Pace, 
Our flidii^ Moment^ ftcal away : 
Nor is the changing Mmnfi Increafe 
OiKht but her Progrefs to decay. 
Yet You amus'd with airy Dreams, 
Forgetful that the Grave is near. 
Are buf/d with your endleis Schemes, 

And buildii^ ftately Houfes here.— ~ Anon. 
Prqiare the Bed, prepare the Wine, 
Perfumes difiufe, ancl Roles twine : 
But yet remember Death muft be. 
So J we himfelf commandeth Thee. 

Death (AgainfttheFEARofit.) SeeDEATH. 

WHat has this Bugbear Death to frighten Man, 
If Souli can die as well as Bodies can ? 
For as befixe our Birth we felt no Pain, 
When Pum Arms infefted Land and Main : 
So when our mortal Frame fhall be disjcyn'd. 
The hfekfs Lump uncoupled fiom the Mind, 
From Senie of Grief and Pain we (hall be free : 
We fhall not fed, becaufe we fhall not be. 
Tho' Earth in Seas, and Seas in Heav'n were loft. 
We ihould not movt^ we only fhould be to'&fdi. 

0^3 ^«^. 

Oaotm TiMomsM Momrif* 

\ noftio icssat lic Corporr, pcife|iiBin 

n hoc ad Nos, qui cceos, conjt^toque 

1 Qoii donm a£C%sK ic fan, msfJKt umkm 

nee dulces ixcurrtmc alalia nan 

r« & udta pcchis dttkedicic tuigenc : 

!ris f^is t^ iomSbm effir, mUque 

: Milcr! 6 Miieri msimi:, omiua adcmk 

infefla tibi cxx pc^mta vine, 
lis idsus nofi Jiddum^ oec libi caium 
doitim iiddec faum infiiper una« 
!m ut cs letbo fopois, (ic rris arvi 

3ercftt C3m&a prwaoi* dolmibos scpoi. 

La^r^i^ lib. HI, 

tiam tibi Tote iritcrdum dicetie polHs r 
* lis oculis eriam bonus Ancu' relkjuir. 

Agalnft the F £ A R of D e a t h. 231 

Cay, cv'n fuppofe when we have fuffer*d Fate, 

The Soul could feel in her divided State, 

Vhat's that to Us ? for PFe are only fVe^ 

Vhile Souls and Bodies in one Frame agree. — Dryden. 

But to be (hatched from all thy Houfehold Joys, 
rem thy chafte Wife, and thy dear prattling Boys, 
V^hofe litde Arms about thy Legs are caft, 
.nd climbing for a Kifi, prevent their Mother's Haftc, 
ifpiring fecret Pleafure through thy Breaft : 
.11 thefe fhall be no more : — thy Friends opprefs*d 
by Care and Courage now no more fhall free : — 
h ! Wretch ! thou cry'ft ; Ah ! miferable me ! 
ne woeful Day fweeps Children, Friends, and Wife, 

nd all the brittle BlcfTings of my Life ! 

dd one Thing more, and All thou fay'fl is true : 
hy Want and Wifh of them is vanifh*d too : 
or Thou fhalt fleep, and never wake again, 
nd quitting Life, fhall quit thy living Pain, 
he worfl that can befall Thee, meafur'd right, 

a found Slumber, and a long Gocxi-Night. Id. 

When careful Thoughts of Death diflurb thy Head, 
:^nfider, Ancus^ great and good, is dead : 
Kcus^ thy better tiir, was bom to die : 
nd Thou ! dofl Thou bewail Mortality ? 
'ow many Monarchs with their mighty State, 
''ho rulM the World, were ovcr-rul'd by Fate ? 
Tku haughty * King, who lorded o'er the Main, 
nd whofe Itupcndous Bridge did the wild Waves reflrain : 

vain they foam'd, in vain they threatened Wreck, 
''hile his proud Legions march'd upon their Back : 
im Death, a greater Monarch, overcame, 
or fpar'd his Guards the more for their immortal Name, 
The Roman Chief, the Carthagiman Dread, \ 

ipio the Thunderbolt of War is dead, S» 

nd like a common Slave by Fate in Triumph led. ^ 
The Founders of invented Arts are lofl ; 
nd Wits who made Eternity their Boaft : 
here now is Horner^ who pofTefs'd the Throne ?• 
1* immortal Work remains, the mortal Author's gone^ 

* Xirxa, who hud a Bridge over the HcUrifotrt^ 

O 4. ' BcmocrUus 

Mortua quoi vita eft propc jam vivo. 
Qui fomnp partem majorcm conteris ar 
Et vigilans ftertis, nee fomnia ccmere < 
Sollicitamquc geris cafla fprmidine mei 
Nee repcrire potcsj quid fit tibi fxpe d 
Ebrius urgeris multis Mifer undique cu 
Atque animi inceito fluitans errore v^i 

Nee prprfum, vitam dqcendo^ dcmii 
Tempore de mortis, nee delibarc valen 
Quo minOs eflc diu pofTimus morte pe: 
Projnde licet quot vis vivendo condcrt 
Mors jcterna tamen nihilominils il!a m; 
Ncc minus Ilk diu jam npn prit> ex h 
Lumine qui fincm vicai fecit, & ille, 
Menfibus atqpc annis qui muUis occidit 
Hoc etiam faciunt, ubi difcubuere, % 
Pocula la^pe homines, & inumbrant or 
Ex ammo ut dicant| Brcvis hic eft frufi 
I n e oofl: 


Agftinftdie Fear of Death. 233 

Dem$crUus peroriving A^ invade, 
iis Body iraiken'd, and his Mind decayM, 
)bey'd the Summons with a chearfiil Face ; 
4ade hafte to welcome Death, and met him lulf the Race. 

That Stroke, ev'n Epicurus could not bar, ^ 

rho* he in Wit furpafs'd Mankind, as far ^ 

^ does the mid-dav Sun the mid-night Star. 3 

Then Thou, doft Thou difdain to yidd thy Breath, 
iVhofe Tery Life is litde more than Death? 
VIore than one half by lazy Sleep poffefi'd, 
fVnd when awake, thy So^ but nods at beft, 
Day-Dreamsand fickly Thoughts revolving in thy Breaft. 
Eternal Troubles haunt thy anxious Mind, 
VSThofe Caufe and Cure thou never hop*ft to find ; 
But ftill uncertain, with thyfelf at Strife, 
rhou wander'ft in the Labyrinth of Life. /<£, 

Nor, by the lon^ft Life we can attain, a 

One Moment from the Len^ of Death we gain : > 
For all behind belons^ to his eternal Reign. j 

When once the Fates nave cut the mortal Thread, 
The Man as much to all Intents is dead. 
Who dies to Day, and will as long be fo. 
As He who dy*d a thoufand Years ago. Id. 

Yet thus the Fools, who would be thought the Wits, 
Difturb their Mirth with melancholy Fits, 
When Healths go round, and kindly Brimmers flow. 
Till the frefh ^rlands on their Foreheads glow. 
They whine, and cry, let us make hafte to live ! 
Short are the Joys that human Life can give ! 
Eternal Preachers, that corrupt the Draught, 
And pall the God, that never thinks with Thought : 
Idiots with all that Thought, to whom the worft 
Of Death, is Want of Prink, and endlc6 Thirft. 
Or any fond Defire as vain as thefe. 

For ev'n in Sleep, the Body wrapt in Eaie 
Supinely l^es as in the peaceful Grave, 
And wantmg nothing, nothing can it crave, . 

Were that found Sleep eternal, it were Deadi : \ 

Yd tl)6 firft Atomi th^tiy the Seeds oi i^xt^^ 

hiodmiaqmni Jio&Tog taac u^ fB mm 
^ knBmu Trimor^ mooba trmss. i 
irqxuf homo oc Samoo fe '^'^^ spfe. 
^lur moftoB mmm jd Nt» efib 
die potcft, ^m imod nthil cfie 
WEI tutbc. disfCQUi BifiKic^ 
PUT lishi^ pJq^^ 

|iicm fend eft vitii paufk 

itif irmier: nihU eft pcxfesm in ilk : 
ue fniQus pcex^i qmm wan oiorei kaibec. 

Oail £0. 

\m anonitum @di(^ formidine moriBi, 
rga^ quid tentbras^ qukj iiomina vajm dmedi, 
1 vatum^ falfique piacuU muodi ? 
five rogus flamma, five tabc vt£iiftas 
^ mala poife pati non ulla putecis. 
rcncanimBe: fempcTqiie, priore reliAa 
Dvis domlbus Imbitant vivyntque receptm,— 

Ovid. Mh XV, 

Dbgeneracv. 22S 

Are moving near to Senfe : wc do but fhakc 

And roufc thait Senfc, and ftraight we are awake. 

Ttk^n Death, to Us, and Death's Anxiety, 

Is leis than Nothing, if a Leis could be ; 

f c>r then our Atoms, which in order lay, 

Ar-^ fcatter*d from their Heap, and puffM away; 

And never can return into their Place, 

^^hen once the Paufe of Life has left an empty Space.-—/^. 

Death's always paft or coming on -, in this 
There never any thing of prefent is : 
^nd the Delays of Death more painful are. 

Than Death itfclf, or Dying is, by far. 

You, whom the Terrors of cold Death affright : 
Vrhy do you tremble at an empty Name, 
A Dream of Darknefs, and a fancy'd Flame? 
Vain Themes of Wit ! which but in Poems pais. 
And Fables of a World that never was ! 
Nought feels the Body when the Soul expires. 
By Time corrupted, or confum'd by Fires : 
Nor dies the Spirit, but new Life repeats 
In other Forms, and only changes Seats. ///. 


TIME fenfibly all Things impairs : 
Our Fathers have been worfe than theirs. 
And we than ours: — next Age will fee 
A Race more profligate than we. Rofcotnmon. 

The Fates decree, that all Things here below 
Rufh into Worfe, and ever downward go : 
Not otherwife, than when againft the Courfe 
Of fome fierce Stream, one flrives with all his Force 
Thro* the (bong Tide to urge the VefTcl on ; 
If once he flacks his Arm, he*s inftant gone. 
And headlong hurry'd with the Torrent down. 

Not fo at firft great Romulus prefcrib*d ; 
Severe the Laws when Cafo was our Guide ; 
With better Principles our Fathers liv^d. 
And jufter Maxims were of old received.— ^nm„ 

I 1115 jTurwc 

wn. — Dryd.y 

A, Vide Utendam eft ^ t A T f • 
Ora dat vircs^ 

£t vaJidas fc^eceSf qiK£ (mi herba^ bck 
let latas arbor ipatiantimis umbras, 
fita eft primum tempore^ vir^ fijit i 
it manibus rumma tellurc revcUi, 
at in immenfum viribus a£la fuU. 
obfta : fero medicina paratur, 
ala per longas convaluere moras, 
"a, nee te ventums difier in horas i 
i eft hodie^ eras minus aptus ent..-~ Op, JZm.KI 

: fiet. Idem eras fiet. Quid ? QuaA cmpom 
:^m donas ? Sed cum lux aTtcrn vemt, 
deftcrnum conlumpfimus : tcce aliud eras 
: annos, & Temper paulQm eric ultra, 
nvjs prope te, quaravis tcmone fub unot 
fefe fruftra feiftabere canthum, 
pofterior curras, & in axe fecundo* 


«~iim ii^m t^M-te itidV*-^ fni^iHrtd 

P B L U G £# 23^ 

Delay. See "Time to be ufed. 
T"^ Elay gives Strength : the tender bladed Grain, 
J^^^ Shot up to Stalk, can (land the Wind and Rain* 
The Tree, whofe Branches now are grown too big 
For Hands to bend, was fet a tender Twig : 
*Whcn planted, to the flighted Touch 'cwou*d yield. 
Bur now has got Poflefllon of the Field. 
Refift at firft : for Help in vain we pray, 
"Wheihllla have gain'd full Strength by long Delay. 
^ 'pttdy : for who's not to Day inclin'd, 
To morrow we fliall more unwilling find. — 7*^/^ alter'd« 

"VHio till to Morrow would his Work delay : 
His lazy Morrow will be like to Day^ 
^W is one Day of Eafe too much to borrow ? 
Yes, fore ; for Yellerday was once to Morrow. 
That Yefoarday is gone, and nothing gain'd : 
And all thy fhiitlels Days will thus be drain'd : 
^or Thou haft noore to Morrows ftill to afl^ 
And wilt be ever to begin thy Taflc : 
AVho, like the hindmoft Chariot Wheels, art curft 
Still to be near, but ne'er to reach the firfl.— Dryden. 

Stop the Difeafe in Time : for, when within 
The Dropfy rages, and extends the Skin, 
In vain for Hellebore the Patient cries, 
And fees the Doftor, but too late is wife. 
What then avail his offer'd Bags of Wealth ? 
Not all the Colledge can reftore his Health. — Id. altcr'd. 

He's got half way that has his Work begun : 
Then dare be wife, and venture boldly on : 
Begin to live : this Moment's in thy Pow'r, 
^ Employ it then, nor wait a fitter Hour, 
Like fome dull Clown, who at a River's Side 
Expefting ftands, in Hojpes the running Tide 
Will all e'er long be paff : — Fool ! not to know, [altcr'd. 
It ftill has flow'd the lame, and will for ever flow. — Hu^bei 

Deluge. See F l o o d. 

THE Skies fiom Pole to Pole with Peals refound. 
And Show'rs enlaig'd, come pouring ouiSwiCiTOicA. 


fatis arbiifta fimul, pecudefquc, vtrofquf, 
■, cumque fuis rapiunt perietralia facris: 
jmus manfit, pomitquc mfiftcre unto 
malo : culmen tamen altior hujui 
;it> prc0kqiie tabant fub gurgite rtirrts. 
mare & txrllus nullum difcrimcn habehant* 
»ontm cram* Dcerant quoquc Uttorm pontt^. 
hie collcm : cymba fedcr alter adunr»i, 
remos illic ubi nuper ararat. 

, fegctes, aoc merfe culmina vitl?e, 
: hie fumma piJccm dfprtndit in ulmo- 
1 viridi (fi tors tultt) anchora pratd: 
:<5ta tcruat curvse vineta carinsr. 
> qu^ graciles gramcn carpfcre, capelJa^ 
i dcfornics ponunt fua corpora Phocx, 

fub aqua lucos, mbefque^ domufq\jc, 
: filvafque tcncnt DclpVmcs, & altb 

ramis, agirLitaque robora pulfunt* 
s inter ovc-s : fulvos vdiit unda leones : 
lit tigrcs. Nee vires fulminis aproj 
: ablato profunt vclocia cervo. 


Desolation. 339 

Th* expanded Waters gather on the Plain : 
And float the Fields, and overtop the Grain : 
Then rufhing onwards, with a fweepy Sway, 
Bear Flocks, and Folds, and laboring Hinds away. 
Nor fafe their Dwellings were, for, fapp*d by Floods, 
Their Houfcs fell upon their Houfehold Gods. 
The folid Piles too ftrongly built to fall. 
High o'er their Heads behold a watry Wall : 
Now Seas and Earth were in Confufion loft, 
A World of Waters, and without a Coaft. 

One climbs a Cliff: one in his Boat is bom : 
And plows above, where late he fow*d his Corn. — Bryd. 
One lails where Village-Tops tl\e Waves overwhelm. 
One Fifties takes amidft a lofty Elm. 
In Fields they Anchor caft, if Chance fo guide, 
^Vhile crooked Keels opprefs the Vineyard's Side, 
^here on th6 Grafs, the Kids but lately fed. 
The monftrous Sea-Calf forms his oofy Bed. 
Beneath the deep, the Nereids^ in Surprize, 
See Woods, and Groves, and Towns, and Temples rife. 
The Dolphins now amidft the Forefts glide, 
Shake the tall Oaks, and beat the Boughs afide. 
The frighted Wolf now fwims amongft the Sheep ; 
Lions and Tygers mingle in the deep : 
His Swiftnels now avails the Hart no more. 
Nor Force of Lightening aids the tulked Boar. — Sewell alt. 
The Birds, long beating on their Wings in vain, 
Defpair of Land, and drop into the Main. 
Now Hills and Vales no more Diftinftion know : 
And levelled Nature lies opprefs'd below. 
'The moft of Mortals perifli in the Flood : 
The fmall Remainder dies for Want of Food. — Dry den. 


TiH E tott'ring Pillars nodding Roofs fuftain, 
And, gaping wide, half ruin'd Walls renuin : 
Fv'n in th* Italian Cities, once h great. 
Scarcely a living Creature now you meet : 

£ $ P A I ft; 941 

* inhabkants thcHoufes ftaiid^ 

eibtttion reigns o'er all the Uuid : 

ddS) ^for Tean lUitillM, vile Weeds o^eighyWi 

uids are.lcft to exercife the Plow, 

sedmg l^ation^ by the Swbrd lliall die^ 
aildw'd up in dark Oblivion lye { . 
ity Latiifk With her Cities crown*di 
ke ah antiquated Fable found : 
lan and the Xiabidn ToWei^ fhall falli 
le promifcuous Ruin cover all : 
fter Length of Years, a Stone betray 
ace ;V7hcrq. once the very Ruins lay : 
fi9»'s Walls, and the Ldvlman Strand^ 
!!ly i>efart, and ah empty Land,) 
are Iflbrd, for needful Hours of Reft, 

e Houfe to their benighted Giieft, Adiijil^ 

Place he ^ew'd, where ever dear to.Fame^ 

^ity ftobd, e^er *twaS by fire confum'4 ; . 

light to fiiid ibme Footfteps bf die Walls 

^bUs ttear^d : but 2I thick Wood of Wcrisj 

afted moITy Trunks With Branches fear^ 

*er thfe Palaces of Prianfs Race \ 

ith their Roots, now moul^d'ring into iDuft^ 

d the &cred Temples bf the Gods.— ^ — 

I pHckly Thorris, and Brambles over-run^ 

e, all wafte and defperate is laid^ 

^•n atA niinM It^uins are decayed.- — i» Rthbe^ 

1 off, ftand off*, the Guide, a Pbrygiani €rie9» 

imple o*er Where mi^ity Hetfor lies : 

hdct and there, lay fcatter^d on the Ground^ 

Appearand! of a Tomb was found; — ^ 


El^ uidie, andhifh 
^ Into the thickest Arms : to vanquifh^d Mtal 
ly Safety is to hope for none. 

— : ^Thence, like Wolves 

ig in gkx>niy Shade^ which Hunger bUnd 
Uong» while th«ir foHaken il^belpa 

?»^piti pinusBona Y'-' 

DfiTkAGTtON; 243 

fexpeft them with dry Jaws : thro* Darts, thro* Foes 

m inarch to certain Death. ^rap. 

, When with fad Eyes the venerable *Sire^ 

«hcld his nion funk in hoftile Fire : 

His Palace ftorm'dj the lofty Gates laid low^ 

His rich Pavilions crowded with the Foe : 

in Arms, long fince difusM, the hoary Sage ' 

liOads each ftifF languid Limb that (hook with Age : 

Cirds on an unperforming Swordj in vain ! 

And runs on Deadi amidtt the hoftile Train. Pitt, 

So fares the Pilot, when his Ship is tofs'd 
In troubled Seas^ and all its Steerage loft: 
He gives her to the Winds, and in DeKpairi 
Seeks his laft Refiige in the Gods and Prayer. — Addifon. 

Thus when the ftormy South is heard to roar. 
And rolls huge Billows from the Lybian Shore : 
When rending Sails flit With the driving Blaft, 
And with a Crafti down comes the lofty Maft : 
iSome Coward Mafter leaps from off the Deck, 
And hafty to D^fpair, prevents the Wreck : 
And though the Bark unbroken hold her Way, 
Her trembling Crew all plunge into the Sea. — Roud 

In fallen Peaces composM for Death, fhe lyes. 
And waiting, longs to hear the Tempeft rife : 
tShe hopes the Seamen's Vows ihall all be croft^ 
Prays for the Stormy and wifties to be loft. Rowei. 

Soon as the Queen beheld the Foe advance 
Againit the Town, the Walls beleaguered round. 
And to the Roofs the flaming Firebrands fly : 
Frantic with fudden Grief Herfelf flie calls 
The Crime, the Head, the Caufe of all their Woe: 
A thoufand Things (he utters in Defpair : 
Diftradtcd, wild : and rends her purple Robes, 
And from a lofty Beam fufpended tyes 
The fatal Knot of ignominious Death. 7r#/i 


ON E Drop of Poyfon in my Patron's Ear, 
One flight Suggeftion of a fcnfelcls Fcar^ 

^^^NA. Vide Ma J 

Diana. 245 

Infiis'd with cunning, ferves to ruin me. 

I)i%rac*d, and banifh*d from the Family, 

In vain forgotten Services I boaft : 

^4y long Dependance in an Hour is loft.—— Dryden^ 

Let him cry Blackmoor-Devil whofe Skin is white ; 
*Aju1 Bandy-LegSy who treads himfelf upright : 

Xjct him reprove that's innocent : in vain 

The Gracchi of Sedition muft complain.— Tate* 

I fhunn'd with Caution the officious Tale : 
Saw what was bare, but ne'er withdrew a Veil. 
1 nevef foig'd, to urge another's Fate, 
falfe Fafts, nor did I thofe I knew relate. Anon. 

The Man who vilifies an abfent Friend, 
Or hears him fcandaliz'd, and don't defend : 
Who, much defiring to be thought a Wit, 
Will have his Jeft, r^rdlels whom it hit 2 
"Who what he never faw proclaims for true. 
And vends for Secrets what he never knew : 
"Who blabs whatever is whilper*d in his Ear, 
And fond of Talk, does all he knows declare : 
That Man's a Wretch :— of Him befure beware. 

If I'm bely'd, Ihall I turn pale for this ? 
Falie Honours pleafe, and falfe Reports diigrace > 

And trouble, whom ? — ^The Vicious and the Bafe. — > 


Let Men of Others to fpeak 111 forb-ar. 
Or their own Follies they'll be furc to hear. 

Diana. SeeMAjESTv. 

BU T mild the Beauties of Di an a were. 
And all her Charms lerene, and fweetly &ir : 
Her Brother's Looks adorn her radiant Face, 
Her Cheeks and iparkling Eyes exprefi his Grace : 
The lame fhe were, did not her Sex alone, 
A Dtflftence cauie, and make the Virgin known* 
Her Arms are naked to th' admiring Eye, 
And ill the Wind her carelefs TrefTes fly : 

R 3 Her 


t) I FP 1 C 

2^ Mifccndacftl«isn^ 

Qiiod licet, ingratumeft.Q 

i>eu ratio dedenV r«. r.,_ • 

DiFFicuLTv. Discontent. 247 

Her Rirnifli'd Quiver on her Shoulder hung. 
And her negleded Bow was now unftrung. 
Her Cretan Veft, fhort gathered from the Ground, 
A double Girdle r^ularly bound. 
There floating Dclos the rich Robes difplay. 
And round the wandVing Ifle is wrought a golden Sea. — 

Hughes dltox^d. 


WH O foon is won, wJU foon her Lovers lofe : 
But who'd retain them loi^, muft long refufe: 
Oft at the Door make them for Entrance waitf. 
And much complain, and threaten, and intreat. 
Bitters, when cloy*d with Sweets, ourTafte reftore ; 
Ships, by fair Winds, arc fometimes drove afliorc. 
Hence iprings the Coldnefs of a marry'd Life, 
The Hu/band, whtn he pleafes, has his Wife. 
Bar but the Gate, and let the Porter cry. 
Here's no Admittance, Sir : I muft deny. 
Such Oppofition will increafe Defire, 
And kindle in thy Breaft a fiercer Fire. — Congrcve alter'd. 

We difefteem what's eafy to obtain. 
But what's forbidden are e'en mad to gain : 
Had Danal not been kept in Irazen Tow'rs, [DryJ.alt. 
Jove had not thought her worth his goMen ShoVrs. — 

Discontent, SccCare, 

MY Lord, how comes it, no One lives^ content. 
With what himielf has chofe, or Fortune fent : 
But madly dotine on his Neighbour's Lot, 
Contemns th' Advantages his own has got ? 
O happy Merchant T the old Soldier cries. 
Broke with Fatigue and martial Exercife. 
The Merchant, by the Billows tois'd on high^ 1 

Cries, happy is the Soldier's Fate : for wfey^ •> 

ABdtdcfoonbdng&D&xhy or joyful T\&or^^ N 

R 4. "^ 

m culpa eft animus, qui fc j 
^'scoRDiA, Vic 

«»wg«ffl«im tranulk q3£l 

1 ■ ' •• • 

Discord. «49 

The hurrying Lawyer, calls the Farmer Weft, 
When early Clitots mtcrrupt his Reft. 
The Farmer, whom ibme Bufineis of the Law, 
Does finom de Country to the Qty draw. 
Extols the jpleafures of the gaudy Town, 
And diinks a City Life the only one.— -^ 

Your Country Life I judge an Happinels, 
And mine in Town, you fancy, is no Jels : 
Fond of each odier's Lot, we hate our own. 
And wroi^y blame die Country, or the Town : 
Fpok both I for m the Place no Fault does lie. 
But in the Mind, — ^m which there's none can fly.— ^ 

DispoRD, SeeWA» Civil 

TH E Trumpets found ! when ftrait fell Di/cordnhfd 
Her Styrian Head, and (hook her matted Locks : 
yrith dotted Blood her Face was covered o'er. 
And gummy Horrors from her Eyes diftill'd : 
Two Rows of canker'd Teeth deform'd her Mouth, 
And from her Tongue a Stream of Poifon flow'd. 
While hifiin^ Serpents playM around her Cheeks ; 
|ier livid Skm with Rags was fcarce concealed. 
And in her trembling Hand a Torch Ihe fhook. 

Afcending |hus from the Tartarean Gloom^ 
She reached the Top cff lofty Apenmne : 
Whence ev'ry Sea and Land fhe might behold. 
And Armies moving over all the Globe : 
Then from her furious Bofom thus Ihe Ipoke. 

Now ruih, ye Nations^ rufh to mutual Arms : 
And let Diffentiorfs Torch for ever bum ! 
Let Flight ho longer now the Coward fave. 
Nor Agp, nor Sex, nor Childhood Pity move : 
I^et the Earth tremble, and her haughtieft ToVr^ 
Shake, in cbnvuUive Ruins, to the Ground.—— 

As fl»bborn Steers by brawny Plowmen broke. 
And joytfd reluftant to the galling Yoke, 
Alike diidain with fervile Necks to bear 
1*1^ unwonted Weighty or drag the crool^ed Share^ 


TOrio connmduiiE limite fuloK : 
mdomitos pra^^xps Difcordu fents 
' » SiM^ fbdb. 



I o. 

lis de Stirpe Dei verfuti propago 
|mr Autoliois, fitrmm mgoiiofits ad omoe i 
afTucrat, patriE mm dcgpno^ arris, 
; nigriss & de candaitibus aoa. —- — 

Ovid. MkL Lib. XI, 
pi conccpie Furias evifta dolorc 
lie mori : tempus feciim ipfa modiimquc 

mcEftam diftis aggrefla Ibrorenij 
I vultu tegit, ac fpem fronte foieaat : 
frmana^ viam, gntare forori, 

rcddat eum, vel eo me folvat anrnntan, 

Mn, Lib. IV. 

[anus juvenem interea poft terga reviii£tiim 

Dissimulation. 251 

But rend the Reins, and bound a diflFVent Way, 

lAnd all the Furrows in Confiifion lay 2 

Such was the Difcord of the royal Pair, 

IWhom Fury drove precipitate to War, J^aff^ 


TO Mercury Autolycus fhe brought^ 
Who tum'd to Thefb and Shifts his fiibde Thought 2 
Poflcfs'd he was of all his father's Slight, 
At Will made White look Black, andBlacklooI; White.—- 

^When all the Furies in her Breaft 

She had conceived, overcome with wild Defpairj^ 

And refblute to die : the Time, and Means 

She with herfelf contrives : and Thus accofts 

Her mourning Sifter : ( her Defign conceals 

And fmooths her Vifage with diflembled Hope. ) 

Rejoice with me, my Sifter : I have found 

A fare Expedient, which will either bring 

My Lover back, or free me from my Love.—— Trap^ 

Mean while the ^rfjan Shepherds, Ihouting, draggk| 
A Youth, with pinion'd Arms, before the King : 
Who with Defign had fall'n into their Hands, 
Unknown 2 to manage the concerted Plot, 
And open to the Greeks die Gates of Troy : 
Bold to attempt, and on both Sides prefi^d. 
Either to meet Succefs, or certain Death. /it 

Falfe Tears he Ihed, and from a joyful Breaft 
Fetched Sighs and Groans, believing Tears would bcft 
The inward Plcafurc of his Heart conceal. 
Which otherwife he fear*d he Ihould reveal.— Rffwe\ 

Does the &ir Bride Love's ContdO: really dread 
That (he takes on fo, when Ale's put tx> Bed i 
Or, mind her Parents the difTembled Tear ? 
She does not weep in cameft^ I dare fwear.-^;^-T Jbm\ 

Rex fuDPnini _ 

Effi quoque i„ fed, reroS~ 
Quo mare, quo tcUiT^^SL 

TEmeratia, dntir. 

Dl88WA8XOtf^ 2 j| 

DtiisoLOTioN of all ThingB. See Dbath; 

SO ihall one Hour, at laft, this Globe controuU 7 
Break up the vaft Machine, diflblve the Whole, > 
And Time no more thro* meafiu^d Ages roll. >. 

Then Chaos hoar Ihall feize his former Right, 
And reign with Anarchy and endlels Night : 
The ftarry Lamps fhaU combat in the Sky, 
And loft, and blended in each other, die : 
Quench'd in the Deep the heavenly Fires Ihall &1I, 
And Ocean, caft abroad, o'er fpread the Ball. 
The Moon no more her well known Courle (hall run. 
But rife from Weftem Waves, and meet die Sun : 
UngovemM, IhaU fhe quit her ancient Way, 
Herfelf ambidous to fupply the Day : 
Confiifion wild Ihall all around be hurPd, 
And Difcord and Diforder tear the World.— Rowi. 

Jove too remembered that a Time ihall come. 
For fuch is Fat^s irrevocable Doom, 
When Sea, and Earth, and Sky, Ihall glow widi Fire^ 
And all this vaft Machine in Flames e3q)ire,— — • 

DisswAsioN. SccIntreaty. 

MY Son, fays he, fome other Proof reqmre, 
Rafli was my Fromiie, ralh is thy Defirc. 
rd &in dmy this Wifh, which Thou haft made. 
Or what I can't deny, wou'd fein diifwade. 
Too vaft and hazardous the Talk appears. 
Not fuited to thy Strength, nor to thy Years. 
Thy Lot is mcMtal, but thy Willies fly 
Beyond the Province of Mortality. 
Oh! don't, my Son, this fatal Gift require. 
But, while Thou canft, recall thy ralh Defire.' 
Chufe what Thou wik from Seas, or Earth, or Skies, 
For open to thy WUh all Nature lies ; 


|ioc imum : quod vero nomine poem^ 

eft : pasmmy Phaetxnn, pm nuinore pofas* 
IcoUa tenes blandi% ignaret lacotis ? 
]: dabitur (Stygias junvimus undas ) 

ic opcaris : fai tu fapiendus opta. 

Ovid. MtL Lib. n. 

Igk ? per ego has kchrymas dextrimquc niam,!)ej 
Jliud mihi jam mifrr^ nihil ipla rdiqui) 
>ia noftraj per inceptos Hymcn^os i 
Id de te merui, flirt aut tibi quicquam 
\m : mifciCTc domus labcfitis, & iftam, 
lis adhuc precibos locus, exue mentem. 

^n. Lib* IV* 

jxm animi Juvenis, quantuin ipfc fcroci 

jperns, nnto me impenfias requum eft 
atque omnes menientem cxpendCTc cafusA 
I'egna parris Dauni^ font oppida capta 

Jiu. — 

Is bello varias : miferere parentis 

Disswasion; 255 

ne this one unequal Tafk^ 

f not an Honour 'tis you aflc, 

real Mifchief, Pbai'ion : 

y not thus abcxit my Neck, my Son : 

IT Wilh, and Siyx has heard my Voice : 

Lt you will : — but make a wifer Choice. 

t Thou fly ?— By thefe diftilliM Tears, 
i^t Hand, ( fince Nought elfe Pve refoVd 
led me,) by our connubial Rites, 
leneal Loves but yet begun : 
have ought of Thee deferv'd, 
hing of mine was e*er to Thee 
: pity my declining State : 
! if yet there's any room for PrayV, 

•eated, — yet thy Purpofe change. ?rv^p. 

mt Youth ! the more thy Valour boils 
:, the more it me concerns 
dence to adviie, and fearing weigh 
rds. Thee thy Father Daunuf Realms, 
y Cities vanquifli'd by thy Arms, 

own thy Sway, ^ 

1 the various Chance of doubtfiil War : 
iged Father : whom from Thee 

It City Ardea now divides, 

lifconlblate. ■ Id^ 

reping Queen, ev'n dying with her Fears, 

I the ardent Hero. By thefe Tears, 

ee, Turnusy grant this one Requeft : 

of Reverence ever touch'd thy Soul, 

Amata. Thou the only Hope 

the Solace of my wretched Age : - 

Latinus* Fame, and Realm, on Thee 
^al Houfe with all it*s Strefs reclines. 

nor urge the Trojans to the Field : 
• Fortune waits Thee in the War, 

my TumuSj waits. 

Lavima feconds with her Tears 

her's Suit j and bathes her glowing Cheeks. — H^ 


E s. Vide Fug A. VzvAridl 

tibi cura Canunrt fufirit poftrenu: fed ufti 
>ces SparK catulos, acremqUe Moloflmil 
pingiii : numquaih cuftodibus illis 
Ti ftabulis ftirem^ incursufque Idpofyitlf 
:acor a tergo horreliis Ibcros, 
a curfu timidos agitabis onagtos i 
s leporcm, canibus venabere damasi 
itabris pulfos fylvdb'ibm apros 
irbabis ^ens : montcfque per altOs 

damorc prcmes ad rctia cervum, 

Gmrg, lib* III* 


LJgnant materque fororque, 

Et diverfa trahunt uniim duo nomina peSus* 

II fcelcris pallabant ora fumri ; 

o fcrvens oaiHs dabat ira ruborem. 

nefcio quid fimills crudele miimnti ( 

D o o 84 See Flight. Hunting. 

NO R be thy Care of l!>ogs the laft : but feed 
With fat^ning Whey the brave Mokffian Race, 
And the fleet 5/wr/^» ; Never ( while they watch ) 
The nighdy Thief, or Inroads of the Wolf, 
Or ravaging Tberian^ Ihalt thou fear. 
Oft too with Hounds the timerous wild Afs 
Thou flialt purfue : With Hounds the Hare, and Hind: 
Oft from his wallowing Beds in Thickets roufe 
The fylvan Boar, and chafe him in full Cry : 
And o*er the lofty Mountains, with a Shout, 
The ftately Stag into thy Toils impel. — — 5ra/; 


TH E Mother and die Sifter long conteft t 
Two doubtful Tides, ftruggling in her Breaf^« 
With Horror of the Faft, now pale Ihe ftood ; 
Now Rage boil*d high, and flufti'd her Eyes with Blood : 
Now dreadftil Threats lat glaring in her Face, 
And milder Mercy now again took Place : 
Rcfolv'd, flie doubts again : the Tear's Ihe dry*d 
With burning Rage, ace by new Tears fupply*d. 
And, as a Ship, which Winds and Waves aflail, p 

Now with the Current drives, now with the Gale, > 

Both oppofite, and neither long prevail : ^ 

It feels a double Force, by Turns obeys 
Th* imperious Tempeft, and the impetuous Seas: 
So fares jiltbet^s Mind : Ihe firft relents 
With Pity, of that Pity thqn repents.— Dtyden altered. 
*Twas now the Noon of Night, when Slumbers clofe 
Our Eyes, and footh our Cares with (oft Repofe* 
But no Repbfe could wretched Myrrba find. 
Her Body rolling, as ihe roU'd her Mind : 
Mad with Defire, fhe ruminates her Sin, 
And Wilhcs all her Wiihes o*er agam ; 

S ^^. 

—■■.— ... -jiirtli^irilfifwc I ptidrtHQg 

0^« Mff. ljb.% 

urmiiir mm: Tuc r^^b^sa^ tor dmdit iOuc, 

[lit: T\(nt '«:inte. :t!r.^2r «BBii Tcrfk, 
.niilmr^ iuc ^iit.:inrs ic&^m Lun^ 
liiminqrar vrt Wiosm 7^*^. 

rsy. vff«. Lib. vin. 

^ Ihc dcfpairs :. and now mfQlves tb try : 

u'd n0t^ and) ^Bou^dagaio, fhe knows not why : 

tgy and oetums ! makes, and retrads the Vow : 

\ wou'd begin, but undedShands nc^ how* 

svhen a Pine ishew^d upoDi the Plains, 

1 the laft moctaJ Stroke alone remains^ 

cering it ftands^aloft, and thceatmng ajj^ 

5 Way, and that Way nods^ uncertain where to &11; 

\fyrrba^s Mind, impelled on cither Side^ 

:es every Bent, but cannot long abide : 

folutc on which fhe fliould rely, 

laft, unfijc'd io all, is only fix'd to die. — DrydL altered; 

His wavering Mind divides 

"houCuid Ways : now This, now That refolvcs,. 

[ turns on every Side it*a fhi&ing Thoughts. 

vhen in brazen Vats the trembling Light 

Water, from the Sun^s refle£i^ Beams^ 

irom the Image of the radiant Mopn^ 

; all around, and txxw is whirled alo£ 

the high Roof^ and dances in the Air.-—— Tirap. 

lould Joy, or Grief, ihe faid, pofiefi my Breaft, 

ee my Country by a War opprcft ? 

in Suipence ! For, tho* 'tis Grief to know 

^e a Man who is declared my Foe ; 

, in my own Defpite, I muft approve 

c lucky War, which brought the Man I loVt.^^CtvxiflL 

Dreams. SeeSLEfep. 

Olded in Sleep whilft all the Members lie. 
And the whole Body is to Reft composed, 
I, even then, we fancy weVe awake, 
move, and aft, and view the glorious Sun, 
chearfiil Day j^— -tho* pitchy Night it be : 
1 too, tho* all the while in Bed confin'd, 
;inary Climes we journey thro* : 
various Seas« Rivers^ and Mountains fteep, 
flow*ry Fields we range : and Voices hear, 

S 2 At^4 

&Si2^^ *««n, & Nat 
JWa;> & uiventam patriis e 

Efq^busm rebus conJS 

D K £ A M 8. 

And Anfwers apt return ; tho' all around» 

Reigns folemn Silence^ and a Hufh profound. ■■ ■ 

Whatever Studies pleafe, whatever Things 
The Mind purfues, or dwells on with Delight, 
The fame, in Dreams^ engage our chief Cbncem : 
The Lawyers plead, and argue what is Law : 
The Soldiers fight, and thro* the Battle rage : 
The Sailors Work, and drive againft the Winds : 
Me, an Enquiry into Nature's Laws, 
And writing down my Thoughts continually employs.— 

Whatever Aftions often are performed. 
On every Creature elfe, as well as Man, 
Have this Efieft : Stout Horfes you Ihall fee, 
(Whilft at their Length, and faft afleep they He,) 
Lather'd with Sweat, fnorting, and panting quick : 
As if, the Barrier down, with all their Strengtn, 
They ftretch'd, and were contending for the Palm, 
Hounds too are often hunting in their Sleep, 
And fling about their Limbs, and open oft,^ 
And often fnufF the Air, as on fall Scent, 
Furfuing clofe the Footfteps of their Prey. 

But ♦ He, of Dreams the Parent, does excite 
Morpheus that artfal mafquerading Sprite : 
Morpbeusj of all his numerous Sons, exprefsM 
The Shape of Man, and imitated beft : 
The Walk, the Words, the Gefture could fupply. 
The Habit mimic, and the Mein belie : 
Plays well, but all his Aftion is confin*d. 
Extending not beyond our human Kind« 
Another Birds, and Beads, and Dragons apes» 
And dreadful Images, and Monfter fhapes : 
This Demon, Icehs^ in Heav'n's high Hall, 
The Gods have nam*d : but Men Pbohetor calL 
A third is Pbantafus^ whofe Aftions roll - 
On meaner Thoi^cs, and Things devoid of Soul ; 
Earth, Fruits, and FlowYs, he rcprcfents ia Dttams, 
And folid Rocks unmov'd, and running Strcaais%— jDrj^. 

. * Smnus the God of Sleep. 

S O M N 1 A, 

linse Somni porKE : quanim altera ferttar 
vcris facilis datur exitus umbris : 
hdenti perfefta nitens elephanto : 

|d ccelum mitnmt infomnia Manes. 

f^rg. jEn. Lib. VJ, 

Dorifcm vtlud cum fomnia ludunt 

>s, efFoflaque protulit anrum 

^llus, verfat manus improba fiirtum, 

^ue rapit^ fudor quoque pcrluit oni, 

rimor altus hahct^ ne forte gravatum 
Iremium fccreti confcius auri. 

^crunt cluiam gaudia mentem, 
Irma redit, animus quod pcrdidit optat, 
^rseterita fe toms imagine verfat, — Fiironm^* 

qasB mentes ludunt volitantibus ximbris, 
j>ra Detim, nee ab ^there numina mittunr^ 
luifquc fiicit. Nam quum proftata fopore ^ 

lembra quiesj & Mens fine pondere ludit : 
luce fuit^ tenebris agit, — - — -~ ^ 

Two jC^ytes qF Skip tfae^ ^e : the one oF Horn^ 
Thro* which with Eaj(e tljie real Fanioms pais: 
With x>oli£hM EIrahajQt die other fhines^ 
Thro* which the limi4f iend falfe J)reams to Light,— 0-^/^ 

So when a Dream our fleq)ing Sight betrays^ 
And to our View fome hidden Gold convcjrs. 
Our bufjr Hands th' inviting Treafure fcize. 
And fliort-liv*d Joys our working Fancy I^afe : 
But ftraight, we fweat with iPread^ 1^ ^y iSpy^ 
Should find the S^rct, and oi^r Tliefi: deiay. 
Nay, even when die charming Dreani 13 o*er» 
When we're awake, and as we were before. 
Sighing, we wilh the lancyM Lois regained. 
And widi the Image ftill are entertained.—- 

When, in oqr Dreams, the Forms of Thu\^ .afi;^ 
In mimic Order placed bdbre gyr Eyes, 
Nor Heav*n, nor HelJ, the airy Vifion fends^ 
But ev*ry Brcaft it's own Deluuon len^. 
For when foft Sleep the Body la;^s »t j^^. 
And froni the heavy Mais our Fancy frees,^ 
Whate'er it is in which we take DqUght,^ 
And think of moft by I>ay, we dream at Nfeht,— — 

Thus he who (hakes proud States, and Cities bufns» 
Sees Showers of Darts, ibrc'd Lipes, diforder'd Wing$^ 
Fields drowned in Blood, and Obfequies of Kin^ : 
The Lawyer dreams of Teems, and double Fccs^ 
And trembles when he long Vacations fees : 
The AEJir hides his Wealth, new Treafiire finds : 
[n ecchoing Woods his Horn the Huntfman winds : 
The Saihr^s Dream a (hipwreck'd Chance defcnbes i 
The /iF^rr writes Billet doux i Th* Adultreis bdbqs r 
The opening Dog the tim'rous H^e purfues : 
A.nd Milery in Sleep it's Pain renews. — Aton. aJterM, 

Still Slumbers Erificbtboifs Senfes drown, 
And fboth his Fancy with their fbfieft Down,. 
Vit dreams of Vi^ds delicate to cat^ 
^n4 FCi^c]s on ima^pnary Meat, 

S 4 ©14W1 

O R K A T U S. 

le citx> dehiTuni goctiir tnaiii : 
i toiucs ncqaicqimin 



A T $y ft Elegantia Momirm . 

litis pbceant : fufoninir corpon campo : 
bene convemcns, 8r Cue ktc cqgt* 
nee rigeac : csrcant rubig^ daiies : 

in laxa fcs tibi pclk mtet, 
dcformet rigidos tonfiira capillos : 

la, fit do£ta Imrte relcda irmno. 
lineant, & fmt fine fordibus Ungues : 

bava nullus ftet dbi naje pilos. 

I odorati fit rriftis aaheiiuis oris : 
iat lur^ virquc patercpie grtgis, — Ovid, Ai, h 
i munus : forma quota quseqae fuperbtt ; 

tftrum tali munerc magna caret. 

lit feciem ; facies neglcfta peri bit, 

Ovid. Art. Lib. Ill, 

lue non caris aiires oneratc lapillis : 

D R E 8 SJ 265 

Diaws with his working Mouth, but chaws in vain. 
And tires his grindmg Teeth with fruitlcfi Pain : 
Deludes his Throat with vifionary Fare, 
Feafts on the Wind, aiid Banquets on the Air.-— Vernon^ 

Dress, and Good Breeding. 

BE not too finical, but yet be clean. 
And wear well fafhion'd Cloths, like other Men. 
Nor fputt*ring Ipeak, nor let your Teeth be foul. 
Nor in wide Shoes your Feet too loofely roul. 
Of a black Muzzle, and black Beard beware. 
And let a fkilfull Barber cut your Hair. 
Your Nails be pick*d from Filth, and even par'd ; 
Nor let your nafty Noftrils bud with Beard : 
Cure your unfavoury Breath ; gargle your Throat ; 
And free your Arm-Pits from the Ram and Goat. — Drjd. 

Beauty's the Gift of Gods, the Sex's Pride ! 
Yet to how many is that Gift deny'd ! 
Art helps a Face : a Face tho* heavenly fair. 
May quickly fade for want of needful Care, Congreve. 

Let not the Nymph with Pendants load her Ear, 
Nor in Embroidery, or Brocade, appear : 
Too rich a Drefs may fometimes cl^ck Defire, 
And Cleanlinefi more animates Love's Fire. 
The Hair difpos'd, may gain or lofe a Grace, 
And much become, or mifbecome the Face. 
"What fuits your Features of your Glafs enquire. 
For no one Rule is fix'd for Head Attire.-- — /i* 

A Face too long fhould part and flat the Hair, 
Leafl, upward comb'd, the Length too much appear : 
So Laodamia drefs'd. A Face too round 
Sould ihew the Ears, and with a Tow'r be crown'd« 
On either Shoulder, one, her Locks di^lays. 
Adorned like Pbaius when he fings his Lays ; 
Another, all her Treflb ties behind ; 
So ditik'd, J>iam hunts the fearful Hind« 


i N A T r S. 

pdSt capQkm z 

Cylkoca : 



: cBgt cotQs: 



^ mrnci^ lnirsB .aire: r €iDa^ 

3iflievelPd Lodes mrift graceful -are to Ame 2 
Others the binding -Eillm more become : 
k>me pkt, like fpiral Shells, thdr braded Hair: 
Dthers die loofeand waving Gurl prefer • Jd^ 

Many there are who fcem -to flight all <I!aFe» 
fVnd with a pleafmg N^Iigence -enfhare : 
Whole Mornings oft, in fuch a Drefs are fpent, 
Aind all is Art, that looks^likc Accident. Id. 

As Fields you find witfi various 'Flow*rs o'erfpread. 
When Vineyards bud, and Winters -FVoft is fled 2 
So various are the Colours you may try, 
Of which the fhirfty Wool imbibes the Dye. 
Try ev^ry one, what bc(t becomes you, wear : 
For no Complexion all alike, qui bear. 
If feir the Skin, black may become it beft; 
In black the lovely fair Brifeis drefe'd : 
If brown the Nymph, let her be cloth'd in white ; 
Andromeda fo charm'd the wond^ing Sight. Id^ 

Faults in your Peribn, or your Face, corrcdt : 
And few are feen that have not ibme Defeft. 
The Nymph too fhort, her Seat fliould feldom quit. 
Left, when (he ftands, flie may be thought to lit : 
And, when extended on her Couch ffae lies, 
Let Length of Petticoats conceal her Size. 
The Lean, of thick wrought Stuff her Qoths (hould chufc. 
And fuller made than what the plumper ufe. 
If pale, let her the crimfon Juice apply : 
If fwarthy, to the pearly Fucus fly. 
A Leg too lank, tight Garters ftill muft wear. 
Nor fhould an ill-(hap*d Foot be ever bare. 
Round Shoulders, bolfter'd will appear the leaft : 
And lacing ftraight, confines too full a Breaft. 
Whofe Fingers are too fat, and Nails too coarfe. 
Should always fhun much Gefture -in Difcourfe. 
And You, whofe Breath is touched, this Caution tsk^ . 
Nor faftiog, nor too near another, Ipeak. 
Let not- the Nymph with Laughter mudi dx)undi 
Whofe T^wih arc black, uneven, or uitfound. 


jn^ lUls be ^Kipe putt deoor. 

gneuto teipe iipefba pedes. 

in mo^B^ iiMsdis hie q^aoi|Ki ruftkui akcr 
eric JKi 

cxtiro : genimb -mnScyie t^;iiBiM r 

VMS mrniism dtt ipu {radk fiiL 
^r, qucd iii:t3> inrrr nm rntilti rcquiras : 
hoc c^ruios ig-.iic irsres xmor. 

Cteii, iJ^rm. .dii*. Lib. I. 

D R IT I D S« »6^ 

Ou*d hardl/ dunk how much on diis depends, 

nd how a Laugh, or fpoils a Face, or mends. 

ape not too wide, left you difclofe your Gums, 

nd lofe the Dimple which the Cheek becomes : 

for let your Sides too ftrong Concuffions.fhake, 

dt you the Softnefs of the Sex forfake. Id^ 

N^left no Means which may promote your Ends : 
Tow learn what way of Walking reconmiends. 
>nc has an artful Swing and Jut behind, 
/hich helps her Coats to catch the fwelling Wind : 
ivell'd with the wanton Wind they loofely flow, 
.nd ev'ry Step and graceful Motion Ihow. 
LDOther, like an Umbrioffs fturdy Spoufe, 
trides all the Space her Petticoat allows, 
etween Extreams, in this, a Mean adjuft : 
j^or (hew too nice a Gate, nor too robuft.— — IJ^ 

By Art we're won : Gold, Gems, and rich Attire, 
fake up the Pageant you fo much admire : 
1 all that glittering Figure which you fee. 
Tie leaft, leaft Part of her own felf is fhe. 
1 vain, for her you love, amidft fuch Coft, 
"ou fearch : the Mifbefs in the Drefs is loft, Tate. 

Proud Cleofatra with Ambition fir*d, 
lad flain'd her Cheeks, and arm*d with artful Care % 
Icr fatal Eyes, new Conquefts to prepare : > 

iright Jewels grac*d her Neck, and fparkled in her Hair.> 
)*ercharg*d with Spoils which the Red-Sea fupply'd, 
carce can fhe move beneath the ponderous Pride. 
)f wondrous Work, a thin Sydonian Lawn 
Ytv each foft Breaft in Decency was drawn : 
lut thro* the Veil, contriv*d its Charms to fhew, 
Icr lovely Bofbm panting rofe to View. — Hughes altered. 


U' E Druids^ too, now Arms are heard no more, 
I- Old Myfteries and barbarous Rites reftore. 
To You, and You of all Mankind alone, 
The Gods arc fure reveal'd, or fure unknown : 

Mom If w 5. 

Efi!&i ihm^ 


i) viisc 

nxt TuQv ^l^^es ^ Rmofttm 

Ihaud tti^ te mefus. hade rtimdi 

igruvum eft rodinr^pnac vk^e. 

H S, 



Urean* Lib. 1 

C I D I U M, Vu L N" L'S. 


6(i^hilft in the g^boAiy Ccmm of the Grc^, 
STou dwell retu^d^ and Religion love. 

If dying Momhf Doon^s you fins aright, 
]No Gho£ks defcend to dwell in drea&il Night 3 
lio parting Sods to grissly Pluto go, 
TiTor feek the dreary filent Shades below : 
Hat forth they fly, immortal in their Kind^ 
.And other Bodies, in new Worlds they find. 
Thus Life for ever runs its endlefs Race, 
And, like a Line, Death but divides the Space, 
A Stop which can but for a Moment laft, 
A Point between the Future and the Paft* 

Thrice happy They, beneath their northern Skies, 

And Weft in their Miftake, 

Who that wcxft Fear, the Fear of Death, dei^ife : 

Hence they no Cares for this fiuil Being feel, 

But rulh, undaunted, on the pointed Steel : 

Provoke approaching Fate, and bravely fcom 

To fpare that Life, which muft fo foon return. — Rffwe ak« 

Dying. SecSuiciDE. Wound. 


H E ftrives with Pain 

To lift her heavy Lids, and fainting finks : 
The Wound infixed founds deep beneath her Breaft. 
Thrice, leaning on her Arm, fhe feebly raised 
Her Body : thrice roU'd back upon the Bed : 
With fwimming Eyes feeks the laft Light of Heav^n^ 
And groans to find it. Then the Wife of Jove^ 
Pitying her tedious Pangs, and ftruggling Deaths 
Sends Iris fi-om above^ to difengajp;e 
Her agonizing Soul. For fince ihe fell 
Neither by Fate^ nor by a Death defervM^ 
But dv*d unfortunate before her Time, 
Tranlported by a fudden Paffion^s Rage ; 
As yet Proferpina her yellow Hair 
Had not (horn off, nor to the Stygkn Shades 


M o m I E X s. 

tens vsnos 

r Hmic ego Did . | 


Lr*i TTcmrTs T^:z— 

\^* T J"*nr rr^uwiiTi zc^.~~-l porter : 

D V i ii 6. 273 

^nfignM faer. Iris then, with fafirpA Wii^^ 
ewy^ and drawing from the of^fing Sun 

thoufand variQus Colours in the Sky, 
limited fwift I and hovVing o'er her Head» 
his Lock U> ^V^ faci^ by Command, 
Dear : and fix>m this Body fetthee fiiee. 
\e laid, apnd witliher Right Hand cut the Lock : 
t once the vital Heat is all extinft^ 

nd Life diffolviM fleets into the Winds. "Trap? 

*She dying tugs 

he ftiddng Jav*Hn : but between the Bones, 

the deep Wound, fix*d ftands the pointed Steel : 
11 pale fhe finks : her cold Eyes fink in Death : 
nd fi^om her Cheeks the rofy Colour flies* 
hen thus, expiring, jicca fhe befpeaks, 
[cr beft lov*d Friend, and Partner of her Cares : 

— : My Sifter ylcca^ now 

[y Life-Blood iffues thro* the aking Wound, 
nd all Things fwim in Mifts before my Eyes : 
[afte, and to Tkrnus thefe laft Mandates bear : 
et him fucceed to Battle, and repel 
he Trojans from the Town. And now, — Adieu. 
> faying, from her flacken'd Hand ihe drops 
he Reins : and not fpontaneous flows to Earth : 
dld^ by D^rees, fhe fobs her Life away : 
edines her hanging Neck, and heavy Head ; 

And to the Shades below 

7ith Indignation flies her groaning Soul.— Id. 

When to the Youth his mournful Sire appears, 
[is dying, weak, unweildy Head he rears : 
/ith lifted Eyes, he caft a mournful Look, 
[is pale Lips mov'd, and &in he would have fpoke : 
jt unexprek'd, th' imperfeft Accent hung, 
oft in his falling Jaws, and fault'ring Tongue : 
et in his fpeechlefs Vifag^ feecns expreft, 
/hat, had he Words, would be his laft Requeft : 
hat aged Hand to feal his clofing Eye, 
nd in his Father's fond Embrace to dye,- Rowe. 

^ * CoMt/la, 

A <IV 1 L A. 

mt arces. Erat immedtcabilc vulnns* 
nolas, riguove papaver in horto^ 
kfringat* fulvis haerentia virgb ; 
emittanc fubito caput ilia gravamm : 
tineant : fpeftenrque caaimine terram* 
jnioriens jacei : & dffefta vigore 

oneri cervix: humeroque recumbit, 

OviJ, Met. Lib. X, 
quies ociilos & ferreus urget 

\\ ^Etcrnum clauduntur lumina noftem. 

Virg. Mn. X. 


volans akc raptum cum fulva Draconcm 
Aquila, implicuitque pedes, atque unguibui 
I Terpens fmuofii volumina verflit, [h^dk; 

le horret Iqiianiis, & fibilat ore^ - 

liiirgens : ilia ii;iud minus uigct adunco 

|i roltro, finiul cCtliera verbcrat alis,^ 

.€fK Lib, XI. 

E A G L Ei 275 

The \Vound M mbrtal ; Art affbirds Ad Aid« 
So Violets, Poppicsi and foft Lillies fo,' ' 
Bruife but the tender Stem on ^ich they gtaw^ 
[hftant fink down their unfuppbrted Heads, 
And bend, decaying, to their earthy Beds : 
5o hung his dying Looks ; fo, overfway'd. 

His languid Neck was on his Shoulder laid. 

Tieabald altered. 

■' A deadly Reftj \ • 

And iron Slumbers feal his heavy Eyes, -^ 

And clofes them in everlafting Nighti < * 7r^. 


AS when the taWny Eagle towVing highj 
Sticks with her griping Talons in a Snake^ 
And (hatches him aloft : He wounded writhes 
His tortuous Voluiiicsi^ and with ftiffen'd Scales 
Stares horrid : hifles loiud, and in the Air 
Ere£b his threatening Head t She not the lefs 
Plies him, reludlant, with her hooky Beak -, 
And with her founding Pinions beats the Sky.-^— 7r^. 

Not with more Eafe the facred Bird of il^rj. 
The Faulcon, from a lofty Cliff putfues" ''• • : 

A Dove fiiblime in Air, and gripes \i& fefe*d, • 
And fcoops her Entrails with his hooky CUws s 
Tom Plumes and Blood fall mingled from :the Sky;— Id/ 

In the vermilion Sky Jov^s towVing Bird - - ■ 
A Flock of River Fowl with founding Wihgs ^ 
Before him drove : Then^ ftooping to the 'WaVts^ 
With his Iharp Pounces fnatch'd and bore aloft 
A ftately Swan. Id. ' 

When Jwe's bold Bird, on fome tall Cedar's Head^ 
Has a new Race of gen'rous Eaglets bted, 
While, yet unplum*d, within the Neft ttey lye. 
Wary (he tums^em to the Eaftern Sky : '- 
Then, if unequal to the God of Day, ^ 

Abafh*d they fhrink, and fhun the potent Ray, > 

She fpums them forth, and cafts them quite away : S 

T z ^S!^ 

Idkm aaeu. 


& kgniiie loSo 




VickiETAs A0RE A. Creatio, 

t ' 

|)ie, genits herhmiEn, Tindcnicpie nicDrem 
dedit dfojm ooUcks : cminpolqoc per Ofonra 

^uc dacom dk variis exiDck per auras 

imfTiiflk cotaiDcii habenis. 
I acqge pili pnmum, Ictseque creamor 
fum m membris, & cocpore pcnnipocjeiMSi: 

Tdlus herfaas rir]giilcique primi^ 
ride loci mortalia &ck creavit 
I multis varta mcioiie oxsfta, — Zjrr, Ubu V* 
-Fruges, vincLique l^a 
primum monaJibus Ipfa creavit, 
dtJccis foetus, & pabuJa Iseta : 
vix noftro granddoint au£U labore.— 

Earth. iyy 

lit if with dairifig EytB unmoved thejp Mze^ 
7idi(laiid the Li^, apd bear the golocn Blaee^ 
'ender fhe broods theni) with a Parent's Love^ 
"he fbtore Servants of faeif Mafter Jwe.^ Rm^ 

Aartt. SeeGoLDEM Age. Creation. 

iErbage at firft^ the Earth when young prodoc^d^ 
Of cv^y Kind ; and round the HiUi di^^ky'd 

beauteous Verdure : then the grafly Fidds 
U o'er with rarious Flowers enamel'd (hone. 
nees, neict, their Branches Jhoot into the Air, 
prifing gradual» while the Roots in Earth 
ctend and fix : — ^As Feathen firft, and Hair, 
1 Birds and Beafis, ib on the new fbrmM Earth, 
: firft, grew Heibi and Trees : by rarious Ways, 
otes, and Mankind, were afterwards produced,— —» 
Com, of its own Accord, and cordial Wme, 
le Earth brou^ fdrdi; and fiich delicious Frmts, 
id Food, abundant, bodi for Man and Betfl, 

now, with all our Toil, it icarce fupplict.-— 

The Eareh^ when new, produced no raging Gold* 

Mr Hei^^ nor Storms : thefe grew as (he grew old : 

lerefore our Parent Earth deferves to bear 

c Name of Mother, fince all rofe from her. 

e Human Race, a cdtain Tiotie, Sac bonf, 

d Beafb that fliake tbt Woocb with dreadful Roar^i 

d Birds of various Forms that mng die Air. 

Cr^i& aket\iw 
The Earth 
weft of all, and in the Center lies : 
t by its Place: for fit>m it, rifing higjher, 
wards the other Ekments retire* 
langs die loweflr, and the midft of all, 
ience» all i^Faiti by £dfii^, fU^ its TdHi 

T 3 All 

278 E D U C A T I 0.' 

Idtaque contraAis Gonfiftunt corp(va plagis»' 

Et concurrendo prohibent in longius ire.— ^ Maml. Lib. L 

Educatio. Vide . Exemplum. Parentes & Liberl 

NI L di£hi foedum, visuque hsc limina tangar. 
Intra quas Puer eft : procul hinc, prqcui.uide ]Ri^ 
Lenonum, & cantus pemodantis Parafid. 
Maxima debetpr puero reverentia. 3i quid 
, Turpe paras, ne tu puoi contempferis annos : t 

Sed peccaturo obfiftat dbi filius in&ns, 

Hofpite venture^ ceflabit nemo tuorum s 
Verre pavimentum, niddas oftende cplumnas, 
Arida cum tota defcendat aranea tel^ ; 
Hie laeve argentum, vafa afpera tergcat alter : 
Vox domini fremit inftantis, virgaipque tencntis. 
Ergo, Mifer, trepidas, ne ftercore fbeda canino 
Atria difpliccant oculis venientis amici ? 
Ne perfufa luto fit porticus : & tamen uno 
Semodio fcobis hajc emundet fervulus unus : 
Illud non agitas, ut fandam filius omni 

Alpiciat fine labe domum, vitioque carentem ? 

Juv. Sat. XIV. 

Pudore & liberalitate Liberos 
Retinere, fatius effe credo quam metu.— — 

Errat longe mea quidem fentcnda 
Qjii imperium credat gravius effe, aut ftabilius, 
Vi quod fir, quam quod amicitia adjungitur. 
Mea fie eft ratio, & fie animqm induce meum :, 
Malo coadtus qui fuum officium fecif 
Dum id refcitum in credit, tantifper cavet : 
Si fperet fore clam, rurfum ad ingenium redit. 
Quern beneficib ^djungas^ ilk ex animq iacita 

Education. 279 

All to one common Center prefling down. 

They meet, and hinder each from moving on. — Creech. 

Education. See Example, Parents and Chil4ren. 

LE T no indecent Speech, or Aftion vile, ^ 
Be known within the Walls where Youth is bred : 
Far, far from thence keep wanton Girls away, 
And idle Parafites^ tliat all the Night 
Chant lufcious Songs. — Much Reverence and Regard 
To Youth is due : nor Thou his Age contemn. 
But let, when Evil rifes in thy Mind, 
Thy Infant-Son reftrain and keep Thee Good. 

Doft Thou expeft a Friend ? Thy Servants all 
Are hurried to their Tafks : — rub, rub the Floors : 
Make all the Pillars Ihine : down, from the Walls, 
Brufh the dead Spiders and their Webs away. 
One icours the Plate with Figures rich cmbofs*d. 
Another what is plain : yourfelf, mean while. 
Urge on the Work with Chiding, or with Blows. 

Wretch ! doft Thou fear a Dog's T d in thy HalU 

Should turn the Stomach of thy coming Gueft ; 

Or that thy Porch with Dirt fliiould be defil'd ; 

Faults which a lingle Servant with a Broon\ 

Can foon amend : and yet regardeft not 

To keep thy Family from Blemifh free„ . 

From Vice, or Bafenefe, which thy Son may fee ? ■ » / 

*Tis much better, in my Opinion, to keep Children in 
order by Shame and Generofity of Inclination than by 

Fear. That Man, I conceive, is very much miftaken, 

who imagines Government, purely by Force, to have 
more Authority, and a better Foundation, than when 'tis 
accompanied with Tendemefs and Refpeft, This is my 
Logic, and I argue thus : He that's compcllVi by Threats 
to do his Duty, will continue wary no longeF than You 
have an Eye over him ; aAd when. he thinks he Iha'n't 
|)P ibund out, he'll ^gerly follow his own (ncUn^tiQns^ 
JRir he that's governed by Love, obeys mg& Osywfei^^ V 

T 4 ^^^^3M 

£ D n c A T t Alpa^^ i 

xBimxit^ qulmalioK) mem* 

c domimis interdi : hoc qtii nequic, 

iarc imperart libcris, — — 

E D If c A T I o Alpcra* 

rbem puen & primccvo florc jiivcntus 
^tur equis, domieinique in polwre currm i 

porquent, cursuquc ifttkjuc licefiunt, 

Mm. Ub.ML 

fasvoquegchi duramus & utidis. 

igiUnt pueri, fylvafque fadgant : 

ius cquos, 8e fpiaik tendene comu, 

3perunri, panroque afiueta joventm, i 

rrram domac, aiir quatir oppida bello^ 

Education Ri^ affr 

trives to make his due Returns ; and is juft the fame 
irbether you are jwrfent Of abfent. •Tis a Father's Part 
o uie his Child fo, that his own Choice, rather than out-r 
irard Conftraint, may put Urn upon doing well. Here 
lies the Difference between a Father and a Mailer : and 
be that does odiennic^ kt him own, that he und^-ftands 
noc at all bow to govern Children.—^ — Eacbard altered. 

Edocatioh Ri^. 

BEfore the City, Boys^ and blooming Youth, 
With rapid Chariots exercife their Strength, 
And tame their Horfes in the dufty Field : 
Or bend their twanging Bows, and witlr ftrong Arms 
Launch the toy^ JaVSn : with the Part, and Shaft, 

Contending. jrt$p. 

We in the Rivers phmge our new-bom Babes, 
And harden them in Frpft, and icy Seisms. 
Qur 3oys in hunting rex the WoodA, and tire 
The &vagc Bsafts : with thorn ^is Children'^ pky 
To rein the Steed, and bend the twanging Bow. 
But patient of Fatigue, and ttsain'd to fire 
On little, with keen Shares (Mr lufty Youth 
Subdue the Soil, or batter Towns with War. 
In Iron ev*ry Stage of Life we pafs. 
And goad our Oxen with inverted Spears, 
Nor does the Clog of tardy Age abate 
The Vigour of our Minds, or damp our Fire. 
With Helmets ev*n our hoary Hair we prels. 
And evermore delight to bear away 

Frefli daily Plunder, and by Rapine live. Idem. 

Let die bold Boy, my Friends^ be trainM to bear 
The Wants and mu^ S«fv«rides of War ; 
By vigorous Exeittfe improve his Force, 
And learn the manly ftfenage df hb Horfe : 
Then let him Charge the Partbians with his Spear, 
And make their ruHjed Troops his Prefence fear. 
Srill be his Lodging on the naked Ground, 
^nd there his Bufuicfi when? moil Danger's found.— 






£ L B M £ N 

Effeminacy. See Sloth. 

YO U, clad in fhining Purple, and in Vefts 
Widi long luxuriant Sleeves, indulge your Sloth ; 
Pances are your Delight, and broider'd Robes : 
And Ribbons bind your Bonnets to your Chin. — Trap* 

Aldnoui? idle Youth, whofe fole Defign 
Aim'd at fbft Blandifhments, and dreffing fine. 
At Eafe, indulg*dL and flept out half the Day, 
And lulled their Cires with Dancing, Songs, and Play.— 

Creech altered. 

What will not Others do, when Thou fo thin 
Art clad, that thro' the Silk we fee thy Skin ? 
How ftare the People fuch a Judge to fee. 
But more to hear thee rail at Harlotry ? 

Fabulla is, you lay 

A Whore 5 — I own it : — fo's Carfima : 

Rank Proftitutes ! therefore without Remorfe, 

Punifh the Strumpets : give the Law it's Courfe : 

But when on them You've pafs'd your Sentence, know, 

TheyM blulh to be fo loofely dreft as You. 

You fey the Dog-Star reigns, whofe fultry Fire 

Melts You to Death, e'en in that light Attire : 

Go naked then, 'twere better to be mad, 

(Which has a Privilege ) than fo lewdly clad. 

How would our Mountain Sires return'd from Plow, 

Or Batde, fuch a filken Judge allow ? Z)ry^» altcr'd. 

Elements. See Change. Creation. 

THE Forcegf Ftre afcended firft on high. 
And void of Weight, blaz'd from the vaulted Sky : 
-/*r, next ii^ levity, and next in Place, 
Sunk lower down, and fill'd the midmoft Space : 
The Eartbj pf dofer and compadter State, 
Fell, iaf-incumtjcr'd with it's native Wci^t, 

J'roximus in t2u«2?* i"«°^ 
Aeraque ex info SS. *^^ «^ 

^ ^ O Q^U £ N T 
Jamotw. A_-V«*r"9ue animJ. ;^A 

£ L O <^U E M C eJ 285 

Attra£ting all that's grois : — and flowmg round 
The fFater kft todk Place, and Eanh's firm Circuit 
bound.-. SeweU alter'dt 

For this eternal World is faid, of old. 
But four prolific Principles to hold : 
Of thefe, two by their native Weight dcfcend, ^ 

Water and Earth : thefe ever downwards tend : 
An equal Number, uncompell'd, afpire, / 
Devoid of Weight ; pure jUtj and purer Fire. 
All Things are mix'd of Thefe, which all contain. 
And into thefe are all refblv*d again. Sewell alter'dt 

Upwards the Fire on adlive Pinions fled. 
To Hcav'n's high Arch it rais'd it's fhining Head, 
There took it's Place, and curling round the Frame, 
For Nature's Bulwark roU'd a Wall of Flame. 
Then liouid ylirj Ipread thro' the empty Space, 
Leis ligtit and adive took the fecond Place : 
But next the Flame the lighted: Parts afpire. 
To wafte themfelves, and feed the greedy Fire. 
The heavier fTaier makes an humbler Claim, 
And lies, the third m order, in the Frame ; 
That Vapours, rifing, may like Seed, repair 
What Fire deftroys, and feed decaying Air. [alter'd. 

Earth to the Center by it's Weight fuiks down. — Creech 

E L O Q^U E N C E. 

As when Sedition oft in populous Towns 
Is rais'd, and fierce th' ignoble Vulgar rave : 
Now Stones, and Firebrands fly : Rage Arms fupplies : 
If then by chance they 'fpy a Sage, rever'd 
For Piety and Worth, All filent ftand, 
Lift'ning with Ears attentive : with his Words 

He rules their Paflton, and their Heat allays. Trap. 

Now from his Scat arofe Laertes^ Son ; 
Look'd down a while, and paus'd e'er he begun : 
Then to th' cxpefting Princes rais'd his Look, 
And not without prerar'd Attention fpoke. 

-^^^.)t«, ,Uum vioJuit prop 
rt*j truuccuusitcruxnoSit, 

Aim ««i^ T^ * ^*a fufiaB 

El YSi AN-Fik t D s. £§7 

m& his Tone and fobcr was his Face, 

on his Words, ind Words his Aftion grace. — Dtyd. 

earn Eloquence, You noble. Youth of Rome: 

11 not only at the Bar overcome, 

wondering People, and the Senate move. 

Eloquence will gain the Maid you love. 

he fem'd UlyJ/es was nor Fair, nor Young, 
eloquent, and charming was his Tongue : 
[ yet for him contending Beauties drove, 
. ev*ry Sea-Nymph fought the Hero's Love, 
how Calypfo griev'd, when, from her Shores 
thought to fail, and ftopp'd his hafty Oarsl 
fhe enquired of ruin'd Biurrfs Fate, 
I made him oft the wondrous Tale relate ! 
ich with fuch Grace his florid Tongue could frame. 
Story ftill was new, tho* ftiU the fame. — DrydAttfA. 

E L Y s I A N-F I E L D s. See H E L L. 

rO the Realms of Joy 
At length* They come, and to the blififul Greens^ 
cunate Groves, and Manfions of the Bleft. 
wither more enlai^d here cloaths the Fields 
:h purple Light : and their own proper Sun 
i proper Stars they know. On grafly Meads 
le wreftling exercife their Limbs, contend 
Jport, and ftruggle on the yellow Sand, 
ers in Dances artful Meafures beat 
i Verfe recite. 

-With wonder they behold 

AT Artns, and empty Chariots on the Plain 
diftance rang'd : their Spears ftand fix'd in Earth : 
i loofe o'er all the Field their Horfes feed. 
J fame Delight in Chariots, and in Arms, 
i fhining Steeds, which living they conceived, 
lues them ftill beneath die Earth reposM. 
• ^neas and the Sybil ' \ 

£ L y < I A N-F I E t D S. *fi9^ 

ddiers^ on ddier Haiid^ her iocs rediii'd^ 
iPeafting, along the Grafi^ znd P^(Mt {wtet 
Singing m Chorus, in the fragrant Grove 
Of Lawrel: whence, dcfcending thnfthe Woodi 
Eridanus abundant rolls his Waves. 

Here, thofe who for their Country Wounds endur*d 
In War s and Priefls whofe Life was chafl: and pure s 
And pious Poets, who recited Things 
Worthy of Pbabus : thofe who polifh'd Life 
With Arts invented : or confign'd their Names 
To Memory, by well deferving Deeds* 
Their Heads are all with fnow white Fillets wreath'd. 

In no fix*d Place the happy Souls refide : 
In Groves we live^ and lie on mofly Beds, 
By chriftal Streams that murmur thro* the Mdads^ — Trap^ 

Between thick balefol Yews^ the fteep dark Way 
To Hell*s dire Realms, thro' diimal Silence lay : 
There Stygian Mifts infe£t the Road j and there 
New Ghofts, of Bodies jufl: entombed, appear. 
Palenels and Cold furround the loathfome Place, 1 

And new come Spirits, with a mournful Pace, [trace* > 
The Way to Hell's chief Seat, which yet they know not, j 
A thoufand Avenues, a thou&nd Gates, 
Th' iniadable Metropolis dilates t 
And as the Ocean's fpacious Womb receives 
All Streams, yet room for coming Waters leaves ; 
So, that devouring Place, all Ghofts retains, 
Yet never fills, or of the Crowd complains. 
There the pale Ghofts, unbodied, loofely roam : 
Some haunt the Pleas, their Tyrant's Palace fome : 
Others, for their Amufement, imitate 
The paft Employments of their mortal State : ' 
The reft are tortur'd for their former Crimes. — Ptilp: alt. 

Thrice roars, at once, three-headed Cerberus : 
Th* avenging Furies, Daughters of old Night, 
[mplacable, and hating all Delight, 
Before the adamantine Entrance fit. 
Comb out their hifling Snakes, their taneVdOtt\^\Mtofe.*--^ 


£l Ysi AN-F I E L DS; Spl 

Here Gholb ,6F Nations numberlcfi repair : 
Pais the dark Way^ and glide along die Gloom* 
One HabicaBbh here does all receive. 
A. Space prodigious in the midfl: extends : 
Hither, whatever Earth; or Sea; or Air, 
From the firft ibrmmg of the fruitful World, 
Has bred and nourifli'd. Death all-deftroying; drives. 
\lli all defcend : the unproduftiye Plaias 
Receive whateW has dy*d, whatever fhall die. 

Ten Gates around thefe Regions open wide 
rheir ample Portals : To the firfl: refort 
rhofe doom'd, by rigid Fate, to fall in War. 
The next receives fuch as have Laws compil*d. 
The Rights of Nations fit'd, and wjth ftrong Walls 
yiade Cities fafe. Thro* the third Portal pafi 
The Countrymen, Ceref moft honeft Tribe, 
3f all the numerous Ghofts that hither come 
The mpft Upright, untainted with Deceit; 
Who ufeful Arts invent, or find out means 
to polifii Life, or Verfes to the God 
[nfpiring Phsbus^ not unworthy, fing. 
The fourth fair Gate admits, Thofe whoih the Winds 
fVnd cruel Storms have wreck'd, an Entrance find 
rhro^ what ftands next, thence callM the Shipwreck-Gate. 
^Jear this, there Opens wide a Paflage vaft, 
For all the Wicked who confcfs their Crimes; 
H[erc Abadamanibusj when they firft arrive. 
The guilty Ghofts condemns to endlefs Woej 
To be for ever dying, never dead. 

The fenlale World crouds thro' the feventh Gate, 
^ear which chaft Profefpne^s afpiring Groves 
?rojeft an horrid Shade. Hence lies the Way 
iVhere Troops of Infants pafs, and fpotlefs Maids 
iVhdfc nuptial Bsds were mrn'd to Funerals, 
Vnd Crowds expiring e*er they faw the Light i 
V. Gate Well known for Children's feeble Cries* 
3iftant from hence, and glittering thro* the Gloom^ 
Appear the Jbining i)oohi whence \ies^e\^^^^ 


*Rjuc > us, .f 

Embrace. 293 

id jprivate, to th' Elyfian Fields. 

H wc Righteous : not in Hell's dark Rcalm» 

e the Sun's fuperior Light is feen, 

id Ocean's Bounds, where they contend 

(hall reach flow Letb^$ facred Stream, 

k Forgetfulneis. The outmoft Gate 

>ws with Gold : and here the Beam of Day 

;:eiv'd, like the Moon's feeble Shine. 

ge this by which the Souls afcend 

igain, and in new Bodies live, 

thouiand Years : forgetful quite 

rpais'd in Pluto's dreary Realms. 

th, thro* all thefe Ways, with horrid Grin, 

ind fro, and pafles ev'ry Gate. 

fince Love was ftill my tender Vow, 
1 lead to happy Meads below : 
igs perpetual charm the lift'ning Ear, > 

the feiher'd Wand'rers of the Air, > 

le Sound, their warbluig Throats prepare. J 
1 ev'ry Hedge unbidden breathes, 
s Gales it's fragrant Sweets bequeaths : 
:eous Earth it's purple Produdt yields, 
us Rofes paint the blulhing Fields, 
lins of blooming Youths, and tender Maids 
he Green, and wanton in the Shades *, 
y Love attends them all the Way, 
le Conflift, and provokes the Fray, 
y One by hafty Death betray'd, 
111 Lover, and the conftant Maid, 
: reft diftinguifli'd, all repair, 
with Myrde Wreaths their flowing Hah',-^D^r/, 

Embrace. . 

faid : and round + him threw her fnowy Arms^ 
warm'd him, wav'ring, with a foft Embrace ; 
Mxivcs the wonted Flamc^ which flic^ 

U 3 ^^^ 

"IV-i C 

• Ok U-. 


Embroiobitv. 295 

Swift thro* his Manow, and his melting Bones i 

As whoi in Thunder, lanc'd along the Sky, 

A Streak of Fire runs ftreamii^ diro' the Clouds. . 

Pleased with her Wiles, and coofcious of her Charms, 

She filendy perceives it : And involv'd 

In Love's eternal Bond the God replies. 

Whatever by my Art can be performed, 

I promife : Spare Intreaties, nor diftruft 

Your Int*reft in my Soul. This faid. He gave 

The wifh'd Embrace, and funk to pleafuig. Reft. — Trap^ 

See! wide-difplay*d, 

A grateful Poplar courts us with its Shade. 

The grafly Turf, beneath, fo verdant Ihows, 

Ixt us thereon delightfully repofe : 

With her Jdonis here be Fenus blefs'd : 

And fwift at once the Grafs and him fhe prefs'd. 

Then fweedy fmiling, with a raptur'd Mind, 

On his lov*d Bofom fhe her Head reclin'd. 

And thus began : — but mindful ftill of Blife, 

Seal'd the foft Accents with a fofter Kifs.— — Dryden^ 


WITH rich Embroidery, the curious Maid, 
Her native Heav'n, and th* Elements difplay'd : 
Flow parent Nature hulh'd the ancient Wars 
3f huddled Chaos, and its inbred Jars : 
Jevcr'd the Seeds : and fuiting to their Kind, 
To proper Places all the Parts afSgn'd. 
Sublimely bom, the Light afcend on high ; 
The Heavier fink, and in the middle lye : 
rhe Sky is lighted up : the Planets roil : 
Lnd adive Flame informs the rapid Pole : 
^d flow the Seas, and pour their Waves along : 
Uid Earth fufpended on her Ballance hung, 
n various ' Colours fhe exprefsM the Whole : 
Vith Gold the Stars are kindlM j purple roll 
The wafhing Billows ; and bright Gem^ dtf^Vx^ 
\Ui Jmimtcd Sboix, to bound the fceming Sc^v 

U4 "Ts*^ 

li'"''''^- Vic 

^ terrain, ^ j^ 
J«" centum ton^S^ ^ 

Enchantress, 297 

The mimic Waves, fo curious is her Skill, 
Deceive the Sight, and really feem to fwell. 
The gathering Ooze the (limy Rock bcfmears, y 

' And working, in a Foam, the Main appears, ^ 

Palhing upon the Sands, and murm'ring to the Ears, j 
The World's five Zones Ihe adds : the Sorrid One 
Glows with the Fervor of th* incejflant Sun, 
The habitable {Tci^, a milder Sky 
Does with more gentle Heat and calmer Beams fupply. 
At both the Poles eternal Winter reigns, 1 

And bitter Froft the bleaky Robe conftraing, [altered. > 
Shivering to Sight, and bound with icy Chains^— Hughes j 

Enchantress. See Circe. Magic Pow£r« 

SHE undertakes with Charms to difengage 
Whom e'er Ihe pleafes. Others to involve 
In reftlefs Cares ; makes rapid Streams (land flill. 
And backwards turns the Smrs: from Hell fhe calls 
Nodumal Ghofts : the Ground, you'll fee, will groan 
Beneath her Feet, and Oaks from HilJs defcend. — ^rap^ 

— — Now with her Treflcs loofe. 

The Prieftels thunders o'er three hundred Gods^ 

Erehusy Cbaosj three fhap'd Hecate^ 

Virgin Piana*s triple Form. The Place 

With fency'd Waters of jfvernus* Fount 

She fprinkles. Herbs are brought by Moonlight mow*4 

With bra?;en Scythes, big, fwoln with milky Juice 

Of noxious Ppyfon : and the flcfhy Knot 

Tom frpip the Forehead of a new-fo^l'd Colt 

To rob the Mother*^ Love. 1 Id. 

Three Nights were only waptmg to compleat 
The Time when Luna^s bending Horns fhould meet ; 
When, at the full, in all her Luftre bright. 
She (hone on Earth, a foUd Globe of Light, 
* Medea leaves the Court, all loofely dre(t, 
N^kcd her F^, her Hair a-rdown her Breaft t 

* Midiat the EDchmtrds, at the Intreaty o( VvtTH\)StAxA^ci^>>s<) 

the Farce of her M^ic Power, reftores YquOi uv^ N \«f3»x V)[W^ v^ 

,^^^ Who w^tbe» very QUI sindif;;^, — . 

Tjcji r:o»i Hics::^, 
Acjrxrbczx voE^ can 

Ajraeqa^ ficvecti, mo 
Diaque oauxs nemorum 
Qjonim opf , am vohi 
In toTjjts redicir fcos : a 
Stir:tb corx-JTO caani fitJ 
Nubiliqix irxhaco: 
Viperiji mmpo veins & 
Vivaque uxx, tin ccKivui 
Ex 1 yivAs movco : jubeoa 
E: mugire fGlum, manel! 
Te quoque, Lmu, traho, 

-flira tuos minuonr. 

Nunc opjs eft liiccis. 
In flnr^'*- 

R B S 8. £9^ 

rhro^ the dead gUeace of the Night Ihe ftrays, 
^lone, in deiait unfrecjuented Ways. 

Men, Beafts» and Birds were wmpp'd in gcnde Sleep^ 
Mo Murmurs thro^ the peaceful jHEedgps fweep : 
N^o Air the Leaves, no Sounds difturb the Air : 
Stars only glitter jn the filent Sphere. 
Fo them ihe lifts her Hands with awful View ; 
Thrice turns, thrice ^rinkleis o'er heir Hair with Dew ; 
Thrice fills the trembling Air with yelling Sound : 
Then, bending, kn^ls upon the naked Ground. 

O, Nigbi ! thou Friend to Secrecy, (he aies ; 
Ye SlarSf that nighdy with the Moon arife ! 
Thou ! triple Hecate ! confcioqs of my Thought, 
3y whom the Wonders of my Skill are wrought : 
Ye Cb(irmsj and magic Arts ! Thou friendly Earth I 
Whole Bofom gives our powerful Simples Birth : 
Yt Mountains! Fields! Yt Winds! Thou Mother ^/r/j> 
Ye murm'ring Sprites ! Ye Lakes and Rivers ! hear :— S? 
Ye Gods of Woods ! and Cods of Nigl)tj appear. j 

By You I Rivers to their Fountains force ; 
While the Banks wonder at their backward Courie : 
Purge off the Clouds, the Skies with Clouds deform : 
Storms turn to Calms, and make a Calm a Storm : 
Raife high the Winds, again to Silence awe : 
And fplit, with myftic Spells, the Viper's Jaw. 
I cleave the Rocks, the knotted Oaks I break. 
Remove the Fbiefb, and the Mountains fhake : 
Force Earth to groan thro' all her hollow Caves, 
And wake the flumb'ring Ghofts in lilent Graves : 
Thee too, O Luna ! from thy Sphere I call, 
Tho* Brafi relieves Thee, and obflruds thy Fall. 
Now I need Juices which can turn back Time, 
Make Age reflourifh with a youthful Prime, 
Vigorous and ftrong -.-rrAnd I my Wifh fhall gain. 
For fure thole Stars now twinkle not in vain : 
Nor hither now in vain 0iefe Dragons fly 1' 

With the winged Car ; > 

Juft then the Car defcended from the Sky, S 

Enchantress. 301 

aunts, and ftrokes the Dragons* MainS} 
Nedcs fhe fhakes die airy Reins« 
; beneath her fhe efoies 
>e \ thence for Crete fne hies, 
feeks on Pelioif^ lofty Head, 
OJf(n^ and that Otbrys bred, 
f Pindusj and Olympus^ Fruits : 
oves, and gadiers by the Roots : 

nts her brazen Sickle mows. 

and Nights had now her Chariot feen, 
ranker Mead, and flow'ry Green : 
i*d : — nor Food her Dragons knew. 
Scents which from her Simples flew : 
Skins fell off, and Youth returned a-new. 
out the Palace-Gate fhe lies, 
d cover'd only by the Skies, 
iting Touch of Man denies, 
vo Altars rais*d of equal Height, 
left, to Hecate the right : 
and green Herbage thefe fhe crown'd, 
» Trenches near them on the Ground, 
e black fleec'd Rams, diat ready flood, 
the Trenches with devoted Blood. 
>aking Milk, and Wine fhe pours, 
Alarms to the terrefbial Pow'rs. 
ig of Ghofts fhe next apply'd, 
roferpine his ravifh'd Bride : . 
y£^», with the Laws of Fate 
difpenfe, and lengthen out his Date. 
peatcd Pray'rs fhe long afTails, 
magic Skill at laft prevails : 
have decrepid jEfon brought, 
him with a fleeping Draught : 
5 Body like a Corpfe extends : 
1 Jafon^ and his waiting Friends, 
^lace ; that no unhallow'd Eye 

s forbidden Secrets pry. 

iedea with her Hair unbound^ 
kzrs trips a frantic Round, 

T 1 31 E f r c A* 

. ft^odiilbtrr %8ai^£ ouMGbQS albet^ 
.mSismt mmt bv%^ arenas ^ 


& acepoB Ltfin per oofibe pranks. 

que }ccur erm : f^jftos iifii|n^ ad£g 

7uo^ Qovrm cefiikis ficok pifi^ 

miltc i!ib poft^yiim lier oomlae rtbus 

tn Pieces fpllts die confecrated Wood, 
And dips them in the Trenches drenched widi Bloody 
Then on the Altars bums : The fleeping Sire 
She luftiates thrice with Water, Sulphur, Fire. 

Now in the Cauldron boils the grand Receipt^ 
And works, and foams, and whitens with the Heat : 
She adds what e'er Hamoniah Vales produce. 
Roots, Juices, Flowers, and Seeds of fov'reign Ufc, 
And Gems in India* ^ utmoft Bounds refin'd. 
And Stones, that Seas retiring, left behind. 
And Dews, collefted at the Noon of Night, 
When the Moon fhines, in her foil Glory, fenright# 
To thefe fhe puts the Carcafs rank and foul. 
And Wings, ill-boding, of the fcreaming Owl J 
The Bow^ of a Wolf, the Sort that can 
Aflfume or quit the Features of a Man : 
The fcaly Skins of fmall Cyniphean Snakes, 
The Liver of a long-liv*d Hart Ihe takes ; 
And, laft, a Crow's old Beak, and hoary Head, 
On which nine Ages had their Winters ftied. 

All thefe were mbct by the Barbarian Dame, 
Thefe, and a thoufand more without a Name, 
But for her Purpofe fit. — The Med'cine nOW 
She mingles with a withered Olive Bough : 
When, lo ! the Bough all dry fo lately fcen. 
Stirred in the powerful Cauldron turns to Green : 
Then by Degrees the leafy Branches fhoot. 
And foon ftand loaded with a Weight of Fruit. 
Then too, where e*er the Froth was fcatter'd round. 
And the warm.Mbcture had be-dropp*d the Ground, 
Sudden to Sight a fpringing Herbage grew. 
And vernal Flowers in various Colours blew. 
This when Medea faw, her Blade divides 
Old Mfoif% Throat ; the frigid Blood (carce glides. 
His empty'd Veflels, inftant fhe recruits. 
With the warm Juices of her magic Fruits : 
While at his Mouth, and thro* his op'ning Wound, 
A double Inlet her Infuiion found : 

Ve N 

e r 1 c A* 

Digrum rapoere colonem* 
nucia : abaurrt poilorque fitiilque t 
cav« fuppkntur ianguine vcnar : 
horuriatit. J£fon mtratur^ Be olim 

la- doios hunt (c reminifatur antios. • 

Cte. A&i. lib, Vtt 

let nigra fucdndlam vadere palla 
pedibus nudis, pafloquc dpiUo^ 

la majore ulukntem : (paUor utrafqile 

jtTcndas afpeftu,) fcajpcrc tcrram 
& pulbm di\'€llere mordicus agnam 
Cruor in fofiam coofiifus, ut inde 

?renc, animas refponfa daturas. 

Enchantress. 305 

[is Hair and Beard the hoary Whitenefs leaves i 

giofly Blacknefs each at once receives, 
alenefs and Wrinkles from his Features fled, 
nd in their Stead fucceeds a youthful Red : 
ow a fall Tide of Blood his Veins fapplies, 
[is Limbs grow lufty, and his Mufcles rife.-— 

Admiring jEfon now himfelf furveys, 
nd to his Mind recalling former Days, 
ay, ftrong, and aftive to himfelf appears, 
s e'er he counted his laft forty Years. — Gay and Sewelldlu 

There I Canidia faw, her Feet were bare, 
uck'd up her fable Robe, and loofe her Hair : 
/ith her fierce Sagana went ftalking round ; 
*heir hideous Howling (hook the trembling Ground, 
. Palenefs (cafting Horror round the Place) 
It, dead and terrible, on cither's Face, 
'hemfelves at Length upon the Earth they caft, 
.nd dug it with their Nails in frantic Hafte : 
'hen with their Teeth a Coal-black Lamb they tore, 
.nd in the Pit pour*d out the reeking Gore, 
y this they forc'd the tortured Gholb from Hell, 
.nd Anfwers to their wild Demands compel, 
^f fVaol and fVax they made two Images, 
/hich the bewitched and tVttcb\ Forms exprefs, 
\i ff^ool the Greater to torment the Lefs. 
'he fVax was to be whipp'd, and feem'd to bow, 
.nd cringing ftood, as if it fear'd the Blow. 
>n Hecate aloud this Beldam calls, 
tjiphone as loud the other bawls : — 
L thoufand Serpents hi(s upon the Ground, 
Lnd Hell-hounds compafs all the Garden round, 
chind the Tombs, to fhun this horrid Sight, 
'he Moon fkulk'd down. Stafford alterM, 

From Towns and hofpitable Roofs * fhe flies, 
Lnd ev'ry Dwelling of Mankind defies : 
"hro* unfrequented Defarts lonely roams, 
>rives out the Dead, and dwells within their Tombs. 

• Erhhbc, the TbtfaliM Sorcercfj. ^ ^ 


E^SSJ^ owns, a 

Emchamtress; 5d^ 

Grateful tD Hell, the livii^ Hag defcencb,* 
And fits in black Aflemblies of the Fiends : 
Spight of all Laws, which Heaven, or Nature know^ 
The Rule of Gods above, or Man below. 
Dark matted Eft-locks dangling on her Brow, 
Filthy, and foul, a loathfome Burden grow : 
Meager, and ghaftly pale, her Face is feen. 
Unknown to cheerful Day, and Skies ferene : 
But when the Stars are veil'd, when Storms arife,' 
And the blue forky Flame at Midnight flies. 
Then, forth from Graves, Ihe takes her wicked Way,' 
And thwarts the glancing Light'nings as they play. 
Where e*er ftie breathes, blue Poyfons round her fprcad, 7 
The withering Grals avows her fetal Tread, > 

And drooping Ceres hangs her blafted Head. J. 

Nor holy Rites, nor fuppliant Pray'r fhe knows. 
Nor feeics the Gods with Sacrifice, or Vows : 
Whatever fhe offers is the Spoil of Urns, 
And funeral Fire upon her Altars burns : 
Nor need fhe fend a fecond Voice on high 5 
Scar'd at the firft, the trembling Gods comply,—; 
. Oft in the Grave, the living has fhe laid. 
And bid reviving Bodies leave the Dead : 
Oft at the funeral Pile fhe feeks her Prey, 
And bears the fmoking Afhes warm away ! 
Snatches fome burning Bone, or flaming Brand, 
And tares the Torch from the fad Father's Hand ; 
Seizes the Shroud's loofe Fragments as they fly^ 
And picks the Coal where clammy Juices fry. 
But, if prcferv'd in Monuments of Stone, 
She finds a Coarfe whofe vital Moifhire*s gone : 
Then, greedily on every Part fhe flies. 
Strips the dry Nails, and digs the goary Eyes. 
Her Teeth from Gibbets gnaw the fhungling Noofc,' 
And from the Crofs dead Murderers unloofe : 
The perifli'd Entrails, pierc'd with foaking Showers,' 
The horrid Hag rapacioufly devours ; 
And the pardi'd Marrow, which the {u\tri Sosv> 
Wjth^rvJd Rays, has ftifFen'd in thcBotv^. 

X 2 ^« 

V E N E r I c aJ 

manibus chalybem, nigramquc pa* aitiiS 
Is tabi faniein^ virufque coaftimi 
& nenro morfiis retincntc pepcndit* 

icunque jacet nuda tdlure cadaver^ 

, volucrelque fedet : nee carpere membra 

fro, manibufque fuis : morsfilquc luporum 
liccis raptura e fauctbus artus* 

Tant a caede manus* fi fanguine irivo 

s, erumpat jiJgulo qui primus aperto. 

igit caedes, vivum fi fecra cruorem, 
tunereae pofcunt trepidantia menfe : 
fic ventrisi non qua Natura vocabat, 

Itur partus^ calidis poncndus in aris. 

lies faevis opus eft, ac fortibus uiribris, 

pit manes. 

florem primaevo corpore vulfit^ 
lieva morienti abfcidit ephebo. 

Enchantrbss. 309 

ak&Aors on the Tree, fhe fteals 

id Limbs^ and crucifying Nails : 

r Matter drops upon her Tongue, p 

dy Sinews oft her Jaws are ftrung, p 

lier Teeth die Witch has often hung. 3 

on the Ground the murdePd Carcafs lies, 
preventing Birds and Beafls, fhe hies : 
with Hands or Knife the Flefh divides, 
Solves Fangs have rent the mangled Sides : 
n in full PofTeffion of their Prey, 

their Jaws the Carcafs rends away. 

yet Remorfe could flop her Hand, 
iman Gore her hellifh Rites demand ; 
: cut Throat the vital Tide fhe drains, 
ring Bowels takes, and empties all the Veins, 
le Way ordain'd by Nature's Laws, 
a grifly Wound fhe wretched Infants draws } 

upon her Altars thefe are laid, ^ 

T Purpofe afks a bolder Shade, ^ 

:een Knife, the Ghofl fhe wants, is made. \ 
blooming Youths in early Manhood die, 
s a terrible Attendant by : 
ly Growth from off their Cheeks fhe tares, 
left handed, fome felefted Hairs. 
n in Death her gafping Kindred lay, 
us Office would fhe feign to pay ; 
3n the flruggling Limte, with dire Embrace, 
m the Cheeks, and grind the ruin'd Face : 
le Tongue, to the dry Palate bound, 
' the livid Lips, wim ftifled Sound, 
ire Orders to the Shades profound, 
rt now doubling Night's furrounding Sliade, ^j 
uds and murky Fogs involve her Head, >, 
r th* ♦ unbury'd Heaps her Footfleps tread, Jj 

he Son of Pmfiy, enquiring the Event of the Cknl Wwr of 
I EHcbtb9, flic by her Magic Art nufcd up a dead Body to 

Enchantress. 311 

Yolvcs howPd, and fled, where'er ihe took her Way, 
Vnd hungry Vultures left their mangled iPrey : 
The Savage Race, abafti'd, before her yiel(i, 
\nd, while (he culls her Prophet, quit the Field, 
Vo various Carcaffes by turns fhe flies, 
\nd, griping with her gory Fingers, tries: 
rill one of perfefl; Organs can be found, 
Vnd fibrous Luogs, uninjured by a Wound. 

Her Choice fhe fix'd •, then, void of Pity, flruck, 
h thro* the bleeding Throat, a brazen Hook : 
To that a Rope fhe ty'd, and by the Thong, 
yer rugged Rocks fhe hauPd the Corps along. 

And, now, fhe for the folemn Talk prepares, 
\ Mande, patch'd with various Shreds, fhe wears, 
!\.nd binds, with twining Snakes, her wilder Hairsi 
Then, thro* a frefh Incifion at the Breafl, 
HEot Blood fhe pours, to circulate the reft. 
Wipes off the Gore, the frozen Bofom warms, 
flLnd with ftrong Lunar Dews confirms her Charms. 
Her gabling Tongue a mutt'ring Tone confounds, 
Difcordant, and unlike to human Sounds : 
[t fccm'd, of Dogs the Bark, of Wolves the Howl, 
The doleful Shrieking of the midnight Owl : 
The Hifs of Snakes, the hungry Lion's Roar, 
The Bound of Billows beating on the Shore : 
The Groan of Winds amongft the leafy Wood, 
And Burft of Thunder from the rending Cloud : 
Twas thefe, all thefe in one. 

Foaming fhe fpoke : then rear*d her hateful Head, 
find hard at hand beheld th' attending Shade. 
Too well the trembling Sprite the Carcafs knew. 
And fear'd to enter into Life a new : 
Fain from thofe mangled Limbs it would have run, 
And, loathing, ftrove that Houfe of Pain to fliun* 
Wroth was the Hag at lingring Death's Delay, 
And wonder'd Hell could dare to difobey : 
With curling Snakes, the fenfelefs Trunk fhe beats. 
And Curfcs dire, at cv*ry Lafh, repeats : 

X 4 ^^>^^ 

End. Purpofc of Life. jt^^ 

With magic Numbers cleaves the groaning Ground, 
And makes Hell's Caverns with her Voice refound. 

Ye Fiends! (he cries. Ye Sifters of Defpair ! 
Thus ?— Is it thus my Will becomes your Cart ? 
Still fleep thofe Whips within your idle Hands, 
Nor drive the loitering Ghoft this Voice demands?—— 

And now the Blood, diffolving in the Veins, 
Feeds the black Wounds, and thro* the Body ftrains : 
The vital Veffels feel the running Heat, 
And in the Breaft the trembling Fibres beat : 
New L.ife retum'd, but 'twas not perfeft Life, 
For Death as yet maintained the equal Strife ; 
But ftrait the Nerves are ftretch'd, the Mufcles fwell. 
And every Pulfc diftends it's narrow Cell. 
Then rofe, ereft, the Body from the Ground, 
Not by Efcgrees, but with a fudden Bound, 
The hazard Eyes forgotten Day behold. 
And heavily within their Sockets rolPd : 
But hardly h^lf alive appears the Man, 
Stiff are the Members, and the Vifage wan : 
AmazM, and mute, the ghaftly Figure ftands. 

Nor knows to fpeak, but at her dread Commands. 

Rowe. Hughes 2\v^i. 

End. Purpofe of Life. 

HAST Thou not yet proposed forae certain End, 
To which thy Life, thy ev'ry Aft may tend ? 
Haft Thou no Mark, at which to bend thy Bow ? 
Or like a Boy purfu'ft the Carrion Crow 
With Pellets, or with Stones, from Tree to Tree, 

A fruidefs Toil, and liv'ft Extempore. Dryden. 

What aim'ft Thou at, and whither tends thy Care ? -. 

In what thy utmoft Good ? Delicious Fare : 4 

And then to fun thy felf in open Air. S 

Hold, hold : are all thy empty Wiflics fuch ? 

A good old Woman would have faid as much. Id. 


I N V X D I A* 

nus Invidiam nigra fqajairentia tato 

fta petit, Domus eft imis in valUbus antri 

fole carens, non ulli pcrvia vento^ 

& igna\n plcniflima frigoris : & qu^ 

tec femper, caligine femper abmidet. 

-Vidct intus edentem 

carnes, vitiomm alimcnta fuoratti, 
la : visaque oculos avertit. At ilia 
J mo pigra : femefarumque relinquit 

frq>entum, pafsuque incedit inerti. 

)eam vidlt formSque armffque decoram, 
vultiimque ima ad fufpiria duxit, 
ore fedet : macics in corpore toco : 

In refta acics : livent rubiginc dentes : 
fclIa virent : Lingua eft fuffufi veneno ; 




SH E fought out En vy in her dark Abode, 
Dcfil'd with ropy Gore and Clots of Blood : 
Shut from the Winds, and from the wholfome Skies, 
[n a deep Vale the gloomy Dungeon lies, 
Difinal and cold, where not a Beam of Light 
[nvades the Winter, or difturbs the Night. 

A poifonous Moffcl in her Teeth fhe chewed, 
Ajid gorg'd the Flcfli of Vipers for her Food. 
JkEfierva^ loathing, turn'd away her Eye : 
The hideous Monfter, riling heavily. 
Came ftalking forwards, with a fullen Pace, 
And left her mangled Offals on the Place. 

Soon as fhe faw the Goddefs g^y and bright. 
She fetched a Groan at fuch a chearflil Sight. 
XJvid and meager were her Looks, her Eye 
In foul diftorted Glances turn'd awry : 
A Hoard of Gall her inward Parts poflefs'd. 
And fpread a Greenncfs o*er her canker'd Breaft : 
Her Teeth were brown with Ruft : and from her Tongue, 
In dangling Drops, the ftringy Poifon hung. 

She never fmiles, but when the Wretched weep. 
Nor lulls her Malice with a Moment's Sleep : 
Reftleis in Spite ! while, watchfiil to deftroy, 
She pines and fickens at another's Joy : 
Foe to herfclf, diftrefling and diftrefe'd. 
She bears her own Tormentor in her Breaft. 

She takes her StafiFhung round with Wreaths of Thorn, 
And fails along, in a black Whirlwind bom, 
Cyer Fields and flow'ry Meadows ; where Ihe fteers 
Her baneful Courfe a mighty Blaft appears. 
Mildews, and Blights : the Meadows are defac'd. 
The Fields, the Flow'rs, and the whole Year laid Waftc. 
On Mortals next, and peopled Towns fhe fells. 
And breathes a burning Plague among their Walls. 

A T O lU 

cni lrffi f ic , St: £e£L fact Timeem r 

bcTTmiis; qm bO Iidirymabile ceroit 

|i9EcaR& ftfldbus iuiplfr, 
BOCfs^ vns : piceaaiqDe per ofia 
:k: dcdeo ^ argit polmofic, vcnaictirhp 

perbrks orcnc, 
cxizki&p fennoanjcnqu^ fbroris 

Detim fob imagine ponit ; 
Qmbus mmot, doloi^ 

'gcflOiit: IffE^ir miiefimisL tabc 
ut giMici noeifo faocia fefe : 
I bonis ocn feciiB tiricur Herfes, 

fpinfifis ignis lupponimr hettiis : i 

dxnz Sjnimis, Icniquc rtpore cremantur, 

ri volutt, ^^— ^-^ 

Ovid. Mil Lib, IL 

Eq^uinoctia lJj I n e. 317 

When Abens fhc beheld, for Arts renowri*d. 

With Peace made happy, and widi Plenty crowned : 

Scarce could the hideous Fiend from Tears forbear. 

To find out Nothing that defervM a Tear. Jiddi/bn^ 

She ftroak'd the Virgin with her canker'd Hand, 
Then prickly Thorns into her Breaft conveyed. 
That ftung to Madnefs the devoted Maid : 
Her fubtle Venom ftill improves the Smart, 
Frets in the Blood, and fetters in the Heart. 

To make the Work more fure, a Scene fhe drew, 
A.nd placed before the dreaming Virgin^s View 
Her Sifter's Marriage, and her glorious Fate : 
rh* imaginary Bride appears in State : 
The Bridegroom with unwonted Beauty glows : 
For Emy magnifies whatever fhe (hows. 
Full of the Dream jiglauros pin'd away 
[n Tears all Night, in Darknefs all the Day : 
3onfum*d like Ice, that juft begins to run, 
When feebly fmitten by the diftant Sun : 
3r like unwholefome Weeds, that fet on Fire 
fVre flowly wafted, and in Smoke expire. 
jiv*n up to Etwy (for in ev'ry Thought 
The Thorns, the Venom, and the Vifion wrought, ) 

Dft did fhe call on Death Addifin. 

The meager Envious rife, 
f\.nd look on others Wealth with troubled Eyes : 
jricv'd to the Soul, they inwardly repine. 
That fome with Pow'r, and fome with Honour fhine : 
iVhile they are mean, and low, and without Fame : 
\nd even die for Statues and a Name. Creech. 

Envy thou curfed Plague of Humankind ! 
To whom another's Happinefs, or Praifc, 
s Pain infufFerable ! 


E QJ3 I N O C T I A L-L I N E. 

RIGHT Phahus, here, to neither Pole dedmes. 
But from his Zenith vertically ftiints; 

compc&nr mnbix 

insinL ^isc Tsvo &»pios exit 
Arc? tong &K vncnrm librae^ 

111 iiJ»: 

dscssc^xc Pxfccs* 

i:^ : Tcz {As LcD DoHitiir Ural, 
lite: a fica jgqfiimio 

m rsrncr fiimino 

nnmunr i?uc3> r 

Eq^U I K ox] '3ig 

nee, cv*n the Trees no friendly Ihdter yield, 
ice dieir own Trunks the leafy Branches flucld s 
e Rays defcend direft, all round embrace^ 
d almoft to a Point the Shadow chace. 
:re equally the middle Line is found, 

> cut the radiant Zodiac in it's Round : 
are unoblique the Bull and Scorpion rife, 
)r mount too fwift, nor leave too foon the Skies ; 
)r Libra does too long the Ram attend, 
>r bids the Aldid the fjhy Sign defcend. 
le Twins and Centaur juftly Time divide^ 
id equally their feveral Seafons guide : 
ike the Crab and wintry Goat return, 
ike the Lion and the flowing Urn. 
:re (low Bootes^ with his lazy Wain, 
:fccnding, fecms to reach the watry Main. 
' all the Lights which high above they fee, 

> Star whatever from Neptunc^s Waves is free, 
le whirling Axle drives 'em round, and plunges in the 

Sea. Rowc] 

E Q^U I N o X, 

[THEN Libra weighs the Hours in equal Scales, 
Ir Nor Day on Night, nor Night on Day prevaUs : 
►r Work, and Reft, when equal Times are made, 

ic World enjoying equal Light and Shade. Jnon^ 

But when the genial Heat b^an to fhine, 
ith ftronger Beams in ^ries^ vernal Sign, 
gain the golden Day rdum'd it's Right, 

id rul'd in juft Equation with the Night. Rowel 

The Sun, returning, in his yearly Race, 

> Cameras Sign, meets Aries midft the Space, 
ited between the Point from whence he bends 
is upward G)urfe, and that in which he ends, 
icre placed as Umpire in the middle Way, 
er all the Globe he equals Night and Day. 




r»g. Ed. a 


.<%ii^^ uu^ssr ,:s^i. ' .fe 0:rinn>- 

r*::^ ,«r ucL n. 

Evening. EicamplsJ %it 

Oppos'd to JruSf IJbra^s Scars appear, 
With the like Power to fway the rolling Year : 
It equals Day and Night. ■ Creech. 


AN D now the Village Tops at diftance fmoke, 
Andlcmger Shades fh)m lofty Mountains fell.-— - 


Behold the Oxen homewards draw the Plough, 
Jjds laboring with it's Weight : and now the Sun, 
Retiring, doubles the increafing Shades. Id. 

At the Sun's Setting, Fejper^s cooling Breeze 
Allays the Fervor of the liiltry Air : 
And now the Groves are by the dewy Moon 
Rcfrcfhy : the Shores Halcyone refound : [altered. 

And the fweet Goldfinch warbles thro* the Brakes. — Traf. 

The Labour of the Day now near an End, 
From ftecp Olympus Phahuf Steeds defcend.— — 


Half hid in Seas defcending Phcshus lay. 

And upwards half, half downwards fliot the Day. 


Bright Sol had now his Journey almoft done. 
And to the weftem Ocean downward run. 

Now o*er the Skies is ipread that doubtfiil Light, 
Which cannot Day be caird, nor is it Night. 

Now headlong to the Weft the Sun was fled. 
And half in Seas obfcur'd his beamy Head : 
Such feems the Moon, while, growing yet, fhe ihines, 
Or waining, fh)m her fuller Orb declines. Id. 

*Twas at that Seafon when the fainting Light, 
Juft in the Evening's dofc, brought on the Night.— 

Example. SeeEDucATioN* 

FUSCINUS, thofe ill Deeds Aat My Fame, 
And lay fuch Blots upon an honeft >iMQfc \ 
tn Blood once tainted^ like a Current run> 
From the lewd Father, to the lewder Son.. 

)h (enem juvat aka« Iik& & bats 
parvoque cadem cnover amu frinUo. 
mellib aiiquam fpeiatie pnipmquo 
jirram* qui radcrc tubcn terrae* 
rofidire, & eodcm jurt natanrcs 
Sccdidas didkk, nebulone parence^ 
Gtila. ' ■ 

ticct admov^s mille inde magiftros^ 
dan, ctiptet kuto csenarc pafaru 
Sc a magna non degenct^me ojltnl. 

animum, & mores modicis erroribus xquos 
acqiie ammos fenrorum, & cxitpora tio(ln 
oniore putar^ panbiifi|iie ekmends : 
! dooec Rudlu$» ^ giodcc aicxrbo 
I ftrcpttiH & nuUam Sifcna BagdJis 

ki Jui^oii Isems ftridorc cactniCi 

re attune infcripri, crgaftuU, carco' ? 

itpeclas, u* noci fit adulttra Largae 
c nunquam matcmos diccre Moechijs 

Ex A M P L Ei 323 

If Gaining does an aged Sire entice^ 9 

Then my jroung Mafter quickly learns the Vice, 5t 

And fh^kes^ in Hanging-Sleeves, the litdeBoxandDice^j 

Thus, the voluptuous Youths bred up to drefs^ 

For his tat Granfire, fome delicious Mcfs : 

In feeding high his Tutor will furpafs. 

As Heir-apparent of the Gourmand RacCi 

And, ihould a thoufand grave Philofophers 

Be always hollowing Temperance in his Ears, 

They would at laft their Lofs of Time lament^ 

And give him o*er, as Glutton by Defcent. 

Can cruel Rutiius, who loves the Noife 
Of Whips far better tlian a Syrejfs Voice,- 
Set up to teach Humanity, and give 
By fuch Example, Rules for Us to liv« ? 
C^ he preach up Equality of Birth, 
And tell Us how we all began fi-om Earth ? 
Can he a Son to foft Remorfe incite, 
V/hom Goals, and Chains, and Punifhments delight? 

Who would expeft the Daughter ftiould be other 
Than common Punk, if Larga be the Mother ? 
Whofe Lovers Nafties in order td run o*er^ 
The Girl took Breath foil thirty times, and more : 
She, when but yet a tender Minx^ began 
To hold the Door^ but now fets up for Man: 
And to her Gallants, in her own Hand-writing, 
Sends BiUets-dauics of the old Bawd's Inditing; 
So Nature prompts i fo foon we go aftray^ 
When old Experience puts Us in the Way : 
Our green Youth copies what grey Sinners aft. 

When venerable Age commends the Faft, • 

Dryden ]un. aiter^il* 

My honckir'd Father did his Precepts ufe 
By Force of ftrong Example to mfofe : 
*Twas fo he laboured to diredt my Will^ 
Point me to Good, or turn me back from 111. 
When ftudious to inculcate frugal Care, 
And make me happy with what ever Shatt _ , 

m contcnms eo, quod mJ ipfc paraflct : 

ides, Albi ut male vivat filius, utque 

ps ? magnum documenturo^ ne patriam rem 

uis velh. A turpi meretrick amore 

rreret : Se^buii dUTimilis fis. 

rcr Moechas, concefla ciim Venere uti 

deprcnfi non bdla eft fama Trebonis 

Sic me 
: puerum diftis ; &^ five j\ibcbat 
m quid, Habes au^torem, quo facias hoc, 
judicibiis fcleitis objicicbat : 
bat : an hoc inhoneftum, & butile faftu 
, addubites, flagret rumore malo cum 

je ilk ? 

Hor. Lib. L Sat. f 


Exhortation. 325 

Of Riches he Ihould leave : Obferve, faid He, 
How wretched yilbus^ Son and Barus be : 
Young Heirs, to fquander their Eftates inclined. 
In their fad Fate may good Inftrudtion find. 
When to deter me from the fhameflil Love 
Of vile feducing Proftitutes he ftrove. 
Beware, he*d cry : nor like SeUanus prove. 
That after Others Wives I fhould not ftray. 
Nor follow Women in a lawlefs Way : 
Thereby, quoth he, Trebonius is undone 5 
Caught in tne FaA, his Reputation's gone* 

---———— — Thus he 
Did in my Non-age wifely tutor me. 
When he proposed a Duty to be done. 
Thou haft, he*d cry, a fair Example, Son, 
Before thine Eyes, for doing of the fame : 
And then fome Great and Worthy Man he*d Name. 
But, if a Vice he cautioned me to fly, 
A Man, fays he, may fee with half an Eye \ 
This Aftion, which Thou'rt now about to do. 
Is againft Honefty, and IntVeft too : 
For the fame Thing, there's fuch and fuch a One^ 
With Infamy is branded thro* the Town.— — 

True Toil and Virtue learn, dear Youdn from Mc : 

Fortune from Others. 

Be Thou induftrious, when mature of Age, 

To fix thele great E^camples in thy Mind, 

And them revolving, copy out thy Sire . 

Mneas^ and thy Unkle HeSlor^s Fame. Trap. 

Exhortation. See Reproach. 

AH ! whither fiy you ? By yourfelves, my Friends! 
And your brave Deeds i by King Evandef^% Name 
And O^uefts gain'd in War : By my own Hopes, 
Which bum to emulate my Fathoms Praife 5 
Truft not to Flight : A Paflage thro* the Foes 
Muft with the Sword be hewn : where tl;ucktft cco^"^ 

£ ^ fi D m T A T 1 0* 



lMB3t TMIliliQOC» 

pctaimis :■ 


-^*y^ iwp Qciffi^ fifisn^ cQEu^x^ 

Exhortation.' 327: 

That Globe of Troops: That Way, Yourfclves and Mc 

Pallas your Chief, our Country's Glory cJls. 

No Gods oppofe Us : By a mortal Foe 

^4ortals Ourtelvcs are urgM r As many Lives 

And Hands are Ours, as Theirs : Behold the Sea 

Cbnfines Us here : No Land remains for Flight : 

To Troy (hall We repair ? or ftem the Deep ? irapm 

Shall ♦ Cafar ftand againft the World combined, 
Protraft Deftruftion, and embroil Mankind ? 
What will the vanquifti'd Nations murm*ring fay. 
Where once thy Conquefts cut their winged Way„ 
When they behold thy lazy Virtue now, 
And fee Thee move thus languilhing and flow ? 
Where are thofe Fires that warmM thee to be Great ? 
That ftable Soul, and Confidence in Fate ? 
Canft thou the Gods ungratefully miftruft I f^owe. 

If Men, if Multitudes can make Us ftrong: 
Behold what Tribes unnumber*d march along I 
Whcre-e^er the Zodiac turns Vii radiant Round, 
Where-ever Earth, or People, can be found. 
To Us the Nations iflue forth in fwarms, 
And in i?^;w^s.Caufe all human Nature Arms. 
What then remains, but that our Wings enclofe. 
Within their ample Fold, our Ihrinking Foes ? 
rhoufands, and Thoufands, ufelefi, may we Ipare, 
JTon handful will not half employ our War, Idu 

If the dear Pledges of connubial Love, 
If our Houfhold Gods, and Romey your Souls can move^ 
Hither by Fate they feem together brought, 
A.nd for this Prize, to Day, the Battle fhill be fought. — Id: 

Think fix)m the Summit of the Roman WaU, 
Yoa hear our loud-lamenting Matrons call : 
rhink with what Tears, what lifted Hands they fpe^ 
\nd place their laft, their only Hopes in You. 
ma^ne kneeling Age before You fpread, 
lach hoary reverend majeftic Head : 
four Aid, by Rome henelf, believe implor'd. 
To lave her from a prpud imperious }jord» 

• Cu/ro to Fffm/f9, 

E 3C P E K I i; N T I A# 

ui nunc eft^ populum, populiimque fijturum 
afferrc preces : iiaec libem naJct, 
turba morL Si quis poft pignora tanta 

locus eft, cum prole, & conjuge fupplex, 

Jva fi majeftate liceret^ 

ante pedes, Magnus, nifi vijiciris, C3mJ» 

a foceri, vefter pudor, ultima fata 
ac turpes extrcmi cardinis annos, 

n fervire knot. 

•rccs hodie bcllorum, aut pcena paratur* 
fpcftate cruccs, fpectate catenas, 
hoc pofitum roftris, cftusaque membra i 
"a movct : nam ine fecura manebit 
fita manu ; todientem vifcera cernet 
qui nondum viftum refpcxerit hofbem, 


£XP£ R I EM C eJ 3S9 

Thiiik how the prefent Age, how that to come^ 

What Multitudes from you e3n>ea their Doom : 

On your Succefi dependent all rely : 

Thefc to be bom in Freedom, Thofe to die. 

Ah ! think, if after what Pve nam^d before. 

Ought ftill remains, that can affedfc you more : 

Think you behold (were fuch a Pofture meet) 

Ev'n me, your Pompeyj proftrate at your Feet. 

Myfelf, my Wife, my Sons, a fuppliant Band, 

From You our Lives, and Liberties demand : 

Or conquer You, or I to Exile born, p 

My laft difhonourable Years fhall mourn, > 

Your long Reproach, and my proud Father's Scorn, ^ 

From Bonds, from Infamy, your Gen'ral fave. 

Nor let this hoary Head defcend to Earth a Slave. — li. 

Between Extrcams, to Day, our Fortune lies. 
The vileft Punifliment, and nobleft Prize. 
Confider well the Captive's loft Eftate, 
Chains, Racks, and Croffes for the Vanquifti'd wait : 
My Limbs are each allotted to its Place, 
And my pale Head the Rojlrum^s Height (hall grace. 
But that's a Thought unworthy Cefaf^s Care : — 
Much more for you than for myfelf I fear. 
On my good Sword fecurely I rely. 
And, if I conquer not, am fure to die. jH. 



Y various Proofs Experience Art has form'd : 
Eicample being Guide. 

Let Simcks Ethics haughty Rules advance. 
To combat Fortune, and to conquer Chance : 
Yet happy Thofe, who not fo leam'd, are thought. 
Whom Life inftruds, tho* by Experience taught. 
For new to come, from pafi Misfortunes, look : [Creech. 
Nor (hake the Yoke, which galls the more 'tis fliocA. — 

Ev'n fi-om old Age does fome Advantage rife, 
JFor in the hoary Head Experience lies,— — 

P It O D I O A L T X A S. 

Tcnra, dc raoris nafrac amtor, 
rat mild vulncra, paftor <rns, 

Tiiaiory ccris ubi rem tmdat : 
e, qua frtodcns valle morerur aper: 
DOG fratkes : qui foftinct hamos, 
|y3E mulro pifcc oatetttur aquae. — — 

Ov:d. Art. Ammtd, Lib. L 
o n^grmm^ nee t&m mirabile quicquani 
quod mintianc mimner omnes 

■ IJicreL Lib. FL 

m ka qmiquam bene fubdu£^ ratioae ad yiam 
astas, ufus, fcmpcr afiqtiid adportet novit [fiik, 
loneat^ ut ilb, qu^ te fcire credesj nefciaf, 

M putam prium, in cxperiimdo repudic^ 

Term, M^. 

^ A L 1 T A S, WAc G U L A. L U X U R I K. 

cntor erat CvTitronius^ & modo curvo 
rore Cajitx, fumnrtL^ nujrc Tiburis arcc. 

.a:^:^ :« 

>*-4l-*i»r ^ 1* 


E XTH A V A CJ A U c eJ ^2i 

The Seaman heft can rcalbn of the Winds, 
Of Oxen rione fo well as laboring Hinds : 
Battles and Wounds the Soldiers beft defcribe, 
A.nd what belongs to Sheep the Shepherd Tribe.— 

The Fowler and the Huntfman know fiill well, 
The Haunts of Birds, and Beafts, and where they dwell •" 
The artfiil Angler, in the winding Brook, 
Knows what the Fifh, and how to bait his Hook. 

Nothing, at firft, fo great, fo ftrange appears. 
But that the Wonder, by Degrees abates, 
And it becomes familiar. 

Ne'er did Man caft up the Bufinefs of his Life fo ex* 
i£kly, bur ftill Experience, Years, and Cuftom, will 
bring in fome new Particulars he was not aware of, and 
fhew his Ignorance of what he thought he knew, and af- 
ter Trial make him rejeft his former Opinions. — Eacbard. 

Extravagance. SecGLUTTONV. Luxury. 

CEntrontus does high coftly Villas raife 
With Grecian Marble, which the Sight amaze : 
Some Hand upon Cajeta^s winding Shore ; 
At Jyber's Tow*r, and at Frcenefte more. 
The Dome of Hercules and Fortune fliow. 
To his tall Fabricks, like fmall Cots below, 
[n mighty Buildings his Eftate out-run, 
Defcends diminifliM gready to his Son. 
His Son builds on, i^id cannot be content, 
rill the laft Farthing is in Strudhire fbent. — Bryi. altcrVJ, 

A coftly G«m from his MeteUa^s Ear, 
^fop*s loofe Son diflblv*d in Vinegar : 
And drank it down, and then profufely UughM, 
To think he drank a Province at a Draught. 
Was't not as mad as to have thrown the Gem, 
Into fome common Shore, or rapid Stream. Creecb^^ 

Many there are of the fame wretched Kind, 
Whom dicir deipairing Creditors may ftxvd 


in ibio Vivendi caufa palato eft« 
::<£nar, mellufque mifcrrimus hcrum^ 
Turos jam perlucente ruina. 
fhis elementa per omnia quaerunt, 
animo pretiis obftantibus ; intcriiis fi 
magis lUa juvant, qu^e pluris emuncur. 

i difficile eft pcrimram arccffere fummam 
oppofirisj vel matris imagine frafta, 
ingentis nummis condire gulofum 

Juv. Sat XI. 

ptis apibus vocem, Damafippe^ locafti 

Lurlui^ in Shambles : where with borrowed Coin 

They buy. choice Meats, and in cheap Plenty dine : 

Such whole fole Bills is eating : who can give 

But that one brutal Reafon why they live. 

And yet, what's more ridiculous ; of thele 

The pooreft Wretch is ftill moft hard to pleafe : 

And he whofe thin tranlbarent Rags declare 

How much his tatter'd Fortune wants Repair, 

Would ranlack ev'ry Element, for Choice 

Of c^ry Filh and Fowl, at any Price : 

If brought from far, if very dear it coft, ^ 

It has a Flavour then, whidi pleales moft, > 

And he devours it with a greater Guft. j( 

In Riot thus, while Money lafts, he lives. 
And that exhadted, llill new Pledges gives : 
Till forced of mccr Neceflity, to eat. 
He comes to pawn his Dilh to buy his Meat. 
NcKhing of Silver or of Gold he fpares. 
Nor what his Mother's facred [mige bears : 
Nor can his earthen Ware efcape the Sale, 
To help de&ay a dear luxurious MeaL Congreve^ . 

Thou, DamaftppuSy 

Art fbrdd to make the Stage thy laft Retreat, 

And pawn thy Voice, the All thou haft, for Meat : 

For now Thou muft, (fmce thy Eftate is loft,) 

Or reprefcnt, or be thyfelf a Ghoft. Stepivf altei^d. 

As I was coming along to Day, I ftumbled upon 
one of my own Rank and Quality, who had nuuie 
a Ihift to guzzle away an Eftate. Seeing fuch a rough, 
nafty, meager Fellow, rigg'd out with Rags and Rheu^ 
marifms. What's the Meaning of this fine Drefs ? (quodi 
I,) Alas! (laid he,) I had an Eftate once, but playM 
the Fool, and cou'd n't keep it, and you fee what I am 
brought to : All my Friends and Acquaintance fly me as 
they wou'd the Plague.— Eacbard. 

F K\klL. 



FAME, direful Peft! in Speed oUtflxiDM by none : 
That flying grows, and Screngdi by Motion gai»« 
Tim'rous at firft ifac is, and fmall thro* Fear, 
But, by Degrees grotim bold, herielf iti Air 
Sublime fhe rears, and walking on the Groymd, 
Conceals her tow'ring Head amoqg the Gouds« 
Her, the lad Sifter to Enc^adusj 
And Causj as 'tis faid^ the Parent Eardi, 
Provoked by Anger of the Gods, brought forth : 
Swift with her Feet, and never-weary*d Wings. 
A Monfter hideous, vaft! — As many Plumes 
As in her Body ftick, fo many Eyes 
Fot ever waking, (wondrous to relate!) 
There grow beneath : as many babling Tongues, ^ • 
And lift'ning Ears as many* — ^By N^ht fhe flies, / i 
Noify, thro* Shades obfcure, 'twixt Earth and Heavy:? 
Nor arc her Eyes by pleafuig Slumber clos'd. ' .. 1 

Watchhil, and prying round, by Day, (he fits 
On fome high Palace Top, or lofty Tow'r, 
And mighty Towns alarms: not lefs intent 
On fpreading Falfliood, than rqxJrtfaig Truth. — ^rap^tlt 

Amidft the Worlds between Earth, Air, and Sea, 
A Place there iSy the Confine of all three : 
Hence Things, how c*er remote, are view*d around 5 
Here cv'ry Voice is heard, and ev'ry Sound. 
FAME*s Palace on the Summit ftands on high^ 
And Ways thereto innumerable lye 5 
A thouiand Entrances on every Side, 
All without Gates, are ever open wide, * 

Built all of Brals, the ringing Walls refound, . - 

And Tales repeaped eccho all around. 
No Reft within, no Silence, yet the Noife 
Not loud, but like the Whifpers of a Voice : 
Such as ftx>m far by rolling Billows fent. 
Or as Jav^s Minting Thunder almoft fpent. 


Ix ceocnt. wcnnmc 

Taoiaa anpkxxr lenxscMdln inns, 

rnUm aliqu!^ ncF^ idjidtaii&r. 
iitas^ illic tcmcnrius Errbr, 
^setittai eft. cQn£ccrnat3i|i]C XiftiofcSy 
I rcgms ^ dtibtdqtie aiJi^orc StifunL 

Tidec^ moiioqiie ioquirk in orbein. 

Owf. Ma. Lib. xn. 


ocrrtmb Scytiii:jc gbcialis in oris* 
iblum, ftcrilis, fifie fruge-^ fine arbore, tdlm: 
iHic habitinr, PxLlorque, Trtmorquc, 
I Fjmcs. 

Faminei 337 

HUher in Crowds the Vulgar come and go^ 

Millions of Rumours here fly to and fro : 

Lies mixt with Truth, Reports that vary ftill^ 

The itching Ears of Folks unguarded fill. 

They tell the Tale, the Tale in telling grows. 

And each Relater adds to what he knows, 

Ralh Error, light Credulity are here. 

And caufclcfs Tranfport, and ill-grounded Fear $ 

New rais'd Sedition, fecret Whifpers blown 

By namelefs Authors, and of Things unknown* 

FAME, all that's done in Heav*n, Earth, Ocean, views^ 

And o'er the World ftill hunts around for News. 

^eobald alter'd^ 


WHere frozen Scythicfs utmoft Bound is plac'd, 
A Defart lies, a melancholy Wafte : 
In yellow Crops there Nature never fmil*d. 
No fruitful Tree to fliade the barren Wild* 
There fluggifh Cold its icy Station makes. 
There Palenefs, Frights, and agiiifh Trembling lliakcsj 

Of pining Famine this the feted Seat. ^ 

There in a ftony Field the Fiend fhe founds 
Herbs knawing, and Roots fcratching from the Gtoundi 
Her Elfclock Hair in matted Trefles grew, p 

Sunk were her Eyes, and pale her ghaftly Hue, S» 

Wan were her Lips, and foul with clammy Glew : j 
Her Throat was furr*d : her Guts appeared within 
With fnaky Curlings thro* her Parchment Skin. 
Her jutting Hips feem'd ftarting from their Place, 
And for a BsUy was a Belly's Space* 
Her t)ugs hung dangling from her craggy Spine, 
Loofe to her Breaft» and feften'd to her Chine. 
tier Joints ptx)tuberant'by.Leannefs grown, 
Confumption funk the Fle(h^ and.rais'd thcfione^ 
Her Knees large Orbits bunched to monftrous Size, 
And Ankles to undue Proportion rife.—— Vernon^ 

Z \cw 


Fan TOM. 339 

In vain the. &i3km Fields the Peafant till^ 
The Seed, oomipt^d e^er tis fowo^ ihe kilb. 
The fruitful Serif, that once fuch Harvcfts bore. 
Now mocks the Faraier's Care, and teems no more. 
All the rich Grain whkh fills the forrow'd Glade, 
Rots in the Seed, or (hrivels in the Blade : 
Or too much Sun burns up, or too much Rain 
Drowns, or black Blights deftroy the blafted Plain : 
Or greedy Birds the new-ibwn Seed devour. 
Or Darnel, Thifljcs, and a Q-op impure 
Of knotted Grafs, along the Acres ftand, [Maytnoarif^. 
And fpregd their thriving Roots thro* all tlie Land."*—— 

~— ■ And now. 

Her balefiil Vifage meager Famine rears : 

Seldom alone, fhe troops among the Fiends, 

And ftill on War and Pdtilence attends. — ^ 

Unprels'd, unftraitcn'd by befieging Foes, 

All Miferies of Want the Soldier knows : 

Gladly he gives his little Wealth, to eat, 

And buys a Morfel with his whole Eftate. 

Curft Merchandize ! where Life it felf is fold. 

And Avarice confents to ftarve for Gold. Rowe. 

But while the diftant War no more he fears. 
Famine, a worfe, refiftlefs Foe appears. 
No more the Fields their grafly Pafture yield. 
Nor waving Harvefts crown the yellow Field. 
On ev'ry verdant Leaf the hungry feed. 
And fnatch the Forage irom the fainting Steed : 
Then ravenous on their Camp's Defence they &1I, 
And grind with greedy Jaws the turfy Wall.— — Id. 

Fantom. See Ghost. 

THEN (wondrous to behold 1) the Godd«&'«^iti9 
A yifionary Fantonij light, and vain. 
From a thin Goud, changed to jSmeaf Shape : 
Decks it with T^rojan Darts : his Shield, and Creft, 
And all the Honours of his God-like Head 

Z 2 'Ov^xsisiys^"! 

•«^proram attend .^P* 

Nee mctuMnt ul^Z^!.'. ** 

Fate. 341 

Diflembles : gives it empty Words, and Sound : 

And forms its Steps, and Manner, as it walks. . 

Such Figures, as tij faid, departed Ghofts 

Fluttering aflume : or mimic Dreams by Night. 

In die firft Van th* txulting Shade provokes 

The Hero, and with Darts, and Voice defies. 

Turuus advances fierce : and hurk from far 

A whiftling Lance : The recreant Spirit flies. 

Clofc to the Covert of a lofty Rock 

A Ship by Chance there flood, with Ladders hung. 

And Bridges laid : To this with hafty Steps, 

The trembling Image of Mneas flies, 

And in its Hatches lurks. With Hafte no lefs 

Turnus purfues, all Obftacles furmounts, 

And paflcs o'er the Bridges : When the Deck 

He fcarcc had reached, Saturnia burfts the Corcis, 

And fpceds the VcflTcl thro' the rolling t)ecp. 

And now the mimic Form 

No longer lurks concealed : but mounts in Air 

Aloft, and mingles with a duflcy Cloud ; 

While Tunms in mid Ocean wafted fails. Trap. 

Fate. See Chance. God. Foreknowledge. Providence. . 

' I N vain, * fair Daughter, you eflfay 

-1 To o'cr-njle Deftinfs unconquer'd Sway : 

Your Doubts to banilh, enter Faiths Abode ; '• 

There you ftiall fee the Hecords graved, in length, 

On Ir'n and folid Brafs, with mighty Strength : 

Which Heav'n's and Earth's Concuflion fhall endure : 

Mauger all Shocks, eternal, and fecure : 

There, on e'erlafting Adamant, defign*d, 

The various Fortunes gf your Race ybu-U find^ — IVelfied. . 

Forbear to hope the Dejlinies divine . 
Can ever with Intreatics be fubdu*d. Treif. - 

FixM ftands the Date of mortal Lives : the Space 
Is fhort, and irretrievable to All. ■ Id. 

• Jufifer to Finus. 


Fate. 343 

freat Jm€ himfelf the equal Ballance holds, 

I poifes in it's Scales the Fates of both : 
with Succefi is charg'd : and one defcends 

ded with Death. trap. 

Mortals, your Minds of anxious Cares unload, 

- fruitlefly the Woes of Life bewail : 

? governs worldly Things : and fixt by Fate 

II that haps thro' long revolving Years. 

• Death's forc-doom'd the Moment We are bom, 

i the laft Hour depends upon the firft. 

•n. Wealth to fome, and Kingdoms are decreed \ 

Poverty to moft : The Mind to Arts, 
Manners, then is turn*d ; to Vice, or Virtue, 
m too the Evil and the Gwd of Life 
Jl predeftin*d : for from it's Share of EvU 

Life's exempt : tho' more than what's fore-doom'd 
ne poflibly can fufFer. — Prayers nor Vows 
Fortune can fufpend, nor Flight avoid : 

: All muft bear the Hardlhips Fate decrees. 

Jefides, th' unnatural Civil Wars of Rome^ 
•Proofeof Fat eh inevitable Doom. 

Marius ride, with Cimbrian Lawrels crown'd, 
en in the Dungeon, ftretch'd upon the Ground : 
m Slave^ now C<mful : Conjuly Slave again : 
s Curule Chair fiicceeded by a Chain. 
)w a mean Ruin, on the Lybian Sands, 
fpis'd he lies : and now the World commands : 
dden, from the Minturnian Pools he rofe, 
id fcatter'd Vengeance on his haughty Foes, 
anges thus ftr^nge, and much fat Cbanpe too great, 
re not th' Eflfefb of Fart»ne^ but of Fate.-— 
Who, Pampeyj could (that faw thy conq'rin^ Fleet 
^in the Sais, and Kings beneath thy Feet, 
oud Pontus yields fierce Tyrants make thy Train, 
fid fuppliant Monarchs b^ thy Leave to rcign'i 
lut faw victorious Lawrels crown thy Head, 
nd conquer'd Worlds in thy three Triumphs 'ted : 

24 Ksd 

^iC!U» Zlf*^'i- "JOB* 

Fate. 345 

And all that Glory which thy SwoM had won 
Fixt, and fupported by as great a Son,) 
Have thought that Thou, upon a foreign Sand, 
Should'ft Ileal a Burial from a common Hand : 
That fhatter'd Planks, the Seas diflioncft Spoil, 
Should hifs beneath thy Trunk, and be thy Pile ? 
That Thou, the mighty Thou, ihould'ft want an Urn ? 
What Power^ but Fate^ could work fo ftrange a Turn ? 

E'en Ca:far fprung from Heav*n, and now a Star, 
Tho* midft (he Dangers of the Civil War 

Secure he flood. 

Yet crown*d with Peace, in all his mighty State, 

He fell, a Viftim to o'er-ruling Fate : - 

Not mere Sufpicions, but clear Proofs were brought. 

He knew what Caffius fpoke, and Brutus thought : 

How far advanced, how far they meant to go. 

And faw the Minute of the flital Blow ; 

Yet darl^ Oblivion did his Reafon blot, 

He all his IVarmngSy and Hifnjelf forgot : 

And in the Senat^^ while his Right f£ind held 

The faithful Paper which the Plot reveal'd, 

To prove that Fate does all the World controul. 

He fell, and with Iiis Blood effac'd the Scroll. — Creech alt, 

! — If i'i/tfdoesfo ordain, 

A flight Difeafc dcflroys, while greater fpare. 
Good Methods fail, and Men are lofl by Care : 
Some, temperate Diet with Difeafes fills. 
And Poifon's innocent, when Phyfick kills. 

Succefslels Virtue fuiks, while Vice prevails : 
And Folly win& the- Prize, when Prudence fiiils. 
He argues ill^. that from the Fortune draws. 
The Goodnels, or the Badncfs, of a Caufe : 
Succefs on Merit; do^s not always wait \ 
Both Good and 6acf are found amongfl the Great. 
But fome Akigiighty Ppw-r's impetuous Force . ^ - 

Marks out the Way, and (lill dit?e<a:s the Courfc : ' 
The Years that wc mufl run •, the Length, the Pace, 
And all the v^mlous Turnings of the* Race,-— . * 


^••opofitum, noftri/SLj 

F A tr L T s. 347 

Scfidesy were not Events by Fate ttraUM, 
»w can their certain Order be ferecald ? 
m can the Prophets &ng of future Doooi^ 

d, in the prefenc, read the Age to come. « 

Sot does this^Reafoning Wickednefi defiend, 
rob &ir Virlue of it*s happy End. 
lo ever lik*d the more a pois'nous Weed, 
aufe 'tis bred from necelfary Seed ? 
who loves Corn the lefs, who hates the Vine, 
aufe produc*d by Nature, not Defigo^? 
as virtuous Minds deferve the greater Love, 
ce doom'd to aft what Heaven muft approve : 
d we fhould haoe thofe moft whom F«te has fcnt 
mes tacommity and hShr Pumilitfient : 
r Crimes, from whatfbever Caufe they flow, 
2 ftill the fame : — fince that they're Crimes We know.— ^ 

Creech alter*d. 
When Yon, ye Gods f are pleased tio plague Mankind^ 
r own rafh Hands are to the Talk aflign*d : 
You ordain'd thr Tool* of Fate to be, 
z blindly aft the. Miichiefs You decree : 
2 call the Batde^ We the Sword prepare, 
id on ouffelves draw on the drcadwl War. Rowe, 

Sore iigh'd the anxious Chief, who well could read 
Tie dire Delufion by the Gods decreed : 
! faw the Faces malignantly indin'd, 
» thwart his Purpofe, and perpks^ hkMind— > Idem^ 
The Faces embrace his Knees, with Hands thac twine 
le Lot cf all Things^ timnaQy. and divine : 
id from die Threads on their eternal Reel, 
hate'er fhftU hap thro* endkis Ages deal. — Hughes atte. 

Faults. See Detraction. 

>UT feme may cry, haTrYounoFauksat all i 
^ Ye5, other Fank^ fmall.-~- 
hcn Adanitts rail'd at Noviusy how, fays One, 
)fl: know thyfelf, or think thy Faults unknown ? 
Oy pho, fays Menius^ — I forgive my Qwtv* 

348 Timor. 

Stultus, & improbus hie amor eft, dignufque notari. 

Cum tua pervideas oculis mala lippus inundtis^ 

Cur in amicorum viriis tarn ccrnis acutum, 

Quam aut Aquila, aut Serpens Epidaurius ? At tibi contra 

Evenit, inquirant vitia ut tua rurfus & illi.- 

Hor. Lib«L Sat. 3. 

— »— Vitiis nemo fine nafcitur : Optimus illc eft> 
Qui minimis urgetun 

Qui, ne tuberibus propriis oSendat amicum 
Poftulat : ignofcat Vcrfucis illius : asquum eft, 
Peccatis veniam pofcentem, reddcre rurfqs. 


Timor. Vide Terror. Panicus Terror. 

OBftupuit, retroque pedem cum voce repreflir. 
Improvifum afpris veluti qui fentibus anguem 
PrefTit humi nitens, trepidiifque repente reftigit 

Attollentem iras, & coerula colla tumentem. 

Firg. Mn. Lib. II. 

Nunc omncs torrent aurae, fonus cxcitat omnis 

Sufpenfum , — 

Jamque propinquabam poitis, cum crebcr ad aures 
Vifus adefle pedum fonitus : genitorque per umbram 
Profpiciens ; Nate, exclamat, fiige, Nate: propinquant: 
Ardentes clvpeos atque aera micantia cemo. 


At foci is fubita gelidus formidine fanguis 
Diriguft: cecidere animi ; nee jam amplius armis, 
Scd votis precibufque jubent cxpofcere pacem.~ — 

Mn. Lib. III. 

— ^ 

F K A R. 349 

This is a foolifh, and a wicked Love^ 
Such as the kccncft Satyr fhould reprove. 
While thou art blind and fenfelefs to thy own. 
How doft thou find another's Faults fo foon. 
That fcarce a Serpent can fo quickly fpy. 
Or any Eagle hath fo fharp an Eye ? 
But ftill go on : purfue thy mean Defign, 
Shew Others Faults, — and they will ihew thee thine*— 

Creech altered. 
We all our Frailties fhare, and he's the bcft. 
Mod happy he, who's loaded with the leaft. 
Thofe then, who would not have their Sores offend. 
Ought not to fret the Pimples of a Friend : 
And furely, 'tis but juft, that he, who'd claim 
A candid Cov*ring where he proves to blame. 
Should to an erring Neighbour grant the fame. — Anon^ 

Fear. See Fright. Panic. 

O Urpriz'd with Fear he back 

« Recoil'd, and with his Speech reprcfs'd his Steps. 
Like one, who, unawares, in prickly Thorns 
Has trod upon a Snake : And ftarting fled 
Him roufing all his Venom, and with Rage 
Heaving his fpeckled Neck. ' Trap, 

I take th' Alarm, while Horrors reign around. 
At ev'ry Breeze, and ftart at ev'ry Sound. 
Now, to the City Gates approaching near, 
• I fecm the Noife of trampling Feet to hear. 
My fi-ighted Sire look'd forward thro' the Shade, 
And, fly my Son : they come, they come, he faid : 
Lo ! fron(^ their Shields I fee the Splendors ftream. 
And ken diftindt the Helmet's fiery Gleam. Pitt. 

With Hearts dcjcfted my Companions flood. 
And fudden Horrors froze their curdling Blood : 
Down drop the Shield and Spear -, from Fight we ceafe. 
And humbly fue by fuppliant Vows for Peace. Id. 

• jEwoj bcarwg his Father Anchifts upon \u% SVvom\^^x«-. 

Spumantes fcopuJos^^^ 
F-^a volar, fummiquc periH 

«UK Riga ptr „„as, iUi m^ 
VS' ttntaa vclit: fatilbu: inh™ 

SeTS ;?i(,';^- ,*fc«a.*ci 
u ucpiaa natos tenet ■ a 

Fear, 351 

Her CokHir and her Voice forfake the Fair, ^ 

And tbricc her trembling Feet for Flight prepare : ^ 
But ftill in vain, for Fear had fix*d 'em there. 2> 

She ihook, like Blades of Com, when Tempefts blow : 
Or flender Reeds that in the Marlhes grow.— Dryi.alter'd. 

So fares a Sailor on the ftomiy Main, 
When Qouds conceal Bo'6tef golden Wain : 
When not a Star it's friendly Luftre keeps. 
Nor trembling Cynthia glimmers on the Deeps: 
He dreads the Rocks, and Shoals, and Seas, and Skies, 
While Thunder roars, and Lightning round him flics. — 

Mean time on trembling Pinions thro' the Skies, 
To Mount • Palatium frighted Rumour flew. 

And to aftonifh'd Rtme thefe Tidings bore : 

A hoftile Fleet is riding on the Main ; 

And o'er the ySps, with German Conquefts flufli'd. 

The vengefiil L^ons pour on guilty Rome. 

Strait Fire, and Sword, and all the dreadful Train 

Of Civil Rage, before their Eyes appear ! 

Diftradting Tumults ev'ry Bofom fway'd. 

And Reafon 'midft the dubious Fears was lofr. 

This flies by Land : That rather trufts the Seas, 

As far lefs dang'roxis than his native Shores : 

Thefe run to Arms : Fate aids the wild Affright, 

And each obeys the Guidance of his Fears. 

No certain Courfe the giddy Vulgar know. 

But thro' the Gates in throng'd Confufion crowd, » 

And rival Terror: — Rome to Rumour yields. 

And weeping Romans leave their native Seats. 

This in his Hand his trembling Children leads ; 

And This his Gods within his Bofom hides, 

His long-lov'd Threfhold quits with mournful Looks, 

And wings his Curfes at the abfent Foe. 

There on the Hufband's Breaft, the Bride complains : 

And here, his Father's Age a pious Youth 

Supports with filial Care, nor feels his Load, 

• One of the fevcn Hills of Eomc, 


■j .— 

^ -Avv. 

'"'V.Vj--,- .. 

'••v.;-;-. ^ 

Fidelity. Fidelity Conjugal. 3 53 

Kor fears but for his venerable Charge. 

While Thefe, infenfate ! to the Field conVey 

Their treafur'd Wealth, and glut the War with Spoil. 

•As on the deep when ftormy jiujiir blows^ 
And mounts the Billows with tumultuous Rage, 
Th* affrighted Seamen ply their Arts in vain i 
The Pilots ftand aghaft : Thefe lafh their Sails : 
While Thefe make Land, and Thofe avoid the Shores^ 
And give up all to giddy Fortune's PowV. — Ad^fin jun. 

F I D £ L I T V. 

H£ to the Shrines of Faith his Steps addrelsM. 
She, pleas*d with Secrets rolling in her Breaft^ 
Far from the World remote, revolved on high. 
The Cares of Gods, and Counfels of the Sky. 
E'er Jaue was bom Ihe grac*d the bright Abodes, 
Conlbrt of Jufticey boaft of Men and Gods : 
Without whofe heavenly Aid, no Peace below. 
The ftedfaft Earth, and rolling Ocean, know. — Adiifon. 

While Earth the Seas fhall in her Bofom bear. 
While Earth herfelf /hall hang in ambient Air, 
While Pbabus fhall his conftant Tafk renew. 
While thro* the Zodiac Night (hall Day purfue ; 
No Faith, no Truft, no Friendfhip ftiaU be known 1 
Among the jealous Partners of a Throne : > 

But he who reigns, (hall ftriveto reign alone.— —i2^w^.) 

If, now, a Friend does not deny his Truft, 
But the old Purfe reftores with all it's Ruft, 
*Tis a prodigious Faith ! and ought in Gold 
Ammg the Tufcan Annals be inrolPd : 
And a crown'd Lamb fhould facrificed be 
To fuch a wonderful Integrity. — 

Fidelity Conjugal. Sec Constancy^ 

HE R Anfwer was, oft as my Suit I prefiTd ; 
For one, alone, I guard this fpotldG; .Breaft : 

A a ^^t 


To one, wherc-e'cr he is, from me disjoya'd. 
The Wilhes of my Soul ^e all confinU— 

: ^Whoe'er Thou art, 

Another holds, fays* he, my captive Heart. 

Long may fhe there th* unnvalPd Miftreis reign. 

Nor will I e^er my nuptial Faith prophane, . 

Or wroi^ her Love : k> long as Nature gives 

Life to this Frame, and charming Camns lives. — Pope. 

F I R E, See Amazement. City Taken. 

F I R £ lies in ev*ry thing : in Clouds it forms 
The frightful Thunder, and delights in Storms : 
It pafles thro* the Earth, in yEtna raves. 
Ami imitates HeavVs Thunder in it's Caves : 
In hollow Vales it boils the rifing Floods : 
In Flints 'tis found, and lodges in the Woods ; 
For tofi'd by Storms, the Trees in Flames expire ; — 
So warm are Nature's Parts, fo fiird with Fire. Creech. 

Achates from a Flint (buck out the Sparks, 
The Fire inclosed in Leaves, and round it pil'd 
Dry Fuel : and blew up the fudden Flame. ^rap. 

Nor in your Vineyards let wild Olives grow : 
For oft, by carelefs Swains n^le£led Fire 
Is left : Which firft beneath the unftious Bark 
Lurks unperceiv'd, invades tte folid Wood, 
And, rifing thro* the higher Leaves, to Hcav'n 
With mighty Noife afcends : Then Viftor reigns 
Thro* the Top-Branches, and Triumphant rido. 
Involving all the Grove in Flames : and throws 
A Cloud of pitchy Vapour to the Sky : 
Chiefly, if -fiom the North a Tempeft roars. 
And driven by Winds the blazing Torrent rolls. — Id. 

As when the wifli'd for Winds in Summer rife. 
Thro* the thick Woods the Shepherd fcatters Fire : 
The middle Trees blaze fudden, and at once 
Vukat^s dire Squadrons deluge all the Plains : 
He, pleas*d, fits vi::wing the triumphant Flames. — Id. 

• Psof/, 

A a 2 '^'^ 

Fire. 357 

The Clouds difperfe in Fumes :—— 
The ♦ High-Lands fmoke, cleft by the piercing Rays, 
Or, clad widi Woods, in dieir own Fuel blaze. 
Then o'er the Plains, where ripen*d Harvefts grow, 
The running Conflagration fpreads below : 
But thcfc are trivial Ills : whole Cities bum. 
And peopled Kingdoms into Afhesturn. — -— « 


I bum, I burn^ like kindled Fields of Com, 
When by the driving Winds the Flames are born. — Scroop. 

High, o'er the Dome, the Flames emblaze the Air: 
Fierce to devour, the fiery Tempeft flies. 
Swells in the Wind, and thunders to the Skies.— Pitt. 

With loofen'd Reins . 
Among the Benches Vulcan rages fierce. 
Among the Oars, and Decks of painted Fir. 

Beneath the warping Timber lives 
The fmouldring Tow, and vomits lazy Smoke. : 
A ling'ring Vapour eats the Ships, and o'er 
The Fleet's whole Bulk the pitchy iPlague dcfcends. 
Nor does the Labour of the Heroes aught 
Avail, nor Rivers pour'd upon the Flames.—— ^rap. 

He then commands, agamft the Ships to aim 
Darts, that with Pitch and livid Sulphur flame. 
Thic Spreading Fire o'er-runs their undtious Sides, 
And, nimbly mounting, on the Top-Maft rides : 
Flanks, Yards, and Cordage feed the dreadful Blaze, 
And finking Veflels hils amidft the Seas : 
While floating Arms and Men, promifcuous flrow'd, 
Deforni the Surface of the azure Flood. 
Nor does Deftraaion feize the Fleet alone. 
But, driv'n by Winds invades the neighb'ring Town : 
On rapid Wings the rolling Flames they bear. 
In wavy Lengrfis along the red'ning Air : 
Not much unlike, the fliooring Meteors fly. 
In gleamy Trails, a-thwart the midnight Sky.— 

jR^ov altei^d. 
f TJic World fct OQ Fire by PhditM. 

A a 3 Fi^uuLx^v 

*^ — > '^'uioscirci 

Firmness. See Fortitude. 

-T Niatuate they demand 

-* The impious War, and obftinately crow^l. 

Tumult, round the King Latims* Court. 

ke a Rockamidft the Sea, unmov'd, 

i oppo6te» lefifting : like a Rock 

ft the 5ca -, which, while the toaring Tide 

aches, with it's Weight Itfelf fuftains 

)g the noify Waves : in vain the CKfis 

in^ rebellow loud : and all around 

broken Sea- Weed dalhes on it's Sides. — — Trap. 

by no Tears is moy'd : untraft^ble, 
leaf to all Intreaties : Fate forbids : 
fove^ o'er-ruling, ftops his pitying Ears, 
len rough jilpine Winds, with ftruggling Gufts, 
«ray, and that, contend t* o'er-turn an Oak 
)m with aged Timber : roaring loud 
tranches bend : the Aiff Trunk bows: the Leaves 

falling ftrew the Ground : Itfelf faft clings, "" . 
in the Rocks : and high as it uprears 
«rVing Head in Air, fo deep it's Root 
; downwards to the Center. With fuch Force, 
eafeleis Noife, the Hero on all Sides 
cr'd : and within his manly Breail: 
les the Pain he feels : his Mind perfifts 
v'd : and Tears roll down his Cheeks in vain. — Id. 

like a Rock, which o'er the Ocean wide 

rromincnt, expos'd to Winds and Waves, 
the Rage of S^ and Sky endures ; 
fix'd, unmov'd.— ^. /i. 

**£ A T T E R V. See Co U R T S H I p. 

[ESE prudent Folks are fall of Flattery; 
rhey make a Wit of their infipid Friend, 
jbbcr Lips, and beetle Brows commend : 

Aa 4 Hi& 



His long Crane-Neck, and narrow Shoulders prai&» 

You'd think they were defcribing Hercules. 

A creaking Voice for a clear Treble goes, 

Tho' harfher than a Cock's that treads and crows«^ Dfyi. 

'Tis all a Comedy : but laugh, and they 
Return it louder than an Afs can bray : 
Grieve, and they grieve : if You weep filently. 
There feems a filent Eccho in their Eye, 
They cannot mourn like You, but they can cry. 
Call for a Fire, their Winter Cloths they take, 
B^n but You to fhiver, and they fhake : 
In Froft and Snow if You complain of Heat, 
They rub th' unfweadng Brow, and fwear they fweat,. > 

Ot Day, or Night, they're like a Looking-Glafi^ 
Still ready to refled their Patron's Face : 
Their paneg;yrick Hand, and lifted Eye, 
Are ftiU prepar'd for fiilfome Flattery : 
Ev'n Naftinds Occafions will afford ; 
They praifea belching or well-p — fs — ng Lord. ■ iS/^ 

Nothing fo monftrous can be faid or feign'd. 
But with Belief and Joy is cntertain'd, 
"When to his Face the worthlefs Wretch is prais'd. 
Whom vile Court-Flatt'ry to a God has rais'd. Dukt. 

Deceitfiil Flatt'ry does the Soul betray. 
As hollow Banks by Streams are worii away. 
Tell her, her Face is fair, her Hair is fweet. 
Her taper Fingers praife, and little Feet : 
Such Praifes ev'n the Qufle are pleas'd to hear : 
Both Maids and Matrons hold their Beauty dear. 
Praife the proud Peacock, and he fpreads his Train : 
- Be filent, and he pulls it in again : 
. Pleas'd is the Courier in his rapid Race, 
Applaud his running, and he mends his Pace. — Dryd. ak« 

Thou, who defir'ft to keep the fair One's Heart, 
To flatter well apply thy utmoft Art : 
With frequent Raptures on her Beauty gaze. 
And make her Form the Subjeft of thy Praife. 

• j^ J 1 ^ A T f Ow 

X, Epig, 71* 

P07: Sal, IV, 


Flattery. 363 

Purple commend, when fhe*s in Purple drefi*d : 
In Scarlet, fwear Ihe looks in Scarlet beft : 
Array'd in Gold, her graceful Mein adore. 
Vowing thofe Eyes tranfcend the fparicling Ore : 
If Crape flie wean, — ^Whiat can becortie her morel 
When drefsM m Cblours, praife a coloured Drefi, 
Her Hair, or cUrPd, or combed, commend no kfi. 
Singing, her Voice, dancing, her Air admire ; 
Cbmplain when fhe leaves off, and ftill defire. — Dryd. alt. 
In vain, mean Flatteries, ye try. 

To gnaw the Lip, and fell the Eye : 

No Man a God or Lord I name : 

From Romans far be liich a Shame ! 

Go teach the fap|de Parthian how 

To veil the Bonnet on his Brow : 

Or on the Ground, all proftratc flii^ 

Some /V<5?, before his barbarous King. Addifin. 

Pleafe not thy felf the flattering Croud to hear, 
Tis fiiHbm Smff to feed thy itching Ear. 
Rcjeft the naufeous Praifes of the Times : 
Give the bafe Poets back their cobbled Rhimes : — Dryd. 
Thyfelf confider well, that Thou may*ft find 
How much there wants to fiimifli out thy Mind.— — 

As hired Mourners, at a Fun'ra], fpeak. 
And adt, with more Extravagance of Grief, 
Than thofe, whofe Hearts a real Sorrow know. 
So flattering Sycophants more Zeal betray, 

Tlian real Frienck. 

True Friends and faithlefs Flatterers difler more. 
Than a chaft Matron and a common Whore. — Creech. 
There's a Sort of People in the World who let up for 
Wits of the firft Rate, and yet have no more Brains than 
Maggots : Now thefc arc the Men for my Turn : I laug^ 
at them, and at the fame Time praife their Parts to the 
Skies. If they lay any Thing, I cry it up too : if they 
unlay it, I commend them for that too : what they deny, I 
deny : what they affirm, I affirm : In Ihort, I've brought 
myfelf to be of their Mind in every Thing, and by this 
meansIgerimn/a/weetBit and afwcctYoMK^* — EAcbor^. 

F U G A* 

|Ugit ocyor aum 
lih Icvi : nequc ad haec revocantis verba refiftif : 
prccor, PoKia, mane ; non infcquor hoftis. 
finne. Sic agpa liipum, fic cenra leonem^ 
pcmu fbgiunc orepidante columbae : 
]t]e fucs. Amor dt mihi caula fcqueculi* 
im ! DC prona (^das, indignave l^di 
bnc fcntes : & fim tibi caufa dolorts. 
om propcras, loca funt. Moderatim, oro, 

lue mhibe : modeiatius infequar ipfc, 
[immm dmido Peneia curfu 
jmquc ipfo verba amperfcfta reliquir : 

vife decern, Nudahant corpora venti, 
advert vibrabant flamina vefles ; 
ipoEOS TCtm dabat aura capUlos ; 
forma fijM eft, Sed enim non fuftinet ukn * 
ll^ditijs juvenis Deus : urque movcbat 
>r, admilTo fequimr vtftigia paffu. 
-Hie Ipe celer, ilia timore, 
inlcquitur, pennis adjutus Amoris^ 



SWift as the Wind, the ♦ Damfcl fled away, • 
Nor did for thefc alluring Speeches flay. — 
Sfcay, Nymph, he cry*d, I follow not a Foe, 
rfaius from a Lyon bounds the trembling Doe : 
Thus from the Wolf the frightened Lamb removes, 1 
And, from purfuing Falcons, fearfiil Doves : > 

All fly their Foes -, but Thcni fly*ft him that loves. j 
Ah ! left fome Thorn ihould pierce thy tender Foot ! 
Or Thou (hould*ft fall in fliunning my Purfuit ! 
To fliarp uneven Ways thy Steps decline ; 
Abate thy Speed, and I will baie of mine. 

She hoird not half: fo fiirio^fly fhe flies : 
And on her Ear th* imperfect Accent dies. 
How lovely was flie then ! the Wind that blew 
Exposed her Beauties naked to his View : 
And, as behind her careleis Locks it bore. 
Flight made her ftill more charming than before. 
Now will the God no more Entreaties lofe. 
But urg*d by Love, with all his Force purfues. 
She ur^d l^ Fear, her Feet did fwiftly move. 
But he more fwiftly, who was urg*d by Love. 
No Reft he gives, but clofe behind her bears, [altered. 
Pants on her Neck, and breathes upon her Hairs. — DryJ. 

As trembling Doves from prefllng Danger fly. 
When die fierce Hawk comes fouling from the Sky ; 
And as fierce Hawks the trembling Doves purfue. 
From him I fled, and after me he flew. — Maynwaring. 

Away flie fled : Not Stags with half fuch Speedy 
Befcn^ die prowling Wolf, feud o*er the Mead : 
Not Ducks, when they the fafer Flood forfake, 
Purfu*d by Hawks, fo fwift regain the Lake. 
As faft he followed in the hot Career : 
Defirc the Lover wing'd, the Virgin Fear.-7— Dryden. 

* Dapb/iii Flight from Jpoik. 


Flight* 367 

Now, with a Lion's Spoils, befpread, * I take 
My Sire, a pleafing Burthen, on my Back : 
Clofe clin^g to my Hand, and prefling nigh. 
With Steps unequal, trip'd ISlus by. 
Behind, my dear C feu/a took her Way : 
Thro* ev*ry kmely dark Recefs we ftray. 
And I, who late th' embattled Greeks could dare. 
Their flying Darts, and whole embody'd War, 
Now talce Alarm, while Horrors reign around. 
At cv*ry Breeze, and ftart at ev'ry Sound. 
With fancy'd Fears my bufy Thoughts were wild, 

Fot my dear Father, and endangered Child. PitL 

Cheerless, the flying f Chief renewed hb ^>eed. 
And urc^d, with gory Spurs, his feintii^ Steed. 
A thouund Terrors ftruggling in his Mind, 
He turns where doubtful Paths obfcurely wmd. 
He ftarts at ev*ry Rufl:ling of the Trees, 
And fears the Whifpers of each murm*ring Breeze : 
The Fellows of his Flijght increafe hb Dread, 
While hard behind their trampling Horfes tread.—— 

Rowe alte!:'d. 
Now to thoie Shores the haplels Pompey came, 
Where hoary Peneus roUs his ancient Stream : 
Red with Ematbian Slaughter ran hb Flood, 
And dyM the Ocean deep in Roman Blood. 
There a poor Bark, whofe Keel could fcarcely glide 
Safe down fome River's fmooth dcfcending Tide, 
Received the mighty Mafter of the Main, 
Whofe fpreading Navies hide the liquid Plain. 
In thb, he braves the Winds and ftormy Sea, 

And to the Lejbian Ifle direfts his Way. Rowe. 

As when the Pilot, from the blackening Skies, 
A gath'ring Storm of wintry Rain defcries : 
Hb Sails unfurl'd, and crowded all with Wind, 
He drives to leave the threatening Cloud behind : 
Full Speed he fled. Croxatt. 

• ^weas. t Pontfefs Flight from the Battle of Pbarfalia. 

F u A Fnnivai 

i tandem 
Fimiw plioiaT fugst : nc littorm clamof 
* WBUffWt^ oca hucdtm iSiridftc horas, 
I pncmonitos perducit ad aBqaoTA nauus, 
lodk. j-rni coqicrtt uMina. Viigo 
ilmn^GTtu piguafcic Chrbs, 
ki 4B9«i« ISO* Koii ancboTK Toces 
im^r^iifflB tfvdlmir uncus 
^^cmvmmr nmU, diiinqor 

UBiRfl] '€pUIB XllPBiT ' 

r ^iftltn* kvuic Ru?^ fis^^y anil. 

Flood. 369 

Flight Secret 

^ T length arrived, with the revolving Night, 

*• The choien Hour appointed for * his Flight : 

[e bids his Friends prevent the Seamen's Roar, 

Jid ftill the deaPning Gamours on the Shore : 

To Trumpets may the Watch by Hours renew. 

For founding Signals call aboard the Crew. 

he -f beai/nlj Msid her Courfe had almoft run, 

nd Ubra waited on the rifing Sun, 

i^hen, hulh'd in Silence deep, they leave the Land : > 

'o loud mouth'd Voices call, with hoarfe Command, > 

heave the flooky Anchors from the Sand. j 
owly the carefiil Mafter's Orders paft, 

b brace the Yards, and rear the lofty Maft : 

ilent they ipread the Sails, the Cables haul. 

For to their Mates for Aid, tumulmous, call. 

'he Chief himfelf to Fortune breathed a Pray'r, 

X length to take him to her kinder Care : 

'hat fwifily he might ^afs the liquid Deep, 

.nd lofe the Land which flie forbad to Keep, 

[ardly the Boon his niggard Fate allowed, 

Unwillingly the murmVing Seas were plow*d : 

'he foamy Furrows roar'd beneath his Prow, 

nd founding to the Shore alarm'd the Foe. 

Tait thro* the Town their fwift Purfuit they fped, 

w wide her Ga^es the faithlefi City fpread) 

Jong the winding Port they took their Way, 

ind griev'd to find the Fleet had gain'd the Sea. — Rinve. 

Flood. SeeDELuop. 

— n C Ridantis fupreme of Floods 

JCi Ru£h'd thro*. the Forefh, tore the lofty Woods, 

• Pompeys Flight from Brundufium^ when he was in Danger of being 
tit up by Cafar, f This points out the Time to be in the 

orning before Sun-rife, about the Beginning of September. 

1 The Po. ^ 

B b ^^ 

"tpy^ *'-'"^ A u^Lib cui 

t.xut, oppofitafque evicit gurg 
Fertur in arva furens cumulo, c 

Cum ftabuJis armenta trahit. 

Ac cum mollis aquae fertur n 
l-lumme abundanti, quod largis 
Montibus ex altis maenus detui 
Fragmina conjiciem fylvanun. 

Nee vahdipoffunt pontes venie 
Ji™ fubitam tolerare : ita main 
Mohbus incurrcns validw camv 
Dat fcoitu magno ftragen: va 
Onuidia faxa, ruit qui quicquid 6 

Hie ubi jam Zephyri fines. « 
Cardo tenet Tethyn, vetita: ttaii 
Involycre globos : conjeftumqoe 
vix wapit fpatium, quodfepcrai 
JanMuc polo preflas fai^ Satf 
SpiflStaeque flpunt. 

Jamque Pyrena», quas nunqu 
Evaluit, fiuxcre nives, fi^dldquS 

Flood. 371 

And rolling onward with a fweepy Sway» 

Bore Houfes, Herds, and lal>*ring' Binds avfzy.^-^Dfyden. 

Thus n^{^ Floods defcending on the Plains, 3 

Sweep o'er the yellow Ear, deftroy the Pains > 

Of labVing Oxen, and the Peaiant's Gains : ^ 

Unroot the Forcft Oaks, aiid bear away 
Flocks, Folds, and Trees, an undiftingui(h*d Prey. 
The Shepherd climbs iht Cliff, and hears from far 
The wafieful Ravage of the watry War. Id. 

With lefi rapid Force 

A foaniy River, when th' oppofing D^ms 

Are broken down, rolls niihing o*er the Plain, 

And fweeping whirls the Catde wirii their Folds. — Trap^ 

• As headlong Rivers flow, 

Swoh big with falling Showers, or melting Snow : 
And Shrubs and Trees o'erttirh, and m^ty Beams, 
And whirl their conquered Prey in rtoid Sfreaftis. 
No Bridge can check, no Force the Flood controul. 
It grows more wild, and fierce, and beats rfio Mole : 
Ruin and Noifc attend where-e^er it flows. 
It rolls g^t Stones, and breaks what dares oppofe.— 


Where Weftern Skies the utmcSt Ocean bound. 
The watry Treafurcs heap the Welkin round : 
Thither they croud, and (canted in the Space, 
Scarce between Heav'n and Earth can find a Place. 
Q>ndensM at length the fpouting Torrents pour. 
Earth fmokes, and rattles with the gufliing Shower. 

Then firfl: the covering Snows b^an to now 
From off the Pyrenearfs hoary Brow : 
Huge Hills of Froft, a thoufand Ages olc), 
0*er which the Summer Suns had vainly rollM, 
Now melting, rufh from every Side amain. 
Swell every Brook, and deluge all the Plain. 
No Rock, no rifing Mountam rears its Head, 
No fingle River winds along the Mead, 
But one vaft Lake o'er all the Land is fpread. 
No lofty Grove, no Forefl: Haunt is found. 
But in his Den deep lies the Savasie dxo^rf^^ 

B b 2 ^^^^ 

PIDITAS. Pm^SCi£»Ti«. 

Lib. IV. 

I T A s^ Vidt Bl a 5 h i t 1 .s. Am ot. 


« J 

mquc hrs 

s. 3Dracd£, r^^^itKir Bc&ros: 

^Ti^ artk 



B nrc! ir: 


1 P^im 

Fondness. Fore-Knowledge. 373 

With headlong Rage, refilUeis in its Courfe, . 

rhe rapid Torrent whirls the fnorting Horfe : 

High o'er the Sea the foamy Trefles ride. 

While backward Tetbys turns her yielding Tide.—- Rowe. 

Fondness. See Courtship. Love. 

OH ! had ♦ I Wings to glide along the Air, 
To his dear Tent Vd fly, and fettle there: 
There tell my Quality, confefs my Flame, 
flind grant him any Dow'ry that he^d name. 
All, all Pd give : only my native Land, 
Vly deareft Country fhould excepted ftand 5 
FcH*, perifh Love, and all expelled Joys, 
E*cr with fo bafe a Thought, my Soul complies. — CroxalL 

By Charms like thine, which all my Soul have won. 
Who might not — Ah ! — ^who wou*d not be undone ? 
Pride ofthy Age, and Glory of thy Race ! 
Zbme to thefe Arms, and melt in this Embrace ! 
rhc Vows thou never wilt return, receive : 
\nd take at leaft the Love thou wilt not give. — Pope. 

Brown as I am, an Ethiopian Dame 
nfpir*d young Perfeus with a gen'rous Flame. 
Turtles and Doves of differing Hues unite, 
\tA glofly Jet is pair*d with fliining White. 

f to no Charms Thou wilt thy Heart refign, - 

\\A fuch as merit, fuch as equal thine, 

(y none, alas ! by none thou canll be mov'd^ 

rhyfclf alone muft by Thyfelf be lov'd.^ — ' Jd. 

Fore-Knowledge. Sec Fortunk^Tewingt. 

SReatJw^.' who doft in HeaY*n fuprem'^y^reign, V 
Thefe direful Omens why doft Thou ordain, ' ^' 
Lnd give us Prefcience to increafe our Pain ? 3 

?oubly wc bear thy dread-inflifting Pqom, ,. , ^ ^ , - 
Lnd feel our Miferies before they come. 

• Scfila in Love with Mim. " ' ^^'. * J ""T/ ^ 

! rmim c5m prim&m informit i 
jiic mdcm flamma cedcnte rceepit, 
:ternum Ciulas, qui cunifta CQa'cec;^ 
kgc cjsnetis^ & lecula jufTa fe reii ie m 
moiotD dmfit limine munduni : 
poGcum eft, fed fbts incerm vagatur, 
cfiftquc vices & habent mortalia cafuoi : 
i» qwodcunque paras : fit cseca luturt 

iDum &Q : Uceac fperan: dxnenti^ 

Lutsn, iik II. 

luacfiens (^ire nefas) qurm miht, quern ttU 
i dcderint, Loiconoc: ncc Babylon ids ^| 
tHneros, ut melius, quioquid crit» pari : 
hicmes, feu tribuit Jtipito' ultimam. 

Sapias : & fpatio brcvi 

51m refeces. Dum loquimur, fugerit invida 
rpe diem, quam minim tim credula poftero.— 

Hor. Lib. I; Od, ik 

Fortitude. 375 

ler the great creating Parent Soul, 
firft from Chaos rude he fonn'd the Whok, 
?d Futurity with certain Hand, 
ad the neoeflary Cauies ftand : 
One Decree for e\'er to remain, 
x)und himfeif in Fate's eternal Chain : 
lether fickle Fortune leads the Dance, 
ng is fix'd, but all Things come by Chance : 
i*er Thou (halt ordain. Eternal Pow*r ! 
3wn, and fudden, be the dreadful Hour, 
[ortals to their fullire Fate be blind, 
riope relieve the miferable Mind.—— Rcwe. 

s ill : attempt not to forefee 
£nd*s ordamM for You and Me : 
• to Fortune-TeUers run, 
am the Fate you cannot Ihun : 
her more Winters you may tafte, 
is Year's Snow deteends your laft : 
lot the God's Decrees to know, 
rifely ufe what they beftow. 
lengthen'd Cares, fiom fiiiitlels Strifir, 
Itch this little Blaze of Life ! 
Ige b pofting on to Deadi, 
waftes with cv'ry wafting Breath : 
t To-day, for Time's a Thief, 

lend the Morrow no Belirf. Anon. 

3rtals, in vain's your Curiofity, 

:am the Hour, and Way diat you muft dye : 

re better Fate ihould ftrike a fudden Blow, 

I that you long fhould what you dread foreknow.— 

1' Eternal Being has, in Shades of N^^ 

eal'd Futurity fiom human Sight : 

laughs, when he bdioMs a tim'rous Als, 

ible at wbsx flull never come to pais !~— 

Fortitude. SeeFiRMNESS, 

nged Courfer bom awa^^ 

the Fig^ aiA Y^'^^ ^^ 
B b 4 x^wt 

HEN, on his winged Courfer bom awa^^ 

Great Pm/ky quits the Fig^ and Y^'^^ ^^^'^Vls 

T n It T IT N A, 

I ii:n%& ^cxrsim in fata fcremem* 

f&br^ue verende 

mm tmpare vultn 
^^mAcFt fuperbom 

adTCrfa vidcbyiiL- 

W^ le T r It A. 

5m^ ///f III 

jC ,%rwvt-i?tfmtc ice: KT Tsra , npitqiie ; 

Fortune. 377 

Fcarlels of Danger, Hill fecure and great. 

His daring Soul fupports his loft Eftate. 

Nor groans thy Breaft, brave Chief! nor flow thy Tears; 

But ftill the fame majeftic Form appears. 

An awfiil Grief fits decent in thy Face, 

Such as becomes thy Lois,' and Ronu^s Di^race. 

Thy Mind, unbroken, keeps her conftant Frame, 

In Greamefs and Misfortune ftill the fame. 

And Fortune, who thy Trhimphs once beheld. 

Sees Thee unchanging leave PbarfaMs Field. — R(nve ak. 


BLIND Fortune tfer the World's Affairs prefides. 
And all by Accident, not Gxincil, guides : 
At random, here or there, her Gifts beftows. 
And often on the Worft her choiceft Favours throws. — 

All human Things are under Fortune's PowV : 
There's no Dependance on the prefent Hour. 
Be not fecure, tho' high thy Pleafures flow. 
One Moment moK. may change them all to Woe.- 

For, as flie pl^es, Fortune gives and takes : 
Beggars of Kings, or Kings df B^gars makes.—— 

Uncertain whither. Fortune rambles on. 
Stays in no Place, but hurries to be gone. 
Now picas'd, now angry, without Caufe is She, 
And only confl:ant to Inconftancy. 

Fortune revere, and her capricious Pow'r, 
Who often ruins thofe ihe rais'd before. 

'Tis Fortune flings the Dice, and as (he flings. 
Of Kings makes Pedants, and of Pedants Kings. — "Dryden. 

How goes the Mob ?— — 

They follow FcMtune, and the common Cry, 

Is ftill againft the Rogue condemned to die. U. 

Rare is that Virtue Fortune cannot fway. 
Which remains fixt, tho' flie be fled away.— ^ 


'"""^ « man, 

Fortune. 379 

Good unexpeded. Evils unforefeetu 
Lppear by Turns, as Fortune ftiifb the Scene : 
ome rais'd aloft, come tumbling down a-main ; 
Then hl\ fo hard^ they bound and rife again. — Dryden. 
Some Fortune raifes to an high Degree, 
To make their Fall the greater. — Moft fecure 
An bumble Station is, moft likely to endure.-*-— 
From Place to Place fwift Fortune wings away, 
\iid always changing, no where makes a Stay : 
^onarchs, fometimes, fhe tumbles Headlong down. 
Sjjd fometimes places Beggars on the Throne.—— 
Fortune with mal^ious Joy, 
Her Pow'r does wantonly employ : 
From fome (he takes, to others flings 
Honours thofe uncertain Things : 
Now on me the Gipfy fmiles. 
Now Ibme other Ihe beguiles. 

I like her Prcfenoe, but if (he won't ftay. 
Whatever (he gave e*en let her take away : 
Wrapt up in my own Virtue, Pm fecure. 
And Honefty c^ufe -, altho' in Rags and poor. 

This Paflage of HO RACE b finely paraphrafed by the 
Duke of Buckingham. 

Fortune, made up of Toys and Impudence, 
That common Jade that has not common Senfe : 
But fond of Bufinefs, infolently dares 
Pretend to rule^ and fpoils the World's Affairs. 
She, ihuffling up and down, her Favours throws ^ 
On the next met, not minding what Ihe does, ^ 

Nor why, nor whom fhe helps or injures, knows. J 
Sometimes ihe fmiles, then like a Fury raves. 
And feldom truly loves, but Fools or Knaves. 

Let her love whom fhe pleafe, I fcorn to wooe her : 
While fhe ibys with me PU be civil to her : 
But if fhe offers once to move her Wings, 
Pll fling her back all her vain gew-gaw Things, 
And arm'd with Virtue, will more glorious ftand. 
Then if the Bitch flill bow'd at m^ CoTOroasA \ 
rU many Honctty^ tho* e'er fo-^poox^ 
Rather than follow fucfi a duU blind^Vvot^* 

Pe^ j : I t I 


^lt3S£ TVX ^r^raxt ^ 

Lft, m. 

2S8XZ :^£m3r tiirr: fcrr ibtcq^ %zi 
r^nk^r^ JiL^rmG^ am:^lji'^ 

iurT3£z: cirarn 

F O R T U N E-T E Ir LI N G. 3S1 

I liv'd the darling Theme of ev'ry TongUe, 
he gcdden Idd of th' adoring Throng : 
uarded with Friends, while Fortune's balmy Gales 
^anton'd aufpicious in my fwclling Sails> 


In one continued Stream no Fortune flows, 
id chequers Good, and Joys are mixt with Woes : 
iconftancy in every Part appears, 
/hich Wifdom never trufts, and Folly Fears, 
'hus Years from Years, and (as they roll the Round ) 
'hus Months from Months, and Days from Days are found 
"o differ : no returning Hours reftore ' 
'hat fort of Fortune which they brought before.T^-r- 

CreeS altier'd^ 

-~-.Since Fortune all o'erpow'rs, 

ler let Us follow, and where-e'er Ihe calls, 

)ire6k our Courfe. T^rap. 

This Goddeis Fortune can baffle an hundred of your 
amed Men with all their Wifdom : and thus I prove it :— 
very body is fuppos*d to excel, according as Fortune fa- 
ours him ; that's the Standard by which we calculate, 
is UnderftancUng. Now, if his Undertakings fucceed 
fell, we cry him up for a fhrewd clever Fellow : but if 
[ley turn out unluckily, we fay, the Man's a Fool. 

Fortune-Telling. See Foreknowledge. 

K Gypfy Jtwefs whifpers in your Ear, . 

^ Ami bqgs an Alms: an High-Prieft's Daughter! 

Ter^d in their Talmud^ and Divinity ; [She,) 

^nd prophefies beneath a ihady Tree. 

•*arthing^, and fbme fmall Matters, are her Fees : 

f et flie interprets all your Dreams for thefe. 

'oretells th* Eftate, when the rich Unkle dies, > 

^nd Sweet-hearts in a Pigeon's Intrails fpies. — DrydcH^ 

Full Ctcdit to th* AJirologer is given : 
Vhat he forctcUs^is dccm'd die Voice of Hcav'n. 

P R ^ I C T I O. 

tericse lento de fiinerc matris^ 
len de te^ Tanaquil tua : quando Ibrofcm 
patruos : an fit vifturus adulter 

quid enim majus dare numina polTmit? 


pcurfus etiam vitare memento, 
pnibus^ ceu pinguia Ibccina, tritas 
Jhemeridas : quse nyllum confiilit, & jam 

qu:e caftra viro, patriamqoe petcntc^ 
>aricer, numeris rev^ocata Thrafylji. 
|m lapidem veftari cum placet^ hora 

libro : fi pmrit friftus ocelli 
linfpefta gentifi coDyriapofcIt* 
tt jaceat, capiendo nulla videtur 
Ira cibo, nifi quam dederit Pctofiris. 



jocris erit — front^mque manumque 
Ivati crebrum poppyfma roeranti. 

F O R T U N E-T E L L I N G,^ 383 

From Wm your Wife enquires the Planet's WiU, 
Yfhenikic Black Jaitndice fhall her Mother kill^ 
Her Sifter's and her Unkle's End would know : 
But, firft, confults his Art, when You fhall gO: 
And, what^s the greateft Gift that Heav'n can give. 

If, after her, th' Adulterer fhall live. Idem. 

But above all, beware how Her You meet. 
Who in thefe Studies is herfelf compleat : 
Bv whom a greafy Almanack is bom. 
With often handling, like fat Amber worn : 
Not now confulting, . but confiilted, fhe , 
Of the Twelve Houfcs, and their Lords, is free. 
She, if the Scheme a fatal Journey fhow. 
Stays fafe at Home, but le^s ho: Hufband go. 
If but a Mile flie travel out of Town, 
The Planetary Hour muft firft be known. 
And lucky Moment : If her Eye but akes. 
Or itches, it's Decumbiture fhe takes. 
No Nourifhment receives in her Difeafe, 
But what the Stars, and PtoUmy fhall pleafe. — Dryd. alt. 

The poorer Sort who have not much to fpare, J 

To Chiromancer^ cheaper Art repair, > 

Who clap the pretty Palm to make the Lines more &ir, > 
But the rich i^trons who have more to give. 
Their Anfwers fix)m the Bracbman will receive. 
Skill'd in the Globe and Sphere, he gravely ftands. 
Points forth the Stars, and meafiires out the Lands.-^ Id. 

I value not a Rufh your Marfian Augurs : 
Your Village, Market-hunting Fortune-Tellcrs ; 
Afipok)ger8, divining Priefls of Ifts^ 
Or Dream Expounders : for they are not Men 
Infpir'd by Heav'n, or of fuperior Knowledge : 
But fuperftitious, impudent Pretenders, 
Vik, lazy Slaves, Madmen, or needy Varlcts, 
Whofe counterfeit Prcdiftions fpring from Want : 
And while for Guides to Others they fet up. 
Know not the Way themfelves : A Groat they beg 
Of thofe to whom they promife Hea^oC OciA\ 
One fingk Groat of alJ your future >Nea\tVv 
WiU them content^ the reft they leave to X cm. A^' 

F o N Sp Lacus, 

erat illimis, nitidis argenteus undis^ 
neauc Paftorra, neqae pafe* monte capeDse 
|it, aliGdvc pecus : quern nulla voluoris, 
jrbarat, nee lapfiis ab arbore ramus. j 

|at circa^ quod proximus humor alebat: Sm 

fok lacuoi paJTura tepefcere nullo. ^1 

Omd. Met. Lib, ffl. 

-Videt hie fhgpum lucentis ad imum 
|ini lymphs, Non illic canna paluftris, 
e-s u1v:e, nee acuta cufplde junci. 
liquor erat. St^pi taraen ultima vivo 
iguntur^ fcmpcrque vircntibus herbis. 

; "•' \; • .7/ Ovid. Met. UKI\^ 

jrocul indc l.aajs-^— *— ^ 
J & nemorum frondofo m:irgjne cinflus 
Lllelcit aquis. admittit in alrum 
loailos, & Lite pcrvius humor 


Fountain. Lake. 

ig there was, whofe filver Waters fhow, 
'hryftal dear > the Bottom fair below : 
ither Man^ nor tame, nor favaoeBeafl:, 
ring Fowls^ nor falling Leaves mpleft. 
und with Grafs by it's kind Moifture ftd. 
Trees, which yield a conftant Shade : 
the Sun can never penetrate, 
the Waters with it's fierceft Heat. — — 
ntain here he found, fo lovely bright, y 

the Bottom in a fairer Light, > 

a Sand concealed from human Sight. J 

m produced nor fhiny Ooze, nor Weeds^ 
Ruflies, nor the fpiky Reeds j 
enriching Moifture all around, 
ul Sides with chearful Verdure crown'd, 
the Spring eternal on the Ground. — Addifon,\ 
' from hence a fpreading Lake there lay^ 
le (haded Margin tow'ring ftood 
Shelter of a verdant Wood, 
id Pool, tranfparent to the Sight, 
I Bottom ev'ry Eye admit, 
* the pure and chryftal Water Ihow 
ig Pebbles, and the Sand below. — Hughes altct'dt 
ig there is, whofe filver Waters fliow, 
Glafs, the Ihining Sands below : 
Lotos fpread it's Arms above, 
the Banks, and feems itfelf a Grove, 
reensthe mofly Margin grace^ 
yf the Sylvan Genius of the Place*— Po^ei 
nna^s Walls a fpacious Lake is fpread^ 
r the fweedy finging Swans it bred : 
it's Name : And, never more 
rd, or fweeter, on Cayjier^s Shore, 
own the Lake : and Pbabus ne^er iavadet 
i Fences, or offends the Shades^ 

C c "SxiSdi. 


l;i dant rami, Tyrios 

luum rer eft. t 



fiat vomct aqoas, fiae 
imo; perquas 
omnis crar : qtns m 

tua oatas ripis dcdiribia 


P tr G M ^ 

erat forma pra^^nii & 
"prbridx pueri qoem nwm A i 


1 imperib foror omni Syhru csrk 
intcicem omabar a y nm jmis 
iquc fcnim, piiroq^c in *ontc kTibsaL. 

Fray. 387 

Frefh fragant Breezes fan the verdant Bowers, 

And the moift Ground fmiles with enameled Flow'rs : 

Which always in their Beauty*s Prime appear. 

For the mild Spring continues all the Yean — Manw. alt^ 

I, walking on^ a filent Current found, 
Which gendy glided o*er the Gravel-Ground. 
The chryftal Water was fo fmooth and clear. 
That to the Eye each Pebble did appear : 
So foft it*s Motion, one could fcarce perceive 
The running Stream, or that it ran believe. 
The hoary Willow, and the Poplar made 
Along it's fhelving Bank a grateful Shade.— Id. altered. 


A Stag there Was, of comely Shape, and tall 
With branching Horns : whom ravifh^d from his Dam 

The Sons of Tytrbeus nourifli*d.— — 

This Beaft, accuftom'd to their gentle Rule, 
Their Sifter Sylvia with uncommon Care 
Adom'd, and with foft Wreaths his Anders crownM, 
And comb*d, and walh'd him in the limpid Stream. 
He, patient of the Hand, his Matter's Board 
Attended : wander'd in the Woods : at Night, 
Tho* late, fpontaneous to his Home return'd. 

Him, at a Diftance ftraying, in the Chace, 
The ^er Dogs of young Jiilus rous'd ! 
As gliding down the Stream by Chance he fwam. 
And on the grafly Bank allay'd the Heat. 
Afcaniuf felf, inflamM widi Thirft of Praifc, 
Levelled an Arrow from his bended Bow. 

The Shaft, with hiffing Sound, 

Driv'n thro* the hollow Flank and Entrails flew. 
To his lov*d Home the wounded Bcaft repairs : 
Bloody, and groaning, enters his known Stall, 
Like One imploring : and with plaintive Noife 
Fills all the Houfe. Their Sifter Sylvia firft. 
Shrieking with loud Laments, her Bofom beats^i 

C C 2 tCN^ 


F R A V. 389 

, And calls the fturdy Peafants to her Aid. 
^ They, ftartlcd, at the Summons ftrait appear : 
' One with a Firebrand, with a knotty Stake 
Another arm'd : whatever they find at Hand 

Rage makes a Weapon, 

And now AleEto^ Fury come fi-om Hell, 
' This Junfture fit for Mifchief having gain'd, 
Afcends the Stall ; and on it's Summit founds 
The ruftick Charge, and thro* the crooked Horn 

Swells her ^Tartarean Voice. 

* Swift to the Sound, where-e'er the fhrill Horn gave 
The direfijl Signal, fnatching up their Arms, 
From ev*ry Part the hardy Peafants run 2 
And, fix)m their open Tents, the Trojan Youth 
Pour out their Forces to Afcamus^ Aid. 
They form their Ranks : nor now in ruftick Fray 
With knotty Clubs, or fharpen'd Stakes they fight. 
But with the two-edg'd Steel : And all around 
Riies a horrid Crop of Swords unflicath'd : 
Their Arms againft the Sun reflefted Shine, 

And to the Clouds flafli back a brighter Ray. ^rap. 

He faid : and running forwards hurl'd a Dart 
Amidft the Throng of Foes : the well aim'd Alh 
Flies on direft, and hifllng cuts the Air. 
A thundVing Shout fucceeds : Then all the Ranks 
Tumultuous take th* Alarm, and burn with Rage. 
Some draw their Swords, fome fnatch the miffive Steel, 
And blind rufh on : 'Gainft them th* Aufontan Troops^ 
Refifting, croud : To Thefe again opposed 
A Tide of Trojansj by th* Arcadians joined 
With painted Arms, and all Agyllah Youth : 
All with like Ardor fir*d to end tlie Strife 
By open War : They hurl the Altars down : 
An Iron Tempeft, and a Storm of Darts 
Hovers aloft, and blackens all the Sky. 
The facred Hearths and Goblets They o'er-tum 2 
X^atinuf felf, the League now broken, flies. 
And carries back his difappoint^ Gods« 

Cc 3 ^ttufc 


A. ^ 

Fri£ndshii». 391 

Some rein their Chariots, or with aAive Bound 

Licap on their Steeds, and with drawn Weapons ran.—- /i. 

Widiin the Palace Walls was heard aloud. 
The roaring Clamour of the noify Crowd : 
Not like the Songs which chearfol Friends prepare 
For nuptial Days, but Sounds that threaten War : 
And all the Pleafures of this happy Feaft, 
To tumult tum'd, in wild Diforder ceas'd. 
Thus, when the Seas are calm, we often find 
A fudden Storm rais'd by fome furious Wind.-*- Mayn^. 

To Arms, to Arms they call : A Medly-Flight 
Of Bowls, and Jare, at fiiTft fupply the Fight, 
Once Inflruments of Feafb, but now of Fate : 
Wine animates their Rage, and Arms their Hate. — Dryd. 

Friendship. See Fidelity. Race. 

FRiendfhip's &ir Name, while Int'refl ferves, may 
fbnd : 
Like Drai^tfmen guided by the Gamefter*s Hand. 
While Fortune ferves, thy fmilins Friends will fby : 
But if fhe turns, they too will hafte away. 
The World's a Comedy : one ads a Lord, 
This a grave Father, and his Son a third : 
But foon as e'er the Curtain is let down, 
AU quit thefe borrowed Shapes, and take their own.**— -«- 

Nature, within the Soul of Man has form'd. 
Nothing more noble, or more rare than Friendfhip. 
Thro* all it's Ages, the whole World pretends 
To boaft but one poor fingle Pair of Friends : 
Do but Pyladeszxi'di Oreftes name. 
And You have all the Inflances of Fame. 
Once Death was flrove for ; 'twas a gen'rous Strife : 
Not who fhould keep, but who fhould lofe a Life 
Was their Dilpute, contending to deny 
Each other the great Privilege to die. 
The Surety fear*d his guilty Frien^^ return ; 
The guilty Friend did his own Abfence movaiv •• 

Cc 4 KtA 

A M f e r T f A* 

[mqye reus dmoir oe folveftc 

ut : Dine Isiac iitlorcm 

Ok EL 

mifa] : DOC pfacvfi 

Friendship^ ""*^ . 595 

And ran to Danger : here they difagreed, 

One hop'd to free. One fear'd to be fo frctd.—Cmcb alt. 

To guard the Gate brave Nifus flood in Arms, 
And by his Side Euryalus : than whom 
Was none more beauteous, clad in Trojan Arms : 
The firft foft Down of Youth had juft begun 
To bloom upon his Cheeks : One was their Love : 
One common Hazard in the War they fliar'd. 
And now were both by Choice upon the Guard, 

Then Nifus : do the Gods, my Friend, infufc 
This Ardor of the Soul ? or make we Gods 
Of our own ftrong Defires ? My Mind, long fincc 
Eager of A£tion prompts me to engage 
Or in the Fight, or in fome great Attempt : 
Nor this dull Reft endures. 

Struck with Surprize, and fir*d with Thirft of Fame, 
Thus fudden to his ardent Friend ieply'd 
Euryalus. And wouldft Thou then refufe 
To add me, NiJiiSj to the brave Defign ? 
And fliall I fufFer Thee to go exposed 
To fuch a perilous Attempt alone ? 
Here too, here dwells a Soul, that with Contempt 
Regards this vital Air : and thinks with Life 
That Fame well bought to which thy Soul afpires. 

l^fiis to this : No fuch injurious Thought 
Of Thee, no fuch Sufpicion, in my Breaft 
Was ever harboured : No : as this is Truth, 
So may great Jovej or whatever God regards 
Thcfe Things with equal Eyes, reftore me crown'd 
With Conqueftto thy Arms.— Bm if fome Chance 
(As many in fuch hazardous Attempts 
Thou feeft ) if any Chance or Power divine 
Snatch me from Earth : Thee I would leave behind : — 
Thy Age can (hew a better Claim to Life. 
Let there furvive, who may with folemn Rites 
Inurn my Body, refcu*d from the Foe 
In Batde, or redeem by Ranfom paid : 
Or (That if Fate forbid) an empty Tomb 
May buUd, and grace my Manes w\ih 2l Gwi^* 


"^ ■cr- x^^f 


■*^ -MJ^^^^ 

A: V 

'^ T«5r 

Friendship. 39^ 

Nor to thy wretched Mother let me caufe 
So great a Grief; thy Mother, who, alone 
Of all the Trojan Dames, for Thee, dear Youth, 

Follows our Camp. ■ 

Then He : Thy empty Reafons ui^d in vain 
Thou doft alledge : nor is my Purpofe changed : 
Halle we, he faid : Then wakes the Sentries 2 They 
Succeed, and mount the Guard : the friendly Pair, 
Quitting their Station, feek the General's Tent. 

yolfcens impatient foams, and burns with Rage : 
And, with his Sword unfheath'd, advanced dircft 
Againft Euryalus. — Then Nifus^ wild 
With Terror and Amaze, cries out aloud. 
Nor longer in the Cbvcrt of the Grove 
Could hide himfelf, nor fuch a Sight endure. 
Me, Me : I did it : on me turn your Steel, 
Ye Rutuli : 'Twas all my Fraud : He nought 
Nor could, nor durft : This Heav'n and confcious Stars 
I call to witnefs : All his Crime, poor Youth, 
Was loving his unhappy Friend too well. 
Thus far he fpoke : but driv'n with forceful Swing 
The Sword had pierc'd Euryalus^ and bor'd 
His fnowy Breaft : He ftaggering rolls in Death : 
The trickling Blood runs down his beauteous Limbs, 
And on his Shoulder lies his Neck reclin'd. 
So languilhes, and dies a purple Flower, 
Cut by the pointed Share : So Poppies droop, 
0'er-charg*d with Rain and hang their fickly Heads^ 

Then NifuSy rufhing, darts into the Midft ; 
Volfcens alone he feek^, at Volfcens drives : 
The prefllng Foes throng round, and bear him back 
With tilted Spears : He not the lefs fprings on. 
And whirls his flafhing Sword : till in the Mouth, 
Full oppofite, of Volfcens clam'ring loud 
He plung'd it deep, and dying ftabb*d his Foe : 
Then on his breathlcfs Friend his Body flung. 
And there at laft in pleafing Death repos'd,— Trap. 

396 Terror. 

-Vencrandc Puer, jam pedtore toto 

Acdpio^ & comitem cafus compkftor in omnes. 
Nulla meis fine te quaeretur gloria rebus : 
Seu pacem, feu bella geram : tibi maxima rerum 
Verborumque fides. 


•Amatorem Amicac 

Turpia decipiunt caecum vitia, aut edam ipfa haec 


Vellem in Amicitia fie erraremus : & ifti 
Errori nomen Virms pofuiflet honeftum. 
At, pater ut gnati, fie nos debemus amici» 
Si quod fit vidum, non faftidire.-— Strabonem 
Appellat pactum pater : & pullum, male parvus 
Si cui filius eft : hunc varum, diftortis crunbus.— — 

Parciiis hie vivit ? frvgi dicatur. Ineptus, 
£t jaculantior hie paulo eft ? concinnus amicis 
Poftulat ut videatur. At eft truculenrior, atque 
Plus aequo liber ? fimplex, fortifque habeatur. 
Caldior eft ? acres inter numeretur. Opinor, 
Hjec res & jungit, junftosSc fervat amicos. — fli?r.L.I.Sat.3. 

Tuta frequenfque via eft, per amici fallcre nomen : 
Tuta fi-equenfq-, licet fit via, crimen habet.— C>i;.^r.-^wX.I. 

En ego non paucis quondam munitus amicis, 
Dum flavit vclis aura fecunda meis : 

Ut fera nimbofo tumuerunt asquora vento. 

In mcdiis lacera puppe relinquor aquis. — Ovid, de Trijt. 

Terror. Vide Timor. 
■ J 2p? Dibus in mediis, nudoque fiib aetheris axe 


No Fate my vow*d AfFeftion (hall divide. 
From Thee, heroic Youth ^ be wholly mine : 
Take full PoITeflion : all my Soul is thine : 
One Faith, one JPame, one Fate fhall both attend. 
My Life's Companion, and my Bofom Friend : 
My Peace fhall be committed to thy Care, 
And to thy Condudb, my Concerns in War. Dryd^ 

True Lovers, in their fav*rite charming She, 
Can find no Faults, or love thofe Faults they fee. 
Oh! that this Error in our Friendfhip reign'd. 
And had the Credit of a Virme gain'd ! 
As fome fond Parent, with a partial Eye, 
His Darling's Faults beholds, and pafles by : 
So fhould we treat the Failings of a Friend, 
And find Excufes, when we can't commend.' 

If the poor Boy is born with fquinting Eyes, 
Sec, what a pretty Caft ! the Father cries : 
The dwarfifh ill-fhap*d Thing, that's ever fick. 
It's Father fondly calls, his little Chick : 
Or if its bandy Legs by Chance he fhows. 
Smiling he cries, the Boy turns in bis T'oes. 

Thus among Friends : One's clofe, — that Prudence call : 
Another's vain, and brags, — that's Franknefs all : 
One's proud and haughty, — he'll be no Man's Slave : 
Another flruts and bluflers, — He is brave. 
In my Opinion, this would Friends procure. 
And knit the Bands of facred Friendfhip fure. — yinon.^lt. 

'Tis common to deceive thro' Friendfhip's Name •, 
But conunon tho' it be, 'tis flill to blame. Dryden. 

With num'rous Friends was I encompafs'd round, 
While favourable Gales my Veffel crown'd : 
But when the Ocean was tempefluous grown. 
My (hattcr'd Bark and I were left alone. 

Fright. See F e a r. 

JUST in the Center of the Court, beneath 
The open Sky a fpacious Altar flood : 
Near it an ancient Lawrel, han^iu^ Ott 


398 G E L U. 

Incumbens ara?, atque umbra complexa Penates. 
Hie Hecuba, & natas nequicquam altaria drcum^ 
Praecipites atr^ ceu tempeftatc columbac, 

Condenfas, & Divflm ampkxas fimulaaa tenebant. 

JEn. IL 

Mihi frigidus Horror 

Membra quatit, gelidufq; coit fbrmidine (anguis. — ^ji .III. 

^neas aipedhi obtumuit amens : 

Arrcftaaquc horrorc comas, & vox faucibus hacfit. ■ 

Virg. jEm. IV. 

Oranti fubitus tremor occupac artus, 

Diriguerc oculi. — yEn^ Lib. VII. 

]lli memtHa novus Iblvit fbrmidine torpor : 

Arredtasque horrore comas, & vox faucibus hasfit. 

Firg. jEn. XII. 

Tremebunda videt pulfare cruentum 

Membra folum : retroque pedem tulit : oraque buxo 

Pallidiora gerens, exhorruit asquoris inftar. 

Quod fremit, exigua cum fummum ftringitur aura, 

Scd poftquam remorara (iios cognovit amorcs, 

Percutit indignos claro plangore laccrtos : 

Et laniata comas : amplcxaque corpus amatum, 

Vulnera fupplevit lachrymis. ^ 

Ovid. Met. Lib. IV. 

• Gelidos nutricis in artus 

Offaque penetrat tremor : albaque toto 

Vcrtice canities rigidis ftetit hirta capillis. — Ov.Mei.hih.X. 

Gel u. Vide H v e m s. 

SI C (bit iners Scythlcas aftringens Bofphorus undas, 
Cum ghcie retinente fretum non impulit Iftcr, 
Immensuinque gclu trgitur mare, comprimit unda, 
Dvpreiulir quafcunque rates : mtc ^Krvia vclis 
iEquora Ihingit cques, fluftuquc latente fonanteni 


Frost. 399 

The lacred Hearth, and covering widi its Shade 
The Houfehold Gods. Here Hecuba and All 
Her Daughters, like a Flock of trembling Doves 
Driv'n by a Tcmpeft, vainly round the Shrines 
Clinging, embraced the Statues of the Gods. Trap, 

Amaz'd, I fhook vntk Horror andf Affright, 
My Blood aU curdled at the dreadfurSight.— -^ Pitt. 

Confounded, and amaz'd, jEneas ftood : 
Up rofe his Hair eredl : and to his Mouth 
His Speech with Horror cleav'd. Trap. 

Him, while he fpoke, a fudden Trembling feiz'd 
Cyer all his Limbs : Fix*d ftood his haggard Eyes.— Id. 

■ — Him unufual Fear 
StifPnii^ benumbs : Up rofe his Hair erefl. 
And to his Mouth his Speech with Horror cleav*d. — /^,: 

♦ Her Eyes a Body found. 

Quivering in Death, and gafping on the Ground. 
She ftarted back, the Red her Cheeks forfook. 
And ev'ry Nerve with thrilling Horror fhook. 
So trembles the fmooth Surface of the Seas, 
When brufh*d o'er gently with a rifing Breeze. 
But when her View her bleeding Love confefs'd. 
She fhriek'd, fhe tore her Hair, (he- beat her Breaft, 
She raised the Body, and embrac'd it round, [Eufden. 
And bath*d with Tears unfeigned the gaping Wound. — 

The good old Woman fhook : 

Her Blood ran cold, and gliaftly was her Look : 

Her hoary Hair upright with Horror ftood. — Dryd. alt*. 

Frost. See W i n t e r. 

AS when the Winter^s freezing Breath conftrains 
The Scythian Euxine in her ky Chains : 
No more the Bo^bcri their Streams maintain. 
Nor rufhing Ifter heaves the languid Main : 
Hem*d in with Ice, each Keel forgets its Courfe \ 
Whilft o'er the new made Champian bounds the Horfc. 

• mfie finding ihcBody of her beloved Pyramus^ tktKo Kui<l\mVC\\SL- 
fclf upon fappdiDg her killed by a Lion. 


••-"iT * 


'*•. < 

•> ^^^-^ 


i ^ff. 

»>^^- """^ ««»i. 



Funerals. 40X 

Id roam the ^Tbracians on the chryfial Plains^ 

id print the ftable Tide with founding Wains. — Rowe alt* 


>| E A N time, the Tryan Troops with weeping Eyes, 

^X To dead AS/tnus pay his Obfequies. 

rft, from the Ground a lofty Pile they rear, 

' Pitch-Trees, Oaks, and Pines, and unftious Fir : 

le Fabrick's Front with Cyprcfe Twigs they ftrew, 

id (tick the Sides with Boughs of baleful Yew. 

le topmoft Part his glittering Arms adorn : 

arm Waters, then, in brazen Cauldrons bom, 

re poured to wafh his Body, Joint by Joint, 

id fragrant Oils the ftifPned Limbs anoint. 

ith Groans and Cries Mifenus they deplore : 

len on a Bier, with Purple covered o'er, 

le breathlefs Body, thus bewail'd, they lay, p 

fid fire the Pile, their Faces turn*d away : ^ 

jch reverend Rites their Fathers us*d to pay.) ^ 

ire Oyl, and Incenfe, on the Fire they throw, 

tid Fat of Viftims, which his Friends beflow. 

liefe Gifb, the greedy Flames to Duft devour, 

!ien, on the living Coals, red Wine they pour : 

nd laft, the Relicks by themfelvcs difpole, 

hich in a brazen Urn the Priefts inclofe. 

Id Cborineus compafsM thrice the Crew, 

(id dip'd an Olive Branch in holy Dew, 

'hich thrice he fprinkled round ; and thrice aloud 

vok'd the Dead, and then difniifs*d the Crowd. — Dryden. 

— — — jEneas took his Way, 

> where the breathlefs Corps of Pallas lay, 

^ old Acates watch'd. 

II his Attendants, and with them a Crowd 
f Trojans ftand around : the Trojan Dames 
s is their Cuflom) fcatter*d loole their Hair, 
oaning. But when below the lofty Roof 
'neas cnter'd, to the Stars they raife 

Dd K^^ 


f'uNSkALS^ 403 

A genW Groan aloud^ and beat their Breaib t 
And all with Shrieks the high Pavilion rings. 
Weeping a while, he bids them bear away. 
The cold laniented Coarfb : and from his Troopt 
Aflembled all, a thou&nd Men feleds. 
On the laft mournful Honours to attend^ 
And with his Father's Tears to join their own t 
Small Confolation for fuch mighty Woe, 
Yet due, in Juftice to the helplefs Sire. 

Others a foft light Bier, (with quick Difpatch,) 
Of oaken Twigs, and twifted Ofiers weaire. 
And cover with an Arch of bending Boughs 
The high-raisM Bed. There the dear Youth they lay 
Sublime on verdant Leaves : Like fome fair Flow*r, 
Soft Violet, or languid Hyacinth, 
Crop*d by a Virgin's Hand : whofe beauteous Gloik 
Still blooms unfaded, tho* the Parent Earth, 
Moift Nourifhment and Strength, no more fupplie^. 
Two *broider*d purple Vefts jEneas brings : 
In one of thefe he wraps the breathlels Youth* 
(The laft fad Honour !) with the Other veils 
His muffled Hair, devoted to the Flames. 
Then copious Spoils, the rich Rewards of War* 
Gained in Laurentian Fields, he piles on Heaps, 
And in long Order bids the Pillage move : 
Adds Steeds, and Darts^ from Foes in Battle won. 
And Viftims, with cramp'd Hands behind them bound, 
Doom'd with their Blood the Manes to appeafc. 
And tinge the fiinVal Fires. The Chiefs themfclves, 
0>mmanded, bear the Trunks with hoftile Arms 
All covered, and with hoftile Names infcribM* 
Acetes^ with the Load of Age, and Grief, 
Bending, moves flow, fupported on each Side : 
Now beats his Breaft, now tares his withered Cheeks^ 
And faint, and proftrate, grovels on the Ground. 
The Chariots in Proceffion follow nejtt, 
Smear'd with RutuUan Blood : Behind them, ftripp*d 
Of his rich Trappings, goes the Warrior Steed, 

D d 2 £.^3aw 

404 ExeqjuijeOccisorum. ^ 

It lachrymans, guttifque humefbt grandibus ora. 
Haftam alii ^ikamque ferunt, 11am castera Turaus 
Viftor habet. Turn moefta phalanx Teucrique fcquuntur^ 
Tyrrhenique duces, & verfis Arcadis annis. 
Foflq|uam omnis longe comimm proceflerac ordo, 
Subftitit JEnesiSj gemituque haec addidit ako : 

Salve aetemum mihi, maxime Palla, 
^temumque vale. __— — 

Arcades ad portas mere, & de more vctufto 
Funereas rapuere faces : lucet via longo 
Ordine flammarum, & late difcriminat agros. 
Contra turba Phrygum veniens plangentia jungit 
Agmina. Quas poftquam matres fuccedere tc&is 

Vidcrunt^ moeftam incendunt damoribus urbem. 

yirg. JEn. Lib. XL 


BI S fenos pepigere dies , & pace fequeftra 
Per fylvas Teiicri, mixtique impune Latini 
Erravere jugis. Ferro fonat alta bipenni 
Fraxinus : cvcrtunt aftas ad fidera pinus : 
Robora nee cuneis, & olentem fcindere cedrum. 
Nee plauftris cefllmt veftare gementibus omos. 

Jam pater ^neas, jam cur\'o in litore Tarchon 
Conftituere pyras : hue corpora quifque fuorum 
More tulere patrum : fubjeftifque ignibus atris 
Conditur in tencbnis altum caligine coelum. 
Tcr circum accenfos cinfti fulgentiuus armis 


Funerals of the Slain. 405 

jEtbon : and big round Drops roll down his Face. 
Some bear his Lance, and Helmet : (for the reft 
^urnusj proud Viftor, keeps :) The mourning Troop 
Succeeds : the Trajan and the Tyrrhene Chiefs, 
And with inverted Spears, th* Arcadian Train. 
"When all the fblemn Pomp had pafs*d along, 
^neas flood, and thus, deep groaning cry'd : 
Eternally Farewell, illuftrious Prince ! 
Great PaUas ! ever honoured, ever mourn'd : 
Hail, and Farewell. - 

• Thronging to the Gates 

Th* Arcadians rufli, and by th* accuftom'd Rite 

Snatch fiin'ral Torches. In long Order rang'd, 

A Train of Flames illumines all the Road, 

And far and wide difcriminates the Fields. 

To meet that fad Proceflion, flow advance 

The Trcjan Troops, and join their wailing Friends. 

Them when th' Arcadian Matrons faw arrived 

Within the Walls, with Shrieks and loud Laments, 

Repeated, all the frantic City rings. Trap. 

Funerals of the Slain. 

T? O R twelve Days they fix the Truce : 

JP Under its holy Sanftion, through the Woods 
The Trcjans and the Latins mingled rove 
In Safety : On the Hills the lof^ A(h 
With Axes founds ; and Pines which reach the Stars 
They roll from Mountains : nor with Wedges ccafe 
Hard Oak, and fmelling Cedar to divide, 
Kor Firs on groaning Waggons to convey* 

On the winding Shore, 

By Prince JEneas and by Tarcbon raised. 

The fim'rjd Piles ftand thick. By ancient Rite 

All hither bring the Bodies of their Friends, 

And lay them on the Fires : whofe fmouldVing Smoke 

Afcends in Wreaths, and darkens all the Sky. 

Thrice the tall blazing Piles, and dufkv FU\iv« 

Dd 3 '^Ctev 




^-"^ aV.*^. 

Funerals of the Slain. 407 

They round encompais : Thofe on Foot, and Thefc 
High on their Steeds, all clad in fhining Arms : 
And loud Laments, and piercing Clamours raiie. 
The trickling Tears bedew the Earth below. 
And down their Armour run : To Heav'n afcend 
The Trumpet's Clangor, and the Cries of Men, 
Some fling the Spoils, &om flaughter'd Latins tom^ 
Into the Flames : Helmets, and bumifti'd Swords» 
And Reins, and fervid Wheels : Some add to theli 
Gifts better known, which by the Dead themfelves 
Were worn, their Shields, and not fuccefsful Darts, 
Then numVous Oxen, briftly Swine, and Sheep, 
Choice Viftims, fnatch'd from all the Fields around. 
They facrifice, and ftab them on the Fires. 
Cyer all the Shore they watch their burning Friends, 
Nor ftx)m the fmoking Duft can be withdrawn. 
Till dewy Night inverts the Hemifphere, 
And fpangles o'er the Face of Heav*n with Stars, 

Nor lefs, in different Parts, unnumbered Piles 
The wretched Latins build : Some Corps in Earth 
(And many Thofe) of their dead Friends they hide 1 
Some to the neighboring Coafts, and Towns, they fend. 
The rcfl:, a huge promifcuous Heap of Slain, 
Unhonour^d, undiftinguifh'd, they confumc ; 
The blazing Fires illumine all the Fields, 
Now had the third returning Moon difpell'd 
The dewy Shades of Night : the mingled Bones 
From the high Aflics, mourning, thejr colled. 
And load them with a Mount of fmoking Mould.-— 7r^« 

Pompey^ thy Favourite once, O Fortune ! now 
Demancfa no Heaps of * Frankincenfe to rife. 
No Eaftern Odours to perfume the Skies : 
No Roman Necks his patriot Coarfe to bear ; 
J^o rev'rend Train of Statues to appear : 

• This DetaU of what was wanting at Pomfefs Funeral, (hewi In 
what Kfanner (he Funerali of great Men among the Ramans ufed to h% 

Dd4t ^ 

Is?x j.^ ^ sc^siFa#se. 


:^ TTlZ 

Furies. 409 

No pageant Shows his Glories to record. 

And tell the Triumphs of his conq'ring Sword : 

No Inftruments in plaintive Notes to found. 

No Legions (ad to march in folemn Round : 

A Bier, no better than the Vulgar need, 

A little Wood the kindling Flame to feed, 

With fome poor Hand to tend the homely Fire, 

Is all great P$mpefs Relicks now require. Rowe. 

Furies. See Hell. Tissiphone. 

TWO Pefts there are, the Dim call'd : Whom Nigte: 
At the fame Birth with black Megara bore, 
Tartarian Fury : with fuch twilling Spires 
Of Serpents bound, and added noify Wings. 
Thcfe at the Throne of Jove and in the Court 
Of Heav'n's dread Monarch wait, to ftrike with Fear 
Unhappy Mortals : When the King of Gods 
Sits meditating vengeful Death, or Plagues : 
Or terrifies the guilty World with War. • ^rapi 

She fi-om the Sifter IHra!*^ black Abodes, 
And Shades Nofhimal, fierce Jle£loc2Mi&^ 
That baleful Fury, who delights in War, 
In Rage, and Treachery, and noxious Crimes. 
EVn Pluto and her Sifters hate the Fiend : 
Such horrid Shapes the helliih Monfi^ takes. 
And teems with fuch Variety of Snakes. Id. 

^Shc to AURo cries. 

Thou canft agreeing Brothers roulc to War, 

Engender Hate in Families, and tofs 

Within their Walls thy Whips, and fiin'ral Brands : 

Thou haft a tboufand F(»rms, a thoufand Arts 

Of Mifchief : Ranfack all thy fertile Brcaft : 

Confound their Meaforcs of concerted Peace : 

Sow deep the Seeds of Difcord : Let the Youth 

At once defire, demand, and fnatch their Arms.— — /Jl 

Infedled with Gorgonian poys'nous Blood, 
The Fiend to Latium^ and the lofty WaUs 

4IO F V R 1 JE. 

Celfa petit, tacitumque obfedit limen Amatar. 

Huic Dea coeruleis unum de crinibus anguem 

Conjicit, inque finutn praecordia ad intima fubdlc : 

Quo iliribunda domum monftro permifoeat omneou 

Ille inter veftes & levia pedora lapfiis 

Volvitur attadu nullo, failitque furentem : 

Vipeream infpirans animam : fit tortile collo 

Aurum ingens coluber, fit Icmgse taenia vittse, 

Inneftitque comas, & membris lubricus errat. 

Ac dum prima lues udo fublapia veneno 

Pertentant fenfus, atque oflibus implicat ignem, 

Necdum animus toto percepit pe£tore flamoiam^ 

MoUius, & folito matrum de more, locuta eft. j 

Ubi ^penitus in vifcera hpfum 

Serpcntis fliriale malum, totamque pererrat. 

Tum vero infelix, ingentibus cxcita monftris, 

Immenfam fine more fiirit lymphata per urbcm : 

Ceu quondam torto volitans fub verbere turbo^ 

Qaem pueri magno in gyro vacua atria circum 

Intent! ludo exercent. Ilk adus habena 

Curvatis fertur fpatiis ; ftupet infcia turba, 

Impubefque manus, mirata volubile buxum : 

Dant animos plagae. Non curfu fegnior iUo 

3?er oiedias urbes agitur, populofque fcroces.— ~ Uni^ 

-Tum flammea torqi^ns 

Lumina, — — geminos ercxit crinibus angiKS, 
Verberaquc infonuit, rabidoque haec addidit ore, 

Adfum dirarum ab fcdc fororum : 

Bella manu, letumque gcro. 

3ic cfFata facem yuvcni conjecit, & atra 


F u It I £ s« 411 

>r King Latinus^ fwift direfts her Flight, 
Lnd lilenc at the Qwen's Apartment waits. 

To Her 

The Fury from her grifly Trefles flings 
!>ne of her Snakes, and to her inmoft Breaft 
Dilpatches him ; That, by the Monller urg*d 
To Madnefe, all the Court (he might embroil. 
The bloated Serpent, Aiding 'twixt her Robes 
And fmoodi fleek Bofom, rolls without a Touch, 
And, unperceiv'd, his viperous Breath infpires : 
Hangs, as a Chain of Gold, about her Neck : 
As a long twining Fillet, interweaves 
Her Hair : and flipp'ry wanders o'er her Limbs. 
While the firft Plague, the poisonous Juice bencadi 
Sliding, invades her Senfes, and with Fire 
Her Vitals blends ; nor has as yet the Flame 
Seized all her Soul, more foftly fhe complains. 
And with a Mother's wonted Fondnefi fpeaks. 

But when thro* all her Bkx>d the fnaky Plague 
Had fpread itfelf, and her whole Mind poflefi*d ; 
Then ftung, unhappy, by the Monfter dire. 
O'er the vaft City, widi unbounded Rage, 
She roves diftrafted. Like a whirling Top, 
Urg*d by the twifted Thong, whkh Bloys, intent 
Upon their Sport, the empty Cloifters rowid. 
In a wide Circuit exercife : the Wood, 
Driv'n by the Scourge, in Spiral Eddies flies ; 
The ftripling Throng in Ignorance admires 
The Spinning Box : the Lafhes give it Life^ 
A Aed with fuch Rapklity flie runs 
Thro* the mid City, and the madding Crouds. 
Then, fiercely rolling round her fiery Orbs, 
Dreadfiil Ale£to on her Hair eredt 
Uprears two Serpents, dangi her founding Whip^ 
And rapid Thus with hideous Accents fpeaks. 
See ! from th' Infernal Sifters Seats I come : 
War in my Hand, and Deativ I bear.-— 
^ faying, to the Youth fjie hurls aBr»nd : 

Gain. G a l a t e aJ 413 

id Torches jQnoking with a fmouldring Light 

ses beneath his Breaft. With Horror rous'd 

c ftarts from Sleep : o'er all his Body Sweat 

dews his fhuddVing Limbs : F<x- Arms he raves, 

iftraded : Arms, upon his Bed, demands, 

id o'er the Palace : madding with the Love 

F Battles, and the barbarous Rage of War, 

s when, with mighty Noife, the fputt*ring Flame 

f Wood, furrounds the boiling Cauldron's Sides, 

he dancing Liquor bubbles with the Heat : 

s aqueous Fury roars, and fmokes within, 

fcuberant, and foaming : Nor does now 

lie Water's bounding Tideitfelf contain : 

he pitchy Vapour flying mounts in Air.—— li^ 


JCARCE have I known, in Saturtfs ancient Reign^ 

^ A Man whofe Bofom was not pleased with Gain. 

he Love of Gain, which now fuprcme we fee, 

rengthen'd by Time is grown to that Degree, 

*er All it rules, and fcarce can greater be.— 

In hopes of Gain the Qown with early Toil, 

lis Oxen yokes, and turns the rugged Soil. 

board the bounding Bark, in fearch of Gain, 

he Sailor braves the Dangers of the Main : 

or Winds, nor Rocks, nor tow'ring Waves he fean. 

It by known Stars his reeling Veffel fteers. 

No Faith, no Honour can the Herd reftrain, 
hat follow Camps, and fight for fordid Gain : 
ike Ruffians brib'd, they ne'er the Caufe enquire, 
hat's the juft Side, which gives the largeft Hire. — Rcwe, 

Galatea. See Invitation. 

;^ A I R ♦ Galatea ! fairer Thou by far 

Then the white Leaves of blooming Lillies are : 

' The Gyint Polyphemus thus addreffcs K\s Miftx^fe Galott«t> '^V^ '»^ 
s him with Difdain, 

4t4 Lv D 1. 

^plendidior vitro: tenero lafdyior hadoi 
I^ior aflkloo decritis sequore conchb : 
Solibus hibemis, seftiva gratior umbra : 
Nobilior potnis : plttano confpeftio alta : 
Lucidiorglacie : matura dulcior uva : 
Mollior & cygni plumis, & h&ecoa&o : 
Et, fi^ nontugias, riguo formofior horto. 

Sasvior indomitis eadetn^ Galatea, juvencis : 
Durior annofa quercu : fiiUacior undts i 
Lentior & falicis virgis, & vitibus albis : 
His immobilior fcopulis : violcntior amne : 
Laudato pavone fuperbior : acrior igni : 
Alpcrior tribulis : foeta truculentior urfa : 
Surdior asquoribus : calcato immitior hydro : 
Et, quod praecipue vellem tibi demere poflem^ 
Non tantum cervo claris latratibus ado, 

Vcrum ctiam ventis volucrique fogacior aura. 

Ovid. Meu Lib. XI 


L U D I. 

jtJandouberior vitiorum copia? quando 
^^t Major avaritise patuit finus? alea quando 
ttos animos ? neque enim Joculis comitantibus itur 
Ad cafum tabulae, pofira fed luditut area. 
Praelia quanta illis difpenfatorc videbis 
Armigero ! fimplexne furor feftertia centum 
Perdere, & horrcnti tunicam non rcddcre fervo ?— 

Juv. Sat 


Gaming. 415 

Say as the flow'ry Meads : as Chriftal bright : 
Tall as the Alder's juft proportioned Height : 
Sportive as Kids : more fmooth and polifh*d o*cr. 
Than fliining Shells, oft walh'd upon the Shore : 
Pkafii^ as Winter Suns, or Summer Shade : 
Glorious as Apples when the Boughs they lade !^ 
It's Head lefs graceful does the Plane uprcar : 
And Ice in Clearnefs can't with Thee compare : 
Not Grapes fiJl ripe delight the Tafte fo much : 
Lefs foft new Curds, or Swan's- Down, to the Touch ! 
More charming much Thou art, would'ft Thou but ftay. 
Than beauteous Gardens where cool Fountains play. 

But, Galatea^ wild as Bulls unbroke 
Thou art, and ftubbom as an ancient Oak : 
More changeful than the Waves in thy Intent : 
Ealier than Vines, or Willows, to be bent : 
More fixt than Rocks ; more furious than the Flood : 
More than a Peacock, when commended, proud : 
ThifUes lels fharp, and Fires lefs raging are : 
Lefs cruel 'midft her Cubs the favage Bear : 
Lels fierce a trodden Snake : lels deaf the Seas : 
And, what to me is worfe than all of Thefe, 
Thy Swiftnefs far outfbips the hunted Hind, 
The hafty Tempcft, or the winged Wind.— ^ 


WHAT Age fo large a Crop of Vices bore. 
Or when was Avarice extended more ? 
When were the Dice with more Profufion thrown t 
The well-fill'd Fob not empty 'd now alone. 
But Gameflers for whole Patrimonies play ! 
The Steward brings the Deeds which mull convey 
The loft Eftate : — What more than Madnels reigns^ 
When one fhort Sitting many hundreds drains : 
And not enough is left him to fiipply 
Board- Wages, or a Footman's Livery ?— — Dr3<fcn^ 


4t6 Dux. 

■ ■ Effigies quo 

Tot bellatorum, fi luditur alea pemox 
Ante Numantinos ? fi dormire indpis oitu 
Luciferi> quo figna duces, & caftra movcbant.— ^ 


-Poftquam illi jufta Chiragra 

Contudit articulos, qui pro fe tollcret, ataue 

Mitteret in pyrgum talos, mercede diurna 

Condudum pavit, Hor. Lib. 11. Sat 7. 

Tunc fumus incauti, ftudioque aperimur ab iplb, 
Nudaque per Lufus pe&ora nofba patent. 

Ira fiibit deforme malum, lucrique cupido, 
Jurgiaaue, & rixae follicitufque dolor. 

Cnmina dicuntur, refbnat clamoribus aether, 

Invocat iratos & Ebi quifque Deos.— 

Ovid. <k Art.m. 


IPfe manu fua pila gerens praecedit anheli 
Miliris ora pedes : monftrat tolerare laborcs, 
Non jubet : & nulla vehitur cervice fupinus, 
Carpentove fedens. Somni parciflimus ipfe eft, 
Ultimus hauftor aquae : cum tandem fonte reperto 
Indiga cogatur latices potare juventus, 

Stat, dunilixa bibat. 1 ■ 

Lucan. Lib. DC 

Arent era fiti : confpefta eft parva maligna 
Unda procul vena : quam vbc c pulvcrc miles. 


G S N E It A t« 4x7 

^b mere Borldque, diat to our Gen'rals PAife, 
Their Progeny, immortal Smtoes raife. 
Yet, (thoi^btlcis of their Anceftors,) delight^ 
To game before dieir Images all N^t : 
And fteal to Bed at die Approach of Day^ 
The Hour when Thefe their Enfigns did difplay.— ^/^jpjy. 

For he, when the juft Gout had km'd his Hands^ : 
A Servant hir'd, ( fo much he lov'd the Vice,) 
To take up for him, and to throw the Dice. — ^ CrHfhu 

By Play our Tempers arc unguarded made. 
And while the Head's intent, the Heart's betray'd : 
Then bale Defire of Gain, then Rage appears. 
Quarrels and Brawls arife, and anxious Fears : 
Then Clamours and Revilings reach the Sky^ 
While lofing Gamefters all Sit Gods defy : 
Then horrid Oaths are utter'd ev'ry Caft t 
They grieve, and curie, and ftorm, nay weep at laft.— 


FOremoft, on Foot, ♦ he treads the burning Sand, 
Bearing his Arms in his own patient Hand : 
Scorning Another's weary Neck to pnH^ - . 

Or in a lazy Chariot loll at Eafe : 
The panting Soldier to his Toil fucceeds. 
Where no Command, but great Eicample leads* 
Sparii^ of Sleep, ftill for the reft he wakes. 
And at the Fountain, laft, his Third: he flakes ! 
Whene'er, by Chance, fome living Stream is found. 
He ftands, and fees the cooling Draughts g6 round : 
Stays till the laft and meaneft Drudge be paft. 
And till his Slaves have drunk, difdains totafte. — Rowf. 

Panting with Drought, 
Amidft the Defart, defolate, and dry. 
One chanc'd a litde trickling Spring to fpy : 
• Cato in his March thro* the Dc&rcs of Ljbia. 

E C ^X^5^ 

4»8 Dux. 

Suftulir, & galeae convexum infiidit m brbem, 
Porrexitque duci. Squalebont puhtre fiUices 
Cunftorum : minimiunqoe tenens dux ipfe liquoris 
Invidiofus erat : Mene, inquic, dcgetxr, unuxn^ 
Miles, in hac turb& Vacuum viitute pitafti ? 
Uique adeo mollis primOfque cabnbus impar 
Sum vifus f quanto jpoen^ tu dignior ifta. 
Qui populo fidente bibos ? fie concitus ira 
ExcUffit galeamt fufficicque omnibus unda, ■ ■ 

•——Inventus mediis fens unus arenis 
Largus aquas, fed quern Serpentum turba tenebat 
Vix capiente loco. Stabant in margine ficcae 
Alpides, in mediis fitiebant Dipfades undis.— — < 

DuAor, ut afpexitperiturosfonte relifto, 
Alloquitur : Vana fpecie conterrite leti, 
Nc dubita, miles, tutos haurire liquores : 
Morfu virus habent, & fatum in dente minantur : 
Pocula morte carent. Dixit : dubiumque venenum 
Haufit : & in tota Libyes fons unus arena 
Hie iuit, de quo primus fibi pofceret undam.-—— 



Gends RA L« 4x9 

Proud of the Prize^ he ctrainM dieibiiity StoM^ 

And in his Hdme( to the Chieftain bore. 

Around in Crowds, thcthirfty Lcfgions ftood. 

Their ThroatB and clammy Jaws with Duft beftiew^d. 

And all with wiflifiil Eyes the liquid Treafure viisw^d. 

The gallant Chief the tempting Prcfent took, 

Aod, with a Frown, the Giv^r thus befpoke : 

Doft Thou then think, of all this Roman Hoft, 

That Pm the meaneft, and want Virtue moft ? 

Am I the firft ibft Coward that complains : 

That ihrinks, unequal to thefe glorious Pains ? 

Am I in Eafe and Infemy the firft ?— O 

Rather be thou, Bafe as thou art, accurs'd, > 

Thou that dar'ft drink, when all befide thee thirft, j 

He * faid : and wrathful ftretching forth his Hand, 

Pour'd out the precious Draught upon the Sand. 

JEnvy'd by none, while thus to all deny 'd. 

This litde Water the whole Hoft {upp\y*d.—Rowe alterM. 

Thirfty, for Springs they fearch the Defart iioqnd> 
And, only one, amidftthe Sands, they found. 
Well ftor^d it was, but all Accels was barr'd : 
The Stream ten thoufand noxious Serpents guajxi:' 
Dry Afpicks on the fatal Margin ftood. 
And Dipfc^% thirfted in the middle Flood. 

Back from the Stream the frighted Soldier flies, 
Tho* parched, and languifhing tor Drink he dies. 
The Chief beheld, and faid. You fear in vain, y 

Vainly from fafe and healthy Draughts abftain, v 

My Soldiers, drink, and dread not Death, or Pain. ^ 
When, urg'd to Rage, their Teeth the Serpents fix. 
And Venom with our vital Juices mix. 
The Peft infus'd thro* ev'ry Vein runs round, 
Infe6b the Mais, and Death is in the Wound. 
Harmleis and fafe, no Poifon here they Ihcd : 
He faid : and firft the doubtful Draught eflay'd. 
Thro* Lybia*s toilfome March, and burning Thirft, 
•Twas at this Spring alone he call'd for Water &rtt.—Rowe. 

• Thw is fomcwhat like the Stoiy of DavH i Cbrm. xi* i ^ . 

Ee 2 •'^^^ 


Cogk canCDS 
IdDOs Vims, qm 

Unas adcft &tii 
aique tngos 
in ktum Tires : podsiniac 

liDOci ^ 





Orrr.iquc fub i^la 
Loidus, ODung--;, Hue vriHbca nils 
ifite torw.T^ mi&nE necr. Uda VKktnr 

Gh O ST^ 421 

^ke Virtues of didr matchlcfi ChieF, 

vScreng^ to bear with ev'ry Grief: 

with careful Thoughts and watchful EyeSy 

re Sands exposed the Hero lies : 

•lace alike, in ev*ry Hour, 

ill Fortune, and defies her PowV. 

i ftiU, his common Care attends 

Fate, and chears his dying Friends : 

y Hafte at each fad C^ he flies, 

I than Health, or Life itfelf, fupplies : 

lie's nobleft Precepts arms their Soq1s» 

their Sorrows like his own controuls : 

r he comes no Signs of Grief are fhewn : 

unmanly Weakneis, they difown, 

to Sigh, or breath one parting Groan. 

cwn: 1 

3host. Sec Purgatory. 

HE •flitting Shade 

All pale, as Death, defpoilM of his Array, 
7^ife*s Apartment takes his Way, 
s before the Bed, at Dawn of Day : 
his Eyes, and wet his Beard appears \ t 

ling vain, but feeming real Tears ; ji 

Water dripping from his Hairs. 3 

ng on her with a ghaftly Look, 
BIT Voice, he thus his Wife befpoke. 
hou not me? — not yet ?— unhappy Wife! 
ly Features perifli'd with my Life? 
: aRain, and for thy Hulband loft, 
fs left of him, thy Huftwnd's Ghoft ! 
for my Return were all in vain, y 

y South overtook Us in the Main, \ 

ihalt Thou fee thy living Lord again. 3 

ched Widow ! rife 2 nor undeplor*d 1 

r Soul to i^h the Stypan Fora : > 

epar^d, in Black, to mourn thy perifh'd Lord.y 

mg drowned :it Sea, J mo fends the Vifi»a bct^ ^Kfea fl priLfc 
bs^MTj to ;ipprizc her of his DcaOx* ^ 

Cicm z M^ 


oar z:zi'j^ iazis- n^asT'i*. 

Ghost. 425 

Thus as I fearchM impadent o'er the Town, 
"With endleis Labour : to my Eyes appeared 
Her penfive Ghofty my dear Cr^^'sSbade, 
A Form enlarged, and bigger than the Life. 
Aghaft I ftood : uprofe my Hair ere& : 
And to my Mouth my Speech with Horror deav'd. 
At length (he ippke, and thus relieved my Cares : 
Why, my dear Lord, do You fo for indulge 
Your reftlels Toil ? Without the Powers divine 
Thcfe Things are not dilpos*d. — 

Farewell : and love 

Your Son, our conmion Care. — Thus having (poke. 
Me weeping, and a thoufand Things to fay 
Defiring, (he forfook, and vanifh'd fwift 

Into the yielding Air. 1 thrice eflay'd 

About her Neck to throw my folding Arms : 
Thrice, vainly grafp'd at, from their Circle flew 
Th' unbodied Fantom, light as fleetinjg Winds, 
And like a flipp'ry Dream. ^rap. 

The Night now driving <mi her fable Car, 

Poffefi'd the Pole : When fuddenly the Form 

Of oW Jncbifes feem'd to Aide from Heav'n : 

And from his awful Mouth thefe Accents fell : 

My Son, more dear to me than Life, while Life 


Hither I come, difpatch'd by Sovereign Jove ; 

For Me the impious Gloom 
Of Tartarus accurs*d, and dreary Shades 
Do not detain : But in th' Elyfian Fields, 
And happy Regions of the Bleft I dwell. 

B ut now, adieu: 
The dewy Night rolls on her middle Courfe : 
And with his panting Steeds the riling Sun 
Severe has brwtVd upon me. Thus he faid. 
And flew, like Smoke, mto the fleeting Air. Id. 

Among the reft, frcfli reekji^ from her Wound, 
In the vaft Grove PintnUian P/^ roams : 
Soon as the TrojanHcco near her floody 

St -mm, It 

Ghost. 427 

knew her thro^ the duflcy Shade, as when 
[le firft fining of the Month one fees, 
hinks one fees, thro* Qouds the rifing Moon : 
-s he let fall : and thus with Fondnefs Ipeaks. 

appy Dido ! « 

r Death, alas ! I causM : but by the Stars, 
. by the Gods, I fwear, by all the Faith 
ath the Earth, if any fuch there be, 
/illingly, O Queen I I left your Coofts. 
s Her, with Indignation frowning ftem, 
h Tears and Kandifliments jSneas footh'd,— Id. 
le bends her Eyes averfc upon the Ground, 
1 by his Speech begun is mov'd no more 
n the deaf Rocks, when the loud Billows roar : 
whirls away, to fhun his hateful Sight, 
in the Forefl and the Shades of Night, 
le pious Tears the pitying Hero pid, 
I followM with his Eyes the flitting Shade. — Dryd.dlt. 
'he thronging Ghofts (land round on either Side : 
le raifc a feeble Cry, wiih trembling Notes : 
the weak Voice deceives their galping Throats. 
e Priam^sSaiij DeipbobtiSj he found, 
ofe Face and Limbs were one continued Wound : 
loneft, with lopp'd Arms, the Youth appears, 
iPd of his Nofe, and fhormed of his Ears, 
icarcely knew him, {hiving to difbwn 
blotted Form, and blufhing to be known.— ^ Id. 

——So faying, he bedcw*d 

Face with flowing Tears : and thrice aflay'd 
)ut his Neck to throw his folding Arms : 
ice, vainly grafj/d at, from their Circle flew 
unbody'd Fantom : light as fleeting Winds, 

I like a flipp'ry Dream. — Trap. 

Behold, fhe cries, 

lin the cruel Fates remand • me back : 

1 now Farewell : with Darknefs round inclos'd 

ret away, and vainly (irctch to Thee 

li f now no longer diinc ) Thefc hclplcS Hands, 

Gx«mi^ Gvla! 

l-il^I^!!^^ 4t 


T5fr w 




Glory. Gluttony. 429 

She laid I and from his Si^t like Smoke difpmM 
Thro^Lthe thin Air, flew diverie : Nor by Him, 
Gralpii^ at Shades in vain, and thoufand Things 
To fiy defirii^, was e*er after ieeti. Id. 



Hatever Care for me 

You have conceived, difmiis it, beft of Kingm 
Eor Me, at my Requeft : and let me ftake 
My Life for Glory. ■- 7W^« 

Thy Glory, Trajan^ Ihall for ever live : 
Not that thy Arms the Tigris moum'd, tfcroome. 
And tributary Partbia bow'd to Rofne^ 
Not diat the Capitol received thy Train, 
With Shouts of Triumfdi for the Dad flain : 
But for thy Mildnefs to thy Country fliown. — Ad£fon. 

There Glory fits in all her Pomp and State : 
Thence Places, Dignities, Preferments flow. 
And all that Men admire, and wifh below : ' ^ 

Hig^ Honours, Offices, in Suits Succeis, 
R^t to flfiake Laws, and bid the World have Peace: 
Thence Sceptres, and fupreme Command accrue, [alt. 
And Power to give them where Rewards are due. — Crtecb 

Gluttony. Sec Extravagance. Luxury, 

WHedier it be in little Things or great, 
Suit thy Expences ftill to thy Eftate ; 
And if thy Purfe a Turbot can't afford. 
Sit down, and be content with humble Cod. 
For what mull be thy miferable End, 
If Gluttony and Want at once attend. 
When thy voracious Throat has fwalk)w*d all. 
Cattle, and Land, Int'reft, and Principal ? — Congreve alt. 

Preach as I pleafe, I doidx our curious Men, 
Willjchufe a Phealant ftUl before a Hen: 


Goats. j^^t 

And yet a FUn ifi lull as good Lhdld, 
Except you eat the Feathers green and gold. 

Of Carps and Mullets why prefer the great, 
(Tho* cut in Pieces t*er my Lord can cat) 
Yet for fmall Turix)ts fuch Eftecm profcfe? 
Becaufe God made thefe large, the odier lefi.---'^--- Pofe. 

When the tir^d Ghitton labours thro* a Treat, 
He'll find no Relifh in die fwmOi Meat, • • • 
He calls for fomething bitter, fomething four, * • 
And the rich Feaft concludes extreamly pocx* : 
Cheap Eggs, and Herbs, and Olives ftill we fee. 
Thus much is left of old Simplicity ! 

The Rotin-red-Breaft till of late had reft. 
And Children facred held a Martttf^ Neft, 
Till Becca-fices fold fo dev'lilh dear. 
To one that was, or would have been, a Peer.-^ Id. 

Obferve how pale, how fickly, cv'ry Gueft, 
Reels from the Surfeit of a (iimptuous Feaft : 
The Body overloaded with Excels, 
Is funk itfelf, and does the Mind opprefi : 
Nor can the Soul, aitho' of heav'nly Birth, 
Shake oflF the Load that fixes it to Earth.-^-^ P^ alt. 

•Tis yet in vain, I own, to keep a Pother 
About one Vice, and fall into the other : 
Between Excels and Famine lies a Mean, 
Plain, but not fordid : tho* not fplendid, clean. 
He knows to liv^, who keeps the middle State, 
And neither leans on this Side, nor on that.—-*— Pope. 


•T^ IS my Direftion, that with verdant Leaves 

A Of Arbutus the Goats may be fupply'd. 
And with frefh Springs : And that their Stalls from Winds 
Be lhelter*d, to die Winter Sun opposed. 
And pointing to the South, when now >n\x5^ C^W^ 
And Rain, Aquarius fetting, Ihuts the ^c^. ^ 

God; 433 

Thefe breed more fruitful : Thefe in Milk abound : 
And cv'n the mbrt they fill the frothing Pails 
From their prcfi*d Dugs more plenteous Rivers flow. 
For Food they iMxxize the Thickets, and the Top 
Of bleak Lycaus^ prickly Thorns in Brakes, 
And Bufhes which high Rocks and Mountains love« 
Themfelvcs, fpontsineous, to their Homes fetufn. 
Bringing their Young : and, with their ftrutting Dugs, 
Laborious, o'er th'oppoling Threfhold climb. 
Therefore their Want of Care and Guard to fliun 
The Ills of Life, by thine muft be fupply'd. 
From them with all thy Diligence avert 
The Froft, and Winds, and Snow: Widi liberal Hand 
Indulge them Food, and leafy Browze : nor (hut. 
While Winter lafts, thy Magazines of Hay. Trap. 

God. See Chance. Providence. 

KNow firft, that Heav*n, and Earth's compacted Framc^ 
And flowing Waters, and the ftarry Flame, 
And both the radiant Lights one common ♦ Soul 
[nipires : and feeds and animates the Whole ! 
This aftive Mind inflis'd thro' all the Space, 
Unites and mingles with the mighty Mais. 
Hence Men and Beafts the Breath of Life obtain. 
And Birds of Air, and Monfters of the Main. — Dfyden. 

For GOD the whole created Mais infpires : 
rhrough Heav'n, and Earth, and Ocean's Depth he throws 
His Influence round, and kindles as he goes. 
Hence Flocks, and Herds, and Men, andBeafb, and 

With Breath are quicken'd, and attrafl: their Souls : 
Hence take the Forms his Prefcience did ordain, 
A.nd into him, at length, refolve again. 
Mo Room is left for Death : they mount the Sky, 
^d to their own congenial Planets fly,-— - Hi- 

? The Opinion of Pythagoras. 

*^m ^.m^^ itnu,^ rr^iUX .XTJC'iJ** 

This Frame immenfe, in which foiir Parts Gonlpircj 
Of different Form, Air^ Water, Earth, and Fire, 
GOD, Power divine, the World^s Almighty Soul^ 
By fecret Methods rules, and guides the Whole :. 
By unfeen Paffes he himfelf conveys 

rThro' all the Mafs, and ev'ry Part obcys.^: . Creech. 
The Face, the Image of the Deity, 
Can on no Metal reprcfented be : 
Within the human Soul he likes to dwell, 
And our own Bofom what he is can tell. — ^ 

It is enough that GOD is barely fhown. 
Rich in himfelf he fhines, and great alone. • 

That Power fupreme, whom Gods and Men obey^ 
Who Time commands, and rules the Earth and Sea \ 
Who claims o*er All the firft and higheft Place^ 
Whom none is like, to whom none fecond is.- ■> 

For every * Deity muft live at Eafe, 
In undifturb'd and everlafting Peace, 
From Grief exempt, from Fear and Danger free j 
Sufficient to its own Felicity. 
Nought here below. Nought in our Pow*r it needs : . 
Nor fmiles at good, nor frowns at wicked Deeds. — Creech^ 

'Tis neceffary that there (hould be Gods^ 
Nor let us doubt thefe are : ■ 

Before their ancient Altars let*s adore^ 
And Incenfc burn, and Wine devoutly pOilr. 
Nor madly think that on celeftial Thrones, 
And half afleep, they lollj like lazy Drones. 
The Gods arc ev'ry where, above, below, [know. 

Both Heav*n and Earth they fill^ and ev*ry Thing they 
Then innocently live i the Pledge reftore : 
Nor dare to violate the Oath you fwore : 
All Fraud deteft of whatever kind it be ; 

And from all Murder let your Hands be free. 

Has GOD a Place ? In Earth, in Seas, in Air, 
In Heav'n, in Virtue, he will fure appear : 
Why feck wc farther then ? 

* The Opinion of EPicurui, 

F f z '>^\«x^-^c 

ZjoaaSam Qimamw. 





Q z rm^^im. AddcTiA L^cTi^ 

v"ufc& nssifio^ ^'^^ 

Iru^. _Vi;-% Lib. VL 

fnp-<^tu IW^KA iiXr:T lETra rxiL 

God? Council of. 437 

Whcrc-c'er we turn, whcre-c*er we look, or move. 

All, all, is Him, and cv*ry where is J(yoe, 

There is a GOD moft certainly, who hears 

Whatever we fay, and fees whatever we do.- 

There is a GOD, whom Time can never change^ i 

—The great Creator of the Univerfe 

All Things beholds from .his exalted Throne : 
Nor the Earth's Bulk, nor Night's black Shades impede 
His penetrating Sight ; whicli at one Glance 
Difcems what is, what was, and what fliall be.— — 

-Alas ! their Ignorance of GOD 

f Is the chief Caufe of wretched Mortals' Crimes,— 

Gods (Council of.) See Milky Wav* 

ON lofty Thrones twice fix Celeftials late, 
Jvo€ in the midft, and held their grave Debate : 
Each God by proper Features was expreft. 

But Jw^s majcftic Mein excelled the reft. CroxaU. 

And now th' Almighty Father of the Gods, 
Convenes a Council in the bleft Abodes. 
Far in the bright Receffes of the Skies, 
High o'er the rowling Heav'ns, a Manfion lies : 
Whence, fer below, the Gods at once furvey 
The Realms of rifing, and declining Day, 
And all th' extended Space of Earth, and Air, and Sea.^ 
Full in the midft, and on a ftarry Throne, 
The Majefty of Heav'n fuperior flione : 
Serdie he look'd, and gave an aweful Nod, 
And all the trembling Spheres confeis'd the God, 
At Jw^s Affent, the Deities around 
In folemn State the Confiftory crown'd : 
Next a long Order of inferior Pow'rs 
Afcend from Hills, and Plains, and (hady Bow'rs ; 
Thofe from whofe Urns the rolling Rivers flow. 
And thofe that give the wandring Winds to blow« 
Here all dieir Rage, and e'en their Murmurs cea&^ 
AikI lacTcd 5iicncc reigns, and un\v^rfa\^^^^^ 

F f 3 K^VMN^ 

4^8 Mixtura BoNi &MAti. Potential 

M^eftate tremunt : radiant rtiajorc ^reno 
Ci^mina, & arcano florento liunine poftes* 
Foftquam jufla quies, filuitque exterritus orbis, 
Incipit ex alto : grave & iounutabile ian£tis 

Pondus ^dfift verbis, & voccm fe» fcquuntur. 

Stat, ndf. Lib. h 

Mbctura Boni & Mali. 

ES T aequale nihil : terrenes afpice tra£bus 
£t maris, & notis fugientia numina ripis : 
Crimen ubique frequens, & laudi noftia jun£ta eft. 
Sic ^erilis terris laetis intervenit annus, 
Ac fubitos tumpit parvo difcrimine foetus : 
Et modo portus erat pelagi jam fadta Charybdis, 
Laudatique cad it poft paulum gratia ponti. 
JEt nunc per fcopulos, nunc campos labitur amftis, 

Aut faciens iter, aut quaerens. Manil. Lib. IV, 

Satin* parva res eft voluptatum in vita, 
Atque in aetate agunda, 

Prae quam quod moleftum eft : ita quoique comparatum 
Eft in £tate hominum, 

Ita Dis placitum, voluptati ut moeror comes confequatur : 

Quin incommodi plqs malique illico affit, boni fi obdgit 

quid. Plaut. Ampb. 

P o T E N T I A. Vide A M B I T I o. Rex. 

AUDE aliquid brevibus Gyaris & carcerc digniim. 
Si vis effe aliquid ; probitas laudatur & alget. 
Criminibus debent hortos, praetoria, menfas, 

Argentum vetus.^ ^ — 

Juv. Sat. I, 

Quid, fi vidiffet Prastorem in curribus altis 
jExtamem, Sg med\o fiMvK^m Yc^'^MWtxft ckci^ 

)aD and Evil MixU Greatness. 439 

ning Synod of majeftic Gods 

with new Luftcr the divine Abodes, 

*n feenis improved with a fuperior Ray 

the bright Arch refledts a double Day. 

Almighty then his folemn Silence broke, 

lill Creation liften'd while he fpoke, 

facred Accent bears eternal Weight, 

each irrevocable Word is Fate. ^^P^i 

Good and Evil Mix'd, 

j^hold the Earth, the gliding Streams, or Flood, 
Faults are on all Sides, Bad is mixt with Good. 

barren Seafons midft the beft appear, 
a fmall Turn blafts all the blooming Year. 
:)rt turns Shelf, and the inglorious Sand 
lits that Praife which once its Safety gain'd. 

Streams thro* Plains in fmooth Meanders play, 

force thro* Rocks, and roaring roll away. 

Criecb altered, 
ow Ihort, how trifling are the Joys of Life, 
ith the Evils that it brings compar'd ! 

is the Fate of Man, by Hcav*n decreed \ 
: all his Pleafure fhall be mix*d with Pain, 

lafting Woe fucceed each fliort Delight ! — — 


r Ould*ft Thou to Honours and Preferments climb ? 

Be bold in Mifchief, dare fome mighty Crime, 
ich Dungeons, Death, or Banifliment deferves : 
Virtue is but dryly prais*d, and ftarves. 
It Men, to great Crimes, owe their Plate embofs'd,! 
ir Palaces, their Furniture of Coft, > 

1 high Commands •, — z fneaking Sin is loft. — Dryd^j 
V'hat h^ he done, had he beheld, on high 

Prator feated, in mock Majefty : 

Chariot rolling o'er the dufty ^Uct^ 
r7c with dumb Pride, and a fet ioTiwaSc^'^^^Tk 

V f A 

P » T « P T f 

ymw, Sx.X 

Greatness. 441 

Ht moves in the dull ceremonial Track, 

With Jove^s embroidered Coat upon his Back ? 

A. Suit of Han^i^ had not more oppre&'d 

His Shoulders, than that long laborious Veft. 

ft. heavy Gewgaw, (call'd a Crown,) that ipread 

ft.bout his Temples, drown*d his narrow Head, 

A.nd would have crufli*d it with the mafly Freight, 

But that a fweating Slave fuftain'd the Weight : 

A. Slave in the lame Chariot feen to ride. 

To mortify the mighty Madman's Pride. 

A.dd now th' Imperial Eagle rais'd on high. 

With golden Beak, the Mark of Majefty : 

Trumpets before, and on the Left and Right, 

A. Cavalcade of Nobles, all in white : 

[n their own Nature felfe and flatt'ring Tribes, 

But made his Friends, by Places and by Bribes> Id. 

If golden Sconces hang not on the Walls, 
To light the coftly Suppers, and the Balls : 
[f the proud Palace ihmes not with the State 
Of bumifli'd Bowls, and of reflefted Plate : 
If well-tun*d Harps, nor the more pleafing Sound 
Of Voices, from die vaulted Roofs rebound 2 
Yet, on the Grafs, beneath a Poplar Shade, 
By the cool Stream, our careleis Limbs are laid : 
With cheaper Pleafures innocendy blefs'd. 
When the warm Spring with gawdy Flow'rs is dreis*d. 

Nor will the raging Fever's Fire abate. 
With golden Canopies and Beds of State : 
But the poor Patient will as foon be found. 
On the hard Mattrefs, or the Mother-Ground. 

Then, fmce our Bodies are not eas'd the more 
By Birth, or Pow'r, or Fortune's wealthy Store, 
•Tis plain thefc ulclcjs Toys of ev*ry kind 
As little can relieve the Wring Mind : 
Unlefs we could fuj^pofe the dreadful Sight 
Of marfhall'd Legions moving to the Fight, 
Could, with their Sound and terrible Array, 
Expel our Fears, and drive the Thoughts of Death away. 

But^ fmce the Suppofition vain ap^^ear^% 
Since clipging Oirsi and Trains oV uibt^^wc^^ 

442 Dolor. 

Nee metuunt fonitus armonitn, nee fern teh: 
Audafterque inter Regcs, rerumque poccnteis 
Yerfantur : neque fiilgorem reverentur ab aum. 
Nee clarum veftis ^lendorem purpureai : 
Quid dubitaSy quin omne fit hoc rationis egcftas ?— — i 

iMcret. Lib. II. 
O fi pateant jpe&ora Ditum : 

Quantos intus fublimis agit 

Fortuna metus ! Bruda Core 

Pulfante frctum mitior unda eft. — Senec. /for. Otf, 

Felix alius, magnufque volet : 
Me nulla vocet turba potentem. 
Stringat tenuis littora puppis. 
Ncc magna meos aura phafelos 
Jubeat medium fcinderc pontiun.— — M. 

-Exeat Aula 

Qui vult effe pius. ■ ■. ■ Lucnt. 

Qui cadit in piano, ( vix hoc tamen evenit ipfum ) 

Si cadit, ut tafta furgere poflit humo. 
At mifer Elpenor tefto delapfus ab alto, 

Occurrit Regi flcbilis umbra fuo. 

Ovid. Lib. III. rnjl.^. 
Vive fine invidia, moUefque inglorius annos 

Exige, amicitias & tibi junge pares. Ibii. 

Dolor. Vide Lamentatio. In Morte la6ta« 

INterea pavidam volitans pennata per urbem 
Nuncia Fama ruit, matrifque adlabitur aurcs 
Euryali ; at fubitus mifene calor ofla reliquit : 
Excuffi manibus radii, rcvolutaque penfa : 
Evolat infelix, & fceminco ululatu, 
Scifla comam, muros amens atque agmina curfu 
Primz. petit : non iWa Vvt^m^ tvk3pcv*^^.^^^\^ 
TcJorumque memor ; coeVitcv ^^vm:- ^'^^^^''^?^'^ 

Grief. 443 

sHxc not with Sounds to be afirighted thence^ 
■iut in the midft of Pomp purfue the Prince : 
■^oc aw*d by Arms, but in the Prefence bold^ 

Without Refpeft to Purple, or to Gold : 
s^hy ftiould not we thcfe Pageantries defpife, 

_^Vhoic Worth but in our want of Reafon lies ? Dryd. 

Oh! were the Minds of Courtiers fcen i 
What Cares tempeftuous rage within. 
And fcourge their Souls ! the Brutian Sea 
Tofs'd by wild Storms more cahn than They. 

Let Others, infolent, and great. 
Enjoy the treach'rous Smiles of Fate : 
To Courts, Ah ! never let me roam ! 
Bleft with Content, and Peace at Home. 
May my fmall Bark in Safety Sail, 
Ne'er tempted by a profp*rous Gale, 
Roving to leave the Sight of Shore, 
And dang'rous, diflant Deeps explore,- ff^ard. 
Let him who would be Good from Courts retire. 

On level Ground whoever haps to fall, 
_ (Tho* that's a Thing which rarely haps at all, ) 
" The Hurt fo gentle, and fo flight the Pain, 
No fooner is he down than up again : 
But when Elpenar from the Turret fell, 
^ His Soul went weeping to the Gates of HeU>' > 
Thoughtlefs of Glory pais thy downy Hours, 
Unknown, unenvy'd, in Obfcurity : 
And chufe Companions of thy own D^ee.— — 

^ Grief. See Lamentation. Mourning for the Dead« 

SOON hafty Fame, thro* the fad City bears 
The mournful Tidings, to the Mother's Ears : 
An icy Cold benumbs her Limbs : She (hakes : 
Her Cheeks the Blood, her Hand the Web forfakes. 
She runs the Rampires round amidft the War, ^ 

Nor fears the flying Darts : flie rends her Hair, Jt 

And w)th her Lamentations fills the Air.**— - . \ 

AAA Dolor. 

Et fub Jove node dieque 

Sedk humo nuda nudis incomta capillis- - 

Perque novem luces expers unda?que cibique ^ 

Rore mero, lachrymifque fuis jejunia pavk ; {^ ^' 



Qualis populea mcerens Philomela iiib umbra 
Anufibs queritur foetus, quos durus arator ^ 

Obiervans, nido implumes, detraxit : at ilU ^ 

Flet nodem, ramoque fedens miferabile carmen !^ 

Intc^rat, & moeftis late loca queftibus implet.— — ^ 

Virg. Geot^. Lib. IV. 
Squalidus, Cereris fine munere fedit : 
Cura, dolorque animi, lachrymseque alimenta fuere. |^ 

Efle Deos Erebi crudeles qudtus> 

Ovid. Met. Lib.X. 
Plura dolor prohibet : verboque intervcnit omni 
Plangor : & attonito gemitus e corde trahuntur. 

Ovid. Met. Lib. XI. :? 

-Obmutuit ilia dolore: 

Et pariter vccem, lachrymafque introrfus oborcas 

Devorat ipfe dolor : duroque fimillima faxo 

Torpet : & adverfa figet modo lumina terra : 

Intcrdum torvos fuftoUit ad sethera vultus : 

Nunc pofiti fpeftat vultum, nunc vulnera, nati : 

Vulnera praecipuc, ■ Ovid. Met. Lib. XIII. 

Jam nunc te per inane chaos, per Tartara, Conjux, 
Si funt ulla, fequar : quam longo tradita leto 
Incertum eft : poenas animse vivacis ab ipsa 
Ante fcram : potuit ccrnens tua vulnera, Magne, 





Gr I Evl 445 

All Day, all Night, in traddefs Wilds, alone 
Shepin'd, and tagght the liiVning Rocks her Moan, 
On the bare Earth ihe lies, her Bofom bare^ 
Loofe her Attire, difheveU'd is her Hair, 
Nine times the Moon unbarr'd the Gates of Light, 
As oft were fpread th* alternate Shades of Night : 
So long no Suftenance the Mourner knew. 
But what her Tears fupply, or what the falling Dew*— • 


As when, complaining, in melodious Groans, 
Sweet Philomel^ beneath a Poplar Shade, 
Mourns her loft Young : which fome rough Vilbge Hind 
Obferving, from their Neft, unfledged, has ftole: 
She weeps all Night : and, perched upon a Bough, 
IVith plaintive Notes repeated fills the Grove. Trap% 

DefiPd wirfi Fildi * his Robe, with Tears his Cheeks* 
No Suftenance but Grief and Care he feeks ; 
Of rigid Fate inceflant he complains. 
And Heirs inexorabk Gods arraigns. CongrevCm 

No farther Voice her mighty Grief affords, 
For Sighs come ruftiing in betwixt her Words, 
And ftop*d her Tongue : but what her Tongue deny'd , 
Soft Tears, and Groans, and dumb Complaints fupply*d— • 

— Her -f- big fwoln Grief furpafs*d 

The Power of Utterance : She ftood aghaft : 

Nor had (he Speech, nor Tears, to give Relief: 

Excefs of Woe fupprefs'd the rifing. Grief. 

Stupid as Stone, on Earth fhe fix*d her Eyes, 

And then look'd up to Heav*n with wild Surprize : 

Now flie contemplates o*er, with fad Delight, 

Her Son's pale Vifage : then her aking Sight 

Dwells on his Wounds. Stanyan^ 

Dear Huft>and, whercfoe'er 

Thou'rt gone, thro* Hell, if any Hell there be. 
Or empty Chaos, I will follow Thee : 
How long my Life's decreed I do not know : 
If long. Til puniQi it for lafting fo.— — 

5 Spoken of Orphm. f H^ottn. ^^ 





G R I E p. 447 

She who could bear to fee thy Wounds, and livCy 

New Proofe of Love and fatal Grief fhall give: 

Nor nod ftie fly for Succour to the Sword, 

The fteepy Precipice, or deadly Cord : 

She from herfelf (hall find her own Relief, 

And fcom to die of any Death but Grief. 

, . So faid the Matron, and about her Head 

Her Veil flie draws, her moumfiil Eyes to Ihade : 

RefolvM to fliroud in thickeft Shades her Woe, 

She feeks the Ship's deep darkfome Hold below : 

There lonely left, at leifure to complain. 

She hugs her Sorrows, and enjoys her Pain: 

Still with frelh Tears the living Grief would feed. 

And fondly loves it in her Hufband's ftead.— ~ Rme^ 

Her flowing Garments mournfully (he tares. 
And rends the Chaplet with her yellow Hairs : 
Her Tears congeal, her Voice is now no more : 
And a deep trembling feizes her all o*er. 

But * Clymenij enr^'d with Grief, laments. 
And as her Grief inlpires, her Paflion vents : 
Wild for her Son, and frantick in her Woes, 
Widi Hair dilhevelPd round the World flie goes. 
To feek where-e'er his Body might be caft : 
Till, on the Borders of the Po^ at lad 
The Name infcrib'd on the new Tomb appears. 
The dear dear Name (he bathes in flowing Tears, 
Hangs o'er the Tomb, unable to depart. 
And hugs the Marble to her throbbing Heart. 
Her Daughters too lament, and (igh, and moufnt 
( A fruitlefs Tribute to their Brother's Urn ) 
And beat their naked Bofoms, and complain. 
And call aloud for Phaeton in vain : 
All the long Night their mournful Watch they keep. 
And all the Day ftand round the Tomb and weep. — AdJ&f, 

When firft I heard (from whom I hardly knew) 
That You were fled, and all my Joys with You : 

• The Mother of Phaetw. 

A W T R ir M. 

IS deeranc ocuik, & Ungm p^juto z 
\m gelido frigore peftus crax* 
fe dolor tmmmuit, ni^ pc&ora fJaoziy 
Juit ruptts exuliilare cx^mis. 
quam fi nati pia mater adempd 
d exoiidos corpus inane rogos*- 

Omd. Mfifi. XX!. 

t, & tremulo deduxit venire canos, 
[ue genas, ocutis nee defuk imber, 
rapitur per valles improbus ^nnis 
Ise periere nives, & languidu§ Aufter 
nr glacicm refoluta vivere terra, 
: pleno facics manavir, & alto 
emity turbitum murmure pc^hag. ^- > 


crat piceis, & acuta denfa cuprefTu, 
-Succind*^ facra Diana: : 

G a o T T o. 449 

Like fome fad Statue^ fpeechlds^ pale, I ftood^ 

Grirf chill'd my Breaft, and ftop'd my fizzing Blood t 

No Sigh, to rife, no Tear had Pow'r to flow, 

Fiic^d in a ftupid Lethargy of Woe. 

But when it's Way th* impemous Paflion found, 

I rend my Trefles, and my Breafts I wound : 

I rave, then weep, I curfe, and then complain, 

Now (well to Rage, now melt in Tears again* 

Nor fiercer Pangs diftradt the mournful Dame, 

Whofe firft-born Infant feeds the fun'ral Flame.— — Pope, 

Trembling ihe fpoke, and raging with Delpair, 
She wounds her Cheeks, and rends her Silver Hair« 
In copious Streams fafl rolls the briny Show'r, 
As down the Hills the rapid Torrents pour. 
When Aifter with indulgent Softnefs blows, 
Diflblves the Froft, and melts the Mountain Snows t 
Thus in a JlJ'lood of Tears her Eyes were drown*d, (jun. 
And fit)m her inmoft Breaft deep Sighs refound. — Addifon 


DOWN in a Vale, of Pine and Cyprcfs nuufc^ 
Extended wide a venerable Shade: 
The chaft Diana's private Haunt, where ftood. 
Full in the Center of the darkfome Wood, 
A fpacious Grotto : all around o'cr-grown 
With hoary Mofs, and arch'd with Pumice-Stonc* 
From out it's rocky Clefts thjB Waters flow. 
And, trickling, fwell into a Lake below. 
Nature had ev'ry where {o play'd her Part, 
That cv*ry where flie feem*d to vye with Art, 
Here the bright Goddefe, toil*d and chafPd with Heat, 
Was wont to bathe her in the cool Retreat. — Addifon^ 

Awefui, and tow'ring o'er the Plain, there ftood. 
By Axes nc^cr profan'd, an ancient Wood. 
Amidft of which the mouldring Rocks had made 
An humble Grot, that Thorns and Brambles (hade. 
Cool chryflal Streams gufh plenteous from its Sides, 

And all around the purling Water g,\vd^^% -. 

G g '^S^ 

|jr%^ A4cii 

IlMt^rihts anil tophis 
imrriidi mufco : 

iSm^Mmnm'^u^ & oonfckSjifa. 

• liklL 

:aL «n t4«j ^iiTiufc fsso: 

Guilt. 451 

The Grot he entered : Pumice built the HaH, 
And Tophi made the Ruftic of the Wall 1 
The Floor foft Mofi, an humid Carpet fpread. 
And various Shells the chequered Roof inlaid. Vertmi 

Guilt. See Conscience Evil. 

TH E lovely * Huntrefs, rifing from the Grafs, 
With down-caft Eyes, and with a blufhing Face^ 
By Shame confounded, and by Fear difmay*d. 
Flew from the Covert of the confcious Shade ; 
And (fuch the wild Confufion of her Mind,) 
Had almoft left her Bow and Shafts behind. ' 

How plainly in the Look doth Guilt appear ! "^ 

Slowly (he mov'd, and loiter'd in the Rear : 
Nor lighdy trip'd, nor by the Goddefs ran. 
As once flie us*d, the foremoft of the Train. 
Her Cheeks were flufh'd, and fullen was her Mein, 7 
That fure the Virgin Goddefs (had flie been >- 

Aught but a Virgin) muft the Guilt have fcen. \ 

The Nymphs, 'tis faid, perceiv'd it. Addiftm^X^di. 

The wretched + Maid rejoyc'd the News to hcaf. 
But clog'd with Guilt, her Joy was unfincere : 
So various, fo difcordant is the Mind, 
That in our Will a difPrent Will we find. 

Thus far her Courage held, but here forfakes : 
Her faint Knees knock at every Step fhe makes. 
The nearer to her Crime, the more within 
She feels Remorfe and Horror of her Sin : 
Repents too kte her criminal Defire, 
And wifhes, that unknown ihe could retire. Drydeni 

The Matrons, on the Shore, 

Fly diverfe, ftruck with Fear : and fkulking feek 
The Woods, and Caves : Their Enterprize they loath. 
And confcious ihun the Light. Trap. 

• Ca/ifia, one of Diana's Nymphs, after her Affair with Jupiter. 
H[ Mfrrba in love with her own Father, was brought to hi^ Bed ia 
J}i4;aiJe> by the Contrivance of her old Nurfc. 

Gg 2 "^^^^ 

452 Gygas. Cyclop 8. 

Impia jam merita fcrutatus lumina desttra 
Merferat a?tema damnatutn node pudoretn 
Oedepides, lon^que animam fub morte trahebat.' 
Ulum indulgentem tenebris, imacque receflu 
Sedi$^ inofpeAos ccelo, radiifque Penates 
Servantem, tamen afliduis circumvolat alis 
Ssvadies animi, fcelerumque in pedore Dine. 

Stat. "TM. Lib. I. 

Quid fi peteretur crimine tanto 

Limes uterquepoli^ quem Sol emiflfus £60 

Cardine, quem portu vergens profpedat Ibero ? 

Quafque procul terras obliquo fidere tangic 

Avius, aut Borea gelidas, madidive tepentes 

Igne Noti ? Ibid. 

Gygas. Cyclops. 

Yclops, ncmpe ille immitis, & ipfis 
Honcndus fylvis, & vifus ab hofpite nullo 
Impuney & magni cum Dis contemptor Olympi : 
Quid fit Amor fentit : noftrique cupidine captus 
Uritur : oblitus pecorum antrorumcjue fuorum. 
Jamque tibi formse, jamque eft tibi cura placendi : 
Jam rigklos pedis raftris, Polypl^eme, capiilos : 
Jam iibct hirfutam tibi falce recidere barbam : 
i^t fpeftare aqua, & componere vultus. 
Cs^is Amor, fefitafque, fitifque immenfa cruoris 
Ceflanr : & tutae veniunt abeuntque carinse,—— ■ — 

Ovid. Met. Lib. XIII. 

— ISL^fedit 

Gyant, Cyclop?. 453 

Now wretched CEdipus ♦, deprived of Sight, 
Led a long Death in everlafting Night : 
But tho* he dwells where not a chearful Ray 
Can pierce the Darknefs, and abhors the Day, 
The clear, receding Mind, prefents his Sin, 
[n frightful Views, and makes it Day within : 
Returning Thoughts in endlefs Circles roll, 
Ajid thouiand Furies haunt his guilty Soul. Pcpef 

Not all bright Phcshus views in early Morn, 
Dr when his Evening Beams the Weft adorn, 
IVhen the South glows with his Meridian Ray, 
Ajid the cold North receives a fainter Day : 
For Crimes like thefe, not all thofe Realms fufficc. 
Were all thofe Realms the guilty Vidor*s Prize ! Id, 

Gyant. Cyclops. 

THE t Cyclops^ whodefy'd th' Etherial Throne, 
And thought no Thunder louder than his own : 
The Terror of the Woods, and wilder far. 
Than Wolves in Plains, or Bears in Forefts arc : 
Ph* inhuman Hoft, who made his bloody Feafts 
)n mangled Members of his butcher'd Guefts •, 
f et felt the Force of Love, and fierce Defire, 
knd burnt for || me with unrelenting Fire : 
"oi^ot his Oivems, and his woolly Care, 
Lflum'd the Softnefe of a lever's Air, 
Lnd comb'd, with Teeth of Rakes, his rugged Hair, 
few with a crooked Scythe his Beard he flecks, 
Lnd mows the ftubbom Stubble of his Cheeks ; 
•low, in the Chryftal Stream he looks, to try 
lis fofteft Looks, and lay his Fiercenefs by, 
lis Cruelty and Thirft or Blood are loft, 
Lnd Ships fecurely come or leave th* Coaft.-— ^ Dryden. 

* Oedipus having killed his Father Laius, and married his Mother 
'§cafiaf was fo tQimented in Mind that he tore out his own EyeSt 
t P9fyfb9min. I Galatea, tee /^^^^mid^s Addit^v^^Qaimta^ 

G 5 J — ^^ 


Gyant. Cyclops. 455 

-He fat ; his Flocks, unled. 

Their Shepherd follow'd, and feoirely fed. . 

A Pine fo burly, and of Length fp vaft. 

That failing Ships requir'd it for a Maft, 

He weilded for a Staff, his Steps to guide : 

But laid it by, his Whittle while he try'd : 

A hundred Reeds, of a prodigious Growth, 

Scarce made a Pipe proportion^ to his Mouth : 

Which, when he gave it Wind, the Rocks around. 

And watry Plains, the dreadfiil Hils refound.— ^ Jd. : 

-My frighted Friends, 

Unmindfiil, left ♦ me in the CycIop*s Olvc. 
Dark is th* interior Grot, and vaft : the Walls 
On all Sides furr'd with mouldy Damps, and hung 
With Clots of ropy Gore, and human Limbs, . 
His dire Repaft. Himfelf of mighty. Height, 
Erefts his Head, and (talking ftrikes the Stars. 
Dire to the Sight, by no Addrels, or Speech 
To be accofted. On the Flefh he feeds 
Of mortal Men, and fwills the vital Blood. 
Him did I fee fnatch up with horrid Grafp, 
As in his Den, and ftretch*d at Length he lay. 
Two of our Number, in each Hand a Man : 
I faw him, when with hugetempeftuous Sway, 
He dafh'd, and broke them on the Groundfil Edge c 
The Pavement fwam in Blood : the Walls around 
Were fpatter'd o'er with Brains. I faw him chew 
The Gobbets, dropping with black ropy Gore, 
Still warm with Life, and trembling in his Teeth, 
As fenfible of Pain. 

The Giant gorg'd with Flefli, and Wine, and Blood, 
With Neck reclined, lay, fnoring in his Den : 
Belching raw Gobbets from his Maw, overcharged 
With purple Wine, and cruddled Gore confiis'd. 
We, having firft invoked the mighty Gods, 
And taking each his Poft allotted, round 
Inclofe him All : and to the fmgle Eye, 

Gg4 'tN^ 

GvANT. Cyclops. 457 

That in his frowning grifly Forehead glai^d, 
Wide as a Grecian Shield, or Piutbuf Lamp, 
A forky Staflf we dextroufly applyM : 
Which, in die fpacious Socket turning rounds 
Scoop'd out the big round Jelly from it's Orb.— 

— Such^ and as ht^e. 

An hundred Cyclops more thete winding Coafts 
Inhabit round, and o'er the Mountains rove. 

He fcarce had fpoke : when on the Mountains Top 
Himfelf we law, th' enormous Polypbetne^ 
Shepherd among his Flocks, with Bulk immenie 
Moving along, and feeking the known Shores. 
An Eyelefs Monfter, hideous, vaft, deform ! 
A Pine's huge Trunk diredb his Hand, and firms 
His Steps : his woolly Sheep attend his Walk. 
Soon as he reach'd the Ocean's Waves profound. 
He rins'd his empty Socket from the Blood, 
Gnafhing his Teeth with Groans : then ftalk'd along 
Thro' the mid Ocean, while the topmoft Wave 
Scarce reaches his tall Sides. — ^We trembling fpeed oar 
And filent cut the Cords, and fweep the Sea, [Fii^ 
With ftniggling Oars : He heard Us in our Courfe, 
And with his outftretch'd Arms around him grqp'd : 
But finding Nought within his Reach, He rais'd 
Such hideous Yells, that all the Ocean fliook* 
JEv'n Italy tho' many a League remote 
In diftant Ecchoes anfwer'd ; ^tna roar'd. 
Thro' all it's inmoft winding Caverns roar'd. 
Rous'd by the Noife, the whole Cyclopean Race 
Ru(h from the Woods, and Mountains, to the Port, 
And fill the Shore.— We fee th' jEtnean Brood 
(Dreadfiil Aflembly !) ftand, and ftemly roll 
Their Eyes in vain, and rear their tow'ring Heads 
To Heaven : as when upon a Mountain's Top 
Aerial Oaks, or Cypred Cones ftand high. 
The Thicket of Diana^ or of 7^/.^— Trap. Addifin. 


C I G A«7^ 

jaupe Ofiz 


G Y A N T's W A R. 

— "T^ H E Rebel Brethren rife, 

X In defp'rate League combined, to ftorm the Skies : 
Qn PeUony thncc, to heave they all ci&y*d ^ 

OJfoj and thrice on Offifs tow*rii^ Head V 

To roll Olympus up with all its Shade. ^ 

Thrice hurl'd th* Omnipotent his Thunder round. 
And d^'d the pil'd up Mountains to the Ground.— Dryi. 

—jEgeony when with Hcav'n he ftrove. 
Stood oppofite in Arnis to mighty Jove : 
Mov'd all his hundred Hands, provoked the War, 
Defy'd the fbrky Lightning from afar. 
At fifty Mouths his flaming Breath expires. 
And Flafh for Flafh returns, and Fires for Fires : 
In his Right Hand as many Swords he wields. 
And takes the Thunder on as many Shields. — Id. 

Nor in lefs Danger were the Realms above : 
To feize the Throne of Jove the Gyants move : 
Hills piPd on Hills, on Mountains Mountains lie. 
And form their mad Approaches to the Sky. 
Then He, th* Almighty Father, with a Frown, 
Hurl'd the red Bolt, and fhiote Olympus down : 
The Stru6hire totter'd at the mighty Stroke, 
And Ojffa's lofty Top from Pelion broke : 
They too, who durft attempt to ftorm the Sky, [alt. 
Struck down, with all their ruin'd Mountains, lie. — Dryd. 
She fings, from Earth's dark Womb how Typhon rofe. 
And ftruck with mortal Fear his heavenly Foes. 
How the Gods fled to Egypt^s flimy Soil, 
And hid their Heads beneath the Banks of Nile : 
How Typbonj from the conquer'd Skies, purfu'd 
Their routed Godheads to the feven-mouth'd Flood z 
Forced ev*ry God, his Fury to eicape. 
Some bealUy Form tx> take, or earthly Shape. 
Jovej (fo ihe fung,) was changed into a Ram, 
rrom whence the Horns of Lybian Ammon came : 

G y A N t's W a rJ 461 

Bacchus a Goat, ApoUo was a Crow, ^ 

^Phdshe a Cat, the Wife of Jtroe a Cow, J^ 

'Whofe Hue was whiter than the falling Snow. \ 

Venus a Fifh became, and Mercury 
Concealed within an ifeV Form did lie. — — Maynwaritig. 

Huge limbM TyphauSj whofe gigantic Pride 
Attack'd the Skies, and ev'ry God defy*d. 
Now, with Sicilians dreadful Weight oppreft, , 
^oves, but with mighty Pains, his heaving Bread : 
He ftn^les oft, and oft attempts to rile, 
Sut on his right Arm vaft Pelorus lies : 
On's left Pacbinus : Lilibaum*s ipread 
0*er his huge Thighs, and ^tna keq)s his Head. 
On his broad Back he there extended lies. 
And vomits Flames and Afhes to the Skies. 
Oft, with ftrong Throws the Monfter ftrives t* abate 
His Load of Towns, and the vaft Mountain's Weight : 

Then the Earth ihakes. ' Hughes alter'd. 

Sprung from the Earth, and Heaven's moft ftirious b 
To ftorm the Skies when mighty Gyants role, [Foes,> 
And proudly fought the Gods that durft oppofe : 3 

yove doubted his own Power, as from a-far. 
He viewed the dreadfiil Order of the War : 
When Nature's Frame inverted he beheld. 
That Earth rofe upward, and that All rebelled : 
That Hills on Hills up-rais*d their threatening Head, 
And frighted Stars approaching Mountains fled : 
When impious Armies, at a monftrous Birth, 
Broke thro^ the Bowels of the teeming Earth, 
Tremendous Race ! with difagreeing Forms, 

Of all that's horrid mixt. • Creech altered. 

Typbo the Earth produc'd, wliat Time (he ftrove 
To conqua" Heaven, and (hake the Throne of Jove : 
When the fierce Gyants, to their Mother Earth 
In Bignefs equal, at a wondrous Birth 
Burft fix)m her Womb.— But Thunder ftop'd their Cburfc, 
And tumbling Mountains overwhelmed their Force. 
Typbems fell : Earth was too weak to fave. 
And War and He Jay bury'd in one Grave* 1^* 

fff»»v r.^ 




[ Elieve not thofe who much poflefs 
The only Lords of Happineis : 

But rather fuch as rightly know 

To ufe the Gifts the Gods beftow : 

Who wantful Poverty can bear 

And worfe than Death Difhonour fear. 

Who Life's laft Drop would freely ipend. 

To lave their Country, or their Friend, 
Happy, like the firfl: Mortals happy he. 

Whom the indulgent Gods allow. 

With Oxen of his own to plow 

Paternal F?elds, exempt and free 
From Bufinefs and the Gripes of Ufury. 
Virtue, that fcoms the People's Teft, 

Ne'er ranks among the truly Bleft, 

Pbraates fix*d in Cyruf Throne, 

Ador*d like Perfta*^ rifing Sun : 

From Cheats of Words, the Crowd flic brings 

To form a real Eftimatc of Things : 
To Him ihe gives, to Him alone. 

The Laurel, and the lafting Throne, 

Whofe Eyes can unconcerned behold. 

The dazling Heaps of fhining Gold. 

Whofe Mind does never Wealth purfue, [altei*d. 

Nor backward turn to take a fecond View. — Cr^etb 
Secure and free from Bufinefs of the State, 
And more fecure of what the Vulgar prate. 
Here I enjoy my private Thoughts : nor care 
What Rots for Sheep the Southern Winds prepare i 
Survey the neighboring Fields, and not repine. 
When I behold a larger Crop than mine.- 
To fee a Beggar's Brat in Riches flow. 
Adds not a Wrinkle to my even Brow : 
Nor envious at the Sight, will I forbear 
My plenteous Bowl, nor bate my bounteous Cheer«— JDry^f. 




My Fortune might [ form at WiH^ 

My Canvas Zephyrs foft fhotild fill 

With gentle Breath, left ruder Gales 

Crack the Main- Yard, or burft the Sails* 

By Winds that tempefately blow. 

The Bark iliould pafs iecure and flow : 

Nor fcare me, leaning on her Side, 

But fmoothly cleave th* unruffJed Tide,— AMfig. 

You*re Wrong, my Friend, the Life you guefi 
To be fo, is not Happinefs. 
With Gems to fee your Fingers fhinc ; 
On Beds of Tortoife-fliell, fo fine, 
Vour Limbs to lay -, in Down to fink j 
And out of golden Veflels drink : 
To loll on Oiairs of Tyrian DyCj 
And feaft on rich Variety : 
To think your Granaries abound. 
With Hanrefts reap'd from Lybian Ground i 
My Friend, you're wrong, if you believe 
Such Things true Happittefs can give. 

But, if the Soul, defpifing Fear^ .' :^ 

Can all Events, unruffled, bear : 
If it is neither vain, nor pfoud^ 
Nor courts the Favour ot the Crowd i 
If Paffion Reafon can aflwage^ 
Nor ever rifes into Rage : 
Whoe'er attains this happy State, 
Fortune commands, and fmiles at Fate> ■- 
Fleafanteft Companion, this. 

This in Life is Happinei^ : 

Early an Elbite to ^in. 

Left; not purchased by your Pairt • 

Grounds that pay the Tiller's Hire : 

Hearths with ever during Fire : 

Safe from Law ^ enjoy your own : 

Seldom view the bufy Town : 

Health, with moderate Vigour joynM : 

True well grounded Peace of Mind : 

H h ^r«3wW 


tJ S I C A. 

fimplidias, paxes amicis 
fi&m bd£^ fine aire nxnA i 

uWm toras, snameii pipdicis : 

fiV cfic^l^Ss tiSlulipf 

A&r^- X. I- 



9ec Tamaitis imdbKfi 

Im lichry™^ r-_czxr,mi annlnc &ina eft 

H A R M O N Y4 467 

Friends your Equak in Degree : 
Prudent plain Simplicity : 
Eafy Converfe Mirth afford 1 
Artlefs Plenty fill the Board : 
Template Joy your Ev'nings blefi^ 
Free from Care and fi*om Excels : 
Short the Night by Sleep be made : 
Chafte, not cheerlels be the Bed : 
Chufe to be but wTiiat you are : 
Dying neither wifh nor fear. - Ation^ 

-None happy Ihould we call. 

Before his Death, and clofing Funeral. — ^^ . Addipm. 


WHile to his Lyre he tunes his * vocal Strains^ 
The very bloodlefs Ghofts Attention keep. 
And filent, feem companionate to weep : 
Ev*n TantaluSj the Flood, unthirfty, views, 
Nor flies the Stream, nor he the Stream purfueSf 
Ixiotfs wond'ring Wheel its Whirl fufpends. 
And the voracious Vultur^ charmed, attends : 
No more the Belides their Toil bemoan, 
And Siftphus fits lift'ning on his Stone. 
Then firft, 'tis faid, by Harmony fubdu*d. 
The Furies felt thcirCheeks with Tears bedew*d. — CoPigreve. 

A Hill there was, and on that Hill a Mead, 
With Verdure thick, but deftitute of Shade i 
"Where, now, the Muffs Son no fooner fings. 
No fooner ftrikes his fweet refounding Strings, 
But diftant Groves the flying Sounds receive. 
And lift'ning Trees their rooted Stations leave : 
Themfelves tranfplanting, all around they grow. 
And various Shades their various Kinds beftow. - 
Here, tall Chaonian Oaks their Branches fpread. 
While weeping Poplars there crcft their Head ; 

* Offbeut, when he went to Hell to feek his Wi£: EurjScel 

Hh2 XV«. 

hrrr^F -risz zrr: 

Haven, 469 

The tow'ring Efculus here fhoots his Leaves, 

That Spot the Lime-tree^ this the Beach receives : 

Here, brittle Hazels^ Lawrels here advance. 

And there tough /ijb^ to form the Hero's Lance : 

Here filver Firs^ with knodefe Trunks afcend. 

There, fcarlet Oaks beneath their Acorns bend. 

That Turf admits the hofpitable Plane^ 

On this the Maple grows with clouded Grain. 

Here watry fVUlows are with Lotus feen, 

There Tamarijij and Box for ever green. 

"With twofold Hue here Myrtles grace the Ground, 

And LaureJHnes with purple Berries crown'd. 

Here wanton /^s pliant Branches wind ; 

Vines yonder riie, and Elms with Vines entwin'd. 

Wild Ornus now, the Pitch Tree now takes Root, 

And JrbutuSj adorn'd with blufliing Fruit. 

Then eafy bending Palms^ the Viftor*s Prize, 

And Pines ereft with briftly Tops, arife. Congreve. 

Thus the fweet Artift in a wondrous Shade 
Of verdant Trees, which Harmony had made, 
£ncircled fat, with his own Triumphs crown'd. 
Of lift'ning Birds, and favage Beafts around. 
Again, the trembling Strings he dextrous tries. 
Again from Difcord charmfiil Sounds arife.' Croxalt. 

Sooth'd by his Songs, from Erebus profound 
Th* unbody'd Fantoms, and thin Spedres rofe : 
Unnumber'd, as the Birds which flock in Woods, 
Driv'n from the Hills by Evening, or a Storm. 
Ev'n Death's dread Realms, the deep Recefi of Hell, 
In filent Wonder liften'd to his Song, 
And with blew curling Snakes the Furies wreathM : 
Grim CerVrus^ yawnjng, his three Mouths rcprefsM : 
And with the Wind Ixiorf% Orb ftood ftill. Trap. 



Ithin a hollow Mountain's Side 
E^en by Age, there is a fpacious Cave : 

H h 3 ^\&ac» 


;:r mLTTJE mnrr 

Heir. 471 

Whither much Sea, driven by the Wind, retires, 

-And cuts itfelf into a aooked Bay : 

A Station apt for Sailors caught in Storms. X^^P* 

Far in a deep H^ceis, her jutting Sides 
An Ifle projedcs, to break the rolling Tides ; 
And forms a Port, where, curling from the Sea, 
The Waves Ileal tack, and wind into a Bay. 
On cither Side, fublime in Air, arife 1 

Two tow'ring Rocks, whofe Summits brave the SIqe^^> 
Low at their Feet, the flecping Ocean lies. j 

CrovmM with a gloomy Slude of waving Woods, 
Their aweful Brows hang nodding o'er the Flpods. 
Oppos'd to thefe a fecret Grotto ftands. 
The Haunt of Naidsj framed by Nature's Hands, 
Where polifh'd Seats appear of living Stone, 
And limpid Rills, that tinkle as they run. 
No Cable binds the harrafi'd Veflels here, 
Nor bearded Anchor, for no Storms they fear.— 'P/(/. 

Where from the raging Eaft the Surg^ flow. 
The Land, indented, bends an ample Bcw : 
The Port conceal'd within the winding Shore, 
Dafh'd on the fronting Clifls the Billows. roar. 
Two lofty tow'ring Rocks extended wide. 
With out-ftrctch'd Arms embrace the murm'ringTidc. — /i. 


jDROM thy growing Store 

-t Lend thy Aflift^nce, and reliqve the Poor, 
Come, do a noble A6k of Charity : 
A Pittance of thy Land will fet himtfree. 
Nor teU me that thy frowning Heir will fay,. . 
*Tis mine, that Weakh thou ujuander'ft thus away : 
What is^t to thee, if he neglefts thy Urn, 
Or without Spices lets thy Body burn ? 
If Odours to thy Afhes he refafe. 
Or buys bad Caliia, that's not fit to ufe ? 
For what haft Thou to fear beyond the Grave ? 

Hh ^ Jss^a. 


H /B R £ S. 

-At tu, metis naetts^ 

Quifquis eris, pauliim a turb^ feduftior, audi. 
O Ixxie, num' ignoras ? mifla eft a Gae&re lauras 
Infignem ob cladem Germanae pubis, 6f w 
Frigidus cxcutitijr cinis.^— — •» 

D!s i^tur, Gehioque ducis centum paria, ob re^ 
Egr^ie gcftas, - induco : quis vetat i aude. 
Vae I nifi connives. Oleum, artocreafque popello 
Xjargier : an prohibes ? die clare, Non adeo, inquis, 
Exoffatus ager juxta eft. = — 

eff atr 

fi mihi nuUa 

Jam reliqua eff amitis, patruelis nulla, proneptis 
Nulla manet : patrui fterilis mateitera vixit. 

Deque avil nihilum fupereft : 

V Praefto eft mihi Manius Haeres. 

Per/. Sat. VI. 

-An renuis? vin* tu gaudere reliftis ? 

Deeft aliquid fummae. minui mihi i fed tibi totum eft, 
Quicquid id eft. Ubi fit fugc quserere, quod mihi quondam 
L^arat Tadius : neu difta repone patema : 
Fcenoris accedat merccs : hinc exime fumptus. 
Quidrdiquum eft f reliquum ? nunc, nunc impenfiite ung^. 


Heir. 473 

, And thou who gap'ft for my Eftate, draw near, 
^For I would whifper fomewhat in thy Ear. 
j.Hcar*ft thou the News, my Friend ? Th* Exprcfs is oome 
"With laurcl'd Letters from the Camp to Rom^ : 
Our Emperor lalutes the Senate thus : 
My Arms are on the Rhine viftorious. 
From mourning Altars fweep the Dull away, 
Ceafe Fading, and proclaim a fat thanklgiving Day, 

Now to the gracious Gods for thefe high Matters, 
Know I have vow'd two hundred Gladiators, 
And mean to crown a Bowl to C^far'^s Health. — 
jSay, would'ft Thou hinder me from this Expcnce ? 
I difinherit, if Thou tak'ft Offence. 
Yet more, a public Larseis I defign. 
Of Oil and Pyes to make the People dine. 
Doft Thou think much of this ? fpeak freely out : 
Tour poor Eftate^ Thou cry'ft, defervesnot all this Rjout^ 
Well : on my Terms thou wilt not be my Heir ? — 
If Thou car*ft litde, lefs fliall be my Care. 
Were none of all my Father's Sifters left. 
Nay, were I of my Mother's Kin bereft, 
N<me by a Mother's or a Grandame's Side, 

Yet I could foon fome other Heir provide. Bryden. 

What of my Fortune's left wilt Thou receive ? 
Now feirly take it, or as fairly leave : 
But take it as it is, and afk no more. 
lyhai when thou haft mbezzled all thy Store ? 
Where s nU thy Father left .?— 'Tis true, I grant. 
Some I have mor^g'd to fupply my Want : 
The Legacies of tadius too are flown. 
All ^)ent, and on the felf-fame Errand gone. 
Haw Hf tie then to my poor Share will fall ? 
lAtAcj indeed : but y«t that Little's all : 
Nor tell me in a dying Father's Tone, 
Be careftd ftill of die main Qiance, my Son : 
Put out the Principal in trufty Hands : 
Uve on the Ufe : and never dip thy Lands. 
But^ pray wbat*s kft for «w?— What's left I my Friend : 
Aflc that again, and all the reft I fpeod* 

L ?t F ff a I. 

tjcr> miQh Mim reibl luce ooeguat 

iiiilciax yivaef m^fcu rf -^tret figure 


♦tv !w:iyi«ii» 4uia Je tie juciccc HsfcSt 
II ^ tOi^ -.>iu> ;itlcivTailL 

air. Lib. IL Ep. S 
•* *» jiiujitit • >ufi :erKci.itciir uti ? 

. \V >, #- 

Lib, I. Fp.. 

Hell. 475 

t^Dt my Fortune at my own Command ? 
^x Oyl, and pour it with a plenteous Hand 
^:>^an my Sallads, Boy : fhall I be fed 
^i«:l fodden Nettles, and a fing'd Sow's Head ? 
^i^ Holiday : provide me better Cheer : 
" ia Holiday : and fhall be round the Year. 
E^s^ I my Houlhold Gods and Genius cheat, 
1^^ make him rich, who grudges me my Meat ? 
^Kat he may loll at eafe, and pamper*d high, 
^^hen I am laid, may feed on Giblet Pye? 
^nd when his throbbing Luft extends the Vein, 
^^vc wherewithal his "Whores to entertain ? 
^hall I be ftarv'd to Skin and Bone, that He 
5»A Paunch in Triumph may before him fee ? Id. 

^^^^ When Nature's Wants require, I will be free, 
^Nor care wliat my bold Heir will think of me : 
3*11 ufe my litde Heap, tho* He be griev'd, 

Becauie I leave no more than I received. Creech. 

What is my Wealth, if I muft always fpare ? 
He that lives poor, to leave a wealthy Heir, 
Is near a-kin to mad. Til drink, and play, 
Enjoy my fclf,. and fling my Gold away. Id. 

Hell. See Elysi an-Fie lds. 

JUST in the Gate, and in the Jaws of Hell, 
Revengefijl Cares and fullen Sorrows dwell : 
And pale Difeafes, and repining Age: 
"Want, Fear, and Famine's unrefifted Rage. 
Here Toils, and Death, and Death's Half-Brbther, Sleep, 
Forms terrible to View, their Gentry keep : 
The anxious Pleafures of a guilty Mind, 
And juft againft them deathful War they find, , ^ 

The Furies Iron Beds, and Strife that fhakes ^ 

Her hiding Trefles, and unfolds her Snakes. 

Full in the midft of this infernal Road, 
An Elm dilplays her dufky Arms abroad : 
The God ot Sleep there hides his heavy Head, 
And empty Dreams on cv'ry Leaf v^ ^^\^d. 

1^ T=r j^i^ffTOBSF 

sina^ iF-iiiiLJ LJirrn rruT*'^ jrz 

Liuilnr nw*^^ m 

rnri:^ jnrr:. fam asm 

^ til 1 111 L F 

js: mm Aier 

Hell* 477 

Of various Forms, unnumbered SpeAres tmtc^ 
Centaurs J and double Shapes, befiege the Door. 
Before the PajQage horrid Hydra Hands, 
And fierce Briareus with his hundred Ebnds : 
Corgons^ Geryon with his triple Frame t 
And vain Cbimara vomits empty Flame. 

Hence to deep Acheron * they take their Way, 
Whoie troubled Eddies, xhick with Ooze and Clay^ 
Are whirPd aloft, and in Cocytus loft : 

There Charon ftands, who rules the dreary Coaft : 
A fordid God : down fi-om his hoary Chin 
A Length of Beard defcends, uncombed, unclean : 
His Eyes like hollow Furnaces on Fire : 
A Girdle, foul with Greafe, binds his obicene Attire. 
He fpreads his Canvas : with his Pole he fteers 
And Freights of flitting Ghofts in his thin Bottom beargr 
He lookM in Years : yet in his Years were fcen 
A youthful Vigour, and autumnal Green. 

An airy Crowd came rufhing where he ftood. 
And fiU'd the Margin of the fatal Flood : 
Hufbands, and Wives, Boys, and unnurry'd Maids, 
And mighty Heroes more majeftic Shades, 
And Youths, intomb*d before their Father's Eyes ; 
With hollow Groans, and Shrieks, and feeble Cries. 
Thick as the Leaves in Autunm ftrow the Woods, 
Or Fowls, by Winter forc'd, forfake the Floods, 
And wing their hafty Flight to happier Lands : 
Such, and fo thick, the Ihiv'ring Army ftands. 
And preis for Pafi^e with extended Hands. 

Now thefe, now thole, the furly Boatman bore r 
The reft he drove to Diftance firom the Shore. * 

In his Den they found 

The triple Porter of the Stygian Sound, 
Srim Cerberus ; who foon txgan to rear 
His crefted Snakes, and arm'd his briftled Hair. 
The prudent ^j^W/jiad before prepared 
A Sop, in Honey fteep'd, to charm the Guard : 
* JSjffo/ znd the Sj^iL 

47^ I N P E It I. 

Objicit : ille £une rabida tria guttura pondens, 
Corripit objefiam, atque immanla tei^ga rdblvit 
Eufus humi, totooue mgens extenditur antro. 
Occupat ^neas aditum^ cuftodt fepultOt 
Evaditque celer ripam irrcmeabilis unds. 

Cbntinuo audits voces, vagitus & ingens, 
InfantiJmque animac Rentes in limine primo, 
Quos dulcis vitas exlbrtes, & ab ubere raptos 
Abftulit atra dies, & fiincre merfit acerbo. 
Hos juxta falfo damnati crimine mortis. 
Nee vero has fine forte datas, fine Judice fedes. 

QuadRtor Minos urnam movet •, ille filentum 
Conciliumque vocat, vitafque & crimina diicic. 

Proxima dcinde tenent moefti loca, qui fibi Ictum 
Infontes peperere manu, lucemque peron 
Projccere animas. Quam vcUent aethcrc in ako 
Nunc & pauperiem & duros pcrferre labores ! 
Fata obftant, triflique palus inamabilis unda 
AUigat, & novics Styx interfufa cocrcct. 

- Nee procul hinc partem fiifi monftranter in omnem 

Lugentes canipi : fie illos nomine dicunt. 

Hie quos durus amor erudeli tabe peredit, 

Secreti celaiit calles, & myrtea cireum 

Sylva tegit : curae non ipfa in morte relinquunt. 

Re^picit -flEneas fubito, & fub rupe finiftra 
Moeaia lata vidct, triplici eircundata muro : 

Hell.' 4^79 

VTiich, mix*d ^th powerful Drags, flie caft before 

■lis greedy grinning Jaws, juft op'd to roar : 

^ith three enormous Mouths he gapes: and fhuight^ 

With hunger prefs'd, devours the pl^ng Bait. 

Lx>ng Draughts of Sleep his monilrous Eimte enflave : 

HEe reels, and falling, fills the fpacious Cave. 

The Keeper charmed, the Chief without Delay, 
PaisM on, and took th* irremeable Way. 

Before the Gates the Cries of Babes new-born. 
Whom Fate had firom their tender Mothers torn, 
Aflault his Ears : then thofe whom Form of Laws 
Condemned to die, when Traytors judged their Caofe. 
Nor want they Lots, nor Judges to review 
The wrongfiil Sentence, and award a new. 

Mbw^ ♦, the ftrift Inqujfitor, appears : 
And Lives, and Crimes, with his AiTeflbrs, hears. 
Round, in his Urn, the blended Balls he rolls : 
Abfolves the Jufl, and dooms the guilty Souls. 

The next in Place and Punifliment are they 
Who prodigally throw their Souls away. 
Fools, who repining at their wretched State, 
And loathing anxious Life, fubom'd their Fate. 
With late Repentance, now they would retrieve 
The Bodies they forfook, and wifh to live ; 
Their Pains and Poverty defire to bear. 
To view the Light of Heav*n, and breath the vital Air. 
But Fate forbids : the Stygian Floods oppofe : 
And, with nine circling Streams, the captive Souls inclofe. 

Not far fiom thence the mournful Fields appear : 
So call'd from Lovers that inhabit there. 
The Souls, whom that unhappy Flame invades. 
In fecret folitude, and Myrtle Shades, 
Make endlefs Moan, ftill pining with Defire : 
The Pains of Love not c'fen with Life expire. 

jEneaSy looking on the left, efpy'd ' 

A lofty Tow*r, and ftrong on ev'ry Side 

* Mims and his Office. 

*Tt: .Tia. ■ ^•'VLIXIU 

With treble Walls ; which Pbl^etJxm furrounds. 

Whole fieiy Flood the burning Empire bounds ; 

?^iid, prefe'd between the Rocks, the bellowing Noifel 


Wide is the fix>nting Gate, and rais'd on high, 
With adamantine Columns threats the Sky : 
Vain is the Force of Man, and Heav*n*s as vain, 
To crufti the Pillars which this Pile fuftain. 
Sublime, on thefe, a Tow*r of Steel is rear'd. 
And dire Tijipbone there keeps the Guard, 
Girt in her fanguine Robe, by Night and Day 
Obfervant of the Souls that pafi the downward Way. 
From hence are heard the Groans of Ghofts, the Pains 
Of founding Lafhes, and of dragging Chains. 
Thefe arc the Realms of unrelenting Fate, 
And awefiil Rhadamantbus rules the State. 
He hears and judges each committed Crime, 
Enquires into the Manner, Place, and Time : 
The confcious Wretch muft all his Afts reveal. 
Loth to confeis, unable to conceal. 
From the firft Moment of his vital Breath, 
To his laft Hour of unrepenting Death. 

Straight, o*er the guilty Ghoft, the Fury (hakes p 
The ibunding; Whip, and brandiflies her Snakes : ^ 

And, the paJe Sinner, with her Sifters takes. j 

Then of itfclf, unfolds th* eternal Door : 
With dreadful Sounds the brazen Hinges roar. 
You fee before the Gate, what ftalking Ghoft 
Commands the Guard, what Sentries keep the Poft, 
More formidable Hydra ftands within, 
Whofe fifty gaping Mouths, horrific, grin. 
Here Tartarus^ low to the Center lies. 
And twice as deep as Earth is diftant from the Skies. 

The Rivals of the Gods, the Tttan Race, 
Here, ftruck with Lightening, roll within th* unfethomM 
Here lie th* Ahan Twins, (I faw them both,) [Space : 
Enormous Bodies of gigantic Growth -, 
Who dar*d in Fight the Thunderer to defy, 
MkSi his Heav'n^ and force him &onv \Vi^ SV>] . 

4St I N P E R iJ 

Vidi & crudeles dantem Salmonea peenas, 
Dum flammas Jovis, & ibnitus imitatur Olympi. 

Quattuor hie inventus equis, &> lampade quaflans. 
Per GraiAm populos, mediasque per Elidis Urbem, 
Ibat ovans, DiW^mque (ibi pofcebac honoitan : 
Demens ! qui nimbos & non imitabile iulmen 
^re, & comipedum curfu fimulaxat equorom. 

At pater omnipotens den& inter nubila teluxn 
Contorfit, (non illc faces, nee fumea tedis 
Lumina,) pnccipitemque immani turbine ad^t. 
Nee non & Tityon, terrseomniparentis alumnuin^ 
Cemere erat : per tota novcm qui jugcra corpus 
Porrigitur : roftroque immanis vultur abunco 
Immortalc jecur tundcns, fceeundaque poenis 
Vifeera, rimaturque epulis, habitatque fub alto 
Pcftore : nee fibris requics datur ulla renaris. 

.— Quid memorem Ixiona, Pirithoumque? 
Quos fuperatra filex jam jam lapfura, cadentique 
Imminet affimilis. Lucent genialibus altis 
Aurea fulcra toris, epulaeque ante ora parata: 
Regifico luxu : Furiarum maxima juxta 
Accubat, & manibus prohibet contingerc menfas, 
Exfurgitque facem attollens, atque intonat ore. 

HJc quibus invifi fratres, dum vita mancbat, 
PulfatCifve parens, & fraus innexa elienti : 

H B L t. 483 

i^ivi0fffi^x, fuffring Cruel Pains, I found; 

For emuladiig Jvvt^ the rattling Sound 

Of niimic Thunder, and the glittering Blaie 

Of pointed Lightning, and it's forky Rays. 

Thro* Elis and the Gucian Towns he flew, 

Th* audacious Wretch four fiery Courfers drew : 

He wav'd a Torch aloft, and, madly vain. 

Sought Godlike Worfliip fi'om a fervile Train. 

Ambitious Fool ! with horny Hoofs to pais 

O'er hollow Arches of refounding Brals, 

To rival Thunder in it's rapid G)urfe, 

And imitate inimitable Force. 

But he. Heaven's King, amidft thick Clouds Oti high, 

Bar'd his red Arm, and knching from the Sky 

His writhen Bolt, not fhaking empty Smoke, 

Down to the deep Abyfi the flaming Felon ftruck. 

There Tityus one might fee, who took his Bkth 

From Heav'n, his nurfing from the foodful Earthw 

Here, his gigantic Limbs, with large embrace. 

Stretch o'er nine Acres of infernal Space. 

A rav*nous Vulture in his open'd Side, 

Her crooked Beak, and crud Talons try'd : 

Still for the growing Liver dig'd his Breaft, 

The growing Liver ftill fopply'dthe Feaft : 

Still are his Entrails fruitful to their Paigs, 

Th' immortal Hunger lafls, th' immortal Food remains. 

Ixion and Ptrithoms need I name ? — 
High o'er their Heads a mould'ring Rock is pl"ac*d. 
That promifes a Fall, and (hakes at ev'ry Blaft. 
They lie below, on golden Beds difplay'd. 
And genial Feaih, with regal Pomp are made. 
The Queen of Furies by their Side is fet, 
And fnatches from their Mouths th' untafted Meat : 
Which, if they touch, her hiffing Snakes fhe rears, 
Toffing her Torch, and thund'ring in their Ear$. 

Then they, who Brother's juftcr Claim diiown;. 
Expel their Parents, and ufurp the Throne, 
Defraud their Clients, and to Lucre fold. 
Sit brooding on unprofitable Gold : 

1 i 2 ^^«^^ 

4l^4 Imp £ tit. 

Aut qui divitiis foli incubuere reperds. 
Nee partem pofuere fub : quae maxima turba eft: 
Quique ob adulcerium caefi, quiquc arma fecud 
Impia, nee veriti dominorum fallere dextras, 
Inelufi poenam exfpedant. 

Saxum ingens volvunt alii) radiilque rotanim 
Diftridti pendent. 

Vendidit hie auro patriam, dominum(|ue pocentem 
Impofuit : fixit L^es pretio, atque refixit. 
Hie thalamum invafit natae, vetitofque Hymenasos. 
Aufi omnes immane nefas, ausoque pottti. 

Non, mibi fi linguas eentum fint, oraque centum, 
Fcrrea vox, omnes feelerum eomprendere fbrmas. 

Omnia poenarum pereurrere nomina poflim. 

yir^. jEn. Lib. VL 

No£tes atque dies patet atra janua Ditis : 
Sed revoeare gradum, fuperafqueevadere ad auras. 
Hoe opus, hie labor eft. Pauei, quos aequus amavit 
Juppiter, aut ardens evcxit ad jethera virtus, 
Dis geniti potuere. Tenent media omnia Sylvac, 
Coeytufque finu lambcns eireumfluit atro. 

Turn Jacet in fpatium fuie eorporepigra vorago, 
Limofique laeus late exundantibus urit 
Ripas fa^vus aquis Phlegethon, & turbine anhclo 
Flammarum rcfonans faxofa ineendia torquet. 
Parte alia torrens Cocytus fanguinis atri 
Vortieibus furit, & fpumanti gurgitc fcrtur. 



Who dare not give, and cv*n rcfiifc to lend 
To their poor Kindred, or a wanting Friend. 
Vaft is the Throng of thefe : nor Icfi the Train 
Of luftful Youths, for foul Adultery flain. 
Hofts of Deferters, who their Honour fold. 
And bafely broke their Faith for Bribes of Gold. 

All thefe within the Dungeon's Depth remain, 
Defpairing Pardon, and expedting Pain. 
Some roll a weighty Stone, fome laid along [ hung. 

And bound with burning Wires, on Spokes of Wheels arc 

To Tyrants odiers have their Country fold, 
Impofing foreign Lords, for foreign Gold : 
Some have old Laws repealed, new Statutes made : 
Not as the People pleased, but as they paid. 
With Inceft fome their Daughters Beds prophan'd. 
All dar*d the worft of Ills, and what they dar*d attained. 

Had I an hundred Mouths, an hundred Tongues, 
And Throats of Brafs, infpir'd with Iron Lungs, 
I could not half thofe horrid Crimes repeat. 
Nor half the dreadful Puniftiments they meet. Dryden^ 

The Gates of Hell are open Night and Day 5 
Smooth the Defcent, and eafy is the Way : 
But to return and view the chearfiil Skies, 
In this the Tafk, the mighty Labour lies. 
To few great Jupiter imparts this Grace ; 
And thofe of fhining Worth, and heavenly Race. 

Betwixt thofe Regions and our upper Light, 
Deep Forefts, and impenetrable Night, 
Pofleis the middle Space : th* infernal Bounds, 
Cocytus^ with it's fable Waves furrounds. Id. 

Wide, m the Void, extends a {landing Lake, 
Whofe miry Banks the Waters of fierce PbkgetlyQn 
Far-over-flowing bum : with dreadful Roar, 
Between the glowing Rocks, it's fiery Stream 
Winds out a Way, Flames burfting out by Fits 
Thro* Clouds of Smoke. Raging on t'other Side 
Cocytus rapid Stream, a Stream of Gore ! 
In whirling Eddies, fix)thing foams ava^* 

There too, by which the Gods and J^w himfelf 
Vouchfafes to fwear, the Siyx it's lK>rrid Tide 
Smoaking with Pitch, and Mud, and Sulphur, rpUs. 
Sad Acberoff^ mod melancholy Smam, 
Putrid Corruption and rank Poifon mixt. 
Ferments, and from the Bottom, with great. Noife, 
Works up the Icy Sand, whilft to the Lake 
It fluggifhly defcends. This Filthinefe 
Three-headed Cerberus delights to drink : 
Here quaffs Ttfipbone^ and dire Megcera 
Here drinks, and thirds, and drinks, and thirfts again, 
Nor can the largeft Draughts her Rage allay. — • 

A Band of dreadful Monflers keep around 
Continual Watch, and ev'ry Paffage guard : 
Wild Lamentation here with horrid Din, 
Mixt Shrieks and Groans, the Gholts affiighted icares : 
Leannefs Companion h^gard of Difeafe ; 
Grief fed with Tears ; and Paleneis void of Bkxxl ; 
Treafons, and Cares, and querulous old Age *, 
Malice, with both Her Hands grafp'd round her Neck, 
Throttling herlelf ; and Wickemieis deform'd ; 
And Want to Evil prone ; and Error blind. 
Stumbling along ; and Difcord, Earth and Heav'n 
Delighting to embroil. —Before Hell Gates, 
Tremendous Guard ! his hundred Arms out-ftretch'd, 
Briareus ftands, and Spbynx^ her Virgin Chaps 
Befmear*d with Gore, and ScylUy Monftcr foul ! 
And the fierce Centaursy and the Gianfs Ghofts. « ■ 

When Cerberus gets loofe, and fcours away 
Thro' Hell's du-k Regions, rattling at his Heeb 
A thoufand broken Chains, and roars along, 
His_ Viper's Tail lafliing his working Sides : 
Not ev*n AleSto^ nor the grim Megara^ 
All Fury as Ihe is, dares the fell Monfler face. 

High featcd on his Throne, 

Th* infernal Monarch tries the Ghofh of Kings. 
Before his dread Tribunal, bound they ftand. 
Repentant, now too late, of all their Crimes, 

I i 4 -W^i 

488 H E R O 8. 

Circum errant Furise, poenarumciue omnis imago: 
Quam vellent nunquam Sceptris tiilfifle fuperbis I 
Imultant duro imperio, nondigna, necscpi 
Ad fuperos pafli Manes : quxque ante protari 
Non licitum vivis, tandem permifla queruntur. 
Tunc alius laevis religatur rupe catenis. 
Aft alius fubigit laxum, perque ardua montis. 
Vipereo domat hunc xtema M^sera flagello. 
Talia lediiferis reftant patienda Tyrannis.— - 


At fcelerata jacet fedes in noAe profunda 

Abdica, quam circum flumina nigra fonant. 
Tifiphoneque impexa feros pro crinibus angues 

Ssvit, oc hue illuc impia turba fugit. 
Tum niger in porta Terpens : turn Cerberus ore 

Stridet, & seratas excubat ante fores. 
lUic Junonem tentare Ixionis aufi 

Verfantur celcri noxia membra rota. 
Porreftufque novcm Tityus per jugpra tcrrae 

Adfiduas atro vifcerepafcit aves. 
Tantalus eft illic, & circum ftagna, fed acrem 

Jam jam poturi deferit unda Gtim. 
Et Danai proles, Veneris quod numina lacfit. 

In cava lethasas dolia portat aquas. 


Herds. Vide Dux. Miles. 

IPfe inter primes praeftanti corpore Tumus 
Verritur, arma tenens, & toto vertice fupra eft. 
Cui triplici crinita juba galea alta Chimasram 
Suftinet, ^tnseos efflantem faucibus ignes : 
Tarn magis ilia fremens, & triftibus eflfera flammis, 
Quam magis efiufo crudefcunt fanguine pugna?. 

Hero. 4^9 

The Arnfi ftalk around, with Piiniflimen» 

Of every Kind and Form.— Oh ! how they wifli 

They ne'er had known the Pride of regal Sway^ 

The Ghofts of fuch as have unjuftly fufier'd ^ 

Upbraid their cruel Reign, ana what alive 

They durft not utter, freely now complain of. 

Here, one, in Chains, is faften'd to a Rock : 

Another up a fteepy Mountain heaves 

A heavy Stone: a third the fierce Megara 

Lafhes, inceflant, with her Viper-Scourge. 

Such Punifhments muft cruel Tyrants feel.— — 

But impious Souls Ihall lie in Night profound^ 
Where muddy Waters flow with folemn Sound : 
Snake-hair*d ^fipbone patroles about. 
And laflies, here and there, the impious Rout. 
There Hydra horrid at the Portal waits. 
And barking CerVrus guards the brazen Gates : 
There Ixiotfs whirPd around th' inceflant Wheel, 
For tempting Juno^ and intending 111 : 
There uityus lies over nine Acres fpread. 
While his black Entrails hungry Vultures feed : 
There Tantalus remains, for ever dry. 
His eager Lips furrounding Waters fly : 
There Danauf Daughter, impious to pro&ne ^ . 

Great Vemaf Rites, are doom'd a fruidels Pain, Sp 

To fill with Letbf% Streams a Tun in vain. Hart. \ 

Hero. SccGeneral. Warrior. 

BUT, by the Head entire, overtopping All, 
^umus himfelf with beauteous Form appears. 
High in the Van, and graceful fliines in Arms. 
His creftcd Helmet wim a triple Plume 
TowVing, fuftains Cbinneraj fit)m her Taws 
Breathing jEtnean Fires : the more the Fight 
Kindles m Rage, and rolls with Tides of Blood : 
The more (he^orms, and bums with balefiil Flames. 


* -Ifc.-:^ .-^tirS U .TTTlS. 

Hero. 49I 

VTith Horm crtdxd^ Jo caft in Gold 

(Uluftrious Argjment !) his Buckler graced. 

An Heifer now, and all with Hair o'ergrown : 

jirgus her Watch : and Inaelms her Sire, 

Pouring his River from his graven Urn.-~^ 7r^, 

Next, Jvenimus drivei his Chariac round 
The Latian Plains, witfi Palms and Lawrels crown'd. 
Proud of his Steeds, he finokes along the Field : 
His Father's Hydra fills die ample Shield t 
A hundred Serpents hils about the Brims : % 

The Son of Henules he juftly leems, C 

By his broad Shoulders and gigantic Limbs. > 

For Arms his Men long Piles and Jav*lins bore. 
And Poles with pointed Steel their Foes in Batde gofe. 
Himfelf on Foot, in favage Pomp appears, 
A Lion's Hide he like his Father wears : 
About his Shoulders hangs the Ihaggy Skin, 
The Teeth, and ^ping Jaws feverely grin. 
All rough, and with Herculean Terror dreft. 
He (hides into the Hall, a horrid Gueft.— ^-^ Jkydm. 

Pallas himfelf advances in the Midft, 
Confpicuous in his Cloak, and painted Arms : 
As when the Scar by Venus moft belov'd. 
Bright Lucifer^ juft waftiM in Ocean's Waves, 
Upraiib in the Sky his (acred Head, 
And diffipates the Shades. Trap. 

The ♦ Senior rifes : with his homely Coat 
His Body cloaths, and &ftens to his Feet 
The Tyrrhene Sandals : then th' jlrcadian Sword 
Girds to his Side, and Shoulders : on the Left 
A Panther's Hide retorts : two trufty Dogs, 
From the high Gate, attend their Matter's Steps.— iii. Ji. 

Forthwith new Fire bums (parkling in his Eyes : 
With dreadful Dank his (hining Armour rings : 
High on his Creft the bloody-colour'd Plumes 
Tremble : and Lightning flafhes from his Shield,-^ IK, 

• I'vtmdir King of ^caMa. 

Hero. 49J 

Now TumuSj raging, arms him for the Fight ; 
2n his RutuUan G)rflec clad, and rough 
AVith teizen Scales ; he Iheaths his Legs in Gold, 
His Head yet bare : then buckles to his Side 
His faithful Sword : from the high Fort runs down. 
And fhines all o'er in Gold : with martial Pride 
Exulting, and in Hope prevents the Foe. UL 

Young Ormtus beftrode a Hunter Steed, 
Swift for the Chace, and of Apulian Breed : 
He at a Diftanbe rode, in Arms unknown. 
O'er his broad Back an Ox's Hide was thrown. 
His Helm a Wolf's, whofe gaping Jaws were fjniead 
A Cov'ring for his Cheeks, and grinn'd around his Head. 
He clench'd within his Hand an iron Prong, [DryJi 
And tow'r*d above the reft, confpicuous in the Throng. — 

Sacred to CybeU^ and once her Prieft, 
Chloreusy by Chance, all bright in Phrygian Arms, 
At Diftance Ihone, and fpurr'd his foaming Steed : 
The Steed rich Trappings cloth'd, compaft with Scales 
Of Brafs, and Gold, like Feathers wrought : Himfelf 
Gaudy in Purple, and Barbaric Dye, 
Shot Lycian Arrows from a Cretan Bow. 
The founding Bow which from his Shoulders hung, 
Glitter'd with Gold : and golden was the Helm 
That deck'd his prieftly Head : His faffron Ctoak, 
And linnen Folds, which rattled, as he mov'd. 
With yellow Gold He in a Knot confin'd. 
With Needle Woric embroidcr'd were his Robes, 
And ylfian Cuiffcs, that his Thighs enclos'd. Trap. 

A Lion's Hide around his Loins he wore : 
A well pois'd Jav'lin to the Field he bore 
Headed with glitt'ring Steel -, a pointed Dart, 
And the beft Weapon, an undaunted Heart. — Addipm. 

Achilles in his Car had fcour'd the Plain, 

And clear'd the Trcjan Ranks. 

His white-main'd Steeds, that bow'd beneath the Yoke^ 

He chear'd to Courage, with a gentle Stroke : 

Then urg'd his fiery Chariot on the Foe, 

And fhook his quiv'ring Lance, in aft to throw. — DrjdL 

H o p £• 495 


TH E mighty Bard^ in lafting Numbers fings 
nium's long Wars : the King of Fifty Kings 4 
Brave Heffor^s Brand, the bloody dreadful Field, 
And Tray fecure behind the Hero's Shield. 
He fings UlyJJis^ and his wandring Years 
In Time and Glory equal to his Wars : 
He fings how twice he conq'ring plowed the Main, 
While Scylla roar'd, and Neptune rag*d in vain. 
Arid how at home he fix'd his tott*ring Throne, 
Redeemed bis Honour, and iecur^d his Son : ' 
Ufurping Woers felt his thundering Sw^rd, 
And willing Nations knew their native Lcw^ 

His Subjefts thefe : from whofe abundant Spring 
Succeeding Poets draw the Songs they fing : 
From him ttey take, from him adorn their Themes, 
And into little Channels cut his Screams : 
Rich in his Store. ■ *,. ■ Creeck* 


WHEN from this wicked World the Gods withdrew, 
HOPE ftay'd behind, nor hence amongft'emflew. 
She cheers the fhacklM Slave that digs the Mine, 
And cries. Sweet Liberty will foon be thine« 
Thro* her, tho* wrecked, where not a Shore he fpics, 
Amidft the Waves his Arms the Sailor plies, 
Phyficians often give the Patient o'er. 
But Hope ftill ftays, tho* Death be at the Door. 
Prifoners, condemned, in Dungeons hope Reprieve, 
Nor ev*n on the Crofe does Hope the Wretched leave*— 
Death long ago had ta*n my. Grief away, ^ 

But flattVing Hope ftill urges on Delay,. > 

And fays to Morrow'U bring a better Day. ^ 

Hope chears the Peafant when he turns the Soil, 
And promifes a Harvcft from his Toil. 

H o R s fi. 497 

Hope bids the artful Fowler Springes ky. 
And ftill aflures him of the wilh'd-for Preyj 
The patient Angler ftretching out his Reed^ 
Hopes on the covered Hook to catch the finny Breed. 
The Slave in Hopes of Liberty remains, [Dart alt. 
And fings, tho' on his Legs he hears the rattling Chains.— ? 
How void of Reafbn are our Hopes and Fears I— -« 



ICH his Neck, 

tlis Head acute, bis fielly thin, bis dack 
Flefliy, and round : his Cheft with fwelling Knots 
Luxuriant : (beft for Colour is the Bay, 
And dappled : worft rfie Sorrel, and the White r) 
Then, if the Clank of diftant Arms is heard. 
He paws, impatient, quickens his (harp Ears, 
And quivers ev'ry Joint, and fnorting curbs 
The Smoke and Fire which in his Noftrils roll. 
His full thick Mane on his Right Shoulder plays : 
A double fpinal Bone his Chine divides : 
His founding Hoof with folid Horn upturns [Trap. 

The crumbling Mould, and rings againft the Ground. — 

Firfl: be the Steed accuftomM to behold 
The Warrior's Arms, and Courage : to endure 
The Trumpet, and the rumbling Chariot's Noiie, 
And hear the Bridles ratde in the Stalls : 
Then more and more to love the foodiing Sound 
Of the clap*d Chefl, and proudly to rejoycc 
In the fond Praifes of the bufy Groom. 
Thus, when firft fevered from the fuckling Dam, 
Let him be exercisM, and taught to bear 
Soft pliant Headftalls : in his weaker Age 
Yet trembling, nor experienced from his Years. 
But when another Summer to the Third 
Is added : Let him now begin to wheel 
In artfid RiiTgs ; with founding HooV^ to fo\tcv 

K k ^^^ 



mm aidSas auras 

fixT habcois* 

c per ipero. 

Eld mess ^ mznim cxoipi 
Be ^'pimsts igp 

!BOli£ IH.lku fag 


iiios, rapiviiiqoc rotis uubirrc vidor* 
i«!ttiroini t -jptrha*^ ^iijB|iir dodcfe, 
I'kiilb ! acc|ue eqqiccm d D omg fi^ armts 
ok?, & ^;f^ffiis ^lotncnre fii peiba s, 

iibi ifamptEs fegir pijcftpLi vinclb, 
iber EcnJus. cHirrocjuc poniiss apoto: 
I o paftiis anncnuQue ttndir etpmrtnn ; 

ri)., Ki^i If* -iii,u*i-H fy,- 

« * ' -4 ) I r?-* I r* *■ "^f"'"^ 


iq'.T viL^:^ • rr 

xr .irmcs. 

_£^. XI 

Hospi5*ALiTV* 499 

Hi$ Steps : ^ muisgp his alternate Feet 

Sinuous and flexile : and to paw, and bound 

With feeming labour : Then to dare the Winds 

In Fleetnefs : and, as if unrein'd, to fly 

O'er the wide Plaui, nor prels th* unprinted Sand. 

A Steed thus train*d^ or in the fpacious Cirque 

Will fweat, and labour round the Ek'iaH <70al^ 

And from his Mouth du*ow Flakes of blioody Foam : 

Or more obfequious draw the Beigic Car. M 

Firfl: daring Erictbomus to the Car 
Four Horfcs join'd, and rode on rapid Wheels : 
The Lapithcs 6xBi^ mounting on their Backs, 
Added the Reins : And taught them, under Arms^ 
Graceful to form the Steps, to wheel, and turn, 
Infult the Ground, and proudly pace the Plain. Id. 

So, kx>fe with broken Reins, the fpri^dy Slieed 
Flies from his Stall, and gains the open Field : 
Or to the Pafliures, and the female Herd 
He bends his Courfe : or to the wonted Stream, 
To bathe his Limbs : He neighs, and bounds from Earth, 
Luxuriant, prancing, with his Cheft ereft. 
And Head high tofs*d in Air : his waving Mane 
Flows on his Neck, and o'er his Shoulders plays, Id. 

Hospitality, See Banquet. Munificence. 

HERE Jove with Hermes came : but in Dilguife 
Of isiortal Men concealed their Deities : 
One laid afide his Thunder, one his Rod, 
And many toilibm Seeps tc^ether trod. 
For Harboiff at a thoufand Doors they knocks : 
Not one of all the thoufand but was lock'd. 
At laft an hofpitable Cot they found, y 

Whofe humble Roof, not fer above the Ground, ^ 

Was thatch'd with Weeds and Straw together bound. !S 
There Baucis and Philemon liv'd, and there. 
Of equal Years, grown old together, were. 

K k 2 From 

j;oo Hospitalit am. 

Ergo ubi Ccelicolas pairos tedgere penates, 
Submilsoque humiles intrarunt vcrdce paftes^ 
Membra fenex pofito juffic relevare feaili : 
Quo fuperinjecit cexaim rude ledula Baucis. 

Inde foco tepidum cinerem dimovit : & ignes 
Sufcitat hefiemos : foliiique & oc»tice ficco 
Nutrit : & ad flammas anima producic anili : 
MultiHdafque faces, ramaliaque arida tc£to 
Detulit, & minuit, parvoque admovit ahqio. 

Qyodque fuus conjux riguo coll^erat hcMto, 
Truncat olus/oliis. Firca levat ille bicomi 
Sordida terga fuis, nigro pendentia dgno : 
Servatoque diu refecat de tei^gpre partem 
Exiguam : fe&amque domat tervendbus undis. 
Interea medias fallunt fermonibus horas. 

-Eratalveus illic 

Fagincus, curva clavo fufpcnfus ab anfa : 
Is tepidis impletur aquis : artufque fovendos 
Accipit. In medio torus eft de moJlibus ulvis 
Impofitus ledloy fponda pedibufque ialignis. 
Veftibus hunc velant, quas non nifi tempore fefto 
Stemere confiierant : fed & ha^ vilifque vetulque 
Veftis erat, le£to non indignando faligno. 

Accubucte Dei. Menfam fuccinfta tremenfque 
Ponic anus. Menfae fed erat pes tertius impar : 


Hospitality. 501 

From hfty Roofs the Gods repuls'd before. 
Now, ftooping, entered thro* the little Door : 
The Man (their hearty Welcome firft exprels'd,) r> 
A common Setde drew for either Gueft, » 

Inviting each his weary Limbs to reft. J 

But e*er they fat, officious Baucis lays 
Two Cufhions fluft with Straw, the Seat to raife : 

. Cbarfe, but the beft fhe had : then rakes the Load 
Of Afhes fix)m the Hearth, and fpreads abroad 

: The living C6als; and, left they fhould expire. 
With Leaves, and Bark, fhe feeds the feeble Fire : 

; It fmoaks : fhe puffs it with her trembling Breath, 
Till in a chearfiif Blaze the Flames burft forth : 
Brufhwood, and Chips fhe adds, to flrengthen thefe. 
And over all fome Boughs of rotfen Trees. 

The Fire thus form'd, fhe hangs her litde Pot : y 
Then picks, and cuts the Sprouts, her Hufband got V 
From his own Ground, a fmall well water'd Spot, ^ 
High o'er the Hearth a Chine of Bacon hung ; 
Good old Philemon feiz'd it with a Prong : 
And from the footy Raftor drew it down^ 
Then cut a Slice : but fcarce enough for one. 
This in the fmoking Pot was plunged to boBI, 
While they with pleafing Chat the Time beguile. 

A Beam there was» on which a beechen Pail 
Hung by the Handle, on a driven Nail : 
This, fill'd with Water gpnriy warm'd, they fet 
Before their Guefls : in this they bathM their Feet. 
A Mattrefs fhifPd with Mofs lay on the Bed ; 
Sallow the Feet, the Borders, and the Sted \ 
And of a Piece the homely Coverlid : 
The Cloaths were old and coarfe : yet fuch as thefe 
They us'd alone, at Feafb, on Holidays. 

The palfy'd Houfewife, tucking up her Gown, 
The Table fets ; th* invited Gods lye down. 
The Trivet Table of a Foot was lanie, 
A Blot which prudent Baucis overcame : 

Kk 3 Who 

r» rT r-^t.^' •T^.VJi 

t.— ^ — ?• ^r^*i?^ 

•••••^i n^ 

Hospitality. 503 

Thrufting beneath thfi limping Leg a Shred, 

The tottering Board (he on a Lercl t'ear'd : 

Then nibiyd it o'er with nei^ly gathcr*d Mint, 

A whoifome Herb, that breathed a grateful Scent. 

Firft on the Board, Minervtft Gift^ were fecn 

The party-colour*d Olives, blacky and green : 

Autunuial Comeb next, in order ferv'd. 

In Lees of Wine well pickled, and prcferv'd : 

Endive, and Radilhes, Eggs roafted rare, [Ware. 

And Qieefe-Curd newly prefsM : — all plac'd on earthen 

A Pitcher of the fame, with Figures wrought. 

And beechen Bowls, were to the Side-board brought, 

Varnifh'd with Wax they were, and lin'd within. 

And now the fmoking Mefs was ferv'd to 9oard, 
And with new Wine again the Pitcher ftor'd 2 
Then came the fecond Courfe, like that before. 
Plumbs, Apples, Nuts, and of their Winter Store 
Dry Figs, and Grapes, and wrinkled Dates were fet 
In Canifters, t* enlarge the little Treat : 
All thefe a milk white Honey-comb furround. 
Which, in the midft, the rural Banquet crown'd. 
But the kind Hofts their Entertainment grace. 
With hearty Welcome, and an open Face : 
In all they did, you might difcem with Eafe, 
Sincere Good- will, and a Defire to pleafe. 

Mean time the beechen Bowls went round, and ftillj 
Tho* often empty'd, were obferv*d to fill : 
Devotion feiz'd the Pair, to fee the Feaft 
With Wine, and of no common Grape, increased ; 
And up they held their Hands, and tell to Prayer, 
Excufing, as they could, their homely Fare. 
One fingle Goofe the pious Pair had got. 
And 'twas the Guardian of their little Cot : 
This to the Gods they vow'd a Sacrifice, 
And ftrovc to catch •, but fwift away it flies. 
And dodges long, (for their old Age too taft,) 
Then of the Gods Proteftion feeks at laft. 
Its Death the Gods forbid : and thus declare \ ~» 
You're pot miftaken, Gods indeed we ^.t^. 

^^^^^^^^^^1 '^n 


^ Hospitality. 505 

The wicked Race around fliall quickly feel 
Due Funilhinent : be you fecure from 111 1 
Your Cottage quit, and follow where we lead. 
And hafte away to yonder Mountain's Head, 
The good old Pair obey : — Slow Steps each takes, 
Prop'd on their Staves. But when the hilly Height 
They'd almoft gain'd, within an Arrow's r light. 
Back to the Place they left they turn their Eyes ; 
Loft in a I^ke the floated Level lies : 
A watry Defart covers all the Plains, 
Their Cot alone, as in an Ifle, remains. 

Wondring, with weeping Eyes, while they deplore 
Their Neighbours Fate, and Country now no more : 
Their litde Shed, fcarce large enough for two, 
Seems, from the Ground increased, in Height and Bulk to 
A ilately Temple fhoots within the Skies : [grow. 

The Crotchets of their Cot in Columns rife : 
The Pavement polifli'd Marble they behold : 
The Gates with Sculpture grac'd, die Spires and Tiles of 
Then thus the Sire of Gods, with Looks ferene, [Gold. 
Speak thy Defire, Thou only juft of Men : 
And Thou, O Woman, only worthy found 
To be with fuch a Man in Marriage bound. 

Awhile they whifper : then, to Jtuve addreis'd, 
Pbilefnon thus prefers their joint Requeft: 
We crave to fcrve before your facred Shrine, 
And offer at your Altars Rites divine : 
And lince not any Aftion of our Life, 
Has been polluted with domeftick Strife, 
We beg one Hour of Death : that neither She 
With Widow's Tears may live to bury me. 
Nor weeping, I with widow'd Arms may bear. 
My breathlefs Baucis to her Sepulcher. 
The Gods confirm their Suit.-- Dryden altered. 

Come on then, gallant Gu^s, 

Enter my Palace, •— — 

Acquainted with Misfortune, * I have leam'd 


r ^4. 


K»»^ • <4isi^ '^I'vu it»»i^ir«^ iu:a* 
l—f-^<>.«^ kAA»...:tki«uiir. snt.^^ nsoic onsv 

H o s p i T A L i T y* 507^ 

Xjo pity and to fuccour the DiftreisM. 
This (aid, ihe leads jEneas to her Court, 
And to the Gods a Feftiva] proclaims. 
^^4ean-while to all die Crew, on board his Ships 
*V^hich lay m Harbour, twenty Bulls flie fends : 
An hundred briftly Boars with fpacious Chines : 
An hundred fatted Lambs, with Ewes : and Wine, 
Gift of the jolly God, 

Sut with proud Pomp the inner Rooms of State 
Are fplendidly adom'd : and Feafts prepared 
In the mid-Q)urt : the purple Carpets wrought 
AVith Art : the Tables groan with maffy Plate, 
And brave Exploits of warlike Anceftors 
Hmbofs'd in Gold, 

-Upon the golden Couch, 

Sumptuous with Tapeftry, the Queen had placed 
Herlelf, and in the Middle chofe her Seat. 

Now Prince jEneaSj and the Trojan Youth,. 
Advance •, and feaft, on crimfon. Beds repos'd.. 
Th* Attendants wait with Water for the Haads,, 
Diftribute Bread from Canifters, and hold 
Soft Towels. Fifty Handmaids wait within, 
Difpofe the Banquet in long Order rang'd. 
And bum rich Incenfe to the Houfhold Gods. 
An hundred Maids befides, as many Youths, 
Of equal Age, attend : who pile the Boards 
With Difhes, and the Cups and Goblets place. 
Nor lefe the Tyrians crowd the joy fill Court, 
Invited on embroidered feaft. 

The Banquet paufing, and the Meat removed, 
Latge mafly Bowls they place, and crown the Wine. 
Loud Noife fucceeds : and thro* the ample Courts 
They roll the Sound : in Sconces Tapers hang 
Lighted from gilded Roofs : and Night retires. 
Overpowered with blazing Flambeaus.— Here the Queen 
Calls for a Goblet, rough with Gems, and Gold, 
(Which Belus us*d, and all the Kings from him,) 
ApdBJJskup with Wine: thcntW iSteCwsx. 


hn ■■ ifamfc 

TJCSS : Ife 


?:r. fe: TT inxnr rfj^-r- 

'^ ir< 

S TL^i3U^ 1- 

Hunger. 509 

Silence commands. O Jirve ! (for Thou art faid 

To fix die Laws of Hofpitality, ) 

Grant that this Day aufpicious may be prov'd 

To both the Colonies of Tyre and Trcy^ 

And by our late Pofterity be known. 

May Bacchus God of Mirth, and Juno kind. 

Be prefent here : and You my Tyriausjoin^ 

Well pleas'd, to celebrate the folemn Feaft. 

This faid, flic for Libation fpills the Wine 
Upon the Board : and firft with gende Touch 
Salutes the Cup : which, haft'ning him, flie gives 
To Biiias : He with fpeed the frothy Bowl 
Drinks off, and fwiUs himfelf with the full Gold. 
Then all the Lords. 

-The Tynans loud acclaim 

Redouble : and the TnJM Guefts concur.——— Trap. 

When to the Seat they camei Theie Gates, he laid, 
AUides entered : Him tlus Court received. 
Dare to fcom Wealth, brave Gueft : Prefume thy felf 
Worthy to emulate a God : and come 
Not fupercilious to our litde State. 
He faid ; and underneath his homely Roof 
Conducts the great jEneas : on fpread Leaves, 
And on a Lybian Bear's rough Hide rcpos'd. Id. 

Hunger. See F a m i n e. 

TH £ MominjK came, the Night, and Slumbers pafl:. 
But ftill the furious Pangs of ♦ Hunger laft : 
The cank'rous Rage ftill gnaws with griping Pains, 
Stings in his Throat, and in hb Bowels reigns. 
Strait he requires, impatient in Demand, 
Provifions from the Air, the Seas, the Land : 
But tho* Land, Air, and Sea, Provifions grant. 
Starves at fijll Tables, and complains of Want. 

^Erijicbtbon having prophan'd the Grove of Ceres, and rcvird her 
Wbrfliip, Faminct at her Rcqucd, tormented him with aa ixxiktv^^W 

Hunting. ^ti 

What to a Peopk might in Dole be paid. 

Or viftual Cities for a long Blockade, 

Could not one wolfifh Appetite affwage : 

For glutting Nouriflinient increased it's Rage. 

As Rivers pour*d fix)m ev'ry diftant Shore, 

The Sea infatiate drinks, and thirfts for more : 

Or as the Fire, which all Materials bums, f -J 

And wafted Forefts into Alhes turns, 

Grows more voracious as the more it preys. 

Recruits dilate the Flame, and fpread the Blaze: 

So impious Erijichtboifs Hunger raves. 

Receives Refreftiments, and Refrefhments craves. 

Food raifes a Defire for Food, and Meat 

Is but a new Provocative to eat : ^ ^ 

He grows more empty, as the more fupply'd. 

And endlefi cramming but extends the Void. 

Now Riches hoarded by paternal Care 

Were funk, the Glutton fwallowing up the Heir. 

Yet the devouring Flame no Stores abate. 

Nor lefs his Hunger grew with his Eftate, 

One Daughter left, as left his keen Defire, 

(A Daughter worthy of a better Sire :) 

Her too he fold, ipent Nature to fuftaift. 

At laft all Means, as all Provifions, fail*d ; 
For the Difeafe by Remedies prevailed : 
His Mufcles with a fiirious Bite he tore, 
Gorg*d his own tatter'd Flefh, and gulp'd his Gore : 
Wounds were his Feaft ; his Life to Life, a Prey : 
Supporting Nature by it*s own Decay. Vernofu 


SCARCE h^ Aurora left her orient Bed, 
And rcar'd above the Waves her radiant Head, 
When pouring thro* the Gates, the Train appear, i 

JMaJfylian Hunters with the fteely Spear, > ' 

Sagacious Hounds, and Toils, anda\\t\\^S'f^v'axv^«>^ 

V'^M A.r ir 

U^iOK9 (.t;ti2tbuii.-« 


ft \t|nuciti|:tic mtm r e |grii t r 

►^ MM^v^ Mit'Mm^ Mil 

- 1*. »i » n 


^•^*'t^ nrctmunqiii! rorQ 

Hunting. 513 

Sodn as th6 Troop amid the Mountains came; 
And ftorm*d the Coverts of the favage Game: 
*rhe Goats flew bounding o'er the craggy Brow, 
From Rock to Rock, and fought the Fields below^ 
Here the fleet Stags chac'd down the tow'ring Steeps 
In Clouds of Duft thro* the long Valiies fweep. Pitt. 

There ftood a Foreft on a Mountain's Brow^ 
Which ovcr-Iook*d the fhaded Plains below. 
The Heroes there arriv'd^ fome Ipread around p 

The Toils : fome fought the Footlteps on the GiDund : Sb 
Some fix)m the Chains the faithful Dogs unbound. 3 

Of Aftion eager, and intent in Thought^ 
The Chiefe an honourable Danger fought. 

From hence the Boar was rous'd, and Iprung amam. 
Like Lightening fadden, on the Warrior Train t 
The Trees before him fall, he fliakes the Ground^ 
The Foreft echoes to the crackling Sound. 
His Eye-Bolls glare with Fire fuffus'd with Blood : 
His Neck (hoots up a thick-fct thorny Wood : 
His briftled Back a Trench impal'd appears. 
And ftands ercfted, like a Field of Spears : ^ 
Froth fills his Chaps, he fends a grunting Sound, V 

And part he chums, and part be-foams the Ground 2 > 
Loud fhout the Youth, and Clamours ring around. 3 
All ftood with their protended Spears prepared : 
With broad Steel Heads the brand i(h*d Weapons glared. 

The Beaft impetuous, with his Tufks afide > 

Deals glancing Wounds \ the fearful Dogs divide : > 
All fpend their Mouths aJoof, but none abide. 3 

Ecbion threw the firft, but mifs'd his Mark, 
And ftiick his Boar-Spcar on a Maple's Bark. 
Then Jafon :— and his Jav'lin fcem'd to take. 
But fail*d thro* over-force, and whiz'd above his Back. 
Mopfus was next, and e'er he threw addre(s*d 
To Phabusj thus : O Patron, help thy Pricft 1 
If I adore, and ever have adored 
Thy Pow'r Divine, thy prefent Aid aSbrd, 
That I may reach the Beaft. The God allowed 
His Pray V, and fmiJing, gave him 'wYv'ax\«.coNi^\ 


Me reached the ^vage, but no Blood he drew : 
Dw» difarm*d the Javelin as it flew. 

ThU chaPd the Boar : his Noftrils Flames expire. 
And hi^. red Eye-Balls roll with living Fire; 
"WhirPd from a Sling, or ftx>m an Engine thtxwn 
Amid the Foes, fo flies a mighty Stone 
As flew the Beaft; The left Wing put to Flighty 
The Chiefs o'er-bom, he ruflies on the Right. 
Empalamos and Pelagtm he laid 

In Dufl:, and would have kill'd, but for their Fellows Aid; 
Oneftmus fer'd worfe : prepared to fly. 
The fetal Fang drove deep within his Thigh, 
And cut the Nerves : the Nerves no more fuftain 
The Bulk : the Bulk unpropM, falls headlong oh the Plain. 

Neftor had fail'd the Fall of Troy to fee^ 
But leaning on his Lance, he vaulted on a Tree : 
*rhen gathering up his Feet^ look*d down with Fear, 
And thought his monflrous Foe was ftill too near. 
Againft a Stump his Tufks the Monfter grinds, 
And in the fharpen'd Edge new Vigour finds : 
Then, truflringto his Arn^s, young 0/i;^j found. 
And in his Hip ftruck deep a crooked Wound. 

Now Leda^% Twins, the future Stars, appear : 
White were their Habits, white their Horfes were : 
Conl|)icuous both, and both in Aft to throw. 
Their trembling Lances brandifliM at the Foe : 
Nor had they mifsM : but he to Thickets fled, 
ConcealM from aiming Spears, nor pervious to the Steed. 

Now lovely Atalanta ftrain^i her Bow ; % 

The well-fped Arrow left the twanging Yew, > 

And to the diftant Mark unerring flew. 3 

^encath his Ear the faftned Arrovr ftood. 
And from the Wound appearM the trickling Blood. 

With both his Hands the proud Anceus takes. 
And flourifhes his double-biting Ax : 
Then, forward to his Fate, he fetch'd a Stride 
Before the reft^ and to his Fellows ct^'d. 

L\ 2 


5i6 Venatus Leporis. 

Difcite fcemineis quam tela virilia pneftant, 
O Juvcnes, onerique meo concedite, dixit. 
Ipfa fuis licet hunc Latonia prot^t armis, 
Hunc tamen invita perimct mea dextra Diana. 
Talia magniloquo tumidus memoraverat ore : 
Ancipitemque manu tollens utraque fecurin^ 
Inftiterat digitis primos fufpenfus in artus : 
Occupat audacem, quaque eft via proxima leto, 
Summa ferus geminos direxit in inguine dentes $ 
Concidit Ancseus : glomerataque fanguine multo 
Vifccra lapfa fluunt : madcfadaque terra cruore eft. 

At manus Oenidac variat : miffifque duabus, 
Hafta prior terra, medio ftetit altera teigo. 
Nee mora : dum faevit, dum corpora vcrfat in orben^ 
Stridentemque novo fpumam cum fanguine fundit, 
Vulneris auftor adeft, hoftemque irritat ad iram : 
Splendidaque adverfos venabula condit in armos. 

Gaudia teftantur focii clamore fecundo : 
Viftricemque petunt dcxtrse conjungere dextram : 
Immanemque fcrum multa tellure jacentem 
Mirantes fpcftant : neque adhuc contingere tutum 

Efle putant : fed tela tamen fua quifque cruentant. 

Ovid. Met. Lib. VIII. 

V E N A T U S L E P O R I S. 

UT Canis in vacuo leporem cum Gallicus arvo 
yidit : & hie prasdam pedibus petit, ille falutem : 
Alter inhjefuro fimilis, jamjamque tenere 
Sperat, & excento ttringit veftigia roftro : 
Alter in ambiguo eft, an fit deprenfus : & ipfis 
Morfibus eripitur •. t;)iT\^^YvXA^^^Qt^.\€!^LTv^^ 

Hunting the H are. 517 

Give place, and mark the DifF'rence, if You can, 

Between a Woman Warrior, and a Man : 

The Boar is doom'd : nor tho' Diana lend 

Her Aid, Diana can her Beaft defend. 

Thus boaftcd He ; then ftretch'd, on Tiptoe ftood. 

Secure to make his empty Promife good . 

But the more wary Beaft prevents the Blow, 

And upward rips the Groin of his audacious Foe. 

Ancaus falls : His Bowels from the Wound 

Rufh out, and clotted Blood diftains the Ground* 

Two Spears from Mcleager^% Hand were fent. 
With equal Force, but various in th* Event : 
The firft was fixt in Earth, the fecond ftood 
On the Boars briftled Back, and deeply drank his Blood. 
Now while the tortur*d Savage turns around. 
And flings about his Foam, impatient of the Wound, 
The Wound's great Author clofe at Hand provokes 
His Rage, and plies him with redoubled Strokes i 
Wheels, as he Wheels : and with his pointed Dart 
Explores the neareft Paflage to his Heart. 
Quick, and more quick he fpins in giddy Gires, 
Then fells, and in much Foam his Soul expires. 
Tliis Aft, with Shouts Heav*n-high the friendly Band 
Applaud, and ftrain in theiPs the Vidtor's Hand. 
Then All approach the Slain with vaft Surprize : 
Admire on what a Breadth of Earth he lies : 
And fcarce fecure, reach out their Spears afar. 
And blood their Points, to prove their Partnerlhip of 
War. Drydin. 

Hunting the Hare. 

AS when a Hare the nimble Greyhound fpies. 
His Feet for Prey, Ihe her*s for Safety plies : 
And now he ftrains, and now he forward bends. 
Now to her Heels his lengthned Snout extends ; 
So near he bears, and hovers over the Prize, 
Heleems to feize her cv'ry Step ftve Kvt% \ 
W^ (he fcarce knowing if She*s cau^x. ot tvs^ \^cMit». 
Pprings fivm bh Mouth, and n\oc\L& ^^ ^€i-»x%^«-*''*^ 

1,1 5 ^>3^'X^^ 

.;%.. Ai^r, lib. Via. 

H y p o c R I s V. 519 

Huntress. See Amazon, 

1^0 HE, Huntrefs like, had on her Shoulders hung 
-^O A light commodious Bow 5 and giv*n the Winds 
^ To wanton in her Trefles : bare her Knee : 

, And in a Knot her flowing Folds confined. ^rap^ 

The Nymph nor fpun, nor drefs'd with artful Pride : 
Her Veft was gathered up, her Hair was ty'd : 
Now in her Hand a flender Spear ihe bore. 
Now a light Quiver on her Shoulders wore : 
To chaft D/Vj;ia trom her Youth inclined. 
The Uprightly Warriors of the Wood fhe joined. — Addifon. 

Fair jitalanta came, 

Grace of the Woods : a Diamond Buckle bound 

Her Veft behind, that elfe had flow'd upon the Ground, 

A fingle Knot her lovely Locks confined : 

The Ends, uncurl'd, lay open to the Wind, 

An Iv*ry Quiver, o'er her Shoulders flung. 

Contained her Darts, which rattled as it hung. 

In her left Hand a curious Bow fheheld. 

And, thus arrayed, (he iflu'd to the Field. 

Such was her Face, as in a Nymph difplay'd 

A feir fierce Boy, or in a Boy betrayed 

The blufliing Bwiuries of a modeft Maid. — Dryi. alt.^ 

Her Arms were naked to th' admiring Eye, 
And in the Wind her comely Trefles fly: 
A famiftiM Quiver on her Shoulder hung, 
A Bow was in her Hand, but now unftrung : 
Her Cretan Veft, Ihort gathered from the Ground, 
A double Girdle regularly bound. Hughes. 

Hypocrisy. See Dissimulation. Looks. 

I'M fick of Rome^ and wifh myfelf conveyed 
Where freezing Seas obftruft the Merchant's Trade : 
When Hypocrites read Ledjures, and a Sot, 
Bccaufe jnto 4 Prcaching-Hj\bit got. 

520 Z E L O T y P I A. 

Qui curios fimulant, & Bacchanalia vivunt. 
InHodi primilin : quanquam plena omnia gypfo ' 
Chryfippi invenias : nam penedlilfimus horum eft. 

Si qui§ Ariftotilem iimiJcn>-— emit, 

Jw. Sat. II. 


DUM tu Lydia Tdephi 
Cervicem roleam, & ccrca Telcphi 
Laudas brachia : va?, meum 
Feivens diffidli bile tqmet jecqr, 

Tunc nee mens fnihi, nee color 

Certa fede manent : humor ^ in gena$ 
purtim labitur, arguens 

Quam lentjs penitus macerer ignibus 

^pr. Lib. I, Ode 13, 

Credit amans : Venerifque novas pertcrrita fema 

Indulfit primo lachrymis : 

. Mox dcinde, quid autem 

Flemus, ait ? Pellex lachrymis Isctabitur iftis^ 

Paro tacinus, quantumque injuria poflic, 

Foemineufque dolor jugulata fellice teftor. 

Ovid. Mtt. Lib. IX. 

Efle Metus ccepit, ne jura jugalia Conjux 
Non bene fervaflct. Faciefcjue aetafque jubebant 


Jealousy. 511 

Tho* furfcit-gorg'd, and reeking from the Stews, 
Nothing but Abftinence foPs Theme will chufe. 

The Creatures too pretend to Learning : Why ? 

Chryfippus^ Statue decks their Library* 

Who makes his Clofet fineft, is moft read : 

The Dolt that with an Ariftotl^^ Head, 

Carv*d to the Life, has once adom*d his Shelf, 

3trcight fets up for a Stagyrite himfelf, Jijfc 


WHEN Tekpbus his youthful Charms, 
His rofy Neck, and winding Arns, 

With endlefi Rapture you recite. 

And in that pleating Name delight : 

My Heart, inflamed by jealous Heats, 

With numberlels Refentments beats : 

From my pale Cheek the Colour flies. 

And all the Man within me dies. 

By Fits my fwelling Grief appears 

In rifing Sighs, and falling Tears, 

That (hew too well the warm Defires, 

The filent, flow, confuming Fires, 

Which on my inmofl: Vitals prey. 

And melt my very Soul away. AUiJm^ 

Her Love believes the Tale 2 the Truth * flic fears 
Of his new Pafllon, and gives Way to Tears : 
But foon, flie aies. Oh ! wherefore do I fo ? 
The Harlot will but triumph in my Woe. 
My raging Wrongs now urge me to purfue 
Some defp'rate Deed, by which the World fliall view 
How far Rpven^e and Woman's Rage can rife. 
When weltring m her Blood the Harlot dies. — Gay altered. 

Now my f fond Heart with jealous Torments bled, 
For fear my Wife had wronged her nuptial Bed : 

• D^amra Wife of UntuUt^ jealous of the Bur /«/#. 
f Cethtlut fufpefUng the Virtue of hii Wife ?r9cris^ came in Difgnifr 
fpieppchcr. ^ 

jEAtousy* 52 J 

Much I diftruft her Charms and blooming Years, 

Put then her Virtue checks my rifing Fears. 

Yet I was abfent long ; Experience too 

Taught me how fer a Woman could be true, 

£ach doobtfbl Circnmftance Sufbicion bred. 

For Lovers Sceptics are^ and alt Thii^ ditad. 

|, try to fcck wlpit I fhould grieve to find, 

Refolve to bribe her, and with Prefents blind. — Gay alt. 

Great Love is fooneft with Sufpicion fir'd ; 
^he fwoon^d, and wkh the ♦ Talc almoft expir'd. 
Senfelefs feme time fbe lay, then thus began 2 
Ah, haplefs Woman I ! Ah faithkfs Man ! — > 
Tranfported with imaginary Blame, 
She feu^ a Nothing, a mere empty Name ; 
But grieves as much, and is as jealous too. 
As if the &ime were real, the Rivat true. 
Yet oft fhe doqbts, and hopes fhe is deceiv'd. 
And fcarce forgives herfelf that (he believ'd : 
Refolves to fee, and to fulpend her Blame, [Gay alt. 
Till her owa Eyes convince her of the Shame. — SeweUzni 

No furious Boar, whom Rage and Anger fire. 
To ren4 the Dogs in his revengefal Ire : 
No Lionefi, wbofe Whelps receive the Breaft, 
No Viper, by unwary Footftepsjpreft : 
Can equal Woman's Rage, bv Fury led. 
To find a Rival in har injur'd Bed. Dryden alter'd. 

Soon as the Name of Aura Pracris hears. 
With Jealoufy furpriz'd, and faintii^ Fears, 
Her rofy CokJur fled her lovely Face, 
And Agonies like Death fupply'd the Place : 
Pale (he appeared, as are the falling Leaves, 
When firft the Vine the Winter Blaft receives. 
Of ripen'd Qyinces fuch the yellow Hue, 
Or, when unripe, we Cornel-Berries view. 
Reviving fi-om her Swoon, her Robes (he tore : 
fvTor her own faultlefs Face to wound forhorc. —Congreve. 

• ProcTfs being told of her Hufband'a Rf gixd fet ifwra* 


■^ " - .^c— 



FO R him, ye Gods ! for CrqftimSi whole Spear 
With impious Eagerneis b^n the War, 
Some more than common Punifhment prepare : 
Beyond the Grave long lading Plagues ordain. 
Surviving Senfe, and never-ceafing Pain. Row^^ 

For Crimes like Thefe, 
So bold, and n[K>nllrous, may the righteous Gods 
(If Heav*n has any Juftice, that r^ards 
Such Outrages) reward Thee, as thy Deeds 
Deferve ! who thus haft forc'd * me to behold 
The Murder of my Son, and with his Blood, 

Barbarian ! could*ft pollute a Father's Sight. Trap. 

Thou Sun ! who view*ft at once the World below ! 
Thou Juno ! Guardian of the nuptial Vow ! 
Thou Hecate ! hearken from the dark Abodes : 
Ye Furies ! Fiends ! and violated Gods ! 
All Powers invoked with Dido*s dying Breath, 
Attend her Curfes, and avenge her Death. 
If fo the Fates ordain, and Jove Commands 
Th* ungrateful f Wretch (hould find the Latian Lands: 
Yet let a Race untam'd, and haughty Foes, 
His pcacefiil Entrance with dire Arms oppoie : 

25pre{s*d with Numbers in th* unequal Field, 
is Men difcourag'd, and himfelf expelPd, 
Jjd him for Succour fue from Place to Place, 
Tom from his Subjefts, and his Son's Embrace. 
Firft let him fee his Friends in Batde flain. 
And their untimely Fate lament in vain : 
And when, at length, the cruel War Ihall ceafe. 
On hard Conditions may he buy his Peace. 
Nor let him then enjoy fupreme Command, 
But fall, untimely, by fome hoftile Hand : 
And lye unbury'd on the barren Sand. 

• Priam. f jEmaj. 


1^26 Imprecatio; 

HsDC preoor : hanc vocem extremam cum (anguine fuoddi 
Turn vos^ 6 Tyrii^ ftirpem & genus dome futuruih 
Excercete odiis : ctnerique hpcc mittite nollro 
Munera : nuUus amor populis, ncc losdera {vaitOi 
Exoriare aliquis noftris ex offibus ultjor^ 
Qui face Dardanios feiToque fequare colonos. 
Kunc^ olim, quocumque dabunc ie tempore Tires^ 
Lkora licoribus contraria, fludibus undas 
Imprecor, arma armb : pugnent ipsique nepotes.— -- 

Firgi yEn. Lib. iV* 


Exaudi, fi digna precor, quaeque ip{a furenti 
Subjiceres : orbum Vifu, regnifque, parentem 
Non tcgjorCy aut di&is moBrentem fleAere adord 
Quos genui, quocunque toro t quin ecce fuperbi 
(Pro dolor!) & noftro jamdudum funere rege% 
Infultanc tenebris, gemitufque odere pacemos. 
Hifce etiam funeftus ego ? & videt ilia deorum 
Ignavus genitor ? tu faltem debita vindex 
Hue ades, & totos in pdsnam ordire nepotcs. 
Indue quod madidum tabo diadema cruentis - 
Unguibus arripui, votifque inftindbi paternis 
I media in fratres, generis confortia fcrro 
Diffiliant : da, Tartarei regina barathri. 
Quod cupiam vidiffc ncFas. 

Stal. neb. Lib* L 

Hanc volitcnt animne circUm fua fata cjucrentes 
Scmpcr> & e teftis ftrix violenta canat : 

Ipfa fame ftimulante furens herbafque fepulchris 
Qunerat, & a fevis offa relida lupis. — «— 

Ttbul. Lib. I. El. 6,^ 

iMPRECAtlOM. jay 

Thefc are my Pra/rs, and this my dying Will^ 
And you, my Tyrians^ every Curie fulfil : 
Perpetual Hate, and mortal Wars proclaim, 
-Againft the Prince, the People, and the Name : 
Thefe grateful Oflf^rings on my Grave beftow. 
Nor League, nor Love, the hoftile Nations know t 
Now, and from hence, in every future Age, [Rage : 
"When Rage excites your Arms, and Strength iupplies the 
Rife ibme Avenger of our Lyhian Blood, 
With Fire and Sword puriue the perjured Brood : 
Our Arms, our Seas, our Shores oppos'd to theirs. 
And the fame Hate defcend on all our Heirs.— J)ryden^ 

Ttftpbone I 

Oh hear, and aid the Vengeance * I require, 

If worthy Thee, and what Thou might ft infpire I 

My Sons their old unhappy Sire defpife, 

SpoiPd of his Kingdom, and deprived of Eyes : 

Guidelels, I wander, unregarded mourn. 

While thefe exalt their Scepters o*er my Urn : 

Thefe Sons, ye Gods ! who with flagitious Pride, 

Infult my Darknefs, and my Groans deride. 

Art thou a Father, unregarding Jove f 

And fleeps thy Thunder in the Realms above ? 

Thou Fury then, fome lafting Curfe entail. 

Which o'er their Children's Children fhall prevail r 

Place on their Heads that Crown diftain'd with Gorc^ 

Which thefe dire Hands from my (lain Father tore 2 

Go, and a Parent's heavy Curfes bear i -> 

Break all the Bonds of Nature, and prepare ^ 

Their kindred Souls to mutual Hate and War [ J 

Give them to dare, what I might wifh to fee. 

Blind as I am, fome glorious Villany ! Pope. 

May Ghofts furround her with complaining Cries -, 
And the dire Owl fcream at her fi-om the Skies : 
May She, of ev*ry Kind of Food bereft, 
Rob Graves, and gnaw the Bones that Wolves have left ! — 
^ Darl altered. 

• OMpus. 


HoMiNUM Divers I tA^. 

DEnique non omnes eadem mirantur, amantqae i 
Carmine tu gaudes, hie delidatur lambis : 
Ille Bioneis Sermonibus, & fale nigro* 

Tres mihi convivae propc diflentire videntur^ 
Pofcentes vario niultum diverfa palato. 
Quid dem ? Cfaid non dem ? renuis tu« quod jubet a]tcr< 
Quod petisy id fane eft invifuniy addumque duobus.— 

Hot. Lib. 11. Epift, 2. 
Caftor gaudet equis, ovo pix^natus eodem, 
Pugnis. Quot capitum vivunt, totidem ftudiorum 
Miflia.— — ' • « Hon Lib. IL Sat i. 

Oderunt hilarem trifteSj triftemque jocofi t 
Sedatum celeres -, agilem, gnavumque remifli* 
Potores bibuli media de nofte Falerni 

Oderunt porredla ncgantem pocula. 

HonUhA. Epift ig. 

Mille hominum fpecies^ & teriim difcolor ufus 
Velle fuum cuique eft, nee veto vivitur uno. 
Mereibus hie Italis mutat fub fole recenti 
Rugofum piper, & pallcntis grana Cumini. 
Hie fatur irrigiio mavult turgefcere fomno • 
Hie campo indulget : hunc alea decoquit : ille 
in venerem eft putris : fed eum lapidofa Chiragnl 
Fregeric articulos, veteris ramalia fagi. 
Turn craflbs tranfiflc dies, lucemquc paluftrcm^ 



Inclinations of Men Different 

ME N difPrent Things admire and approve : 
Odes You like bell ; lamUcs Others love 2 
Whilft a third Sort in Satyr^% Rage delight 1 
Sharp Salt alone can pleafe their Appetite. 
Three Friends by me are fent for to a Feaft, 
A diflf*rent Palate too has ev'ry Gueft. 
What Ihall, what (hall I not provide ? when You 
For what They like a ftrong Averfion fhew ; 

And chufe what's hatefiil to the other two. 

Pollux on Foot, on Horfeback Caftor fights : 
As many Men, fo many their Delights.—— Creech. 

Who's Temper's ferious, and their Humour fiid^ 
They think all blithe and merry Men are mad : 
They who are merry, and whofe Humour^s firce. 
Abhor a fad and ferious Gravity : 
They who are flow and heavy, can't admit 
The Friendfhip of a quick and ready Wit. 
The flothful hate the Dufy aftive Men, 
And are detefled by the lame again. 
They whofe free Humour prompts them to be gay, 
To drink all Night and revel aU the Day, 
Abhor the Man that can his Cups rcfufe. ^ Pooly. 

Nature is ever various in her Frame ! 
Each has a difPrent Will, iand few the fame. 
The greedy Merchants, led by Lilcre^ fun 
To the parch'd Indies^ and the fifing Sun ! 
From thence hot Pepper, and rich Drugs they bear, 
Bart'ring for Spices their Ttalidn Ware. 
The lazy Glutton fafe at Home will keep. 
Indulge his Sloth, and batten with his Sleep. 
One bribes for high Preferment in the State, 
A fecond (hakes the Box, and fits up late : 
Another fliakes the Bed, difTolving there. 
Till Knots upon hia gouty Joints appear^ 
And Chalk is in his crippled Fmgpn fo\xtA\ ^ 

Xbis like a doddard Oak, and wicc-m^ feJC^xaOw^ 

Mm ^^ 

lNctiNATi6iJS o( Mbh plficrcnt 5^1 

Then, hifc lewd Follies lie would late repent ; 

And his paft Years, that in a Mift were rpenc««^JS^^* 

For Men of difPrent Inclinations are } 
Tho' bom, perhaps, beneath one common Star. 
In Mind and Manners Twins oppos'd we lee 
In the iame Sign^ almofl: the fame Degree^ 
One, frugal, on his Birth-Day fears to dine^ 
Does at a Penny's Coft in Herbs repine. 
And hardly .dares to dip his Fingers in the Brine : 
Prepared a$ Prieft o^' his own Rites to ftand^ 
He iprinkles Pepper with a fparin^ Hand. 
His jolly Brother oppoTite in Scnfe, 
Laughs fl£ his Thrift i and lavifh of Expence, 
Quails, tfsrams, and guttles, in his own Defernce.^ 
Some view, with a delighted Eye, 

Thick Clouds of Duft around them ^y. 

While their contending Chariots roll. 

And nicely fliua-rh' Olympic Goal i 

Where Races, won, and Palms beftow*d, 

Exak a Hero to a God. 

This is of high Preferment proud. 

And Honours given by the Crowd : 

That plows his own paternal Fields, 

With what the Lybian Harveft yields 

Content : nor by the Hopes of Gain 

Can'ft Tbou Ver tempt him from ihe Plain : 

Or draw iiis fearfol Soul to ride 

In &eb)e Ships, and ftem the Tide. 
The Merchant tofs*d on angry Seas, 

Commends bis Farm, and rural Eafe : 

Yet rigs his fluttered Bark once more. 

Untaught) unable to be poor. 

Thfre are who quaff, (or carelefs laid 

Beneath the wilding-Apple*s Shade, 

Orrwhere the rifing Fountains play,) 

Old Maffic Wine throughout the Day. 

And Many be, whom Camps delight. 

And Battles, that fond Mothen fnaVvtx 

Mmz ^^ 

532 Incon^stantia* 

Fermiftus fonitus, bellaque matribus 
Deteftata. Manet fub Jove frigido 
Venator, tenerse conjugis immemor : 
Seu vifa eft catulis Ccrva fidelibus, 
Seu rupit teretes marfus Aper plagas. 

Hot. Lib. I. Od. i. 

Sollicirant alii remis freta caeca, ruuntque 
In ferrum : penetrant aulas & limina regum. 
Hie petit excidiis urbem, miferofque Penates^ 
£t gemma bibat, & Sarrano indormiat oftro : 
Condit opes alius, defoflbque incubat auro : 
Hie ftupet attonitus roftris : hunc plaufus hiantem 
Per cuneos (geminatur enim) plebifque patnunque 
Corripuit : gaudent perfufi fanguine fratrum, 
Exiilioque domos & dulcia limina mutant, 

Atque alio patriam quserunt fub Sole jacentem. 

Virg. Georg. Lib. 11. 

Torva leaena lupum fequitur, lupus ipfe capellam : 
Florentem cytifum fequitur lafciva capella : 
Te Corydon, 6 Alexi : trahit fua quemquc voluptas.— 

Virg. Ed. U. 
Trifte Lupus ftabulis, maturis frugibus imbres, 
Arboribus venti : nobis Amaryllidis irae. 
Dulce fatis humor, depuUis arbutus hoedis, 

Lenta falix foeto pecori : mihi folus Amyntas. 

Vifg. Eel. III. 


NI L asquale homini fuit illi : faepe velut qui 
Currebat fugiens hoftem : perfjepe velut qui 
Jfunonis facra ferret : habebat faspe ducentos, 
Sa*pe dccem fervos : modo reges, atque tetrarchas^ 

'u Inconstancy. 533 

I Who in the Fife's, and Clarion's Voice, 
The Symphony of War, rejoyce. 

The Hunter bears bleak Cold and Wet, 
Unmindful of his lovely Spoufe : 
- Whether the Stag the Beagles roufe, 
r ^ Or the wild Boar has broke the Utt.— Creech. fFelfted alt. 

Some vex the Deep with Oars, and rufli to Arms : 
3 SoUicit Favour in the Courts of Kings. 
3 One Spoils, from wretched, ruin'd Cities feeks ? 
^ To quaff on Gems, and fnore on Tyrian Dye : 
3 This buries Weakh, and broods o*er hoarded Gold : 
That doats with Fondnefs on the Roftrum*s Fame ; 
^ Another on th* Applaufes of the Cirque, 
^ And Theaters : for doubled is th* Applaufe r\ 
The People and the Fathers both concur : 
He, fet agape. Hands ravifh'd at the Sound. 
my Some triumph, reeking in their Brother's Blood : « 
^ And change for Exile their fweet native Homes, 

■ And feek a Soil warmM by another Sun. Trap. 

^ The favage Lionefs purfues the Wolf: 

The Wolf the Goat : the Goat the Trefoil's Flowers : 

3 Thee, Corydon^ Alexis: All their Love. Id. 

By Flocks the Wolf is dreaded : foaking Show'rs 
^ By the ripe Harvefts : by the Trees the Wind : 
By Me, my Amaryllis* angry Frown. 

Grateful is Dew to. ipringing Com : fweet Brouze 
^ To new-wean*d Kids : the bending Saltow*s Leaver 
: To pr^nant Yews : Amynfas fole to Me.— ^ Id. 


THIS fickle Wretch ne*er holds in the fame Mird : > 
Sometimes his hafty Steps outftrip the Wind, > 
As if he fear'd fome Enemy behind : J 

Now, with flow Pace he apes the folemn Prieft, 
Who in Proceflion walks to Juno*^ Feaft*:. 
His Equipage, now, counts two hundred Men, 
And, now, the Number is reduced to xrxv\ 
fJow, with grand Airs his ConvettaiUotv iXtv^^ 
Ofjiotblng leis dian Governors and Kws^ \ _, 

M m 3 ^^ 

^J4 lNDU*t«fA. IH^ANS. 

Omnia magna loquens : ftidd^. Sit mihi dleflik ttiptt^ 8[ 
Concha falls puri» 2^ tbga, cjik£ defetideye frig» 
Quamvis craffii, queat— -= — — 

/ftr. Lib. I. &tt. 3. 
Quod petiir, fpernet : repetit, qudd iiaper osufit : 
Jfimttt, & rit* difconvthit ordkie txxo.-*— 

M^. Lib. I. Stt. I. 

IndusTHiA. Vide ApeS. LxBdlt. 

PArvtila, nam ctemplo eft, m^i FormkrA kbofily 
Ore tiahic quodcumque poceft^ atque addit accnrOy 
Quern ftruit, hatid ignara, acnoh incauti futuri.-^ — ^ 

Hor. Lib. X. Sat. i. 

Prima duiej iftedib jatti fibfftis abaft* 

Curricula ejrpule^at foiiinutfi : cum ftettifia^ prinmil 
Cui rpleran* coIo vitafti teriuiqiie MirtefVa, 
Impofitum cincreni 8f fbpitos fufeitat ignes^ 
Noftem addcns ope'ri, fartiulafcjufc ad Tufnina iMgd 
Excrcct f cnfo : caftutn ut felvare cubite 
Conjugis, & pofcit parvos educerc nat06> ■ ' ^ 

I J4 F A N g, 

-J— "O tJ fe R, Ut fasvis projedhis ab undis 

-T^ Navita, nudushumijacet, Irtfkfts, indigaaniili 
Vital! auxilio: cum primum in luminis oras 
Nixibus ex alvo MatrJs rtatura proftidit : 
Vagituque locum lugubri complet ut sequum 'ft, 
Qii fahtuiti in riti fefttt tranflit malorum. 

At vari^c cfefcunt |)ecudes, arrtienfa, ftfibqile \ 
Non crepitacula eis c^u* funt, nee cui()uft|n adlubenda ^ft, 
Alma nutricis hlanda. at<\uc infrafta loquela : 

I N D U 8 T Jl Y. In F A N.T.; 5^^ 

Now, a ckan Salt-Cellar is all his Wilh,. 

And a fmall Table for one homely Dilh i 

And as to Qoths, howe\Tr coarfe and old. 

They're good enough, if they keep out the Cold. — Anint, 

What he was fond of, now he does rejeft. 
And feeks what he but lately did neglect : 
He wavers ftill, and flies from that to this. 
And all his Life a Contradiftion is, — — » Creech. 

Industry. See Bees. Labour. 

TH E little Ant, (Example flie to Man 
Of Care and Labour,) gathers all fhe can, • ^ 
And bring? it to enlarge her Heap at Home, . ^ 
Againft the Winter, which (he khows will come. — Cr€i€h. 

Night now was Aiding in her middle Cburfe : 
The firft Repofe was fini(h*d : When the Dame, 
Who by her Diftaff's flender Art fubfifts, 
Wakes the fpread Embere, and the fleeping Fire, 
Night adding to her Work : and calls her Maids 
To their long Tafks, by lighted Tapers ui^d : 
Thus fpodels ta preferve her Hu{band*s B^, 
And educate her litde pratding Babes«-p-p«- . ^rap. 


LIKE fome poor Sailor by the Tempeft hurl'd 
Alhore, the Babe is Ihipwreck'd on the World ; 
Naked he lies, and ready to expire, 
Helplefe of all that human Wants require : 
Expos'd upon th* unhofpitable Earth, 
From the firft Moment of his haplcfe Birth 2 . 
Straight with foreboding Cries he fills the Room, 
Too fure Prefages of his future Doom. , 

But Flocks, and Herds, and cv*ry lavage Beaft, 
By more indudgent Nature are increased : 
They want no Ratdes for their fix>ward Mood, 
No Nurfe to reconcile them to their Food, 
With broken Words : nor Winiftt li^a&&^c«?) ^^as^ 
Nor ckfiDgc tbfiir Habitt with ^ dax^vcv^ "^^st \ 


Denique non Armis opus eft, non moenibus aids, 
Queis fua tutentur, quando omnibus omnia lai^gp 

TcUus ipla parit, naturaquc (tedala rerum. 

Lucret. Lib,V, 

-Hominis fpedem matema lumit in alvo. 

Perque fuos intus numeros componitur Infans, 

Nee nifi maturus communes exit in auras. 

QiU. Met. Lib. VII. 

Inhuman IT AS, Vide Crudeljtas. 

CU M fubito aflurgens fludu nimbofiis Orion 
In vada caeca tulic, penitufque procacibus Auftris 
Perque undas, fuperante falo, perque invia iaxa 
Dilpulic : Hue pauci veftris adnavimus oris. 
Quod genus hoc hominum ? quasve hunc tam barban 
Pcrmittit patria ? hofpitio prohibemur arenae : [morcm 

Bella cicnt, primaque vetant confiftere terra. 

/Eh, Lib. L 

Paulatim adnabam terrse, & jam tuta tenebam : 
Ni gens crudelis madida cum velle gravatum, 
Prenfantemque uncis manibus capita afpera montis, 
Fcrro invafiffet, praedamque ignara putaflet, 

J^n. Lib, VI. 

SupPLicATio. Vide Difluafio. Exoratio Moricntis. 

^— T) E R fuperos & confcia numina veri : 

JL Per, fi qua eft, quae feftat adhuc mortalibus uiquam 
Intemerata fides^ oro : mifererc labonim 


Inhumanity. Intrsaty. 537 

"Nor for their Safety Citadels prepare. 
Nor forge the wicked Inftruments of War. 
Unlabour'd Earth her bounteous Treafure grants. 
And Nature's lavilh Hands fupply their common Wants.— 


An Infant in the Mother's Womb, 

Does by D^ees the Form of Man affume : 

There fleeps till all the Parts proportion bear. 

Nor tafts, till ripe for Life, the common Air. — Gay. 

Inhumanity. SccCruelty* 

WHEN on a fudden, rifing with a Storm, 
Boiftrous Orion drove Us on the Flats, 
And hidden Shelves : and with capricious Winds 
Scattered Us o'er the Waves, the foamy Deep, 
And Rocks unpaflable : We few efcap'd 
From ShipwrecK to your Coaft,. — * What Race of Men 
Is This ? What barb'rous Cbuntry, that permits 
Such Cuftoms ? From the Refuge of the Strand 
They drive us, offer War, and beat us back 

From the firft Shore. Traf^ 

Bv Degrees 

I fwam to Land : and now had fafe arriv'd : 

Had not the cruel Nation, as I catch'd 

With grafping Hands the Mountain's rugged Sides, 

Clogged in my brine-drench'd Garments, with the* Sword 

Invaded me, and ignorant fuppos'd 

They gain'd a Prize. — ■■■ Id. 

In TREATY. See DiiTuafion. Rcqueft (Dying.) 


By all the Gods, who witnefs to the Truth, 
By all that Faith, (if any fuch there be,) 
Which yet remains untainted in the World, 
You fiippliant I implore : commiferate 

* This inhaman PiaAice is too freqaent on ourowaOs^^ 


53$ I N V I T A T 1 oj 

Tantorum, milercre animi non digna fercntts> ' > 

JSn. Lib*IL 

Gir mea didta negkt duras demittere in aures ? 
Quo ruit ? extremum hoc mifene det munus amanti : 
Exfpedet facilemque fi]^;am, ventoique ferentes. 
Non jam conjugium antiquum^ quod prodidit, oro : 
Nee pulchro uc Latio careat, regnumque relinqiiat. 
Tcmpus inane pcto, requiem foatiumquefurori, 
Dum mea me vidam doceat Fortuna dolore. 
Quod mihi cum dedcrit, cumulatum morte remittam. 

jBm. Lib. IV. 

Et genua ampleftcns ctiatur talia fupplcx : 
Per patrios manes, & fpes furgentis liih, 
Te precor, banc animam fervcs natoque patrique. 
Eft domus alta : jacent penitus defofla talenta 
Cadati argenti : funt auri pondera fadi 
Jnfeftique mihi : non hie vidloria Teucrum 
Vertitur : haud anima una dabit difcrimina tanta.— 

Vtrg.^n^ Lib. X« 

I N V I T A T I o. 

HU C adcs, 6 formofe Puer : tibi lilia plenis 
Ecce ferunt Nymphse calarfiis : tibi Candida NaTs^ 
Pallentes violas & fumma papavera carpens, 
Narciflum & florem jungit bene olentis anethi. 
Turn cafia, atque aliis intexens fuavibus herbis, 
Mollia luteola pingit vaccinia calcha.— — - 

rtf^. Eel II. 

IttVlTATlOII. 539. 

Such mighty Wcm; cMUliifiMte a. Wf etdv 

Not meriting the Aj9K£tioii» he endures.—— STr^p* 

Why does * he ftop his lUiKleDting^Eara 
To my Intreaties ? Whither doe» he fly 
So hafty ? this hft Favour let him grant 
To his unhappy Lover : let him wait 
An eafy Voyage, and permitting Winds* 
*f I now no more petition him to yield 
The Rights (rf* Nupdalt, which he has betray'd : 
Nor urge him to rclinqui& bis gay Hopes 
Of liafy and Empire :— All I beg 
Is but a foothing Interval, Ibme Reft, 
And Refpite to my Paffion : 'till my Fate 
Shall to Misfortune reconcile my Soul, 
Subdu'd by Grief, and teach me how to mourn. 
This let him grant : Til then diimiis him frcc^ 
And crown his Satis&dion with my Death.—— Id. 

Trembling, he clafp'd the Hero's Knees, and pray'd : 
By young liilusj by thy Father's Shade^ 
O fpare my Life, and fend me back to fee 
My longing Sire, and tender Progeny. 
A lofty Houfe I hare, and We^ untold. 
In Silver Ingots, and in Bars of Gold : 
All thefe, and Sums befidcs^ which fee no Day, 
The Ranfbm of this one poor Life (hall pay. 
If I furvive, fliall Trey tnc Ids prevail ? 
A Tingle Soul's too light to turn die Scale. Dryden. 


COME hither, beauteous Boy ! behold j the Nymphs 
To Thee fi^Lillies in &11 Bafkets bring : 
For Thee the lovely Nah crops the Heads 
Of Poppies, and the Violet's pale Flow'rs, 
Widi die Nacdflbs tad fweet Amfe join'd : 
Then mingling Cinamon, and other Herbs 
Of fragrant Stoenc, with the Toft Hyacindi 
The Saffron Bioopi of Marigolds adott^A — — 

9 J€niai. f JDi^. 

540 L * T I T I A Pdblica. 

Nerine Galatea, thymo mihi dulcior Hybte, 
Candidior qrcnis, hcdcra formofior alba : 
C5m primum pafti repetent pra^fepia tauri. 

Si qua tui Corydonis habct te cura, vcnito. 

rtrg. Eel. VII. 

Hue ades, 6 Galatea :- 

Hie ver perpctuum: varies hie flumina eircom 
Fundic humus flores : hie eandida populus antro 

Imminet: & lent£ texunt umbracula vices. 

Hue adcs4 Virg^ Eel. K. 

Tyrrhena regum progenies, tibi 
Non ante verfo ]ene merum cado. 
Cum flore, Moeeenas, rofarum, & 
Prefla tuis balanus capillis 

Jamdudum apud me eft. Eripe ce mora : 

Faftidiofam defere copiam, & 
Molem propinquam nubibus arduis : 
Omitte mirari beatae 
Fumum, & opes, ftrepitumque Romse. 

Plerumque gratae divitibus vices, 
Mundaeque parvo fub lare pauperum 
Coenae, fine aulaeis, & oftro, 
SoUicitam cxplicuere frontem. 

Hor. Lib. IIL Ode 29. 

L JE T I T I A Publica. 

LIttora cum pJaufu clamor, fuperafque Deorum 
Implevere domos. Ovid. Ma. Lib, IV, 

^.— Fovet ignibus Aras, 

Muncribufque Deos implet : fcriuntcjuc feeures. 

Joy Publick. 541 

Dear Galatea ! fweeter fer to me 
Than Hybla*s Thyme to the laborious Bee: 
Whiter than Swans that fwim the Chryflal Streams^ 
And fairer than the fhining Ivy feems : 
Come, when the Bulls (hall to their Stalls repair : 

Ahl come» if Ctirydon^s at all thy Care. 

Hither, O Galatea ! hither come. 
My charming Fair : Here blooms the purple Spring: 
Here various Flow'rs, the winding Rivers round. 
The Earth pours ft>rth : Here the pale Poplar hangs 
O'er our cool Grot: and intermingled Vines 
With pliant Tendrils weave a gentle Shade. 7r<^ 

Defcended of an antient Line, 

That long the Tufcan Scepter fway'd. 
Make hafte to meet the generous Wine, 
Whofe piercing is for thee delay'd : 
The roly Wreath is ready made. 
And artful Hands prepare 
The fragrant Oyl that (hall perfume thy Hair*. 
From all thy cloying Plenty fly, 
1 Thy Palace leave, that rifes to the Sky : 

Nor longer value Rome's fantaftick Joys, 

It's Smoke, it's Riches, and it's Noi(e. 
Sometimes 'tis pleafmg to the Rich to try 
A (hort VicUfitude, a Fit of Poverty : 
A favory Di(h, a homely Treat, 
Where all is plain, where all is neat. 
Without the (lately fpacious Room, 
Or Carpets from the Tyrian Loom, fait. 

Clear up the cloudy Foreheads of the Great. — J?ryJL 

Joy Publick. 

LOUD Shouts of Joy, and glad Applaufcs rife. 
Ring round the Shores, and cccho to the Skies.— —^ 
The hallowed Tires on ev'ry Altar (hine. 
And grateful Offerings load each facred Shrine : 

I 1 I €, 

>fa bourn vinftorum comim Vittis. 
[rechthidis fcrtur celebiarior ilia 

lies. Agitant convivia patres, 
[im vulgus : nee non & carmina, Tino 
facicnte, canunt, 

tmnts longo fotvit fc Tcucria lu<flu : 
jr Portse: juvat ire, & Dorica caftra, 
lue videre locos, Ikufquc relkftum. 

^£ff. Lib, I 

ludtfque vise plausuque fi'emebant : 
in templis matmm chorus, omnibus stk r 

rerram ocfi ftnivcre juvenci* 

jEh. Uh. Vltt 

I R I ?. Vide M a R 1 E N s. 

Jduitur velamina millr aiiorum 

Iris, & arquaco CGt'lum curvamine fjgnat. 

Iris. 543 

i Proud Viaims fall, their Horns with Ribbons bound, 

Andtinfhire with their Blood the holy Ground. 

jbbens ne'er knew fb general a Joy : 
> Feafting and Mirth does every Sciil employ : 

Promifcuoufly the Peers and People dine, 
t Promifcuoufly their thankful Voices join. 

In Songs of Wit, fublim'd by fprighdy Wine.— 

TaU alteiM. 

' — Tranfported Troy 

i Forgot her Woes, and gave a loofe to Joy : 

• Threw wide her Gates, and pour'd forth all her Train, 

To view th' abandoned Camp, and empty Plain. — FiU. 
With loud rejoycing Shouts, and gladfome Sports, 

And fcftival Applaufe the Streets refound : 

In all the Temples Quires of Matrons croud : 

Altars in all erected : On the Ground 

Before thofe Altars flaughter'd Oxen fall. Vr^ 

Iris. See D y 1 n g. 

HE R fliining Robes, rich with a tboufand Dies, 7 
Iris puts on 4 then from the Heav*ns flics ; ^ 

And flying forms an Arch, a Segment of the Skies.-— \ 

Down to the Trcjan Fleet 

Saturrdan Juno his fends fix)m Heav'n, 

And breaths the Winds to (peed her airy Courfe : 

The Virgin, feen by none, with wingy Speed 

Shoots thro' a thouland Colours of her Bow. Trsp. 

— , ' UpraisMon even Wings, 
The Goddefs mounts into the Air, and cuts 
Her Bow of fpacious Arch beneath the Qouds. UL 

Mean while great Jove fends dewy Iris down. 
To call the Gods to Council round his Throne. 
Wrap'd in her coloured Robes ftie fwiftly flies. 

On gentle Z^hyrs^ thro* the yielding Skies. 

Hughes altei^d, 



Is t s. 

A Glorious Train, and JJis at their Head, 
i^ Or flood, or fcem^d to ftand, before the Bed. 
^er moony Horns were on her Forehead plac'd, 
\nd golden Sheaves her (hining Temples grac'd, 
ilound which a regal Diadem on high 
Jlaz'd forth : The D()g Anubis too was by* 
Jacred Buhajiis^ glorious to the Sight, 
Vnd the black Apis mark'd with Spots of White* 
Vnd He, the fpeechlefe God, whofe Finger laid 
\.-cro(s his Lips to lilence docs perfwade : 
The founding Siftra in the Train were brought, 7 

}firi$ who can ne*er enough be fought, ^ 

Vnd the ftrange Snake with deadly Venom fraught.^— ^ 

Dryden altcr*^* 
Great Ifts ! who delight*ft to haunt the Fields, 
Vhere fruitful Nile it*s golden Harveft yields ; 
Vhere with fev*n Mouths into the Sea it falls, 
Vnd tak'ft thy Walks around Canape's Walls ; 
Vho Memphis vifit*ft, and the Pbarian Tow'rs, 
S^ffiO: my dear One with thy friendly Pow'rs ! 
\y all thy lacred Rites I Thee conjure, 
L Life fo precious with thy Help fecure ! 
\y Anubis^s venerable Face ! 
6 may'fl Thou with Ofiris ftill find Grace ! 
o may thy Altars heap'd with Offerings fhine, 
Lnd rbund thofe OfFrings deadly Serpents twine ! 
rlay horned Apis fo thy Pomp attend, 
Lnd be to Thee, as Thou*rt to her a Friend ! 
xtok down. Oh I/u ! on the teeming Fair, 
knd make at once her Life, and njine, thy Care: 
ave both by helping one ; the Aid you give 
^o her faves me, for *tis by her I live, 
Jor undeferving is fhe, for (he pays 
ler Vows to Thee on all thy folemn Days ; 
ind ftill attends thy Feafts to celebrate, [alter'd. 

*rhcnc*cr the (?^// round thy lauxelJAALVax^NRixx.. — Aw.-n. 

N n VtKvx, 

J46 Jupiter. 


S£ D neaue Medonim fylva?, ditiffima terra. 
Nee pulcher Ganges, atque auro turbidus Hermus, 
Laudibus Italix certent : non Badra, nequelndi, 
Totaque turiferis Panchaia pinguis arenis. 
Hie gravidas fruges, & Baechi Maflieus humor 
Implevere : tenent oleaeque, armencaque lasta. 
Hinc bellator equus campo fefe arduus infert : 
Hinc albi; Qitumne, greges, & maxima taurus 
Vidtima facpe tuo perfiifi flumine facro, 
Romanes ad templa Defim duxere triumphos. 
Hie ver aifiduum, atque alienis menfibus aeftas. 
Bis gravidas pecudes, bis pomis utilis arbos. 
At rabidas tigres abfunt, & faeva leonum 
Semina : nee miferos &llunt aeonita l^entes : 
Nee rapit immenfos orbes per humum, neque tanto 
Squameus in fpiram traftu fe eoUigit anguis. 
Adde tot egregias urbes, operumque laborem : 
Tot eongefta manu prseruptis oppida faxis : 
Fluminaque antiques fubterlabentia muros. 
Haec eadem argenti rivos, serifque metalla 
Oftendit venis, atque auro plurima fluxit. 
Salve, magna parens frugum, Saturnia tellus. 
Magna viriim. Firg;. Georg. Lib. II. 

Jupiter. Vide Deus. Providentia, 


B Jove principium, Mufs : Jovis omnia plena : 
Ille colit terras. Virg. Eel. III. 

— V?^ 

Jupiter. 547 


^jO U T neither Medians wealthy Groves, and Soil, 
^gJO Nor far-fam'd Ganges^ nor rich Hermu^ Stream, 
^jTurbid with Gold, can match Italians Praife : 

Nor Baifnij India^ nor Pancbaia fat, 
-.JUJ o'er, with 'Frankincenfe producing Glebe. 

«. Here fwelling Grain 

^Abounds, and Bacchus' Maffic Juice, and Oils, 
11. And Herds of fliining Neat. The Warrior Swed 
Prances, with lofty Port, into the Field : 
White Flocks, and ftately Bulls, of Vidlims chief. 
Oft plung'd, CtitumnuSy in thy facred Stream, 
To Jovt^s high Fane the Roman Triumphs lead. 
Here blooms perpetual Spring : and Summer fhines 
In Months not Her's : Here twice the Catde teem. 
The Trees twice yield their Fruit : But far from htncc 
Is the fell Tyger, and the lavage Breed 
Of Lions : Nor does Aconite deceive 
The wretched Simplers. No huge fcaly Snake 
Snatches his Orb immenfe along the Ground : 
Nor into Spires fo vaft himfelf convolves. 
Add that Variety of Cities fam'd : 
And Labour of Artificers : on Tops 
Of craggy Rocks fo many Towns uprear'd : 
And Rivers gliding under ancient Walls. 

The fame blcft R^ion Veins of Silver fhows : 
Rivers of Brals : and flows in copious Gold. 
Hail happy Clime ! Saturtuan Realm ! of Fruits, 
And Men, great Parent ! Trap. 

Jupiter. Sec God. Providence. 

WITH Jove, ye Mufest let the Song begin : 
AU Thing? arc fiUl of Jove : He for the World 
Provides, indul^nt. ■ ^rap. 

548 J OM T e «. 

■ Juppiter aethcre fummo 

Pefpiciens marc velivolum, terraique jacentcs, 
Litoraquc, & latos populos : fie vertice coeli 
Conftitit) k Lybtt denxk lumina i^nis. 

Atqiie ilium, i- — - 

Triftior, & laohrymis oculos fuSufii nitentcs, 

Alloquitur Venus : O, qui res hominumquei DeAinqve 

^ternis regis imperils, & folminc tents. 

Olli fubridens hominum fatcr atque Dcorumi 

Vultu, quo coelum tempeftatefq^c ferenat, 

Ofcula libayit natte. — -: j^M. Lib. |, 

Panditur interea domus omnipoientis Olf mpi ; 
Confiliumque vocat Divum pater atque hqtniniini rei 
Sidercam in fedem, terras unde ardqus omnes 

Afpedat. -^— — '■ 

Confidunt teft's bipatentibus. 

Turn pater omnipotens, rerum cui fumnria poteftas, 
Infit : eo dicente, D^um domus aJta filefcit, 
Et tremefafta folo tellus, filet arduus aether : 
Tum Zephyri pofijere, premit placida asquora pontus.— 

jEn. Lib. X. 

Sua cuique exorfa kborem 

Fortunamque ferent. Rex Jupiter omnibus idem. 

Stygii per fliimina fi'atris. 

Per pice torrentcs atraque voragine ripas, 
Annuit, & totimi nutu tremefecit Olympum. 
JHic finis fandi : folio tum Juppiter aurco 

Surgit : ccelicolae medium quem ad limina ducunt. 


Ergo ubi marmoreo Superi federe receflu, 
Celfior ipfe loco, fceptroqiie innixus eburtio, 
Terrificam capitis concuffit tcrque quatcrquc 
(^hricm : cum qua terram, marc, fidera movit. 

Jupiter. 549 

Imperia] Jove 

Surveying, from the Summit of the Sky, 

The navigable Seas, and low laid Earth, 

And 9u>rcs, and Nations wide, on Hcav*n*8 h^ Tow^r 

Stood, and on Lybi(C% Kingdoms fix'd his Eyes. 

_, To Him, 

Sad Venui^ her bright Eyes all drown'd in Tears, 
Suppliant applies. — O Thou ! whofe Sovh^ign Pow*r 
Controuls th* Affairs of Men, and Gods, with Rule 
Eternal, and with Thunder awes ! 

Smiling on Her, the Sire of Men and Gods, 
With that fmooth Look which clears the ftormy Sky, 
His Daughter gendy kifrd — — li. 

Olympus now it's evtrlafting Doors 
Widely unfolds: the King of Gods and Men 
Summons a Council in the ftarry Hall : 
From whence, enthroned on high, all Lands he views.— 
Th' Etherial Synod meets. 

Th* Almighty Father then, fupremc of Kings, 
His aweful Speech begins, and, while he fpeaks, 
Heav'ri's lofty Court keeps Silence, and the Earth 
Trembles below, th* Etherial Arch above : 
Hufh*d are the Winds, di* unruffled Seas fubfide.— Id. 

Let Each 

Abide th* Event and Fortune of his Deeds : 
Jove is the fame, one common King to All. 

\ So fpake the God : 

And by his Stygian Brother's pitchy Banks, 

And whirling Torrent, ratify*d the Doom : 

And all Olytnpus tremtded at his Nod. 

Here ended the Debate : Imperial Jove 

Uprifes from his Throne of Gold : the Gods 

Attend him to his Palace, round inclosed.— - li. 

When on then- marble Scats the Gods were placed. 
And the high Throne with Jwe himfelf was grac'd : 
Upon his Iv-ry Scepter firft he leant. 
Then (hook his Head, that fliook the Firmament : 
Air, Earth, and Seas, obey'd th* Almighty Nod^ 
^nd with ^ general F^ar confefe'd xS^gS^l.— Tirj^L.^i^ws^^ 

550 Jupiter Ammon, Jitstitia^ 

Regam timendorum in proprios greges, 
Reges in ipfos imperium eO: Jovis, 
Claro Giganteo triumpho, 
Cunda fupercilio moventis.— ^ Hor. Lib. III. Ode i. 

Jupiter Ammon. 

VEntum erat ad templum, Lybicis quod gentibus unoai 
Incuiti Garamantes habent : ftat corniger illic 
Jupker, ut memorant, fed non aut fulmioa vibrans, 
Aut fimilis noftro, fed tortis comibus Ammon. 
Non illic Lybic9s pofuenint ditia gentes 
Templa : nep Eois fplendent donaria gemmis. 
Quamvls iSthiopum populis, Arabumque beatis 
Gentibus, atque Indis unus fit Jupiter Ammon : 
Pauper adhuc Deus eft, nullis violata per aevum 
Divitiis delubra tenens : morumque priorum 

JJiimen Romano templum dcfendit ab auro. 

Luian. Lib. IX, 

JusTiTiA. Vide Leges. 

PHlegyas miferrimus 
Admonet. & maflm 

Admonet, & magna teftatur voce per umbras : 

Difcite Juftitiam moniti, & non temnere Divos. 

Virg.jEn. Lib. VL 

Juftitia, tu prima hominem filveftribus antris 
Elicis, & foedo detergis faecula viftu. 
Te propter colimus leges, animofque fcrarum 


Jupiter Ammon. Justice. 551 

While mighty Kings o*er trembling Nations Tms^^ 
Thofe mighty Kings themfelves mvA Jove €ixy i 
Whofe powerful Arm the Gyants did confound^ 
Whofc Nod turns all the Univerfe around, 

Jupiter Ammon. 

NO W to the facred Temple they draw near, 
Whofe only Altars Lybtan Lands revere : 
There, but unlike the Jov^ by Bime ador'd, 
A Form uncouth, ftands HeavWs Almighty Lord. 
No r^al Enfigns grace his potent Hand, 
Nor (hakes he there the Lightnings flaming Brand: 
But, ruder to behold, a homed Ram 
Appears the God, and Ammon is his Name. - 
There tho* he reigns, unrivaPd, and alone. 
O'er the rich Neighbours of the Torrid Zone: 
Tho* Ethiopa is by him poflefs'd, 
India the rich, and Ar^^y the bleft. 
Yet no proud Domes are rais*d, no Gems arc fan. 
To blaze upon his Shrines with coftly Sheen : 
But plain, and poor, and unprophan'd he ftood^ 
Such as, to whom our great Fore-fethers bow*d : 
A God of pious Times, and Days of old. 
That keeps his Temple fa& fh>m Roman Gold.-*- iSmc 

Justice. SccLaws. 

T N Hejl, advifing AH, 

-■• The wretched Phkgyas teftifies aloud 
With folemn Voice, and preaches thro* the Shades: 
" Be warn'd, learn Juftice^ nor contemn the Gods. — 57w/. 

Thou, Jufticc^ wcr*t the firft that brought Mankind 
From Caves in Defarts : and the Viit of Food, 
Wholefome, and good, didft teach the favage Race* 
For thy fake only We the Laws revere : 
To humanize the Mind, and thence expel 
All brutal Paflions, 'tis to Thee we owe. 

^(f« I U S T I T ! A Dmhsu 

£xuimus : nitidis quifquis te fenfibas haufit^ 
Irruet intrepidus flammis, hibema fecabit 
iEquora : confertos hoftes fuperabit inermis. 
lile vel ^thiopum pluviU folabitur asftus : 
lUum trans Scythiam vemus comitabitur acr. — ^ 

Oaui. deMaU. fbeod. Coi^ 

Qui ftatuit aliquid, parte inaudita altera, 
iEquum licet ftatuerit, haud ^uus iuerit. — Seiiec. Med. 

Quam vos facillime ogitia, (fAm eftis tnaituin^ 
Potentofi, Dites, Fortunati, Nobiles, 
Tarn maxume vos squo animo aequa aofcere 
Oportet, fi vos voltis perhiberi JPn>bo0. 

JusTiTiA Divina. Vide Providentia. 

S^pe mihi dubiam traxit Sententia mentem, 
Curarent Superi terras, an nuUus ineiTet 
Redor, & incerto fluerunt mortalia cafu. 
Nam ci^m difpofiti qinestflfein foedera mundit 
Praefcriptofque mari fines, annique meatus, 
• £t lucis nodtiique vices : tunc omnia rebar 
Concilio firmata Dei : qui 1^ moveri 
Sidera, qui fruges diverto tempore na(d. 
Qui variam Phoeben alieno juflerit igne 
Compleri, Solemque fuo : porrexerit undig 
Litora : tellurem medio libraverit axe. 

Sed ciim res hominum tanta caligine VolVi 
Adfpicerem : Isetofque diu florere nocentes, 
Vexarique pios : runus labefafta cadebat 

Justice Divine. 553 

Whofc upright Soul Thee deeply has imbib*d, 

Fcarlefi diro* Flames fhall rulh : diro' Nordimi Storms 

Shall fail undaunted : and a Hoft of Foes 

Shall overthrow, unarmed, and alone. 

He, cv*n in jEtbiopi^s fcorchinjg Plains, 

Shall give the Comfort of refrelhing Show'rs : 

And him, the balmy Zephyrs of the Spring, 

Thro* Scytbufs icy R^ons fhall attend. . ^ 

Who pafles Judgment, e^er both Sides arc heard, 
Tho' right his Sentence prove, is yet unjufl. 

The more You live at Eafe, the more you're bleft 
With Pow*r, and Wealth, Preferment, and a Nan e, - 
So much the ftrifter mufl be your Regard 
For Honefly and Juftice, if you wifh 
To have the World believe you Men of Honour.- — «• 

Justice (Divine.) Sec Providence. 

OF T have I been perplexed with anxious Doubts i 
Uncertain if ^bout this World the Qods 
Employ their Care, or if, withdut a Guide, 
All mortal Things at random take their Courfe. 

When I had traced the Order of the Whole, 
The Ocean's Bounds, the Winding of the Year, 
The fixt Viciffitude of Night and EJay, 
Thence I concluded sUl Things were aifpos'd 
By the wife Councils of a Deity : 
At whofe Command the Stars their Rounds fiilfillt 
And various Fruits at different Stafons grov^ 
By whom the changefiil Moon with borroWw j|eams 
Rqpleat, fhines forth, and Pbcfbus with his own : 
Whofe Hand fhetch'd out the Shores to bound the Main ; 
And on it's Axis, ballanc'd, hung the Ball. 

But, when I viewed th' Afioirs of Humankind, 
All dark, perplext, and unaccountable : 
The Wicked flourifhing, elate, and proud : 
The Righteous fuff'ring, wretched, and diflrcfl 5 
My Faith again w^ ft^ger^d, and inclined, 

po feJc&N^ 

A^xbcf iiBWillii^)j' CD ins Baegi^ - 

"Who, that dK Puts of ^Uxr baij ob 

At random, thro' the migscj VoBd, anisak'i. 

In no determin*d, ficbdj, crmnf Cogek : 

And Ihift their Foncs, l^ Oanrr doc l^'baofic mTd. 

Who, or fiippGs'd Ac GocSs ct Rsdcc rend. 

Or Beings inriolenr at hrfh, a^d veik. 

Of Us unknowing, aad cc «r A3ir!^ 

But now, this Tia=!£r <£ dae Mbd b nixr^d : 
Bujinuf Punilhxixsc xqpsk li^e Go& : 
And, that the TSlcLed to d;* crnog Piszi 
Of Grandeur ibor, so kcgsr I coFrpialT!, 
They're rais'd on hfg^ fo cake caeir Fall ta 

-I; Hasnadkiad joa faan^ 

And mortal Anns ; Fijyrr, ar lesft, thr Gods 

Will have a doc Rsgiud to RSgHc, and Wjocg, — Tra^. 

When, £:3tdk'i bj cnsl Fa;:r* tiae Gocd and Jvft^ 
Periih, and fink wndratly m Tse Dju. 
(May I cht ixjid Conf<£kr^ br fwgrrtr/; 
I ahnoft thiak tfacre are a'j Goci is Htrrta.— .^^saHr* 

Printed for D. M i d w i n T e r, A. B e t te $- 
WORTH and C Hitch, J. and J. P e m- 
BERTON, R. Ware, C. Rivington, 
J. and P. Knapton, J. Batley, 
T. Longman, F. Clay, A^Ward, 
and R. H e T T, 

THE Philofophical Works of Francis Bacon, Baron 
of Verulam^ Vifcount Su Albans^ and Lord Chanoellor of 
Englandy Methodized^ and made EngUJb from the Oripnab, 
With oc(^oiud Notes to explain what is Ohfcure: and (hew \am 
far the feveral Plans of the Author, for the Advancement of aB 
the Parts of Knowledge, have been executed to the frefent Time. 
With References from one Part of the Work to another^ where 
the fame SubjeSf is treated ; ib as to make the Whole a Cfmment 
vpoji itfelf To which is prefixed, A fumraary View of the Au- 
thor's Lifgy and a Glojfary or Extlanation of certain PbH^bh 
cat Termsy either Invented or Ujed by him in a New Senfe. 
With Two Appendixes ; to fhew how advantageoufly the great 
Defigns of the Author may be at prefent executed from tlie Lights 
ftruck out by him, even in the Worlcs he left unfinifhed Iliufti> 
ted wirh ufeful Tables of Contents to each Volume ; particular Prf 
fgces to the principal Pieces^ and a copious Index to the Whole. 
f. In Three Volumes in ^larto. By P e t e r Shaw, M. D. 

N B. The following Extra£b from the General Preface, w3I 
give a brief Account of this Undertaking. 

The Defign of thefe Volumes^ is. To give a Methodical Et^lifi) 
Edition of Lord Bacon's Philofophical Works j Jltted for a com^ 
modious and ready PerufaL ■ ■ ■>/// the Author s Pieces originally 
written, or by himfelf tranflated into Latin, are here new done 
from thofe Originals, x[}ith Care all along to collate his own Englifli 
with the Latin, where the Pieces were extant in both Language:. 
Tl)e Method ohfcrvcd, is that of a kind of open Vcrfion, vAich 
endeavours to exprefs in Modern Englifh, the Senfe of the Author, 
clear, full, and Jhong, i ho* without deviating ^«» him\ and, if 
po/ftbUj without lofmg any of his Spirit, Force, or Enei^y.- 
Regard has been had to omit none of the Philofophical Matters ; 
tut only certain pcrfonal Addreffes, Compliments, Exordiums, 
and the like ; tkc Reafon and End of which no longer Qibfi/i. 






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